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  1. Thanks for sharing the tiger blood link. The article that is linked from the one you linked is particularly good.
  2. Good morning! Yesterday was so much better! Thanks! I also got to confirm all my suspicions again last night, though. Just like we were talking about yesterday, my dinner wasn't big enough and I was hungry about 2 hours later. I was already super relaxed and lazy and we didn't have any leftovers so I ate a LARABAR (i.e. Dates and sugar). Sure enough, I slept poorly. What's really funny about all of this is after I did it I read the part in It Starts With Food where THEY EXPLAIN EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME. SO, needless to say, I need to build bigger dinners and stay away from the sugar... which I have just confirmed for the 15th time. Haha. It is really interesting to learn this about myself and I think because this is my third Whole30, my body is doing new things because it is "cleaner." So I guess I should be grateful for that? Speaking of that, I am SO glad I decided to read It Starts With Food again! Especially while doing a W30. I feel like it is really helping my resolve so hoping that will stick with me and stay fresh in my mind during reintroduction. My husband and I had an interesting conversation about "balance," last night and I was like "I'm just telling you, if I introduce gluten and my world falls apart, I can no longer be your pizza buddy. So, yeah." Haha. So excited for reintro so I can just know for sure what I should and shouldn't eat! But first: let's make it through Memorial Day weekend. I am also craving a refreshing adult beverage, @AB_MN! I'm just hoping to stay busy with yard work, spring cleaning, and a day by the pool to distract from it. We just have one family cookout on Monday and my in-laws are super supportive of my W30, at least based on what they know. They're making homemade sweet potato fries instead of frozen. So that's sweet. Thanks for the breakfast suggestions! I just love eggs and could probably eat them at every meal. But I need to recognize that maybe I just eat them at lunch or dinner and have leftovers for breakfast like you said to make sure I start the day off with a nice not-too-carby meal. Have a great weekend everybody! I really appreciate the support!
  3. ^ That is a really good point! I hadn't even really thought about that even though I have read about fat adaptation. Thank you all so much for all your encouragement yesterday! Those are such kind words, @AB_MN. I made it! Phew! Yesterday was a REALLY rough day, I didn't feel good all day, even once I got home and had a protein and fat-rich meal. I skipped the dates and nut butter, though, went to bed with the sun and woke up with it, too, so I am feeling very hopeful today. Just goes to show that even following all the rules doesn't guarantee health because we are all different. Funny, I lived in Madison, WI for three years also. The sky is so beautiful there and we had no issues with mosquitoes compared to Ohio. I have to get my yard treated here! Yuck! I DEFINITELY would like to keep using this thread during re-introduction. I haven't managed that well in the past either and I think the accountability will really help me, plus your experiences might help me notice my own symptoms that I otherwise would miss. I'm starting with sugar by itself (maple syrup brussel sprouts, candied almonds, jerky with cane sugar, etc) because one of my biggest goals is getting rid of cravings. I know sugar impacts me but I'm curious if it just causes a headache or if it also related to my Sugar Dragon. I think carbs are worse for my Sugar Dragon than actual sugar but want to check. I think knowing will help me be more cautious with added sugar during Food Freedom. SO, sugar enters the picture on June 6! I have it all mapped out on a calendar already. Happy to share a pic if anyone is interested. It's at home on the fridge. And YES @AB_MN, I am finding I need to pay more attention to quantity also. I'm having a little trouble at breakfast because of that, actually. I LOVE eggs but the other things I look forward to in the morning are potatoes, sweet potatoes, or fruit (strawberries are in season!) so I am afraid it is too carb dense and I am going to overwhelm my system with all that blood sugar after being fasted during the night. What are other people doing for breakfast? I think next week I'm going to make some bacon as my fat source to add a little more fat into the mix. I often have avocados with other meals so I don't necessarily want to do that with eggs every day. Do you think the egg yolk has enough fat for the meal? I'm also on Day 20, @NoneOtherThanAmy! Whoo hoo! Happy Memorial Day weekend! Stay strong at those BBQs!
