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  1. @Delicacious I don't know what Braxton Hicks feel like, but I have had the experience of getting terrible cramps that seem to come and go in the past. It usually led to bloating as well. I'm not EXACTLY sure what caused it but I usually attributed it to either a sudden influx of green, leafy vegetables (salad, brussel sprouts, cabbage) or too many FODMAPs (sweet potatoes, bananas, peppers). Everyone has their own sensitivities, though. My husband sometimes has trouble processing the sudden influx of fats.
  2. @FairyL0u I don't think there's anything wrong with that - particularly because that sounds DELICIOUS. I find myself feeling that way a lot during Whole30s - when I try new foods that are good, I'm just so excited to eat them! @SugarcubeOD Saw your sunburn on Insta - ouch! So, so sorry. I hope it heals quickly. @Delicacious When I had a cold on my last Whole30, I also read that coconut oil can help you immune system. I think I ended up putting a glob directly into a smoothie, which was both delicious and I feel like it might have sped up my recovery, but it's hard to know for sure. (I know smoothies are not recommended on W30 but it's what I used to soothe my throat during the last one when I was sick-y, so just sharing that experience). I had a GREAT dinner last night - I made this garlic mayo dip and had it with (new) grilled chicken, carrots in coconut oil, okra, and these potato wedges with white potatoes instead of sweet (which I dipped in marinara and the garlic dip and ate by themselves). I felt SO satisfied and happy. I've been waking up with headaches that seem to pass quickly until this morning when it is much worse and lasting much longer. It was happening before this Whole30 as well, so I originally thought it was the dairy I was having but this morning it seems like it's getting worse. I'm not sure if it's part of the Whole30 Hangover, my weird sleep schedule (had a friend at my house until waaayyy past my bedtime last night), the magnesium I started taking before bed, or maybe my pillow screwing up my neck and shoulders. I'm getting a massage today and going to the chiropractor tomorrow so hopefully that will help with anything associated with the latter. BMs have also been weird/almost non-existent so really hoping that will work itself out here soon. I also haven't gotten to the gym yet this week because of being so busy, so looking forward to getting in hopefully tomorrow. Because this week didn't go as planned, I've ended up basically having two weeks off, though, so it is going to be a rough one, ugh. Day 3 for me. I remembered what @SugarcubeOD suggested yesterday so breakfast was a little bigger today - 3 eggs, sweet potatoes, okra, peppers, and half an avocado. Lunch will be grilled chicken, mayo, carrots, and broccoli fritter. For dinner hubby and I are planning to roast zucchini, yellow squash, and onion on the grill with burgers and the potato wedges and noodle buns I prepped Tuesday. That seems like a lot of carbs, but I really like carbs at night before a workout, so hoping it will be OK. Not sure if I will have mayo or avocado on my burger yet for fat. I might drizzle some dressing on the veggies too. Not sure exactly, but I do know that I'm salivating already.
  3. @SugarcubeOD I actually don't think I did forget to tell you about the fat - haha! The fritters were cooked in a lot of oil so I hadn't really thought about adding fat and normally I have guac with breakfast but it was so good this morning, I didn't really need it. Good catch! I will try to think about that more. Stay strong @EJSmadhatter! Cookies are not helpful right now. "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial." You're investing in yourself and it WILL be worth it. Good job, @Mooie! Oh man - the dog is a hoot. He's never taken food before so not sure if he's just getting older/braver or if it was just too delicious-looking to pass up! He can rest his head on the counter while standing, so it was pretty easy for him to ninja eat everything on the tray. Uuuuuugh. I made these noodle buns. I love the Inspiralized website! Her recipe index is really easy to use based on what you've got/want. You'll just have to watch as most of her overall meals are not Paleo/Whole30, so I usually end up eating components of her meals mixed with other Whole30 meal template items. I'm realizing I definitely haven't had enough water today and am starting to feel bloated. I really need to watch that. Does anyone have any strategies for making sure you drink enough water? I have a bottle at my desk but usually forget to drink unless I'm eating, which is fine when you're a grazer but not so good when you're eating 3 times a day.
