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  1. Lots of good advice here. I have found that I have difficulty over purchasing if I'm eating according to the template! The amount of veggies I go through is astounding. I can stuff my produce drawer and by the end of the week I'm scraping bottom if I haven't had to go to the store already. There are 2 of us but my other half travels half the week so it's just me a lot of the time. I also keep some frozen veggies in the freezer for if I run low on fresh and don't make it to the store.
  2. Feed it to someone else in your house first .....that's how I roll
  3. @kirkor ugh, yes! Loved and hated that movie. Hated because it just grossed me out so much watching him poison himself. But it's pretty cool how his body was able to heal once the sugar was out of it....EVERYONE should watch it!
  4. Meal comp looks pretty good to me, but maybe a tad light on the fat. Because you're feeling flat and having lack of focus and with your ADHD history, I would maybe try upping the fats. There are some pretty interesting articles out there about fat and brain function just google 'fat and brain health' and 'fat and ADHD'. Try mixing up your fat sources. And work to add a fat source to every meal over and above what you cook with. The fat you cook with really doesn't amount to much at the end unless you're able to pour what was in the pan over your food. I take a good quality Omega 3 supplement because our Omega 3/6 ratio can be out of balance with today's diet and Omega 3 really is an essential fatty acid for brain function. If you like fish, try adding in wild salmon, tinned sardines or anchovies or herring are also good sources. Not getting enough or good quality of sleep is an issue you might want to work on too. Good sleep hygiene - electronics off an hour before bed, a winding down routine, etc could be of benefit. Adding in a magnesium supplement is another common suggestion to help with sleep, Natural Calm (unflavored) is one used by folks around these boards. Another thought is that yes, things are just are a bit wacky right now, and you may just even out as time goes on as caTones above pointed out. I'm sure the mods will weigh in here too if there's anything else they can think of.
  5. I ate a LOT of plastic crab growing up, and then throughout college ......it was cheap protein. And sugar.....I don't get me started on sugar.....it's crazy how how we can consistently end up eating buckets of sugar without even eating a candy bar or ice cream or anything even remotely "sugary"!!! Days I thought I was being "heathy".....was easily consuming boat loads.
  6. So, bear with me, I'm typing on my phone.... Note, the following are recommendations for the average person doing a Whole30. I did make some extra comments about your situation below. Check out the meal Template. Try to match your meals up with it then best you can. Eat your breakfast within an hour of waking, this will help with hormone alignment. Coffee can act as an appetite suppressant, so have it alongside your meal not before. Eggs, when they are your main protein are as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping them (usually 3 or 4). Yes, you are fruit heavy and "Lara" bar heavy. And this is only going to keep fueling your need for sugar. It may not be refined sugar, but the body doesn't know the difference. The reccomendation is to not let fruit push veggies off your plate. Keeping up on the fruit and bars will cause you to have blood sugar spikes and crashes throughout the day, which could be causing some of that lethargy. Aim for 0-2 pieces of fruit per day alongside meals and really start upping your veggie intake. Salad or or greens chew down to almost nothing, so add in some cooked veggies, really fill up your plate - at each meal. Your fat intake isn't too bad but still a bit on the light side. 1-2 thumbs is the reccomendation, over and above what you're using to cook. You're right on with 1/2 an avocado or a few pieces of bacon, but make sure your adding fat to each meal. If you are matching the meal template you should be able to go 4-5 hours between meals, and not need to snack. If you do need a snack try for a mini-meal composed of protein, fat, veg. Or at least 2 out of those 3 (my go to is chicken with homemade mayo, or olives). It can take some playing around with your meal composition to get it "right", so if you do need to snack, it's ok. I agree with what Georgina said above. I wasn't sure what your intentions were with stopping drinking....and didn't want to assume before, but it sounds like you intend to stay sober. Quitting drinking is NO SMALL POTATOES. It is a a feat in itself and it does add a layer of complexity to a Whole30, and you were questioning whether you shouldn't be doing it or not. I would also agree with finding some sort of support or advice from a professional and/or group who would be able to understand your entire situation. The Whole30 works best if you can follow the recommendations. BUT with the changes you have made, it could be a lot for you to do all of it at once, especially without a support system. I hope you start to feel better soon, and congrats for taking care of yourself. You deserve it.
  7. Wow, 55 days without drinking! Sorry you aren't feeling well. The "detox" part of not drinking should be long over by now as far as I know. There are many possibilities as to why you might be feeling this way. Can you list a few days of what you've been eating including portion sizes so the mods can take a look and see if there's something that may need tweaking?