  4. CRAVINGS ARE BACK! Rawr! Apparently, my lunch wasn't big enough and I am feeling very hungry at work right now and don't have any compliant snacks with me so I am posting to stop myself from eating all the things. Being hungry has also thrown me into a bit of a craving craze. Ahhh!!! I am promising you wonderful strangers that I will not fall off the wagon. Also, confirmed that dates are a known irritant when it comes to GI stuff and now I'm wondering if the sugar is also responsible for the bad sleep and the terrible cravings happening AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Will be avoiding dates for the rest of this Whole30. Great advice for Steph, @Susabella627!
  5. Thanks, @jmcbn! It totally makes sense, especially since cravings are back with a vengeance this afternoon! Duh! #facepalm Didn't realize that about coconut water - thanks!
  6. Oh! @cristinamt I'm sorry I didn't answer you about the hint water. I've only had peach (Day 1) and strawberry kiwi (the other day) and I liked the strawberry kiwi but that might not be peach's fault. Haha. Also, put on a pair of pants today that fit better than the day I bought them. #NSV
  7. Dates. I think it's dates. I bought dates this weekend for the first time during this Whole30 and have been having them with almond butter when my meal is a little lacking in fat. I usually have them at home (afternoon/evening) which is probably why that is when the gas has been the worst. I realized this when I ate one this morning and had more/stinkier morning gas than usual. I have also historically had bloating issues with too many nuts, so the fact that they are going together might be the perfect digestive storm. I don't eat very much almond butter otherwise. This is probably God's way of telling me that I am not following the spirit of the program when I indulge in dates and almond butter while claiming I am "getting my fat serving," so... those are probably going to have to go. Funny how that works. #accountability Even if no one reads this, I think journaling it helped. And now I've told the internet I'm going to stop eating dates, so I actually have to.
  8. Exciting news, guys! I mis-counted and am actually one day further along than I thought! Haha! Happy Day 19 to me! Still had another weird sleeping night, but we have a lot going on at home right now, too, and I just switched up my gym routine so hoping to ride it out and hoping it will fix itself. Kind of like you, @Susabella627, I'm waking up to pee in the middle of the night and I feel like I could just get up! I think part of the issue is that something is waking me up - bathroom, sound, etc - and I transition from sleepy to alert so much faster that it feels like I should just get up but I haven't gotten enough sleep. It might be the seasonal transition, too, since it's light out so much later but I still want to get up early (when it's dark). Circadian rhythm fail. I am just normally a really good sleeper, so I hope I work this out soon. @Steph the Desert Rat My mom had a very similar experience! Her BMs were always super regular and she was REALLY bothered when she was still off the rails at this point in her Whole30. She actually gave up on Day 21 (don't do that!) so I can't say how long it takes to get better, but since this is your first W30, I would definitely ride it out until the end and see. I was a super "slow bloomer," on my first THREE Whole30s. Even on the third, I didn't get Tiger Blood until like Day 26. I don't know if I ever experienced it in the first two. So your body may just need more time to work itself out. I've never had a regular BM schedule, so I don't have a lot of advice to speak from personally. But I definitely don't think you're the only one experiencing these issues. On your second thing, what, specifically, makes you feel like you're eating too much - your eyes, or your stomach? Other bummer: I think dates are giving me gas, which is probably God's way of telling me that I am not following the spirit of the program when I indulge in dates and almond butter while claiming I am "getting my fat serving," so... those are probably going to have to go. Funny how that works. Haha. Had a gay old time with my halfway through Whole30 prizes yesterday - I got a bathing suit for only $12! Victory! Happy Thursday everyone!
