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  1. Christina McMahon liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Positive pregnancy test!!   
    AMAZING! Congratulations!  If you're interested, check out the Pregnancy tab at the top of this website... they have a program called Healthy Mama Happy Baby which may be of interest to you
  2. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by slc_melissa in TMI: Diarrhea   
    I'd cut back on nuts and fruit, which can contribute to diarrhea and work on getting your meals up to template standards. The breakfast you mentioned has no protein, the lunch has no fat, and the dinner has neither fat nor vegetables.
  3. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by Meiyonce in I want food freedom. I don't wanna gain weight   
  4. Meiyonce liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in I want food freedom. I don't wanna gain weight   
    I think you need to take a deeeep breath!  If you find yourself spiraling out of control at some point, you have the answers and the tools to get yourself back on track. Not a single person, not even Melissa Hartwig did one Whole30 and then never ate another donut hole again.  Decide what is worth it (hopefully via the reintroductions you did so that you know whether a donut hole is going to give you raging poo-bum or not) and then assess at the time of consumption and after every bite if it's worth it.  You can google Melissa's 'one bite rule'.  
    Being afraid of food - even food for fun - is not the right way to go... that's still giving it an AWFUL lot of power over you.  Dont' forget when reading FFF too, Melissa wrote it after being at this for ten years... you've been at this for how long?   It's work, but worthy work... 
  5. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by JamieK in Leg cramps: tried mag, cal + potass   
    Posting to update; sweet potatoes are the magic bullet for me.  On days I work out hard I must need the potassium!  They taste delicious and I have been leg cramp free since introducing them!!!
  6. pearlgirl2017 liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    You guys are all just amazing!  Really, this group just makes my heart happy!  Sorry I haven't been around, the new building at work is taking up a LOT of my normal Whole30'ing time and when I"m at home, I have a new pet project - I'm crocheting a blanket for myself... Kind of doofusy to start that in the height of summer but by the time it's big enough to sit under while working on it, the temps should have cooled off!
    In the interest of honesty I have to share something personal.  I was diagnosed with Bipolar, PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder last year... It was mostly managed until about April of this year when I decided that I was 'better' and went off all my medication... hahah, not better. Nope, not at all.  The symptoms went from manageable to WHOA in the last three weeks or so... I just went back to the doctor this week and confessed to going off the meds and am now BACK on them, but one of the things that happens to me when it's not managed is that I stop eating... No three meals a day... One day this week all I ate was one scotch egg and coffee... The reason I'm saying this is because I"m starting over.  For me, not eating three proper meals a day is in direct contrast to the spirit of the Whole30 and I"m nothing if not married to the spirit of the program because I know that's where the magic is.
    So if you don't mind, I"m going to keep up with you guys till you're all done and I'm obviously still going to stick my moderator face in wherever needed but I just wanted to share this so that you know why I"m not also celebrating Day 31 with you guys!
    Keep up all the amazing work and recipe sharing and encouragement, tough love, soft love, personal discovery and the lighthearted banter!  It's been a real blessing to be part of this group of people! 
  7. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by Kdog777 in August 7th Start Date   
    I've been smoking off and on since I was 17 years old unfortunately. I've quit a few times and the longest stretch was 3 years. However, when I did quit it was for different reasons. This time I truly just want to stop. So I'm hoping that this time its forever!!! But, I'm taking it one day at a time for now. 
  8. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by jmcbn in Day 5 bloated still   
    Ok, so first off you're only on day 5 and there is always a period of adjustment with any change in diet.
    You've mentioned a lot of what you've always done, so what is it that has changed for you?
    Secondly there are a number of veg that you've mentioned that are high FODMAP, conatining types of sugars that some people struggle to properly digest - are yu eating more veg than usual, even if it's the same veg that you've always eaten? Are you eating any new veg?

    Shooting from the hip things that cause bloat would be:
    Cruciferous veg
    Raw veg
    Raw cruciferous veg
    High FODMAP veg (& if they're raw AND cruciferous too then ouchy!!)  - think onion, celery, garlic, avocado, sweet potato especially...
