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  1. Nope, no sweeteners. Try Nutpods, canned coconut milk or cold brewed drank black.
  2. Your meals are a bit light in general... eggs when they are the sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping... 3-4 for most people. Avocado portion for fat is a half to a whole avo. I don't think the veggies you're listing constitute a FULL plate at every meal altho some might get there... One sausage is not (i assume) the width, depth and thickness of your palm, so you could increase that too. Nutrition is cumulative so it could just be catching up with you. Get familiar again with the template (linked in my signature below), make sure you're always adding fat (cooking fat barely counts) and then just power through those cravings. Giving in with fruit (or nuts) is not going to help, as you can see, it just perpetuates the craving. Take a bath, read a book or go to bed... just don't give in. Today, if you're actually hungry (like you could eat steamed fish and broccoli) then eat some protein and fat (a few bites of each) and then compose your meals a bit better tomorrow
  3. It happens to everyone... I'm not sure if it's number of posts or time as a member but it happens to everyone
  4. You may want to reconsider nuts - they can be very difficult to digest at the best of times, especially so on an empty stomach and are recommended to be limited (think a closed handful every other day at most... that's only about 5-6 almonds and even every other day is pushing it).
  5. I guess you could but there are many reasons why this is not your best choice. - drinking your meals messes with satiety (hungry and full) signals, seeds and nuts (flax and almond in this case) are an unbalanced fat source and this has no protein or veggies in it.
  6. Have you been eating within an hour of waking? Eating three meals a day that match the template? Drinking 1/2oz of water per pound of body weight? Stop eating a few hours before bed? If you want to list our what you've been eating to see if there's anything that we can tweak, feel free
  7. Hi Hillary - Just stay the course... you're only on Day 15 Also, depending on where you came from diet wise, it could take your body some time to trust that this is going to be a lasting change. as well, your body may be prioritizing healing internally over dropping weight. I'm really sorry to hear that you were in WW at 11... that's terrible Be patient, you CAN drop extra weight in your 60's but you may need to be more patient with your body... there's definitely nothing about eating whole, healthy foods that's going to be problematic.
  8. There's a small independent grocery store I go to and they roast their own roast beef that is compliant but that's all I've ever found... I don't really have a longing for deli meat anyway - I refuse to eat roast beef unless it's deli meat thin tho so that's the only reason I ever buy it... I love roast beef but have never been able to suitably make it myself.
  9. With some sort of protein and fat too right??
  10. No one has suggested that you don't participate. We get people occasionally trying to get one group together for a particular start date and this is always what we say because in our experience, the groups take on their own personalities and the huge ones don't get enough support.
  11. Hey there - we generally let people work out their own groups; each group has it's own personality and if they get too big, the moderators can't keep up so we let the groups grow organically. thanks!
  12. Protein and fat. Post workout is lean protein and starchy carbs, no fat.
  13. I think they want deli meat..
  14. Hey there - There's an entire forum category dedicated to doing Whole30 with kids... I'm moving your post there so hopefully you'll get some responses, but feel free to look through that category and see what you can find.
  15. Lots of people use almond butter - it might be a bit sweeter, depending on your almond butter but the solution to that is more lime and more salt... make it per the recipe and then add until you are happy with the flavor
  16. Yes, this is fine but please be eating them in accordance with the meal template (meaning that a fist sized serving (probably less than one potato) along with a template meal and not 'snacking'.
  17. I personally don't agree with drinking everything out of a wine glass... i think if people have a relationship with wine, then that's probably not a great idea - a drink can be special in any glass... I once watched Intervention where the woman said that it wasn't the drugs that she was worried about giving up, it was the needle and she had such a relationship with the needle that it overshadowed the drugs... that's an extreme (but not uncommon) example but if you feel the wine glass is going to derail you, ditch the stem As far as the actual Kombucha goes, it reads to me like you're using it responsibly and it's definitely allowed. I would suggest you actually research what Kombucha is because it's always good to know what exactly it is you're putting in your body, healthy or not. Then you can tell your daughter about it and you could even do a project together to make your own if you're interested.
  18. I think you need to take a deeeep breath! If you find yourself spiraling out of control at some point, you have the answers and the tools to get yourself back on track. Not a single person, not even Melissa Hartwig did one Whole30 and then never ate another donut hole again. Decide what is worth it (hopefully via the reintroductions you did so that you know whether a donut hole is going to give you raging poo-bum or not) and then assess at the time of consumption and after every bite if it's worth it. You can google Melissa's 'one bite rule'. Being afraid of food - even food for fun - is not the right way to go... that's still giving it an AWFUL lot of power over you. Dont' forget when reading FFF too, Melissa wrote it after being at this for ten years... you've been at this for how long? It's work, but worthy work...
  19. Is it possible that while you've been eating this way and it seems light in overall volume, that nutrition, being cumulative, has caught up with you and you're just now feeling the effects of not eating enough? 4 avocados is 8 meals worth or less... if you're on day 17, you've eaten 51 meals... I realize that you've listed other fats, but my point being that what you've listed is not much over that many meals.... why not try upping your food consumption or changing the composition of your plate... you don't feel good and that's something that's been suggested to try and resolve your exhaustion... The next things to look at would be sleep hygiene, try taking a magnesium supplement before bed to help you sleep better, move your starchy carb to the last meal of the day.
  20. Again, as I mentioned, when eggs are your sole source of protein, it's as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping... for most people that's 3-4 whole eggs. If you dont' want to eat that many eggs, add some leftover protein to a couple of eggs. Also, we don't encourage only eating the whites.
  21. Okay so your meals look a bit light to me... eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping - for most people that starts at 3-4. If you dont' want that many eggs, add some leftover protein from the night before to the two eggs. Also, don't forget to always add fat; the cooking fat is not enough as most of it stays in the pan and what is left is split between portions. You're always good to add avocado, mayo, olives, etc... to your meal. Lunch again might be a bit small... watery veggies like zucchini don't have a lot of volume once chewed/steamed, so try adding a heartier veg to that as well and then don't forget that fat. Dinner it's hard to tell by the way it's written but again, the template is where the magic is so make sure each meal is matching the template with 1-2 palms of protein, a plate FULL of veggies and added fat. I don't know where you got that anyone thinks you're 'a fat slob who doesn't love herself enough to eat like crap on a daily basis'. That was actually a fairly shocking statement to read, to be honest. I mentioned not going off the rails because you said you were hanging on by a thread but I absolutely did not suggest, infer or think that you were the above statement.
  22. In addition to the article linked and copied below, don't forget that sure, the food item might leave your system in 72 hours, but what it was doing while it was in there is really the problem... just like, say if you got a rash from a new laundry detergent... you stop using the laundry detergent, thus removing the item from your system but the damage is done and now your body has to heal the rash... the longer you continue to expose yourself to the laundry detergent, the worse the rash gets and the longer the healing takes... Also, you 'should' ask any question you have, that's what we're here for People who are seeking information with an open heart and mind to learn about the program and how food affects their bodies are always welcome to ask questions about the program and engage in dialogue
  23. It sounds to me like you potentially got sun stroke or heat stroke personally... As far as the food goes, can you please list out what you were eating before you felt bad and now after? Include as much detail as possible including poriton sizes related to the template, specific fats, fruits, protein and veggies, how much water you're drinking, if you're salting your food etc and we can try and see if there's something that we can straighten out for you. In the meantime, keep going because eating chips/cookies/crap isn't going to help you feel better!
  24. I merged your Day 5 post with your Day 3 post as the Day 5 seemed to be an update on how you were feeling on Day 3