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  1. Annie's Dijon mustard is compliant (last I looked).
  2. That is great news! And I hope he can get the surgery rescheduled soon as it too makes such a difference in one's quality of life.
  3. While one pot meals provide delicious variety, I would always supplement them with extra vegetables on Whole30 and I'd be mindful of adding extra protein or fat if necessary.I would deconstruct the meal into its equivalent of palms, plates and thimble (from the template) and add as needed to make sure I was satisfied.
  4. Most people who take supplements during a Whole30 are doing so because they have conditions they are specifically treating or managing with the help of supplements. Many people don't take any supplements during their Whole30 because, for them, they are getting adequate nutrition from the food they are eating and have no issues with sleep or digestion, etc.
  5. It's dry mustard.
  6. Don't get derailed--don't choose to sabatoge yourself--because of weather (what would you do if it were -10 and ice?) --or because of work or friends or family or . . . Don't focus on what you can't eat. Remember why you are doing a Whole30. Don't you have some good reasons for doing this? Focus on one template meal at a time and celebrate your nutritious and satisfying food.
  7. Just roast a turkey breast or chicken thighs or whatever meat you want for lunches. Or make a big batch of tuna salad with homemade mayo. The possibilities are endless
  8. Zucchini isn't the best choice for roasting. Too watery. Think carrots, onions, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, squash etc. But it's delicious grilled for a few minutes! 'I can't imagine doing a Whole30 without a George Forman grill! Put a spice rub on a protein (I love the Primal Palate ones), throw it on the grill and a few minutes later you have the basis for an amazing meal.
  9. Sending you both love and healing energy @MeadowLily
  10. Dinner wasn't an emergency. Lots of things are technically compliant but eating them won't bring you the best results. Follow the rules AND the recommendations (including the meal template) if you want to see the most benefits. For more calories, eat more protein, fat and starchy vegetables. For more flavor, break out the spices.
  11. Also, for extra flavor, turn to fats and veggies--not Larabars, which are sugar bombs. How about a chipotle mayo or dump ranch dressing or grilled or roasted veggies drizzled with olive oil and your spices of choice or a spicy guacamole or ? ? ?
  12. As others have noted, mayo can go with everything. But I particularly like it in tuna salad, egg salad and deviled eggs, as a tarter sauce or baked on top of salmon, and in "dump ranch" dressing (you'll find the recipe online; I take mine in a dill direction).
  13. Cooking fat doesn't generally count and nuts are a poor quality fat and should be limited--maybe a closed handful every other day. But there are so many other delicious fats! Personally, I rely on homemade mayo (which can become the base for lots of delicious sauces), clarified butter (ghee) and of course olives and olive oil. (Plus avocados. Do you not like them?)
  14. On my Whole30 (and continuing now) I generally follow a 7:30-1:30-6:30 meal schedule or thereabouts. I never eat after 8 PM.
  15. Up your protein! Don't count ounces--follow the template and have 1-2 palms at every meal (3-4 eggs if they are your only protein. Make sure you're getting 1-2 servings of fat at every meal (fat is your friend when it comes to being satisfied for at least 4-5 hours between meals and PILE your plate with vegetables. If you follow the template and eat enough proteins, fats and veggies, you probably will not have to snack between meals. If you do snack, make it a mini meal of protein plus fat and/or veggies, NOT "snack" foods and make sure you aren't snacking too close to your next meal. Also watch out for fruit--have it occasionally bit always as part of a meal as it can increase hunger.