  4. @NoneOtherThanAmy I'm glad you had a laugh! Somebody should! He can easily rest his head on the counter so I'm sure that's how he was able to be so quiet and I'm not shocked he thought it was for him! He seems to be doing OK so far and had a normal BM this morning, so I hope it doesn't end up bothering him. That's what I was thinking, too, though after I was done being shocked. I was like, "If he throws up the perfectly good chicken we just prepped, I might actually have to kill him." But alas, it stayed in there. So far, so good.
  5. Oh, also, despite feeling lighter and very motivated, I am still fighting the Sugar Dragon tooth and nail. Yesterday was a blessing because I had a pretty busy day at work, but even so there were multiple times throughout the day where I thought, "Oh, I'll go grab a piece of chocolate - wait, no." "Oh, I wonder if there's a food truck today? - wait, no." "Maybe I'll have a piece of gum - wait, no." It's amazing how quickly these habits form that we don't even realize it!
  6. I am again amazed by all of you. I don't know how I'm going to keep up with this group! Welcome @FairyL0u and @Striving2017 and anyone else I missed! So sorry about your bloating, @FairyL0u - that is probably my LEAST favorite digestive symptom. Ugh. Hope it goes away quickly! @Delicacious How is your cold doing? I also had a cold at the beginning of my last Whole30 and it is so hard not to turn to the things you normally would when you are feeling crummy. Congrats @MonikaDelilah on staying true during all of those different activities! And the waitress - isn't it funny how small the Whole30 world can be? I had a similar thing happen to me in a Bible study. @Mooie, aren't all the old posts great!?! I also love just cruising around the forum reading up on things when I have extra time. It's Day 2 for me and I am also feeling positive. Still lots of work to do but just having a plan I can stick to is so uplifting, I already feel lighter (not physically, but spiritually, I guess?). Let me check back with you on that this weekend, though. Haha. Someone asked about meal prep and I really like to meal prep. I rarely cook immediately before eating (except my eggs in the morning, because I like them over-easy). So lunches and breakfast potatoes/veggies are always prepped over the weekend and waiting in the fridge. This round, my husband is joining me and he would like to cook more immediately before eating, so apparently we are going to start cooking dinner, but if I could meal prep every meal for every day, I totally would. Like I think @SugarcubeOD said, it makes the morning less stressful and takes away any excuses you have in the evening. One Whole30 I prepped and froze lunch and dinner food for the entire month. I also started eating my breakfast at home (instead of my desk) during one of my previous Whole30s and I really like it. It just feels like it makes the morning feel less rushed and I don't go all day without seeing my husband and dog because I feel like I get to see them in the morning. Mind you I'm usually standing and like washing dishes and packing my lunch while I eat, so not exactly the recommendation, but it's still way more relaxing and delicious than bringing it to work. I went home to an evening of meal prep yesterday, which went pretty well. I tried some new recipes - baked okra, broccoli fritters - so I am feeling excited about that. I also managed to eat grilled chicken (I normally don't like "whole meats,") with primal kitchen mayo. I don't really like mayo either but it seems to be a common way people get fat so I thought I would try it. I mixed in some ranch dressing and spices to make it less mayo-y and it was OK. Looking forward to playing with that. If anyone has any fun mayo (think chipotle, etc) ideas, definitely let me know. Of course, a Whole30 wouldn't be fun without some drama, so then MY DOG ATE MY MEAL PREP. Dog ate 5 pounds of perfectly grilled chicken off the counter like a ninja while my husband and I were eating dinner in the other room. So THAT was awesome. Oddly enough, I was not nearly as mad as I could have been. It was just one of those things. Like I said, Whole30 helps make my soul feel light. Breakfast today: roasted sweet potatoes, okra, bell peppers, two eggs, and a couple strawberries. Lunch: ground beef, peppers, greens, red sauce, and broccoli fritters. Things awaiting me in my fridge: sweet potatoes, broccoli fritters, okra, peppers, sweet potato noodle buns, crunchy garlic potatoes wedges, garlic mayo, and (hopefully) a new tray of grilled chicken my hubby was going to try to make during his lunch break. Haha! Have a great day#whatever everyone!
