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  1. Hey there! First, I"m sorry you feel belittled, I can say with 100% certainty that it is not the intention of the mods or the creators of the program to belittle you. Second, you're not the only person with this concern, so you're not alone. The palm and thumb are guidelines so you don't need to touch raw chicken and match it up to your palm. Plus, we talk about serving sizes of cooked food that you're going to actually eat With that said, you want your meals to last you 4-5 hours... so we play around with portion sizes and composition until that happens. Lets say you have two chicken thighs (cooked), two heaping handfuls of olives and some roasted brussels sprouts and green beans... make note of how you feel in 2 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours... if you're starving before 4 or 5 rolls around, then you would need to increase your intake. The reason I'm saying this is because it's personal to each person and you definitely don't have to fill a glove with water and then measure that out for oil... use a generous glug of cooking oil and then add some avocado, olives, dressing to your meal.... Does that make better sense? There isn't really a 'palm = X' because everyone's palms are different, but if you use it as a guide instead of a specific measurement, that might help. IF none of this helps, please respond back and we can keep chatting and try and figure out what works best for you. You're smart and capable and awesome for doing this and definitely no one thinks less of you or endeavors to belittle you because of the way your mind works Promise! One other thing, not all fats are measured by thumb... avocado are 1/2 to a whole as a serving, olives are open heaping handfuls, nuts are closed fistful (limited... don't eat every day), coconut milk is a 1/4 to 1/2 can etc...
  2. Nothing that you have to cook EVER? Or nothing you have to cook that morning? Because it's going to be pretty hard to find a meal you can eat in your car without having cooked items. There are a LOT of threads on here about 'whole30 brown bag' or 'whole30 picnic' for some ideas... you can also look for egg free breakfasts and the like by googling that as well. Anything you can eat at any time of the day you can eat for breakfast so as long as you don't mind fridge cold or room temp food, the world is your oyster!
  3. More like condiment... you're never going to eat enough proscuitto for it to qualify as your protein... a palm sized serving is your own palm width, length, thickness...
  4. For anyone choosing to participate in Facebook groups, please bear in mind that they are not moderated. There is often a very loose following of the rules and SWYPO reigns supreme. Not to say that all of them are like that and that you can't hang out on Facebook but make sure you're really firm on the rules and what is and is not allowed.
  5. Recreating things like cheese is off limits for the Whole30, sorry @jables93
  6. Yes, ideally you're eating 3 meals a day, however if you have especially long days (like your work days) then you would add that fourth meal or mini meal. If, on your days off, your timing works to something like 7, noon, 5/6 and then bed by 9/10, 3 meals should suffice.
  7. Sorry to hear that, I"ve gotten exertion headaches in the past as well and they're not fun. From the tiny bit of research I've done, it doesn't sound like diet is much of a contributing factor, altho the Whole30 isn't going to make it worse for sure. The one place I can see diet helping is keeping your bloodsugar regulated by eating 3 full meals a day and no fruit or nuts on it's own, which is basically what the Whole30 asks for. Have you done some online research into this condition? They say taking a magnesium supplement can help and the unflavored Natural Calm is compliant. Here's an article about some things you can do...
  8. If you don't eat the bread things, do you actually throw up? The reason I'm asking is because there's a chance that it's nausea that is going to come and go and you just have to ride it out? I know nothing of Lyme disease so if that's not the case, then okay Second, you could try making bone broth and drinking that... it might help you more in the long run too because the gelatin, collagen and vitamins and minerals can help heal your gut. As far as having to load tea up with honey, you may just need to experiment with different herbal teas and fruit teas until you find something that you like. Teas with cinnamon in them are often extremely sweet. We also know that not eating breeds nausea, so it might help for you to make sure you're eating the three meals a day to keep your stomach full and get your digestion back on track. As far as actual dry bread things on Whole30, there are none, sorry.
  9. Yes, you're right, this is an omnivore program and as such, meat protein is required at each meal. Chia puddings are not recommended, nor are any of those 'notmeal' concoctions. You may consider googling 'whole30 meat aversion' or something similar because this has been discussed at length on the forum. There are tips for easier to digest forms of protein such as ground meat... I"m not going to go back into all the tips right here again as it's already out there. If you like eggs, there's no issue with eating them every day for breakfast or even for more than one meal a day...there was someone on here in the past that did an entire W30 with just eggs.
  10. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. The first thing I have to say is that Whole30 is not a weightloss diet, it's an elimination protocol aimed at figuring out how certain foods affect you personally. We can give advice on your meal composition if you would ike; you would need to write down 2-3 days of your typical intake including portion sizes, specific veggies, protein, fat and fruits, water intake, workouts, pre and post workouts, medical conditions etc... The one thing we won't do tho is give you tips on how to hack whole30 to force weight loss...
  11. You may want to go to your profile and change your username to not include your email address... this is a pretty safe forum but it's the internet and I wouldn't want you affected by spammers who grab your address.
  12. Correct.
  13. Hey there - Our recommendation would be to speak to your doctor as no one here is a medical professional. That said, you can try taking one or two and see if it helps and increase as necessary. I"m not sure what overdosing on digestive enzymes will do if anything so that's definitely something you might want to spend some time researching and then speaking to your doctor if necessary.
  14. Hey there! Thanks for reaching out in this issue THe answer is no, don't skip lunch or dinner... the meal template (which you now know about) is the minimum requirement for an adult human to live... not to mention people with extremely active jobs. I know this may not be the answer that you like, or that is the easiest, but you really need to carve out 10 min every day to eat lunch... that's the least amount of time I would ever tell someone to eat their lunch in, but it sounds like that 10 min might be all you get. You are worth 10 min of time to eat, regardless of what the clients, bosses etc. say... and you can bet that if a cable installer came to my house and through conversation I found out they didn't eat all day because they were working, I would insist that they take a break right there in my living room. Everyone deserves to eat during the day, regardless of busyness. You can google 'whole30 brown bag lunch' or 'whole30 picnic' if you need help with good food on the fly. As far a your timeline, you should be eating every 4-5 hours, so 7ish, noonish, 5/6ish... If you can make your meals big enough through the day you could probably squeeze dinner to 630/7. If after this, you were working so hard you were burning a lot of calories, you may need to have a mini meal an hour or so before bed. You may need to consider taking two or three meals to work on days you work that long. Eating in the car is fine if that's all you can manage but again, it's not unreasonable to take a 10 min food and pee break somewhere on your way between calls.
  15. Unfortunately there's no such list as it would be impossible to maintain. Food manufacturers change their formulations all the time and without warning, so even if we said XYZ was okay and put it on a list, it would need to be checked and rechecked constantly... plus altho this is a fairly US-centric board, we do have international following... no list would help everyone. The best thing people can do is learn to read the labels, know what's okay and not okay and then no list needed, you have all the tools availble for the rest of your life to make good food choices