    Dried Fruit
    Fruit in general
    Iced water
    Sparkling water
    Coconut milk

    Again though, you're on day 5, and this is a 30day program - IMHO right now you're body is going through a period of adjusment.
  9. imaginepilates liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Day 3 - Shaky in the AM   
    I merged your Day 5 post with your Day 3 post as the Day 5 seemed to be an update on how you were feeling on Day 3
  10. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by HillDweller in Soda is the Devil!   
    Hi Marie - A suggestion for you and a (slightly cranky) exhortation as well. 
    The suggestion: a splash of fruit juice such as the Bolthouse Farms selection paired with soda water is a really tasty thing; drop in a few berries, a squeeze of lime or a slice of apple in and it's practically a cocktail!  
    The slightly cranky exhortation: the last time I checked, grown men were individually responsible for their own health, wellness and happiness.  I am not totally sure why YOU appear to be tying yourself in knots trying to meet the soda happiness quotient of someone who is presumably old enough to vote in the elections that choose our Presidents.  If he doesn't like your suggestions and recipes, he is welcome to try his own -and try to impress you the next time- or to fall off this particular Whole30 turnip truck.  Just as he pleases.
    Promise me you'll try one more 'recipe' for him and then....just...stop.  You have quite enough to do in cooking all the meals for the two of you and taking care of yourself.
    Good luck, girlfriend!  
  11. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by emilyelowe in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    Day 24! One week from today I will be eating gluten. I am both excited and scared, but mostly excited. Not because I miss the things I'm going to reintroduce on Thursday - I'm actually purposely trying to eat not very special things as a guard rail for myself - but because I'm going to learn. And I love learning.  I think my plan for next week is to have a piece of bread with breakfast and pita with a gyro for lunch. As I've mentioned, we have people coming in to town on Friday, so the rest of the weekend will be interesting.
    However, right now I'm really kind of feeling like I will be able to stay mostly on track (on track = a truly SLOW slow roll) even over the weekend. I was reading through the journal I kept on my phone during my last reintroduction, and it makes me not even want to reintroduce things. Like, most of what I was saying was how terrible I was feeling. I had headaches and bloating all the time. The interesting recipes and partnership with my hubby during this Whole30 have really started to make me think I want this to just be how I eat. Maybe it is just the oncoming Tiger Blood talking but for now, I'm feeling motivated. I think having my husband on board with me has really made a difference so I hope he sticks with it, too. We shall see. 
    The spinach and artichoke potatoes I made last night are THE BOMB. So yummy. Last night I had one of those, grilled chicken, and a bit of mayo for dinner. This morning I had one with mayo and 3 eggs for breakfast.
    I successfully sat in a Lunch and Learn session surrounded by pizza today PRE-lunch and survived, so that's a victory. Once my nose acclimated to the amazing smell of the pizza, I actually forgot about it, which is a pretty big deal, because I have a tendency to obsess over food or other things I want. It might have just been that I gave my brain something else to do in the form of peeling off all of my Gel nail polish, though, haha. (that is very bad for your nails - don't do that). Either way, I made it. I'm eating butter chicken and chow mein for lunch now (I was starting to get a bit of a headache, so hoping that will pass now that I've eaten). 
    I also walked past FREE, genuine, German handmade, mini cream puffs on the way out of work yesterday. I thought about taking them home and putting them in a Ziploc but then I channeled my inner Melissa and was like "If you want a cream puff next week (which you won't because you don't actually like cream puffs), you can go get one because ADULT." Also a victory.
    Last but not least... I "accidentally," squatted 5 pounds more than my previous working set this morning, which was kind of exciting. I was like, "Why is that so heavy?" and then I looked and was like, "Oh. Well let's roll with that, then." I failed on my fifth set, so I went back down 5 pounds for my sixth (and last), but I was still pretty pleased with myself. Suffice it to say, gym performance is improving. I'm also falling asleep and sleeping well and feeling very energetic and focused. AND I washed my hair again and the dandruff is even better than last time! NSV! (I only wash my hair 1-2 times per week - it's not weird, it's good for you - so that is why I keep randomly making this announcement. I have to wait a week before I can test it again. Haha). Literally 0 flakes this morning. I can't believe it. Praise the Lord! 
