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  1. Sorry guys in the above post I meant to say I repeated non gluten grains, but you probably figured that out
  2. Hey @NoneOtherThanAmyWelcome Back!! Glad to hear you had a great trip!! Sounds like you managed your food choices well and the trip was a win-win! We missed ya. @emilyelowe I haven't reintroduced any combo foods yet either but am anxious to try pizza once I do gluten on it's own on Monday. I repeated legumes yesterday this time adding some at each meal. Even had Corn, black beans and rice at dinner. Perhaps I was bit gassy but other then that no real symptoms. I don't eat a lot of legumes so knowing I can have it once in awhile is good enough for me. Good luck with gluten and staying in control this weekend. The thing that is bothering me is the very first whole 30 I did which was pre cancer, the weight just fell off. I lost close to 50 lbs in 6 months eating the whole 30 template. I added back most foods, but kept everything clean - nothing processed and no junk food (even if it was from scratch). This time the weight isn't really budging. I haven't lost any more since reintroduction started. I feel good and I know it's not about that but I can't help wondering why it's so different this time. I know what I've been thru and the darn meds I have to take are probably a big reason but I wish that scale would budge just a little....Think I'm going to have to step up my activity ... I am certainly not sedentary, but I think I need to do more aerobic type stuff to get the heart rate up and "feel the burn"!! Sorry, just venting. Have a great weekend everyone!!
  3. @emilyelowe I also am not a big fan of cake, cupcakes, cookies etc with a few exceptions. I make whoopie pies around here for special occasions (everyone's favorite) and definitely my favorite as a kid. After my first whole 30 I made them for Christmas maybe and they were so sweet I couldn't even eat them. I think what was so interesting to me was my daughter (she is 15) really felt strongly that I had to have cake on my birthday - partly because she wants to make me one but in general I guess it's just what we (and by we I mean humans) do. I am going to really focus on changing that within my own family so they realize you don't have to eat cake just BECAUSE it's your birthday!! Non gluten grains went well, though I am not sure I really had enough of them as I only tried corn. So ate clean yesterday and today and will retest tomorrow. Gonna try rice and maybe oatmeal. Also plan on having some popcorn (popped in coconut oil of course YUM) for movie night with daughter. Then gluten Monday... then I will have tested all the groups and I might just continue on this pattern testing specific items. Hope your dairy day is going well Emily
  4. Yes, we have two restaurants - Holy Smoke (I and II). It is BBQ and brew (mircro brews with rotating taps) but really there is something for everyone. My hubby left wall street a year after the towers came down (he worked right across the street) and decided life is too short to not try and pursue your passions. And 13 years later we are still going strong. I of course cannot answer for Amy, hope your are doing well Amy , but she might have meant that French Fries are off plan: we do not allow commercially-prepared fries or chips, or deep-frying starchy veggies and turning them into fries or chips during your Whole30. Emily, glad you felt good yesterday and NG grains went well. I am reintroducing them today and will also do gluten on Friday or Saturday depending on how the NG grains go. What I really want to try is a slice of pizza. On fridays the kids and I make our own pizza's. I've not been participating for the past few weeks but think I might since I know the cheese isn't going to bother me., and I can really control the amount of cheese on it. I will load mine up with veggies!! I have another good example of the why and how of foods. My birthday is coming up next week and my daughter said to me yesterday "of course you are going to eat cake on your birthday right Mom" and I looked at her and said "I'm not sure I want cake" She was like but it's your birthday.... It's just another example of how food is not just food. I need to think long and hard between now and then and decide if cake is "worth" it for me. I'm thinking I might want a margarita instead lol.... Have a great day!!
