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  1. Hello Easter has been and gone along with the rabbit and his chocolate--I did eat a marshmallow egg and honestly it tasted so awful I won't do that again! Didn't even really want it to begin with but there you go. have been having a terrible time personally lately so struggling to eat at all, much less properly. I haven't done too badly but really could do better. Emotions just take over my life at times and everything goes belly up! Does anyone use Open Office? I am having a terrible time formatting some documents--would really appreciate some help if anyone knows how. I use Writer 5. Now I almost hate to say this but in the spirit of full disclosure: I went to Carl's Jr and had a burger--I loved it. I haven't had food from any kind of fast food outlet for years and I had been fighting the idea of having a burger for a few weeks. Thought about it and decided I would do it--for me, it was worth it but haven't needed or wanted to do it again. I think that is the spirit of food freedom so feel quite fine about it for myself. (Some other things I haven't felt that way about).pI have booked an appointment with a physio who specializes in movement. I seriously need to do some more exercise and I want to be sure I am doing things the right way for me. I have finally got my foot back to no pain, but why did it happen is my question? And how to prevent future outbreaks!!! Hope you are all chugging along at a pace you are comfortable with.
  2. Hi Nancy sorry to hear you are having problems with your house-mate. Never easy I think--no wonder marriage is such a marathon Having several challenges here and not coming off so well but all part of the process I guess. Made a chocolate gananche the other day and for some reason used sugar--then ate it-- at least some of it. Normally I don't have any sweetener in it just the avocados, oil and cocao powder--who knows how that we sugar devil jumped up. Never mind, I was ill after and won't' be doing it again. I discovered last week that pork is not good for me and I have been using it almost exclusively since it seems chicken doesn't sit well, eggs aren't great and beef is okay occasionally but not beef mince. So perhaps that was causing some inflammation and the reason my foot was screaming?"??? Who knows. I am now off pork and working on what else I can have. Back to the drawing board. Our summer was non-existant we are now in fall and having some absolutely beautiful days with some regular shockers. Unsettled weather constantly so that makes it unsettled everywhere. Breakfast time now--have a good week everyone.
  3. it is like a drug and the problem was I didn't even have anything sweet to stimulate the craving--weird. Never mind I made up for it the other day and won't even tell you what I had, just being defiant and taking it out on myself. How stupid. As Nancy would say: "Really? How odd." So I had laugh and moved on. Foot much better and have no idea what was wrong or what fixed it--thanks for your concern.
  4. Hello Have been MiA for a while, did something to my foot that is not nice and am limping around so am not very pleasant lately. I would think if I damaged it I could remember it, but nothing in the memory banks about injury. Just woke up unable to put weight on it. Any suggestions? Sounds like you are doing well, Nancy. Love the ' Really, how odd' will take that one with me too. I am still laughing. I have been fighting a few chocolate chip cookies and muffins, lately, not that I want them but I can almost taste them. Thank goodness I have made batches ahead so am not baking them this week. I wonder what that sugar thing is when I have not had any for so long and not even thought about it, then suddenly it's like they are together singing my name like I am the only one in the world that they love and need to be part of my system!!! They didn't win so no problem, just think it is very weird. Have a good weekend everyone.
  5. Hi Doing well but have been having some creepy little thoughts about cookies and muffins. I really don't want to eat them but they seem to be calling me so have been trying to figure out why. Have been doing exercise everyday, not a huge amount but regular so that has to count for something and I can feel that does. Shape shifting again. I am so pleased we decided to stay together for this past year, I think for me, the cracks have been showing up beyond the initial effort and now I feel much more solid in my journey. Thanks to you all. I appreciate being here with you.
  6. Sorry, Nancy can't do the cleaning for you. I am only good on middles, you need my husband who is such a thorough cleaner it is frightening. I will speak to him for you but don't hold your breath.
  7. Hi Just checking in to see what's happening. Have been doing well so am pleased. But had some setbacks this week, ended up going out for meals three times (almost unheard of in my world!), I didn't eat the obvious things, like bread that was served with the meal but there were things not allowed, like salad dressing that I didn't realize was even on the salad. So have not been 100% but going with my new approach to life, not a huge setback. Although I did notice a difference in my slacks, the waist was definitely much more snug than the previous week. I can't believe the small amount of whatever it was, made such a difference. Never mind it is more information and we carry on. Just out of the ocean, lovely lovely swim/walk today. High tide and relatively warm water so am a happy camper at the moment. Have a good weekend everyone.
