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  1. @NoneOtherThanAmy What I found out from past whole 30's is I can pretty much tolerate all the food groups in moderation but the thing that really makes me feel Yuck is processed, artificial, crappy no good for me food. So after whole 30 I was pretty much able to eat the same with with an occasional addition of dairy because the diner wasn't going to whip up coconut oil in my coffee, or use olive oil to cook my eggs etc... I really felt like I could easily eat that way and be very happy and healthy the rest of my life (but then I allowed the Cancer to derail me). You will figure out how to ride your own bike and what works for you and I can tell you are determined to make it happen!! @AB_MN Way to stay on Plan!! It really is amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. I agree that you should make sure you are getting in your fat. I know we have been taught to stay away from it but it is so important to stop the cravings and give us that satisfied feeling. That is one of the biggest reasons I add the coconut oil to my coffee... I know I am getting my fat in!! @emilyelowe That was a weird start to your day..., glad your day has improved! My nights are still weird too... I'm not really able to fall asleep before 12 and I'm up (wide awake) by 6.... I'm not dragging and don't feel tired so I guess it isn't a problem for now. Have a great day all!!
  2. Hello Ladies, @msois Kudos to you for "rocking" the party. Your enthusiasm is inspiring and I know I will refer to that post when I find myself in similar situations. @emilyelowe I know it might sound strange but I love to crunch on Romaine lettuce leaves - they really satisfy the urge to crunch and a great way to get extra greens in. In fact my kids love them so much when I clean a head or two it always just disappears before it ever makes it into a salad. My other go to is mixed greens, tomato and avocado, with a slight drizzle of olive oil and balsamic - YUM! Day 12 for me and I am really feeling good. My whole family has noticed the "pep in my step" and so many of the aches and pains from the medicine and my last reconstruction surgery (which was in January) are just disappearing!! Love this group and am inspired by all of you!!! Happy Tuesday!!
  3. @emilyelowe OMG your puppy is so sweet. We lost our sweet girl this past Feb. and boy does it leave an empty spot in your heart. I love the head tilt and those eyes, just so sweet..... sorry I digress @msois You are gonna Rock it today, stick to your plan and please share any and all things that helped. The summer season brings many party invitations and it is something we all will have to navigate at some point. You got this!! @AB_MN (I have no idea why sometimes it formats the names and sometimes it doesn't) .... Good job passing up the cookies and treats. Yes shopping hungry really makes a difference. @Skye_9 Way to push through your workout... Hope that energy level is improving @Steph the Desert Rat I also have a high school graduate in a few weeks - Great job avoiding temptations, I will be faced with the same in a few weeks. Also I have been having vivid crazy dreams, but not food related, just weird. It's happened on my past whole30's too so there must be some reason for it that I will have to look into. @NoneOtherThanAmy I can't wait for the farmers markets to start here. I have never thought of making a breakfast I could just heat up in the morning, - curious as to what you make yourself?? Yesterday was a weird day... due to circumstances beyond my control I didn't eat lunch until 4:00. Amazingly I wasn't even really hungry but I know that's not wise, Then, here was my dilemma, Dinner? I didn't want to eat late and I wasn't hungry even by 7 but I thought it was best if I had a light dinner so I ate some compliant meat sauce over zoodles with an avocado and tomato salad. It's weird for me to eat when I'm not hungry because I feel like for years we've been told to eat only when we are hungry... Anyone else find themselves eating meals on Whole30 when they aren't hungry? HAPPY Sunday Everyone!!
  4. Hello Gang, Sorry I've been a little MIA the past few days just been a busy girl. Loving reading about all the NSV's and the progress everyone is making and the new things everyone is learning about themselves. So far this time around my WHole 30 has been really easy. I haven't had any real cravings except when it hit 90 yesterday I really wanted an Icee Drink to cool off, but don"t-cha-know cold ice water worked just as well A hugh NSV - my cancer was hormone positive which means for the next 5 years I take a daily hormone suppressant and get a shot once a month to force me into menopause. A side effect of this is joint pain and stiffness - and for the past 2 days it has been much better, and it's only day 8 for me so I hope it continues to improve even more. Hang in there everyone, we got this!!! Happy Friday!!
  5. Thanks so much for sharing the recipes. On of my goals this time around is to try new dishes and add more variety - both of these look great and I think the family will enjoy also!!
  6. @emilyelowe what chicken tikka recipe did you use? I've googled it and see a few with different substitutions. Would love to know what you did and how it came out. Good for you turning that car around!! Amy, would also love to get your buffalo chicken recipe. Hope you are feeling better today. Hope you feel better Steph as well. Feeling a bit draggy todaymyself, going to get some fresh air and work in the garden for a bit so hopefully it will snap me out of the day 5 foggies. Happy Tuesday All!!