  7. Thanks for the good suggestions on veggies! I will have to look for coleslaw mix and broccoli slaw - I was probably just looking for the wrong name. I did end up finding frozen okra and used it to make this baked okra. I just boiled/cooked it before following the rest of the recipe (minus the chopping because they were already chopped!) Then I riced my own frozen broccoli for these broccoli fritters. Overall, a very successful meal prep day! Oh, except for the part where the dog ate ALL OF THE CHICKEN. My husband grilled like 5 pounds of chicken which the dog proceeded to eat silently off the counter while we ate dinner in the next room. WORST. DOG. EVER. And yes, @NoneOtherThanAmy - I WANT ALL THE FRUITS mixed with ALL THE FROZEN YOGURT. Rawr. Also, I was thinking about you and your Food Freedom the other day - I'm not sure if you like sandwiches/wraps/tacos, but I'm one of those people who likes all of my food mixed together, so those things are pretty much my jam. If you're looking to mix it up, I REALLY like Siete Cassava and Coconut tortillas (pretty much like the real thing) and PureWrap coconut wraps (a little sweeter and definitely not a texture like a normal wrap but delicious just the same). Maybe add them into your repertoire to mix it up? It just makes what you would normally throw in a bowl a little more interesting I think. Sorry to hear about your nose, @Susabella627! I can definitely be praying for your surgery and that it doesn't become more serious. Is the surgery scary or complicated? Welcome to the Death of the Dragon group! I hope you find the structure to help you settle in and have low stress!
  8. Oh! Here are my social media accounts, as well, if anyone is interested. It's mostly pictures of my dog and sometimes my food. Facebook: Emily Lowe Instagram: emilyelisabethlowe Snapchat: esmalleslowe I usually deny people I don't know so if you add me and I deny you, I didn't make the connection, so let me know on here. Haha!
  9. Welcome @Simon T (UK)! Where in the UK are you? My husband and I are going to London for the first time in October, so maybe you can start scouting paleo restaurants for us?
  10. You guys, THIS IS TOTALLY AMAZING. I am so happy to see so many people joining us as I know each of you will be a support to me (and hopefully I to you) at some point in the next 30 days! Welcome to all of the new folks - you make my heart happy. I start tomorrow and am going to do most of my food prep tomorrow after work. Tomorrow breakfast will be eggs, peppers, avocado (it's going to have to be a good enough is good enough kind of morning, as I haven't had time to prepare anything) and lunch will be ground beef, peppers, greens, compliant marinara sauce, and cauliflower. Then I have to spend tomorrow evening prepping for the rest of the week! Eek! Off the top of my head, I'm planning to make some chicken, peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli fritters, okra (if I can find it), and some other new things I found online. I am really hoping to branch out a little during this Whole30 as I usually eat the same things all the time (peppers, sweet potatoes, avocado - repeat). I also don't like fish, so wondering if there's something I can do to start working some of the milder fish into my diet. Anyone have any suggestions? @Wendy and Frankie You have to check out Fresh Thyme! It's the bomb.com. Maybe we can meet some time! Unfortunately, I can't relate to the breakfast problem. I wake up thinking about breakfast (let's be honest - I FALL ASLEEP thinking about breakfast) and I LOVE eggs. I actually have to stop myself from eating them for every meal because I don't particularly like meat unless it is ground or shredded. I struggle to just cut open a grilled chicken breast and eat it. It's a weird thing that's developed in the last 6 months or so. ANYWAY. I am also excited about this Whole30 because I am planning to incorporate other good-for-me habits like collagen peptides, vitamin D3, magnesium, and fish oil supplements. Plus I start a new lifting routine this week, so really hoping to get off on the right foot. Thanks to all of you, I'm not sure how I could not. Have a great Day 0/1/2/3 or whatever day you're on!