  9. Hi team! Warning: This is not a cute and rosey post and, yes, girls fart. I am on Day 17 of my fourth Whole30 and feel great. I'm sleeping well, my gym performance is good, my bloating is mostly non-existent, but for the last few days I have had THE SMELLIEST GAS. It's not uncomfortable, my stomach seems otherwise fine. Even the act of farting isn't relieving any sort of pressure or anything, they're just kind of falling out. (that reminds me of an episode of Family Guy, but that is for another time and place... ) My BM schedule is not ideal but that has been a work in progress for years so I'm not noticing anything out of the ordinary. The only truly "new" thing I've had in the past couple days (since this started) are pea sprout microgreens. Has anyone ever heard of THAT causing smelly farts? It also seems to be happening mostly in the evening, after I get home from work both before and after dinner. I know everyone's timeline is different, but since my other digestive issues have gotten better, this seems weird unless having a healthy gut means having stinky farts. Haha. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience at any point during their Whole30 or if there are any commonly known culprits I should watch out for. These are the things I've been eating the last couple of days, all of which I was eating last week also, except the microgreens and arugula, I think. EPIC jerky bites, almond butter, mixed fruit, banana, coconut water, HB eggs, strawberries, spaghetti squash, tomato basil pesto, red pepper sauce, arugula, microgreens, mini sweet peppers, avocado ranch, white potatoes, eggs, onion, chicken, sweet potatoes, ground beef, avocado. This weekend I had Kale Chips with nutritional yeast on them, so I guess that could also be a factor, since that is something I had only probably ever eaten once before. We'll see if it gets better today! It's not really bothering me nearly as much as my husband.
  10. @AB_MN We have all been there and your commitment to stick to it is AWESOME! I love the lunch story - I have been known to eat whatever compliant thing I can find in those situations too. Haha! I've also been craving sweets after dinner! Last night I had the craving and even got a date out of the freezer but by the time I was done with the dishes (I set it out to let it thaw enough to bite into it), the really strong craving was gone. So don't forget to also take a "timeout," and doing something else to ride out a craving. It doesn't seem more like that @ShannonM816 is probably right though. I often forget to include fat in my meal outside of cooking fat. Maybe that is why I am also craving sweets/fats! Thanks! @NoneOtherThanAmy I LOVE your resolve! I always feel that way, too, and then fall off the wagon. Can't wait to hear your reintroduction and food freedom story! Day 17 and had a rough night's sleep last night, which is odd for me. I had really terrible dreams (I normally don't remember dreams at all) and woke up at 2:30 to poo! (I know this isn't one of the TMIisWelcome forums, but seriously - it was so weird!) Despite all that, I still managed to get to the gym this morning and have a good workout, though I did get hungry before it was over. I wonder if maybe I didn't eat enough/have the right things at dinner last night and that's what threw me off? Anyway, weird start but still feeling pretty good! Happy Hump Day!
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! Feel free to keep 'em coming. I just wanted to share my little evening ritual, Whole30style. Hint tastes better now than on Day 1 so hopefully my tastebuds are recalibrating! #NSV
  12. @NoneOtherThanAmy After my last W30, I tried to eat clean at a conference and, let me tell you, that was a giant fail. Not saying it will be for you, just saying I would suggest really thinking about and having specific expectations laid out for yourself. Saying you'll eat "mostly" W30 may get you in trouble, speaking from an OMGTHERESAMACANDCHEESEBAR experience. I don't remember if it's in one of the daily emails or somewhere on the blog, but Melissa and team definitely have some recommendations on how to travel/conference/etc. W30-style, and I believe the first recommendation is expectation setting. So happy to hear about your energy @Skye_9! I had a great workout today too. I am feeling so hopeful and definitely seeing changes in my body. This week my challenge to myself has been to try to eat more leafy greens. I bought micro greens and arugula at the farmers market but I'm struggling with the salad. I can never seem to make homemade salads that I enjoy. Anybody have any go-to salads they enjoy? Or other recipes to incorporate more leafy greens into your day?
  13. Great idea with the home spa, Amy! We are also WAY over on groceries this month. Husband and I had a budget meeting today and are hoping to institute a weekly list making/budget checking/grocery shopping date. Hoping that will help! We're one day closer to Friday!
  14. Is anyone doing anything fun for their half-way mark? A non-food related treat? I just ordered a Qalo ring!
  15. Great job @msois!!! That is a huge victory! It's funny how once it's all over, you look back and think, "Huh, that was easier than I thought." When I was at a cookout last week, the cravings didn't start for me until I was starting to get tired so taking a break to get some good food in you was definitely smart. So exciting!