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  1. Okeedokee... first, what is 'should be eating enough'? We don't care about what other people think of the volume of food here... take a look at Melissa's instagram... her meals are amazing and certainly not small by any stretch. Second, your M1 has no fat... how much chicken sausage? If you estimate, was it a palm worth of protein or more? (width x length x thickness). Second, were the greens about 2-3 cups after being steamed or wilted down? Was the ground pork at least a palm worth? Was the veggies 2-3 cups? Where was the fat? M3 looks like it has fat which is good but again, I'd ask the same question about the protein. The potatoes are great and a fist sized serving at least once a day is the recommendation. What other veggies will you be eating to make up the rest of the 'FILL your plate with veggies' recommendation? If you're active, a woman on or near her period or a person with a tendancy toward mood disorder, you can add more starch... try a fist sized serving at two meals. So basically ya, you're not eating enough. It looks like you're on the right track... glad to see there's no fruit, nuts, nut butters etc... on their own so that's great, but just try and make your meals match the template... it's where the magic is!
  2. First, the smoked salmon is probably not a good bet, it likely has sugar or a sugar substitute (maple syrup, brown sugar) so you'll want to check that. Don't worry about being a high maintenance orderer... the ordering process, since you've done your homework will only be about 30 seconds. 'Does the salmon have sugar in it? Okay great! I'll have the XYZ salad with the salmon, olive oil on the side and no cheese please'. If you want to make it shorter, call there in the morning when you get to work and ask them about the protein options/ingredients and let them help you work through the menu. And all that aside, so what if you have to ask a few questions.. she's your business partner, not the person who has to live in your body... so ask what you need, she will absolutely not be going back to the office whispering about what a weirdo you are!
  3. Vegetable oils are ONLY approved for eating out when it's the only option. Any oils with soy in them are out. You can cook with olive oil as long as you stay under the smoke point of each oil - google the smoke points if you don't know them. You can use ghee (home made or bought) but not butter. You can also use animal fats, avocado oil, coconut oil, sesame oil (for drizzling, the smoke point of sesame is extremely low).
  4. If you want people to advise on a product, it's generally expected that you would put a link to the product or at least list the ingredients. That said, googled and what I found, assuming it's the product you're referring to, has sugar in it. Please read the rules, the sneaky sugars sheet and the common additives, all linked in my signature below to familiarize yourself with the different terms for sugar and what is and is not allowed. Pre and post workout recommendations are listed in the meal template also linked in my signature below.
  5. Eat more. Seriously... if you're feeling like crap with weakness and bingey and you think it might not be a sugar/junk craving then you're probably light on your meals. Lets nip that in the bud here on day 2 so you don't carry on with not eating enough. What did you eat yesterday and today?
  6. Okay well we don't encourage fuelling on sugar for workouts because it prevents or defeats fat adaptation, which is probably the spot you're stuck in where your body wants to switch to fat burning... the more you give it sugar (lara bar, zico), the less it has to switch. Any other advice you want, such as why you may feel fatigued, you would need to give more information as listed in my previous post.
  7. This doesn't specifically call out N'oatmeal, but it's the same as the article Additionally, it does not have protein in it, it can be fat and fruit heavy and you're not learning to eat a proper breakfast of protein, veggies and fat if you're trying to recreate oatmeal. Whole30 is as much about changing your relationship with foods as it is changing the actual foods. It's only 30 days... when you're done, if you want it as part of your food freedom, go for it!
  8. I'm honestly not even going to look up the ingredients because suppressing the appetite is the antithesis of what the whole30 is about. We WANT you to learn how to eat three proper meals a day, learn your own hunger and full signals and balance your hormones so your body is operating properly... suppressing your appetite with chemicals or foods turned into frankenfoods for the purpose of making you spend money on supplements is not on in Whole30 land. Edited to add: GRAS (Generally recognized as Safe) is the lowest form of 'okay' that a food can be before it's ruled as not safe... it doesn't mean it's good for you... and the fact I can't find any ingredient lists on their website and you're expected to email them for more info tells me that the company itself is shady...
  9. @Pippin1 and @HopingtoHeal The Whole9 is/was the parent company of the Whole30. I'm not sure where it ended up with the business split when Dallas and Melissa separated but it does have the food manifestos (linked here as well as the 9 Factors (linked here It's more informational than 'supportive' persay... We do have a thread going that one of our awesome long time members started/hosts below which you're welcome to join. )
  10. Well the fact you had protein in there does change my thought slightly... neither thing was really an 'issue' persay, but fruit and nuts/butters shouldn't be eaten in place of veggies... if you're having trouble eating enough due to lack of appetite, then replace the fruit and nut butter with veggies and a better fat... that's all. Often people say they have no appetite but they can eat fruit and nuts/nut butter and other sweet comforting foods, but that's just your hormones talking...
  11. It can happen... make sure to keep eating template meals... leave off the fruit, nut butter, nuts etc... if you can't eat much, you should be eating protein and fat and nutrient dense veggies
  12. Would you like to share what you've been eating, what your training is like, what your pre and post workout meals are like, what your expectations are? It's pretty hard for us to help you with zero info...
  13. Well the package says 'contains milk' so nope. Also, we'd really recommend you don't use this kind of stuff during your 30 days. We want you to know your hunger, energy, satiety signals based on eating 3 meals a day, not some concotion mixed with water 'anytime you need a pick me up'.
  14. Google
  15. Look up the menu online, check the ingredients against the rules, sneaky sugars, common additives (all pdf's linked in my signature below) and then when you have something you think might work, call the restaurant and ask.