  8. Hello everyone. Decided today should be clean the office day and my husband got in on the act as well with the waterblaster--reading this last sentence would make one think we live in a dump. Not quite, he was cleaning sheepskin rugs outside while I did the inside of the house--not thoroughly but at least the middle. Cynthia, you mentioned a dust bunny that you will have to name??? I have his entire ancestorial line living here. Living by the ocean is lovely but does have drawbacks, dust and seaspray are two of the biggies. Crimsann, you can have my address and come to clean anytime you want--I will even cook for you, you won't have to think about a thing foodwise. Nancy, sounds like you have lots of support to do what you want to do with your food choices--how great you have someone at work who is following the same path. I finally faced my MIL who absolutely does not get the diet thing, she thinks fish and chips are fine--it is fish and potatoes. I explained to her this last time we were there that I feel really ill when I eat them, although I like them, I have decided not to eat things that cause me distress. She still doesn't get it but is not so upset now that I take my own food. I still have to go to the shop and buy the fish and chips for the others but eat my own tinned salmon, tomatoes, and any salad if there is some if not I eat more at night at home. Finally standing up for myself in some ways. I am really pleased about that. I figure if I were diabetic I wouldn't accept sugar laden things why should I now? The whole thing about not being rude doesn't mean we have to give ourselves away to please someone else really, does it? I have struggled with this concept for years. Vozelle, hope things are settling for you and you are full of vim and vigor again. xxL
  9. Sounds like things have definitely been rocky. Sorry to hear about your husband, not nice. Making meatloaf without a bread filler is really not a big deal--surprising how that crockpot meatloaf recipe works. Warning!!! I think the fennel put Montezuma's revenge on me and I didn't click onto it for a few weeks. Spent most of those weeks in the loo! and ended up with a very sore bottom. I now just make it with very few spices and bake it in the oven or just fry up sections and freeze the others, what ever I feel most inclined to do. Laziness is my motivation.
  10. Good that you managed so well during high stress. I am so in awe of your 6 months no added sugar--must be your superpower! I just noticed that my post was repeating itself, how does that happen? I changed it a few times before posting but clearly missed some repeats.
  11. Hi Good to hear you are back on deck, Nancy. Glad the surgery went well and you are eager to forge ahead. Don't have any idea what day I am on now but haven't have the smallest deviation so am pleased. I am still struggling at the 3-5pm mark, almost every day but talk myself out of eating anything off plan. Drinking the mineral water has been beneficial but I think I can back off a bit now. Not sure what I shall use as a replacement. Water with lemon perhaps. I don't seem to be screaming for coffee like I used to as well. I didn't even drink coffee until a few years ago then could take it or leave it, then became an addict, still only had one cup a day but the past few months I have craved coffee everyday, still only one cup but man did I want that coffee. Strange. But that has backed off and I can just enjoy my coffee or not have it and it is okay too. I have been switching up my breakfasts so not eating the same thing every day and that is interesting. Cynthia you might try that for a bit. One morning I have ox cheek soup: very simple with onion, celery, carrot and ox cheek; then next day meatloaf with veg, then eggs or fritata with veg --that seems to make a difference to my late afternoon desires! Again, who knows why, and basically who cares? It works for me. Have backed off the fruit again and sticking to blueberries so that is fine too. Not waking up in the night because I am hungry any more but often feel hungry shortly after meals and can't imagine why that would be as I am eating plenty. So that's my catch up. Did anyone realize we have passed our year mark of this group forming? Well done us.
  12. Hi Vozelle I noticed you were talking about sugar cravings and commented about dried fruit--which I am sure you know has so much concentrated sugar--the other thing which could be adding to the dilemma is the sulphur in dried fruit??? Just a thought. Good that the parasites are gone. I wonder if the dried fruit is contributing to SIBO with the sugar content. Sorry to be a killjoy here but raw fruit is actually better, especially berries because the sugar content is not as concentrated.here but raw fruit is actually better, especially berries because the sugar content is not as concentrated. IMO
  13. Excellent, I have started and am doing well with the eating so are we going to do a countdown or just 'do it'? The past three days have been good for me. I have had more fruit than I should: banana, plums and blueberries but it seems I need it and it is not doing me any harm. So when you are ready to start I am ready to go. Have been drinking mineral water to help ease all the muscle cramps and it is working, I think needing the banana is in aid of reducing cramps and replacing minerals too since bananas are not a go-to food for me.
  14. Well, what do you know it is working now? Greeblies in the machine. I have been having a terrible time and not sure what I can attribute it to--just bad time I guess. I have started again today and intend to do a minimum of 30 days before changing anything. I have not lost the weight I want, in fact in all of this not sure I have lost any and that is terribly discouraging. I know it is not about weight loss but for me that is a huge thing. I like eating this way, it is easier to plan and execute and I do feel better than I used to. Still want to wear my lovely clothes not my big clothes. Shallow that's me but perhaps I will have to live with it. The ground is no longer shaking down here but summer hasn't shown up yet in any true form and it is almost time for fall/autumn. I have only been able to swim 4 times the past three months--shocking! OH is sorting the back porch-thingy so we can have a semi outdoor gym. Will put the bike in there and do some weights etc so that will be a good thing. The problem is there is so much junk there that it may never get finished. Mind you sorting it all and getting rid of it is excellent exercise. Hope you are all doing well.
  15. I just registered for this but will be a bit relaxed about it all while company is here for 4 days, no sugar but may not be as rigid as I have been. Thanks for your reply Thanks for your reply, I tried signing out and then back in but it still won't let me start a new comment. I don't know what to do unless I register under a new user name?