  8. Are you matching your meals to the template? Getting enough sleep? There are many factors that could cause lack of focus or concentration. If you'd like to list what you've been eating the past couple of days including portion sizes the mods can take a look to see if there's anything that stands out. To me, right off the bat, it sounds like you may not be eating enough or at least missing out on something, but it's impossible to know unless you list what you've been eating.
  9. I personally skim most of the fat from my bone broth once it has cooled and hardened. My bones are usually well sourced, so I use the fat for other cooking uses, like roasting veggies in. But it's totally a personal choice. I just don't really care for the mouthfuls of hot fat - and I'm a fat lover! But it's just not my thing in bone broth. You can drink as much bone broth as you like. You will be getting lots of minerals and the amino acids missing in our modern day diet. It adds to your nutrition and doesn't replace anything, so consider it over and above the template meals you eat.
  10. There are so many reasons you may have not lost the weight you were expecting. I know you said you read the content. Did you read It Starts With Food? Do I think it's because you didn't go to the gym for 2 weeks? Short answer, no. But of course it's impossible to say. It would be good for you to list what you've been eating over the past few days to see if it lines up with the recommendations. As for asking the Mods if you should take a day off to eat cheetos and fries. What do you think they will say? Go for it, eat the red dye #7 and peanut oil? Really, what good will it do you? Other than set off a host of cravings and agrivate any other issues you might have. The mods and community would be doing you a disservice if we said to go for it, don't you think? You are an adult, if you feel like you need those things, you dont need to ask permission. As for this community being supportive. I have seen a lot of posts lately from those who have come to the forum looking for an answer. When they don't get the answer they like, or they get some tough love, it's like a a crime against humanity has been committed. The mods are saying it how it is. They are reciting literature from the books and reasearch that some people have even read, but they have only come looking for the answer they want to hear. It is a supportive community. But when people come looking for the answers they want to hear, rather than the truth, there's nothing the mods or others can do or say to make you happy. This is a forum to help you get the best out of the program, not to give you permission to eat off program things. I hope you stick around. I hope you check what you have been eating against the template to make sure it matches. If it does, maybe there's something the mods can help you tweak. If it doesn't, for sure we can help with that too. But as @SugarcubeOD said, it isn't a magic diet, it is meant to heal your gut and your relationship with those cheetos. Good luck.
  11. I have a host of skin related issues. Admittedly acne is not one of them, but I do have experience with the slow response the skin can have to diet change. You do have a week left, and yes lots can happen in a week. But even if it doesn't completely clear up, I would suggest either continuing on to see if it will clear, or doing the reintros to try to pin point what exactly is causing your breakouts. The skin is tricky as it can often be the last thing to clear and any reactions you may have to a food could be delayed so I would suggest a slow deliberate reintro if you go that route. I did 3 rounds of Whole30 over the course of 2 years and have been Whole30-ish the rest of the time. My skin finally cleared but I do continue to have minor struggles with it. It is something you will have to be persistent with, but I just wanted to encourage you not to give up because it can be really discouraging I know.
  12. Might I suggest as well that you take the 5-7 days you were planning on staying whole30 and reintro a couple of things before your trip? Even with family support and the best intentions, being out of your rhythm and around tempting food could really take away from some solid reintroductions. It may set you up for higher success if you know how you react to Foods before they're appearing, with no "rules" to contend with. Good luck!
  13. I love talking teeth! I use one of the more popular "natural" toothpastes and find it does a fine job. I attended a lecture by a dentist and dental hygienist recently. They said that the sweetener you actually want to see in a toothpaste is xylitol. It does not break down like sugar and helps to neutralize mouth pH and prevent decay caused by acid. That and the way you actually brush your teeth - the way the bristles are directed at your gums, length of brushing time and changing your toothbrush MONTHLY will help keep those pearly whites.
  14. Try prunes? They often help me a little in that department. There is conflicting evidence about prune juice actually being effective but some people swear by that too. Pear sauce helps me too. Chop pears into chunks (leave the skins on), steam till soft, blend with a stick blender. Before whole30/paleo I used to eat in on oatmeal, now I like it on pork or in a root veggie soup or just by the spoonful .
  15. @creativenikki fair enough! It's funny how we can have such varying results with mayo. My stick blender actually broke and I haven't replaced it. I make my mayo in my food processor now with good results, but I did have a random batch fail for no apparent reason either....I just say a little prayer before each batch now, and curse myself for not replacing my stick blender