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  1. What day are you on? Often the workouts can suffer a bit when you're switching fuel sources to become fat adapted. You don't want to add fruit in to the mix (which is why our pre workout recco is protein and fat) because it gives your body an easy energy source and you want it to learn to burn fat. I don't know much about weightlifting but I guess you could have coffee in the middle of a workout... I can't imagine you would metabolize it fast enough for it to be effective for energy and that's going to start wrecking havoc on your sleep, hormones and satiety signals... the recommendation is to not drink coffee after noon so if you workout later, coffee is not a great option. I realize that I haven't answered the supplement question but we'd rather you eat food, cut yourself a break while you're doing this program until your body figures it out and don't try and unnaturally force it by getting all hopped up on caffiene.
  2. Have you read It Starts with Food? It's the science behind the Whole30. You can also read 'Eat the Yolks' by Liz Wolfe. Unfortunately, with food science there are as many studies and opinions/schools of thought as there are foods out there. It IS hype tho... no question about and yes, I watched part of it but it was so ridiculous I had to turn it off.
  3. I would start over because it's not an accident to intentionally eat 'a few' chips. It would have been one thing if you bit a chip, realized what you did and stopped, but you chose to go off plan with the chips... There's an article linked in my signature below called 'Do I really need to start over'. We recommend you read it and decide as you're a human with autonomy and we can't MAKE you start over OR absolve you of the damage you've done to the reset.
  4. Have you done any research online about these questions? We generally don't give advice on how to cook with or use the added back items that people choose to use in their food freedom. The science of cooking with wine is outside the perview of the forum and you'd be better off searching out some cooking forums (french cooking uses wine so that might be a place to start) or just googling 'what happens when you cook with wine'.
  5. You may want to take another look through the rules (linked in my signature below). Soy is one of the five things that are specifically called out as no for the program so the fact that you're asking about a soy spread tells me that perhaps you're not familiar enough with the rules. For your reference and anyone else that reads this, it also has pea protein in it which is a legume and not allowed.
  6. No one here is a doctor or trained medical professional so if you are worried, please see a doctor. It could be, however, that due to balancing hormones, she's just getting hotter than usual so her body is moving blood to the surface of the body to cool off... I don't think this is a food thing persay...
  7. The concern with cooking with olive oil is the smoke point. As long as you don't go over the smoke point of the oil you choose, you can use it to cook with and it won't oxidize or hydrogenate. See this chart for smoke points of oil... You can roast a chicken at under 385F so any olive oil will do. If you want to roast it at higher heat, look for a different oil with a higher smoke point.
  8. Sorry, why is olive oil out? Also, I assume you mean for rubbing on the skin? Avocado oil, lard, schmaltz, tallow, mayo (yes, this is true!)
  9. If your ticket is DD, will they even serve you? You may have built in help if they won't serve you. Otherwise, just focus on how great you'll feel tomorrow when everyone else might be dragging from hangover
  10. To save time, I often chop all my veggies as I take them out of the grocery bags to put them away... it's about 30 seconds to chop a couple bunches of green onions for instance and then two things happen, you don't have to prep them and you're more likely to use them because they're there... same goes for all the other veggies... I eat way more when i pre shred/chop/dice
  11. If you want actual help, you need to provide us actual information on what you've been eating, what you eat for pre and post workout etc...
  12. Egg white is a no-no for eating as protein in a template meal, but the egg white is lean protein for post workout... the yolk is too fatty for post workout which slows down the absorption of the protein into your muscles. Some people eat the yolk for their pre workout and the white for their post so that they're not wasting food.
  13. I think they'd turn to watery mush...
  14. Yes
  15. This is 100% how I determine the fitness of food to enter my body... and often, if say, green beans or chopped peppers are getting a titch slimy, you can totally wash them off and then saute... In general all my pre-chopped veggies and green onions etc... last at least a week but I only try and prep for a week at a time... cooked meat also lasts a week and again, if it doesn't smell or look weird, I'll eat it...