    Also, my husband this morning was explaining how something he hadn't done in a long time was easier at the gym and that he can run faster than normal and I just said, "It's called Tiger Blood. Welcome to the Whole30," to which he immediately rolled his eyes but, you know, it's not always easy being right all the time. #noapologies  
    Back to Reality, though: We don't have a good plan for dinner tonight AND we have to do some errands, so I have a feeling all of this "Yay, I love Whole30 and unicorns," spirit will be slightly lacking in a few hours, but I'm going to try to document it and hold onto it as long as I can! Haha!
    Have a happy Thursday!  
  12. SnappySue liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in August 7th Start Date   
    Aw   First, happy birthday!  Second, yes, this can happen and it's also possible that you're having food grief over cake/birthday food that was triggered by the Whole30 being ON your birthday.  You have NOT made a mistake... you're giving yourself the best possible gift you can.. health!  Cry over the cake and food grief and turning 40... you're allowed... people are ALLOWED to have emotions! Not only allowed but encouraged.  
  13. SnappySue liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in August 7th Start Date   
    Aw   First, happy birthday!  Second, yes, this can happen and it's also possible that you're having food grief over cake/birthday food that was triggered by the Whole30 being ON your birthday.  You have NOT made a mistake... you're giving yourself the best possible gift you can.. health!  Cry over the cake and food grief and turning 40... you're allowed... people are ALLOWED to have emotions! Not only allowed but encouraged.  
  14. pseudoscientist liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in A fresh start on July 31st   
    I would say this is fine... for semantics sake, maybe call them potato patties... pancake is a trigger word around here
    Sounds delish!  A bit like a latke but made with mashed potato which probably stick together a bit better!  I may add this to my fall food rotation   
  15. aug2017w30 liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in August 14th Start Date   
    Just to weigh in on the Bone Broth, it is NOT a replacement for any portion of the Whole30 template... you're welcome to drink it in any quantity you like - consider it bonus nutrients   It has more collagen/gelatin in it than actual protein.
  16. cmcd1070 liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Bloating and nightmares   
    Okay so the water thing... keep trying... keep mixing more plain water and less 'non plain' until you're drinking plain, clear water.  Your body needs it... yes, you CAN get through life with all manner of flavors and juices but the best thing for your body so that it doesn't have to filter is plain water.  Also, coconut water is basically fruit juice so I'd get rid of that right away... it's also very likely to be causing bloating.  Water infused with veggies and fruit is great, just make sure it's water infused with fruit/veggies and not what amounts to a whacky concoction that's more fruit/veggies than water... it should still be mostly clear
    Your breakfast didn't have enough protein... eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping.  The bloating from this am could have been from the hardboiled eggs (they can be harder to digest than other ways of cooking eggs) or the onions... try removing the onions in your breakfast tomorrow.
    If you're going to snack between meals because you're actually hungry (you could eat bland steamed fish and broccoli) then eat protein and fat and ideally veggies in a smaller 'mini meal'.  Nuts and fruit on their own are not going to help and nuts and dried fruit can cause bloating and digestive upset.  
  17. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by slc_melissa in Help with weight not coming off   
    ? She asked you to prioritize food over supplements, nothing about junk food.
    Whole30 is 30 days (+10-15) for re intros, it's meant to give you the tools to create a long term plan that will work for you.
    You're, presumably, an adult and doing your own personal n=1 experiment. If you want to try the ALA, go for it, (check ingredients if you are still on a whole 30.) Did you search the forum for other possible posts about it specifically?
    My own personal n=1 experiment went like this: did a whole30 in July 2015. Had a bunch of non scale victories, lost maybe 1-2 lbs. Used what I learned in my re intros to structure my diet (relax on added sugar in things like sauces, occasional rice and dairy).  for no apparent reason (did not change workouts or diet), in October 2015 I started losing weight. My current personal experiment involves trying a sub-lingual vitamin b supplement. (On a drs recommendation, after testing found me somewhat deficient.) And collagen powder because I like it.
