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  1. Just to clarify, the 'plan' you're referring to is W30? What day are you on? Did you mean that you've weighed yourself while you've been on Whole30 or was that related to Weight Watchers. If you are in fact, on a Whole30 then let me remind you that it's not a weightloss diet and it's 30 days... If you haven't reached the end of 30 days, then you're not done the program and people who have ongoing medical conditions oftentimes need significantly longer due to the body's immune response, meds etc. Eating only two meals a day is not going to be the healthiest but since you can't actually be awake long enough to eat the third meal, it sounds like this is sort of a way of life for you. My advice to anyone else woud be, yes, eat three meals, but since you physically can't do that, I don't know what sort of recommendation to make... You cant force yourself to just deal with the pain but not eating enough is not great... it's kind of rock and a hard place
  2. I was also going to add in my thoughts/sterotype of Alaska that maybe you can hook up with hunters and try and get game protein for a fraction of the cost? Perhaps then the cost of the veggies won't seem so onerous.... Can you try for frozen veggies? There are some canned veggies that aren't so bad in a pinch... even frozen spinach could be put into soup (I do that even tho my produce isn't typically that spendy). Apologies if mine and Kirkor's thoughts are perpetuating an offensive stereotype... I already try and coerse my hunter friends down here to give me game, so I would be tenfold more annoying/aggressive in a place like Alaska.
  3. Sorry, neither of these things are okay for the Whole30. The chia pudding is not recommended and the 'notmeal' is called out as not allowed. The recipe in the link might be fine for your life after but it's definitely not W30 approved. Take another read through the rules and recomendations.
  4. Hey Brendan; Aim to make your meals last 4-5 hours between without the need to snack... if, during the time you're working out your own perfect portions, you need to eat between meals, make it a mini meal of protein and fat and ideally maybe some chicken salad made with mayo on some celery sticks... 'snacking' is considered more hand to mouth snacking, eating for boredom, habit, lonliness etc... and we want you to get out of that habit... which it does sound like it is for you. Don't be afraid of eating three reasonable meals and then checking in with yourself to see if you're really hungry between or you just want to eat because that's what you used to do... the litmus test for eating between meals is 'could I gladly eat steamed fish and broccoli'... if the answer is yes, then eat. If the answer is no, but I would happily eat an apple and almond butter, that's not hunger thats a craving or habit talking.
  5. DIetary cholesterol doesn't raise blood cholesterol. The best thing I can do is advise you to read the book 'Eat the Yolks' by Liz Wolfe... it's well layed out, very informative, a bit funny in parts and very approachable. You can also google 'whole30 cholesterol' or other similar search terms and you should find previous threads on the topic.
  6. Impossible to say without knowing what the ingredients are... if they're 'latte' or 'cappuccino' or 'mocha' type replicas, probably not.
  7. Not drinking smoothies and juices during your whole 30 is a recommendation not a rule, so if you choose to do it, you're not breaking your reset. However, you may want to consider changing your habits for the Whole30. There probably are health benefits that you can get from juicing but could you not also make a salad out of alfalfa sprouts, romaine, parsley, spinach and apple with a lime vinegarette? Yes, you could and that would be more in keeping with the Whole30. There are health benefits to drinking these juices but these do NOT outweigh the benefits of actually eating the food. Whole30 wants you to change what you put on your plate, consider changing your habits... all that to say, yes, if you want to drink the juice, you can, but it's not recommended and there are better ways to get those nutrients. Also, drinking juice and smoothies activates your digestion without actually needing it to work very hard which is not good for your body, can give you false hunger/full signals... as well, even tho most of the juice is vegetables, when you squeeze out the juice of vegetables, you are getting a hit of the sugars that are naturally occurring and a huge hit of sugar in liquid form is not ideal.
  8. Nothing... I throw an egg in with the meat of any loaf/meatball/burger and use a bit of force to make the patty... altho granted, i don't bbq thhe burgers, I bake them in my oven so by the time it's time to move them, the egg has bound them. This discussion has already been had multiple times on this forum, so try googling 'whole30 breadcrumb replacement' or other similar search terms and you should get a few threads with good info.
  9. One thing to add to this conversation... if someone that is not your grandmother makes a choice to make something 'for you' that isn't your grandmother's famous cake, and they CRY when you say no thank you, do not take that on. Seriously, that has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with their own issues. You can be polite, you can hug them and say how much you appreciate it and you can cut the cake, serve the cake, clean up the cake and thank the host again for making the cake but you do not need to eat the cake. No one should ever pull crap like that to guilt you into eating, drinking, smoking, shooting anything. EVER! GAWWWW! This is one of those things that get under my skin.... LIke MeadowLily, no one would ever try pulling that with me... and next time they won't with you either Also, cheering when someone gets bullied into the eating, drinking, smoking, shooting whatever-ing is seriously messed up... Who puts that much stock in what someone else puts in their mouth??
  10. You will not survive eating larabars for a few days... seriously, you'll be starving and I suspect, fall face first into the first plate of whatever food you can find... I know I would. If you want to, you can pack things that don't need to be refrigerated... tinned fish, olives, avocado, jerky if you can find it... Realistically, you're probably best off to carry on, do the best you can on the trip (ie: pick the fish and steamed veggies over the plate of pasta) and then start again when you're back. You might be able to stick pretty close and just not worry about sugar in the marinade for instance, altho anything you eat offplan will effectively end your reset. One more thing... I think that it's reasonable for people to ask questions in a restaurant regardless of who they are dining with. These people work with you, they dont live with you, they aren't in your stomach when you're having raging gas thanks to dairy and therefore do not get a say in how 'fussy' you need to be. That said, if you think you can find something on the dinner menu that might work with a few tweaks, order it and then immediately excuse yourself to the washroom and find your server... ask them the questions away from the table if that makes you feel more comfortable. If anyone asks, just say you 'have some food sensitivities' and then change the subject... people would much rather talk about themselves so use that to your advantage.
  11. It's really hard to say if the reduction in energy and the back pain is because of the rice powder... but the fact is that grains are inflammatory, you may be very sensitive to rice and you'll never know until you do the full 30 days compliant... we do say to refer to the article 'Do I have to start over' linked in my signature below but I honestly think you know that you want that energy, you want that pain free life and in order to test the theory of whether rice is standing in the way of that, you do need the full 30 days... Sorry you got dosed tho, that totally sucks!
  12. Don't heat the food? If you can eat your food room temp, it's often less stinky...
  13. I'm going to comment more on why you want to do this with a Whole30, rather than whether it's compliant. If you're doing a Vegetarian Whole30 then unless you're eating only eggs as protein, you're already consuming non compliant items. That said, I would strongly recommend that you do either one OR the other... if you do both, how will you be able to troubleshoot if you're not sure what is causing the issue... on the same hand, how will you know what results were from what thing? I'm not sure who recommended this to you but Whole30 does not recommend 'cleanse' type supplements or programs during Whole30.
  14. I can't get that page to load properly.. what part of the recipe has you concerned?
  15. Welcome! I"m sorry to hear that you have this burden! As it is a lifetime thing now, you need to figure out how to properly fuel your body for the rest of your life. Two meals a day (or less) is not sustainable and is not healthy at all. The recommendation that we always say is to plate up a meal, eat as much from it as you can and then pack it up and take it with you and eat more from it as soon as you feel you can keep it in.,.. don't wait to be hungry... I would think your hormones are probably a bit boggled at the moment from your treatments so it's likely that in a few days to a week of doing this, you'll feel some relief. Just really try to follow the plan for a week and see how it goes...