  16. Okay, here's the advice... you have PLENTY of time to do proper reintroductions... I don't know what 'carry on' means to you but I'm assuming you're saying you're going to drink wine and then go back to Whole30. Given your upcoming trip, it behooves you to do your reintros so you know what is worth it and what is going to level you... I agree with the above poster that I would eat with intent in Italy but I wouldn't want to be worried 'what if there's dairy in here and I poop my pants... I have no idea if dairy is okay for me' as an example... if you do the reintros, you'll find out what your reactions are so you can enjoy the trip with some knowledge of how foods affect you so you can make informed and delicious decisions.
  17. Ya, we share a lot of recipes and when we first both started out, lots of tips and tricks... You CAN come to our thanksgiving but it's in Canada...
  18. There are plenty of sober people who have just as much fun, if not more, than their drunken friends. You're making an investment into your future health and Pride weekend comes around every year, so you can get smashed next year with them... unless of course you realize that it's more fun to remember what happened and not feel like a trash fire the next day... Drinking IS fun... the way that I avoid social drinking 99% of the time is to remember that I have too much to do the next day to lay in bed all day feeling like death warmed over...
  19. It's not advisable to do re-intros while travelling. You need to be JUST as in control of every ingredient as you were during your Whole30 in order for it to mean anything. You CAN do it, just like you CAN do a Whole30 while travelling, but's not your best bet. You need to decide how much in control of your food and ingredients you can be.
  20. Perhaps you can ask your mom what her restrictions are? Do some google research on restrictions or food lists that impact IBS... and then if you find things that you think will work, we can help with vetting them, but expecting others to give you recipe links to something that you haven't researched is a bit presumptuous...
  21. Yes, it totally makes sense but I can honestly tell you that it's not a myth that it gets easier... I mean, to be fair I don't have a wild schedule like you do, but I used to eat toast for every meal and now I cook everything I eat and I don't live in the kitchen... it takes some time to find your groove but it happens for most people. My sister @ladyshanny wrote a great post a while back about meal prepping in two hours and how she does it... I do the same but the way she wrote it was great, so maybe spend a bit of time looking for that... she's on her honeymoon right now so she can't find it for you but it's there somewhere Really look up Mel Joulwan as she does a great prep. When you're cooking chicken for dinner, cook three times as much so you have leftovers... costco is your friend for veggies... when I first started out, I bought things like cubed squash and pre cut veggies... I don't do that anymore, but it's super awesome when starting out. Bagged coleslaw is great for stir fries and hashes and requires nothing more than scissors to prep. Buy the bags of french cut green beans from costco and throw them in the freezer... when you want some, take a handful out and snap them in half and dump them into a stirfry - they cook fast! salmon burgers, pork burgers, chicken burgers, burger burgers are all great because one prep of mixing the meat and then making patties takes about 10 min and then throw them in the oven or bbq and you have meat for many meals. Frittatta is great... load that puppy up with veggies, ground pork, your bagged coleslaw and a dozen eggs and into a 9x13 pan... if you put pork in, about 1/8 of the pan is a good serving size... if you just use eggs, you have to calculate about 3-4 eggs per serving unless you add other protein to your plate. Buy guacamole from costco, big jars of olives (costco sells the stuffed ones which are great!), bagged avocado (they come 5 to a bag so that's five days worth of avo... I use them during the week and do something else on my days off when I have more time). Make more individual proteins and veggies than 'recipes'... it's quicker and then you can eat what you feel like that night by taking out the protein (say browned ground beef), add some seasonings, reheat, put the veggies of your choice in, dump some mayo on the lot and voila! This is sort of an example of how it gets easy... I just thought of all this stuff in the time it took me to type it and I type 100 words a min... it will become ingrained and second nature, just keep plugging along and on the days when you don't have time, pop a can of tuna, mix with mayo, use cucumber slices to scoop it and call it a meal...
  22. Here's a good list and it has the carb grams so you can see which are higher carb choices and which are lower where you might want to mix a few to get a good carb intake
  23. Ya, I think carrots are like a bonus 'not really' item but they are high in carbs... not so much starch but they'll do in a pinch... I mean you can eat zuke and summer squash obviously but one of the clues to whether it's a starch or not is how watery it is... does it steam down to nothing? Then it's not starchy...
  24. coleslaw, potato salad, preroasted veggies (I assume since you can't cook, that you're bringing precooked protein?), regular salad (if you have a fridge, this should not be a problem). Anything you can cook ahead of time and then eat cold... presteamed green beans, peppers, greek salad (with or without the cheese depending on your reintros).