  18. jodeet liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Trying to decide when to start   
    Do it!  You can totally manage with the cycling trips I think!  There are loads of resources for people who camp/hike/travel during their program!  Google is the best way to search the forum so for instance 'whole30 camping food' or something.  Also take a look through the athlete's forum and see if there's anything there that helps!  And finally, just because we like to cover all our supportive bases, there's an Over 50 group that's reasonably active right now in this same section and they're some pretty nice people so you may enjoy chatting with them too!
  19. CatholicDad liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Tea Brands!   
    Yep, good to go!
  20. coachgad liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Starting today!   
    Your meals don't look too bad.  Sometimes when people come from a place of restriction or diet frankenfood, their body realizes that food is incoming and it's REALLY excited in the form of hunger... if you feel that you could eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli when these hunger pangs hit, then definitely eat.  When you do eat between meals, your mini meal that you listed as your 4pm snack is perfect!  Protein and fat and ideally veggies... egg or chicken salad and crudite is a good one, leftover whatever is good.  Nuts, nut butters and fruits will do you no favors so try and steer clear of doing that.  Your hunger should level out as your body realizes that this is going to be an ongoing source of fuel.
    Some other pointers - try and eat breakfast within an hour of waking.  Some people have an egg limit where they could eat 3 eggs or ten eggs and still be hungry so in that case, add some other source of protein to your eggs which will help you stay full longer.  Try eating the whole avocado (if you can afford it).  Greens are not particularly filling because their volume when cheweed down is nothing so if you're going to eat greens it needs to either be a huge amount or add some cooked or more hearty veggies to the greens. 
    We do not expect you to go hungry, 'tough it out' or anything else.  If you're legitimately hungry, eat and then adjust your meals as necessary so that eventually you're getting 4-5 hours between.
  21. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by emilyelowe in Day 16 and burnt out....   
    Every Whole30 is different, so don't be too hard on yourself! I don't drink coffee but I imagine that would be a HUGE change if it's something you had every day prior to this. I have a tendency to struggle in the third week, also. The novelty is gone, you're either experiencing food boredom or food overload, there's no Tiger Blood, and the end doesn't seem anywhere near near enough. So in my experience, this isn't all that abnormal. 
    If food prep is overwhelming (mine has been too this time around! I'm on Day 23), maybe try to simplify a little more. Just prep a bunch of your favorite veggies, meats, and sauces and combine them in different ways during the week rather than making 6 different dishes, for example. Or if you're bored with simple foods, try a NEW recipe that still has a small number of ingredients. I was just checking out the Real Food Dieticians page and they have a recipe page dedicated to 10 or fewer ingredients. I've been finding lots of inspiration lately on Instagram, too. I also think the Slow Cooker, Instant Pot, or Pressure Cooker is a life saver on days when I am just OVER the food prep. Maybe treat yourself to a cleaning service to deep clean your kitchen as a half-way point reward? These are just free-flowing thoughts.  
    I believe Chipotle cooks everything but the carnitas in soy bean oil (including the fajita vegetables) so it's kind of difficult to get a true template meal there. You'd probably have better luck at a Whole Foods where all the ingredients for everything at their hot bar are clearly listed. 
    Good luck getting over the hump!
  22. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by MarieC1978 in August 7th Start Date   
    So, I just got back from vacation the day before my start date. Went to see family in SC and let me tell you...the old Southern Cooking thing is TRUE!  Everything has tons of W30 no-no foods and every meal ends with a cake, cobbler, or other dessert. I called my mom before leaving and told her I wanted to stay as compliant with the home cooked meals as possible. She didn't criticize or ask "huh" or make it awkward. Instead, she went grocery shopping and got La Croix waters instead of soda for me. She bought ghee for the first time in her life. She made sure she had olive oil and avocado oil instead of the other stuff she usually uses cause it's cheaper. She had pistachios and almonds and fruit and tuna and even some smoked salmon. All kinds of foods for at the house. Instead of her taking the lead on cooking, she let me lead and actually watched and learned. My brother even made sure to make a huge W30 salad for me when we went to eat at his house with Primal Kitchen dressing because the only thing he can cook is a mean spaghetti. My brother even baked apples with just cinnamon on them for my "dessert" while they ate those same apples with ice cream of course. They went out of their way with the home cooked meals even though that isn't their style.  Eating out on vacation was a different story!