  5. Hi Gals, @NoneOtherThanAmy safe travels!! Hope you find time to post and let us know how it's going. @emilyelowe No matter how hard I try or how many whole 30's I do I can't get past the scale. I don't know if this will ever change for me. You had some more great NSV's. Keep on sharing those insights I love them! @AB_MN I'm not sure I understand your question, are you asking if we mess up introduction how long do we have to eat on plan before we can reintroduce again? I think the mods would say to eat on plan according to template until you feel good again. Then reintroduce but if you really want to have info you can use you need to reintroduce only one food at a time. And yes it's challenging! My son (middle child) graduated from HS today. We are not going out to celebrate tonight as Hubby and my other son and daughter all went to work tonight (did I tell you guys we own 2 restaurants) so we will celebrate Monday night when the restaurants are closed. Meal timing was a bit off today but never the less I did introduce legumes. Had peanut butter on my banana at breakfast. A handful of peanuts at lunch and some hummus with veggies at dinner. Thinking of introducing Soy all by itself on another day. I don't plan on ever eating a great amount of soy because of it's link to estrogen production, but I think I would like to know if I can have an occasional Chinese takeout meal. Happy Saturday Everyone!
  6. @emilyelowe you DO NOT write too much, I love the way you process info and I always relate to what you are saying. Great NSV yesterday and thanks for reminding me about the starch carb = energy boost. I had 1/2 sweet potato last night and energy is way up today. @AB_MN I couldn't agree with you more, for me it's such a mental thing and that is what I am really trying to focus on. Sometimes I wish what I eat, when I eat, how I eat didn't occupy so much of my thoughts. I really want to get the point where I eat because I am hungry and I need to fuel up the body. Still haven't noticed any reactions to dairy... not really a food I ever over indulged in but good to know I can have it when I want it. Happy Thursday everyone!!
  7. @NoneOtherThanAmy what an amazing discover!! You sound like you are really ready for your upcoming trip and all the challenges that will come with it. @emilyelowe So glad you are feeling better today! I can't quite put into words what food freedom means to me but "feeling in control without the rules" comes pretty close. Today was Dairy day, I discovered I prefer coconut oil in my coffee over milk but so far that's all I noticed. Feeling a little bit more tired then usual but didn't get a great night sleep last night and had a long day of Dr.'s appointments and errands. Will try what you did Emily and add a sweet potato to dinner. Back on plan for two days.
  8. @emilyelowe Sorry you had a rough day yesterday, thanks for sharing what you found cuz we all need a kick in the ass once in awhile. Come on girl you got this, get thru reintroduction I feel like you have learned so much already and all of this will help you get to food freedom!! @NoneOtherThanAmy Hope you made it thru today. Good for you not grabbing that Sub, and messing up reintro. I've eaten on plan today as well and excited to test dairy tomorrow. @ArtFossil that's awesome that it only took you 1 whole 30 to make permanent changes. I have done multiple Whole 30's and yes in between some of those my health changed but there are other reasons. I am one of those people who likes rules, in fact I thrive on them. When I've gotten off track I like to reset. I don't consider it as starting over, It's ;not about weightloss and it's not a diet, it's about doing something good for myself and an ongoing journey, And I will say with every whole 30 I learn something new about my relationship with food. Sometimes it takes doing another whole 30 to realize I don't feel as good as I think I do. Just saying there are some good reasons to repeat Whole 30's. @MeadowLily your wise words of wisdom ring very true for me. I have learned that I do not really have any food sensitivities or gut issues either, but I know what makes me feel good and what doesn't. And of course things change which is why I do another reintro after each strict whole 30. I love that you call it a food management plan... it really puts things in perspective!!!
  9. Hello Gang, Well I didn't feel any different on Sugar day... not that I really added that much, but I'm happy to know I can have regular bacon once in awhile and an extra serving of fruit here and there. Only thing I noticed and I don't even know if it's related is I woke up really hungry today, that hardly ever happens. I did eat an early supper yesterday though. Seems like dairy is not a friend to any of you. Honestly, I don't think it bothers me but you all have given me so many more things to look out for. Dairy will be reintroduced Wednesday. Yeah Amy!! Down a belt notch is awesome!! Emily, I can almost guarantee a break out when I eat too much sugar... maybe the sugar in the alcohol? I do hope it goes away quickly for you. Loved hearing about your weekend and how you navigated thru. AB_MN I know sugar is definitely the enemy, besides messing with the hormones, I've been told that cancer cells are attracted to sugar as well. So I'm very motivated to keep my sugar intake very low from here on out. Happy Monday All!!