  11. Welcome back, @Susabella627! There is no shame in falling off your bike (and for the record - "weapon of mass consumption," made me LOL at work - so you've got that going for you )! I'm so scuffed up from falling off at this point, I don't even know where to begin! Recognizing when things were off and not feeling hopeless was kind of my first step in recognizing that every Whole30 makes a difference and wasn't just 30 days wasted, too. Exercise does SO MUCH for the way you think and feel, so it sounds like you are taking the right next steps! If you do end up wanting to do a Whole30 or even a Whole7 or Whole14 - you'll find me and some others on the Whole30 Logs page under "Death of the Dragon - 30 days of Carnage," sooo... you can't really miss us. Haha. I am struggling with food boredom and the call of the ice cream too, @NoneOtherThanAmy! I may have to try some of these new recipes you are finding! Definitely let me know how the blueberry egg thing goes - that sounds really interesting! Where do you get pre-shredded cabbage? I've been struggling to find that, shredded broccoli, and okra so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I just cannot chop anymore. Congrats on the little shorts!!! I definitely wouldn't worry about the measurements - it is so great that you are feeling good! The weekend was OK. I mean the weather was great, the company was great, so luckily nothing that happened took away from any of that. It was a funny mix of healthy-for-me things like meats, veggies, salads, and fruits alongside less healthy alcohol and ALL THE DESSERTS. Haha. My body doesn't feel great but I know what to do next so I'm not letting myself get disappointed. I enjoyed myself and I'm moving on. The car rides were definitely uncomfortable, though, so I really do need to make better choices when travelling. I'm hoping some day I can figure out how to just eat only healthy things in these situations.
  12. Thanks for the encouragement, @NoneOtherThanAmy! I think I did learn something - volume matters. Yesterday the bloating I mentioned in the afternoon continued with me through to dinner and then got even worse after (I didn't exactly help myself out at dinner, but the off-roading was minor compared to Wednesday and definitely things I've been able to handle before). My symptoms after dinner were so bad I really think it was mostly Wednesday's aftermath. I don't think I ever had "enough" gluten during my reintroduction to cause the kind of uproar my body is going through. The cramping was so bad it was hard to walk when I got home last night and is still with me today. Through the night and this morning I've had cramps on and off. I've been kind of hesitant to eat today because even with good food, I feel like my body needs to reset and tell me that it's hungry, but now I also have a headache so not sure if I'm hungry or haven't had enough water (which I haven't) or if that's another symptom from this mess I've gotten myself into. Ugh. Of course, I also have to sit in the car for 6.5 hours shortly and my bladder gets all messed up when I'm cramping/bloat-y like this, too. And I don't have a ton of control over my food this weekend so I feel like I'm unlikely to fully recover any time soon. Note to Self: DON'T EAT CRAP BEFORE DOING SOMETHING SPECIAL. I had chicken, eggs, peppers, and guac in a cassava tortilla for breakfast and packed myself a little snack pack for the car - HB eggs, guacomole, Epic bar, Rx Bar - for whenever my poor tummy trusts me to give it food again. I just really hope that this feeling doesn't stick around in such a way that it takes away/distracts from the weekend with friends. Good luck with your new place, Amy! I hope the pup I saw on Insta doesn't take over your bed like she did the kitchen! Haha!
