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  1. Thank you, @ShannonM816. You are probably right. I need to look at the amounts again. Appreciate input/feedback.
  2. @Susabella627- glad you are feeling so well and to the point that your family notices. that's impressive. I'm sure there's lots of healing going on at the micro level. @emilyelowe - salads can also be a "bed" for other stuff like chicken. Sometimes I fry up a huge amount of spinach and then mix that into an omelet, just to get some veggies in. it cooks down a ton. not as good as fresh and I've only done w/spinach (not arugula, etc). Your sparkling water and journal are so peaceful. What a neat ritual. @NoneOtherThanAmy - bummer on the timing for your upcoming conference. It's still great you did this W30! There really is no perfect time to do a W30 and introduce as slowly as needed (unless you live in a cave). We all have social engagements/work functions/etc. I agree w/Emily that once you go off, it's SO HARD to get back on part-way. But, maybe you stick to the template, or avoid alcohol or skip breads. Something. I didn't know you had a gluten suspicion. It will be a good test w/reintroductions to find out if you are sensitive. I have a 2 all-day work training this week off site. I didn't even think about lunch until 5 mins before I was leaving this morning. I had no idea if we'd eat at a cafeteria, be on our own (I could drive home or to a store), or they'd bring it in. Well, they brought it in. Only compliant item was water. LOL. So, I said I had some phones calls to make and went out to the car and ate the weirdest assortment of compliant food I had grabbed on my way out the door. Not the tastiest lunch but I didn't go off plan either. I am starting to feel better energy-wise. I'm no tiger but I have gone running a few times and it felt great. I am hoping my acne clears up by end of 30 days but maybe I need to do this longer than a month for current spots to heal. Not sure on that one. I have to 'confess' last night 8:30pm I was just craving something fatty (gross right). I had some melted coconut butter w/1/2 sweet potato and cinnamon. I know we aren't supposed to eat after dinner but it was that or scrap it all together. And then I ate 1/2 a banana in a little bit more c. butter. It sounds like something Elvis would eat. Gross. So, there it is on the table (no pun intended). But, I'm still "in".
  3. @Susabella627 - yes, I've had days too where I'm just not that hungry - not too full from previous meals. But, I feel like my body needs food. I don't feel shaky but depleted. I'm sure there is some technical/chemical explanation. I just eat :-) @NoneOtherThanAmy - so bummed you are sick. Maybe you'd be sicker if you weren't doing W30? Either way, rest up and take care. I really thought alot this morning over my cup of coffee about what exercise I wanted to do. Not what I felt like I should do. I skipped a super intense boot camp and decided to go out for a walk and see what happened. I walked about the first block and then started running and had a great run. It felt so good and my mood improved substantially. @emilyelowe - I just had to peek at your dog photo again. I can't get over how cute! I have to say the Trader Joes frozen veggies are good. Super easy. Not as good as fresh (Farmers Market or even grocery store) but easy and quick. 2 weeks done today. So, 1/2 way EOD Monday. Getting into the groove but still taking this day by day. I don't want to get too confident. That's when I fall (face first into a plate of cookies).
  4. NoneOtherThanAmy (can we call you just Amy?) - so appreciate your thoughts about exercise. Maybe my new motivation will be to reduce stress/give me more energy. It certainly works that way so I just need to be aware of that. THANK YOU. You must live somewhere warm to already be at the farmers market. That is the best way to spend a Sat morning. I'm in MN so it's still pretty chilly up here. I did get my garden in, though, so hopefully some veggies in June sometime. Emilyelowe - LOVE the picture of your dog. I totally laughed out loud - what a cutie. What is the max weight once fully grown? I hear they are the most gentle of dogs. They are so elegant looking. I'm inspired by your friend's energy level. Hopefully that will be us next week. Makes me want to keep at this. Something to look forward to. Msois - welcome. We're glad you joined us. Good luck w/your party. One idea is to eat some compliant food right before you go (toss some nuts and veggies in your purse). Maybe if you aren't starving, it'll be easier to stay on track. Report back to us - we're here for you. Good luck - you can do it. I had a "challenge" today. I was at Trader Joes while hungry. I went in to stock up on frozen veggies & pre-cut veggies (they rock in that dept!!). All going well until I was in the freezer isle which is lined with all those round containers of cookies - my total weakness is cookies and milk before bed. I sat there going back and forth in my mind. Like a tennis match. Get some? Or, take a pass and keep on the W30. Decided to get out of there as quickly as possible (only to be confronted by more at the check out counter - LOL). But, I made it out of there. I had such good intentions of getting all those veggies but realized shopping when hungry = dumb idea. I was able to buy some coconut flakes (unsweetened). If you toast them really low temp and then at end sprinkle w/cinnamon and salt - well, it's beyond amazing. Great way to add some fat. Google Well Fed cookbook by Melissa Joulwan and the recipe is in there.
