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  1. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi! I am starting tomorrow (Sept 11...I am sucker for Monday start days lol). I once tried Whole30 a couple years ago but was ill prepared, was living with my parents and did not have enough $$ to buy the food. Now, I have the time and resources to commit to the no-excuses kick in the butt I need to meet my health goals: i want to lose inches and pounds, feel less bloated, feel more confident in my appearance (the bloating makes me feel preggers), less oily skin, improve performance in my running plan, get less winded during fitness classes like zumba, have fewer PMS symptoms and just feel better about myself and my ability to manage my cravings. I really hope to find and practice better ways of managing stress that do NOT involve inhaling cookies, fried food, pizza, chocolate, ice cream and the list goes on. I want to get on the journey towards food freedom.