  10. Hi Gals, The relay was amazing. My daughter is in the Students against Cancer club at her High School and starting this year the High School is going to host the relay annually. I did the survivor walk and just spent the day talking to other survivors and those in the fight now. So much activity and all for such a good cause. Next year I plan on walking on a team!!! So - It's day 31!!! My current treatment protocol is a daily estrogen inhibitor (1 year down 4 to go). The purpose is to throw me into menopause and the symptoms and side effects that come with it make you feel pretty crappy. The greatest NSV for me has been that those symptoms have greatly decreased. I lost 10 lbs this round but what I gained is so much more. I love the way I feel when I eat clean and now I have my motivation back to keep this up. It has also been great sharing this round with you gals making this the best group I've ever been a part of. Today I am reintroducing sugar, I've never reintroduced it on it's own before, but I want to see if it wakes any dragons up. So far I added bacon to breakfast. Going to have a fruit smoothie after lunch which is actually compliant but more fruit then I normally have at one serving. Not sure what I will add to dinner yet. @AB_MNsounds like you had a great day yesterday, family is everything!! Sorry about your dairy issues, hope you can isolate it. Happy Sunday!!
  11. Quick check in then off to Relay for Life - it's my first one, and I know it's going to be an emotional but amazing day!! @AB_MN today is day 30!!! Yipee.... starting to reintroduce sugar tomorrow. About that reaction to dairy read the post at the bottom of this thread by @ladyshanny I would have just copied and pasted her response, but I think there might be a rule against that lol. It might explain why you had a reaction to such a small amount of dairy. @emilyeloweHope your Birthday was amazaballs!!! @NoneOtherThanAmyAnxious to hear how gluten went for you... this is the one food group I think has an effect on me, not physically but mentally as in no brakes. Happy Saturday everyone!!
  12. @emilyelowe HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend!!
  13. Thanks @AB_MN I will be here posting my progress as soon as I start re-intro, which will be Sunday and going to start with sugar. Congrats on finishing and some really great NSV's!! @NoneOtherThanAmyGlad you had a better day and good for you for not going crazy in the bread aisle. Bread can definitely be a food with no brakes for me. I love to make my own bread but can honestly eat the whole loaf in a few hours so won't be making any of that for awhile lol. @emilyelowe I love how you have a plan for everything, I'm sure that serves you well and really helps you make good choices. And yes reintro is hard, after my first whole30 I stayed compliant for almost 4 months with just a few exceptions here and there and I was happy doing that. I think I really had a taste of food freedom, But when life took an unexpected turn I lost total control and the hard part was getting back to this place where I feel so good. You've done the hard part -- I know You got this!! This whole 30 round went so quick right up until this week lol. Though part of me is nervous about all the trials and tribulations that come with the next phase, I really do want to see again if any food has a negative effect on me. You guys are doing great and I really appreciate all your insights and observations!!
  14. Hello Gals, Sounds like your reintro's are well under way. @emilyelowe, You did awesome and had some great results!! So many awesome NSV's!! Love that you call yourself a little nugget, not an issue for me as I am 5'9 (which comes with it's own problems lol). As Amy said re: Fat, I also add Olive Oil to a salad and ghee sometimes to potato or veggies. I will toss walnuts or pecans in a salad or put a smear of almond butter on a banana. Also, I love whipping up coconut oil in my coffee. Anxious to hear how your alcohol reintro went. @NoneOtherThanAmy so did you get thru your day? Sorry your run may have altered your response, but thanks for the heads up, I would have never thought of that. Hope everyone else is getting to their finish line...
  15. Wow Amy, those are awesome NSV's !!! You did a great job of managing your whole 30!! So, here is a question I was wondering about... did you eat your normal whole 30 compliant breakfast and add the cinnamon and quinoa, or did you eat less to accommodate the extra food on your plate?