  5. Steph - congrats on the graduate. My son is graduating from high school so we have big grad party coming up for him, and of course we've been invited to so many other kids' grad parties. His party isn't for a few weeks so I should be done with the W30 by then but I can't think that far ahead. I have the FFF book and plan to start reading that and thinking about re-intro next week. Skye - thanks for the thoughts about working out. I agree. Just need to get out there and push through it. I know weekends are difficult for some of you. I have to focus on the positive though - more time to prep and less rushed meals. I do like to sit out sit and eat weather permitting on weekends. Thankful we are all on this journey together. Have a great day.
  6. @Susabella627 - great NSV. Could be worth all the work right there to reduce joint pain. That's really great. @Emilyelowe - very tricky when someone brings in food at work with the best of intentions. It is hard to decline while being polite. Work situations are hard. We had a potluck this week. I just skipped it which is lame but I figured the only thing in there would be what I would bring and that'd be weird to just sit and eat that. Normally I attend the potlucks and make the best of it (people bring in some pretty junky items so it's pretty hit or miss even when not on the W30) since like you said with your nephews, sometimes eating together is part of life. I've kind of hit the wall. I don't have cravings so much but am just bored and stressed (my job and teenagers at home) and usually use food to deal with stress. And, then after I eat too much, I feel guilty about that and conveniently no longer have to deal with the original problem (just have to deal with the guilt of having ate too much). Here's another thing - I'm having a hard time getting motivated to exercise which I normally do a ton - mostly I exercise out of guilt of having eaten too much (or in anticipation of eating too much). Since I'm kind of eating what I should with the template, I have to re-evaluate my motivation. Does that make any sense? And, generally when I don't exercise I get lethargic (which I am now) so it's a bad cycle. Sorry, just venting a bit. I think I'm going to noodle on Ladyshanny's quote ""Will this improve my happiness factor?" about food but other things too. Maybe I should get off the couch and go outside - I'm so tired but it will make me feel better. I do know that. TGIF!! For me, wrapping up day 13. Not quite 1/2 way but getting close. I think Tiger Blood is next week? Happy Friday each of you.
  7. Skye_9 - hang in there. I know last time I did W30 I had alot of issues sleeping, especially waking up too early (like 3am or 4am). It only lasted for awhile and it was the hormones resetting themselves. Hang in there. Let us know how it goes next few days. Also, if you think you are eating too much fruit, you can post a day or two of what you've eaten and the moderators will look at it and give you advice. It's just an idea. I made some tuna salad yesterday (compliant mayo, tuna, lemon juice & celery). It was so good. I didn't realize how sick of eggs, chicken and beef I was. My family loved it too. They are not doing the W30.
  8. Hi, I was looking at the timeline too and like NoneOtherThanAmy said, days 10-11 are days most likely to quit. I think it's because the novelty has worn off, the food boredom sets in if you aren't trying good recipes and even though we might be feeling better than first few days, mabye even feeling good compared to before W30 started. I doubt I've lost any weight but i know that's not the entire point. For NSV, I have to say the cravings are gone and I'm using this time to really think about what I used to eat, when and why. One the sugar dragon is asleep, it's easier to examine eating habits. Looking back before W30: I reach for candy when I'm thirsty. I crave red wine (sugar) when i've not had enough fat or protein in my diet that day ( I think - still figuring this out but being on W30 is only time I don't crave red wine- how weird is that - anyone else notice that?). I used to like crunchy toast in the morning because it's easy and satisfying (but leaves me hungry about 2 hours later). I think, too, if I ate a meager lunch then I 'feel' justified eating a carb snack late afternoon so then I didn't eat dinner and then ended up cookies (and milk) before bedtime. It was a weird cycle. Now, eating 3 really full meals a day, I don't have the need or desire to snack late afternoon or eat before bed. If I look at what I consume each day, even if it's the same amount of calories as before, it has to be much better as it's all nutrient dense food (veggies/protein). Glad your throat is better NoneOtherThanAmy! And that Steph your energy has returned.
  9. Wow, NoneOtherThanAmy - that's a ton of steps. Way to go! I don't have a fitbit but do try to do something each day (walking/yoga/biking/etc). For the past week, I've been kind of low energy (thinking since no carbs) but I think better sleep is one of the best NSV I've noticed. Good luck as we start week 2.
  10. checking in - how are you all doing? kind of a challenging weekend if you were lucky enough to celebrate either your mother, and/or being a mother. For me, both apply so grateful on that front. Notice how so many celebrations center around food? I am waking up each day with a pretty sharp headache but it goes away after some coffee. It's different than the dull headache when you don't have coffee at regular time so not sure what it's about. Looking back, I was really foggy in the first part of the week but that seems to be going away. It's been really helpful to buy pre-cut veggies at costco or trader joes. I keep those fresh and cook up as needed. I also cook up meat in advance. I think I might try Melissa's Chicken Hash recipe. that sounds so good. How are others doing? I started last Sunday so am finishing up my first week. Susabella627 - you've been through so much, just wanted to acknowledge you post and say hi.