    Here's the thing with family. If you are close, they will not judge and you can be completely honest with them. I am a firm believer in communicating the emotional reasons behind W30 because that will garner more support than "I just want to lose weight."  Its more than just weight loss and they should know that. You and your cousin (since she is a wonderful cook) can come up with additions or subtractions to each meal to make sure it there is something compliant for you and tastes good. Give her this challenge as she may surprise you. Either way, be honest with them about how important this is for you and you will be happy you did regardless of the outcome. 
    The point is, family can be a pain in the bum, but they are family and want what is best for you. Don't make a huge deal out of it, but call ahead of time and talk to them. Let them know this is important to you and see if they can help. By calling them in advance, they have a little warning and can do some research.  Springing it on them by not eating may "offend" them or make them feel uncomfortable at the table.  If your cousin says "what the heck am I supposed to make?!!!"  Send her some recipes you have been wanting to try that are W30 and see if she can "help" you make them good.  Make her/them feel like they are doing you a solid by helping make this happen for you.  
    For the foods that can't be made W30 compliant, just say no. It's hard to say no, but you can and you will feel powerful for having done so. You are in control of what you put in your mouth so show them how it's done. And after your cousin (the great cook) tweaks her awesome recipes to fit W30, share those recipes with the rest of us!
  23. emilyelowe liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)   
    Ya, coconut wraps are taking a 'flour' product and turning it into somethign resembling a bread wrap... the nori sheets are just like wrapping in lettuce or collard.. and oh so delish!  Just make sure you don't put 'wet' stuff as the first layer because it makes the nori really hard to bite/cut... 
  24. PenguinSews liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in August 7th Start Date   
    People are legitimately horrible... I do not know of a single other thing other than body weight/composition that people think they have a right to comment on about another body... besides that, who ASKED him to 'approve'... Geez!  Good for you for sticking strong - personally the indignation and anger I would have had for that behavior would have probably turned me off cake forever... FOREVER!... Okay, well not like ForEVER....
  25. Kristen2977 liked a post in a topic by SugarcubeOD in Help with weight not coming off   
    The first recommendation I have is to stay off the scale.  If you're coming from a SAD diet and have any underlying medical conditions, your body is going to prioritize healing over weight loss.  Second, i'm not sure how you used to eat before but if it was a cycle of restriction and binging, then your body probably doesn't trust that this way of eating is going to last, which means it's not going to just suddenly drop a bunch of weight, regardless of how much you have to lose.  This is why not weighing is a rule, because there is so much going on in each individual body that a number on the scale is a minute part of the whole story.
    If you find you need snacks because you're actually hungry between meals (like you could happily eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli and think it was the best thing ever) then your meals are not sufficient.  If this is the case, while we get your meals sorted, eat a mini meal of protein and fat and ideally veggies (chicken salad with cucumber slices is a good mini meal).  If you're snacking because you are bored, it's a habit or its for comfort, then the only way to stop doing that is to stop doing it.  We don't recommend fruit and nuts on their own and RX Bars are for emergency use only (like dig it out of the bottom of your purse where it's been for weeks because you find yourself stranded on the tarmac in a blizzard type of emergency).
    Water is recommended to be 1/2 oz per pound of bodyweight... not sure how big the glasses are that you're drinking but my guess is you're not getting there... 
    The way you've listed your meals, it's hard to tell portion sizes... I'd suggest adding more veggies to breakfast and then the rest, are you matching the template?  Greens are difficult because you really need to eat a wheelbarrow full... think about the volume of greens when they chew or steam down.
    As far as recommendations on how to maneuver the program to make it a weightloss program, we don't offer that kind of advice.  The advice I have for you is to keep going... think of the long game here... you're working on a long term relationship with your body where you may not have honored it or respected it in the past and that takes some time to undo... keep going, there's nothing about this way of eating that is going to be bad for you and eventually the weight will come off.  I realize this is not the answer you want and at 100 pounds overweight, the word eventually is like poison.. but it's true - take it from me, I lost 100 pounds eating Whole30 a few years ago... When it starts to happen, it goes... don't try and rush it by hacking this program, that will not get you the results you're after!