  13. Welcome @coffeelover!
  14. The more the merrier, @MonikaDelilah! That is such a great goal - I can't wait to hear about your progress! That's the beauty of the Whole30 - it helps you learn how to manage YOUR body, and YOUR genetics. That's something that hadn't clicked with me until recently (thank you, What the Health?, for that ONE positive piece of information) that I think is really important. @SugarcubeOD Dirty Dancing is one of my dad's favorite movies (and mine)! He had a huge crush on Jennifer Gray when he was younger (I did not). Haha. I'm also very petite but... feisty? so seem to often have "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," said in my direction. Not sure what's up with that. (I wish there was a shrug emoji - if there was, I would put it here). Also, LOVE THAT TITLE. We're going to be rich when that movie comes out. I wish we could add a Subtitle to the name of this chain! Interesting about the dukkah - I'll have to look for it/its ingredients. The idea of a nice crunch sounds DELIGHTFUL. And if I hate it, I'll try not to let @ladyshanny know if I agree with her. Haha. I'm not in a good place today as far as Riding My Own Bike goes so was starting to think about the NSVs I want to get from this next Whole30 and thought I should document them here. As I'm writing these, I'm realizing you're about to get to know me very well very quickly. Please, don't run off! Non-Scale Goals: 1. NO MORE BLOATING 2. Fewer headaches 3. Control of my Sugar Dragon - I don't think I'm one of those people that will ever shrug him entirely, but when he shows up I want to be able to ignore him with limited effort. I'm the Boss! 4. Clearer skin - less dry, improved dandruff and psoriasis symptoms, maybe no pimples during my period? 5. Regular digestion 6. Improved stamina and continued gains at the gym 7. Energy and alertness upon waking 8. Increased interest in... intimacy 9. Improved meal packing/planning skills and execution (I want it to be a habit, not a chore) 10. And probably the most important: Food Freedom. I listed this as one of my Goals for 2017 at the beginning of the year because I feel like God has been showing me that I have given food too much power - it has become an idol that I let control my feelings, my choices, my mindset, etc. and that is not where food belongs. I've already made significant progress in this area with the other Whole30s I have done this year but I am so grateful that this process has grace built in so I can come back and try to learn more! OK, enough serious stuff for the day. I'm off to have my last margarita before The Death of the Dragon - 30 Days of Carnage kicks off. Have a good one!
  15. @NoneOtherThanAmy I have definitely had that happen, too! A few weeks ago my husband and I were planning on getting pizza as a splurge but had to finish some chores and whatever. By the time I was done exerting all that energy, I didn't even want pizza. So I went ahead and ate something healthy for me before the craving returned! So... I fell off my bike. Hard. (my food bike, of course, not an actual bike - don't be alarmed ) Yesterday there was free Panera in a class I was sitting in and I REALLY over-did it. Like one bagel and 3, technically probably 4, pastries by the end of the day. WHAT!?! I'm making myself write this here because I have to admit it to somebody because it's SO RIDICULOUS. Stupid Sugar Dragon. Then my hubby and I had Chipotle for dinner (BOGO was expiring before we could have it again because of our upcoming Whole30), plus we're leaving Friday, plus it was actually the best choice of the items we had discussed, plus I don't have to make excuses because it is food and I am a grown who makes choices. ANYWAY, I wasn't really that worried about the Chipotle - I planned to get a bowl and eat half like I usually do and NG grains didn't seem to be a problem for me - but then the girl gave me THREE SCOOPS OF RICE. It was like the Universe was just laughing at me. That NEVER happens. Why would she do that!? I ended up eating all of the other toppings (just lettuce, fajita vegetables, and meat) and then more of the rice than I probably needed, but not all of it, which was good. I threw it away to make sure I didn't have anymore. It's just rice for goodness' sake. I felt better than I expected to this morning, actually, but eventually (after being awake about 3 hours) I just got like a rock in my stomach. Blech. It wasn't painful, just there. I ate a normal pre-wo, post-wo, breakfast and lunch and was feeling better but then had half a banana, granola, and sunflower seed butter and now am super bloated! Argh! We're back to the same old thing. The bloating could be related to too many FODMAPs (sweet potatoes and banana) or nuts/seeds (cashew butter and sunflower seed butter) or yesterday (ALL THE THINGS) or a combination of all three. While I'm pretty frustrated about the way I'm feeling, I also don't feel nearly as out of control or hopeless as I have in the past. That may just be because I have another Whole30 coming to fall back on. I just keep trying to believe I can figure this out. I really hope it's true, but at the moment am feeling a little bit like I will never learn to ride this bike. Going out to eat tonight, too (I really kind of wish people didn't like us - LOL!) and am just going to see how I feel, decide in the moment, and continue to give myself grace (and pray the bloating is temporary ). Hope you ladies are feeling better than me! <3