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  1. Yes, go ahead
  2. We actually don't want people 'obsessing' over anything on this plan. Yes, it may seem like a lot more label reading and rule following but that doesn't make it an obsession... creating a body goal obsession isn't exactly healthy either...
  3. If you can get up earlier to workout, why can't you get up earlier to eat breakfast? You really should be trying to work out a schedule that you're eating your first meal of the day within an hour of waking. You may also need a fourth meal or a mini meal between lunch and dinner, which is totally fine, just make it protein and fat if it's a mini meal and if it's a full meal, make it to the template. Yes, you will have to stop snacking on fruit... fruit is recommended as 0-2 fist sized servings a day, eaten WITH meals, not as a snack or on its own.
  4. To be honest, this is just an emotion you need to process. You're eating 3 template meals a day... there is no room for snacking so enjoy your book...this is the same sort of emotion that people have when they go on road trips or to the movies or to any other thing that they normally graze through... you're not actually hungry, you're just in the moment of habit and emotion... remind yourself of that... replace that chocolate with a cozy blanket or your cat or a nice cup of tea and don't think anymore about food than you do on any other day... easier said than done, but totally doable!
  5. By typing in 'coconut aminos quebec' I got some hits along with other forum posts about this item in Canada as well as Montreal.
  6. I've merged your two topics. Please don't start multiple threads with near identical copy/pasted content as per forum rules.
  7. Post workout is more important to be the recommended lean protein and starchy carbs (no fat!), so if you had to pick, I'd pick to eat breakfast before your workout and then have the post workout be the recommendation.
  8. What do you mean by 'low carb versions'? Whole30 is not a low carb plan... Yes, sugar is added, so we do want people to make sure the ingredients are compliant but I just don't get the 'low carb' part of your post...
  9. You can google 'health benefits kombucha' and get multiple resources.
  10. Okay so I"ve reformatted your post to separate your days and meals. Is this really all you're eating? Yesterday it looks like you ate fruit, nuts, nut butter, dates and an omlette with salad and potato? The day before was nuts, dried fruit, fruit and two salads, only one having protien and fat. By 10am (or thereabouts) pacific time, you'd only eaten a banana and almond butter and were going to work out? This is an extremely frighteningly minimal amount of food and the majority of it is made up of fruit, nuts, dried fruit and nut butter. That's 100% where your gastro problems are coming from. Have you seen the meal template? You should be making three meals a day to match the template. Nuts are not your best choice because aside from causing GI distress, they are poorly fat balanced. The template recommends limiting nuts... think a closed handful every other day sort of limit... nut butters would be less. Fruit is recommended to be 0-2 fist sized servings once a day, eaten with meals, not alone or as a snack or even worse, as a meal. One last point, compliant ham is very hard to find so check that package again. They usually have some sort of sugar.
  11. No, nuts are notorious for causing bloating and being difficult to digest but they don't have any inflammatory properties that would have reset your reset... steer clear of them tho as obviously you're one of the people that don't do well with nuts... I would recommend staying away from all nuts for the remainder, not just cashews... during your re-intro, you may choose to put different kinds of nuts into rotation and reintroduce them in the same manner you do the other foods and see if there are any that are better for you.
  12. Not really necessary... people are already posting here, may as well stay here. If you want me to edit the title, I can.
  13. Hi Guys! Congratulations for finishing! For those of you doing reintroduction, we would kindly ask that if you want to stick together, that one of you make a thread in the reintroduction/post Whole30 section of the forum and then post your results there... it makes the main boards remain fully compliant so as not to confuse newbies!
  14. That's interesting you say that... I have three cases of the Dasani at home and I have drank two of them... plain water is always best (it doesn't cause bloating like fizzy water can) but it's nice to have the option... those three cases will probably last me three months or more...
  15. Gluten on a shared slicer is not a problem... It's not like you're licking the slicer (definitely don't do that!). It's pretty hard to find compliant deli meat altho compliant bacon is getting easier. You may try googling 'whole30 compliant deli meat' or 'whole30 compliant bacon' and see where that gets you...
  16. If you're going to do that, your best bet (for all who want to keep going) is to go ahead and do the re-introduction so you know exactly how things make you feel. To use this popcorn or wine example, it would be best if you tested these items out so that you were making an educated decision if popcorn is worth 'loosening up' for.... for me, it never is... so bloaty! For you it may be but you won't know until you use the groundwork you've layed in the last 30 days and then go and do the reintros... then you can make a WholeZork2112 plan that is as close to Whole30 as you want it to be, while still allowing things you feel are worth it, when they are... hence, food freedom
  17. Hard to say... if it was just fish, then yes, that's fine, but you need to know what other ingredients were in it...
  18. Yes, nuts and their nut butters can be pretty hard on digestion... one serving of almond butter is a tablespoon... we wouldn't recommend eating that more than once every other day at most.
  19. Have you seen the meal template? It's linked in my signature below... here are some notes tho: * eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping... most people start at 3-4. If you dont' want to eat that much egg, you can add another protein alongside. * bacon is a fat on whole30 * nuts and their products are notoriously hard on the digestive system as well as being poorly fat balanced, so the recommendation is a closed handful of whole nuts every other day at most... * Every meal needs fat and we dont' count the fat that items are cooked in, so most of your meals are lacking * Fruit is recommended to be 0-2 fist sized servings per day and only eaten WITH a meal, not AS a meal or snack... * not eating enough causes nausea which makes you not want to eat enough which causes nausea... the only way to fix is to eat sufficient amounts of food... Personally, if I ate this little amount of food that was laced with so many nuts and fruit I would feel terrible. Acquaint yourself with the template and try and make your meals match... you'll feel a LOT better.
  20. Hard to give any sort of directed advice or tips if we don't know what you're doing currently. Please list out a few days of what you've been eating including portion sizes related to the template, specific veggies, protein, fat and fruits, water intake, stress etc...and we can see if there's something that can be tweeked... personally I would place money on the fact that you're not eating enough...
  21. Does your best friend have a name?
  22. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well... It's too bad that your friends are not being supportive. Not drinking for 30 days isn't really that 'restrictive'... I"m not really the kind of person that drinks a ton but I have enough social moments where I turn down booze because I don't want to feel badly later... Somehow that has become the outlier rather than the norm... We do recommend that those with mood issues ensure that they're getting at least a fist sized serving of starchy carbs per day but for you, you may want to eat some starch at every meal for a couple of days and see if that helps? Also making sure you're salting your food and drinking enough water. If what you have is clinical depression, rather than 'the blues' or feeling down, which are both valid as well, then you need to see a doctor because you might benefit from some meds... What day are you on? Check the timeline linked in my signature below and you might find yourself right where others are... being tired when your body first realizes it's not getting easy fuel out of sugar is not uncommon and headaches and crankiness are also all in there. Stick it out, I think you'll start to feel better. If you would like us to take a look at your meal composition and see if there's anything you can tweak, feel free to list out a few days of your intake including portion sizes per the template, specific veggies, protein, fat and fruits as well as water consumption, sleep, stress and anything else you think could be helpful.
  23. There is no distinction, it's a spanish and english word for the same thing... maybe they thought it made their spice sound exotic?
  24. Please google 'whole30 guide to dining out'. Also, restaurant suggestions will be hard for a couple of reasons.. we have no idea where you live and second, even if we did, one must always check the actual food in the actual restaurant before ordering and eating. I"m going to also move this to the dining out/travel section for a better fit.