  7. Good Morning everyone, Hi @AB_MN, thanks for the shout out! Hope your energy levels start to pick up for you. @NoneOtherThanAmy one of the hardest parts of whole 30 for me is was staying off the scale. Especially the first one, and though it has gotten easier It's like the stupid thing calls my name every time I walk past it. This time around the batteries are dead and I have no intention of replacing them till after the 30 days and maybe not even then. I wish my treadmill had the same effect on me..... @emilyelowe sorry you had a rough day Saturday, but sounds like yesterday made up for it!! My go to order out when I don't feel like cooking is a grilled chicken or shrimp salad from the pizza place in town. They do not add anything to the chicken which is served over a lovely bed of greens. I'm sure you can find something near you. Hoping you get through today!! @Ashley_119 Hope you made it through the weekend. Social gatherings are tough. Yet another benefit of whole 30 is you will learn how to navigate thru the those waters. Let us know how you did! As for me, I'm on day 4 and was expecting some carb flu over the weekend but so far so good. Energy is improving infact I'm having a hard time falling asleep at night because I'm so wide awake - so time to add some exercise for sure. Happy Monday All!!!
  8. @emilyelowe I suffer from that same strange phenomenon and am relieved to know I am not the only one lol. Not that I am feeling that way yet, it's only day 1 for me but as soon as I do start to feel good I always want to allow myself "a treat" or feel like it's ok to slack off a little. Thats what I love about whole 30, I know for at least 30 days I won't allow myself to slip and hopefully thats enough time to reset. Have a great weekend everyone!
  9. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes. Not much to report Day 1 meal 1 done. Forgot how much I enjoy my coffee with whipped Coconut oil and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Sounds like everyone is navigating well at this point. The weekend always has it's own challenges so stay strong everyone... We got this!!!
  10. Hello All, I am looking to start another whole 30 and stumbled on this thread this morning and feel like it's a great fit for me so I hope you don't mind if I jump in. I Did my first whole30 spring 2015 when I realized I really needed to make a major change in my lifestyle. It was challenging, but definitely got easier with time and the way it made me feel was so worth it..... continued to eat whole and healthy foods, but kinda messed up reintroduction the first time so did another "strict" whole 30 in july 2015 with a successful reintroduction. Continued to embrace what I learned and by October 2015 had lost 50lbs and was feeling better then I had in a very long time. As my luck would have it on October 5, 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. stage 2 with positive lymph nodes. Had a double mastectomy, 8 rounds of chemo, and 5 1/2 weeks of radiation I firmly believe that being in a good state of health when I started treatments really helped. After chemo and all I went through I gained weight and have lost all control of my eating. I think a lot of it is mental, and it's easy to blame the cancer and have the attitude "what's the point". I am over it... I am ready to take back control and get back to that tiger blood feeling I once had. Looking forward to being a part of this group and hearing about all of your experiences!!
  11. Thank you for starting the thread Jolong, and to you Lady Shanny for bringing the previous posts over. Nanette, sorry you had that reaction to the wine, but isn't it good to know just how food is effecting us. Kudos on all the NSV's. Please keep us posted on the rest of your reintro. Jolong, like you I am going for non gluten grains tomorrow. Having a bowl of cream of rice cereal for breakfast, not to sure about lunch and dinner yet, but I know Popcorn is in my future. On a side note, today, I made my own mayo for the first time. I have to say - Game changer! I had left over chicken and wanted to make it into chicken salad and eat it on romaine leafs. It tasted so yummy and was so easy I don't see why I would ever buy mayo again. TGIF!
  12. Please forgive me for jumping in here, I am not a moderator but I have done 4 successful whole 30's and have learned new things about myself every time. The purpose of a whole 30 is to follow the strict rules of the program to the tee for 30 days. If you don't, then it's not a Whole 30 that part is very black and white. Now it sounds like what you are planning to do is eat whole 30 for 11 days and then have alcohol. And, if that is what you want to do that is perfectly fine, That is similar to how I eat now, and it's called food freedom. It's just that if you never do a whole 30 and a proper reintro you won't know what foods (if any) you should stay away from. I don't think any of the moderators would ever try and make you feel bad. They are extremely supportive and helpful, but what I read in your first post was that this may not be the be the best timing for you. You said something about January being a better time. In the meantime there is nothing wrong with eating whole30 90% of the time. And just think when you do have 30 days that you can fully commit you will already be an expert!
  13. Jolong, in the past during reintro or when I'm not doing strict whole 30 I pop my popcorn in a pot on the stove in either olive oil or coconut oil.... this way you don't even miss the toppings
  14. So Dairy day went well, I thought at first I had some GI symptoms going on after the yogurt at breakfast, but it went away by lunch time and I had no reaction after eating some cheese with lunch and I had a very small bowl of ice cream after dinner. Feel fine this morning. I don't think I have ever eaten a lot of dairy, but I do like to have coffee on the go and I usually like to add a little milk (strictly coconut oil at home). Also might enjoy an occasional ice cream treat or yogurt and am happy to know that it should not be an issue for me. Back to eating compliant for 2 days, then on Saturday I am going to try non-gluten grains. Chime in gals want to hear how reintro is going for you!!! Happy Thursday!
  15. I did it I weighed myself this morning and I lost 15lbs this round. I know it's about so much more then that but I'm not gonna lie, it feels good!! I started with dairy today, had a yogurt with breakfast and milk in my coffee, will add some cheese to my lunch salad and maybe a bit of ice cream after dinner. So far, so good! Jolong, it's been awesome sharing this journey with you as well!! And I am all for staying here or starting a new thread. I would love to hear how others respond to reintroduction because it just gives me more things to "look" for. Enjoy your red wine, I am not allowed any alcohol until after my surgery, but I will raise of glass of water to you and all of us for getting thru!!