  11. Hello everyone, I started Whole30 last weekend and have been reading along with this group but this is my first post. I've done a few other W30 in past few years, and have also failed a few times. For the successful ones, I took away 1-2 things that I've kept with me permanently. For example, the first time I gave up pop (a 35 year daily habit I thought I'd never break). That was about 2 years and I've maybe had 1 can of pop since (and it was gross). Other 'take away/permanent change' have been eating bigger breakfasts and definitely more 'good' fat in my diet (I was raised in the fat-free era so it's a massive change). Also, drinking way more water! I'm not sure what my 'take away' will be this time. But, mostly I'm doing it to get off the carb roller coaster I was on, have some NSV and hopefully make another change whatever it may be (TBD). I really appreciated the post from emilyelowe about I totally have this too and don't understand it. Self sabotage is what it feels like. The minute I get confident, then I am done. If anyone does yoga, during balance you can't think too hard about the pose but you can't think about something else either - you have to have a soft focus which is somewhere in between. I do NOT understand why it works for balance, but it does. Same with a W30. You have to plan and be mindful, be present, but the minute you think "I got this" - then, you don't. You have to be somewhere in between. Humble maybe? I'm also really aware this time around about using food as a reward or distraction. My job has been stressful lately so I've just removed all food from my office for there 30 days. I would just eat it when I'm stressed. Even if a food is compliant, too much of a good thing is not compliant! We'll see what the weekend brings. At this point, I'm meal by meal. I did feel pretty groggy/fuzzy this week and had alot of headaches but hoping that resolves this weekend with some good sleep and time outside!
  12. I am in, too. Looking forward to getting back on track and plan to focus on the reintroduction phase this time once and for all instead of just going crazy on day 31+. Good luck all.
  13. glad you told us, Britgirl. I am very close to throwing in the towel. i'm going to think about how you said it's not worth it. i am REALLY stressed out from work right now and am missing the usual comfort foods. but i am going to stick with it. i have three days left - today, Thurs & Friday. one day at a time is all i can manage. guessing this is last day for all of you so congrats! good luck for re-intro. if you start a new thread in the re-intro section, let me know and i'll try to join you.
  14. Happy Turkey day to those in the states. Sorry to hear you are still stick JMB. I sure hope it's not related to W30. So, I had a house full of people today for Thanksgiving. It went really well and was very fun. I was able to eat the compliant turkey and 2 recipes I found on this web site for a beet and pumpkin seed salad with homemade orange/vinegar/olive oil dressing and cranberry sauce (very bitter w/out any sugar but was quite tasty in small quantities) and of course potatoes. Not drinking wine with dinner was hard but I didi it. Have to head out of town tomorrow for about 36 hours. It will be next to impossible to get compliant food at meals so am planning to bring a small stash of compliant food to supplement. If I can make it through this trip (until Sat eve), then I know I can make it to the end. My last day is Friday (I'm 2 days behind you guys) and my b-day is Sat so am looking forward to a 'treat' on my birthday as I begin introduction. Excited to get on scale too as am starting to feel like maybe I have shed a few but TBD. Most of all I don't have crazy cravings through out the day. Hang in there everyone . I think it's just the 6 of us left?
  15. Good morning. Day 17 for me. My body has settled into the routine of 3 template stye meals and mostly no snacks. I would say about 3-4 days of the past 17, I've had a compliant snack, and only when truly hungry or lightheaded (not emotional eating). This is a major change from my prior eating where I was eating 3 small meals and 3-4 snacks a day (really). I was just more of a grazer and now see that I was filling up in small amounts of carbs that didn't satisfy me for very long and kept the sugar dragon close at hand. And, when I think of the snacks I as eating - all carbs (crackers/pretzels/candy/fruit/etc). For NSV, I would say I feel better in the afternoons and evenings, plus I wake up really hungry so once I eat I feel really good in the morning. I am still waiting for my skin to clear up, and also am not sure if clothes are looser due to occasional constipation. So, just need to keep on for another 13 days to see the end result. The past 2 W30 I didn't do much for re-introduction. So, am going to start reading up on that and thinking through it. I know that's a different forum. But, like the W30, I think it takes more planning and thought than I originally imagined. We are hosting Thanksgiving which is good because I can make sure I cook enough compliant food for me, and of course the regular fixings for others. I think I will do OK but am a bit worried since my DH just brought home a huge box of wine and champagne (a favorite). So, thinking some Kombucha in a wine glass. Also, we are eating at 3pm which is so off the regular schedule of Breakfast/lunch/dinner. Anyone have any thoughts on how to handle that? It's Sat here and we just got our first snow - it's cold out but pretty.