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  1. Meadow, I am so sorry. My heart is with you and your family. If you ever need to talk, I am here for you. I understand.
  2. Started again yesterday. Have done lots of W30's. This year, I have been mostly W30 with a few weeks off in Feb and 2 days off in April. For those of you new to this lifestyle, be careful with fruit, nuts, nut butters, larabars and rx bars. I never used larabars but once I found the rx bars in my local supermarket, they became a problem for me. A lot of people get overwhelmed with all the cooking and cleaning. It really does not need to be time consuming. You do not need to follow recipes. I never did. Just pick a protein, veggie and fat. Ask questions, read different areas of the forum and connect with others sharing this journey. @CCLaymon and @MeadowLily are my friends from previous W30s. They both have lots of great experience and knowledge.
  3. Very interested in following your whole 30. My meals are always very simple - whole 30 or not. My idea of cooking is putting the food in the oven (no spices), turning oven on, and removing food. I have some medical issues and must follow a low fodmap plan. It is really easy for me to eat the same foods over and over but not sure I could do the same meal 3 times a day for 30 days. Are you going to eat any fruit.? I know you exercise so are you going to eat pre and post workout meals, and if so, what are you going to eat?
  4. @NoMoreCrunchyCravings, @mhemm - thanks for your kind words. I am in water works mode from reading your posts. Started the day off positive by taking a one hour walk. I used to love walking and exercise but as Steve got sicker (stem cell transplant recipient), I lost interest in everything and was afraid to leave him. Usually I spend most of my day in bed so the walk felt great. Time to hit the store for W30 food. Happy New Year To All Of You and Your Loved Ones
  5. Looking forward to the new thread. I keep telling myself I will start "today" but I never do. I need the accountability and support. In October, I completed about 15 days and then went off the W30 because my psychiatrist wanted me to gain 10 pounds. I have only gained a few pounds (honestly I don't want to gain weight) but I have been eating foods with no brakes and I don't like that feeling. @CCLaymon and @higs - my friends, and anyone else who wants to help - if I disappear, please come get me. Since the love of my life, Steve, died a huge part of me also died. I have had lots of trouble just functioning and often withdraw from people and life. I'll share more of my story in the new thread.
  6. I would also love to join your group for January. I have been following along. Completed many rounds of W30 within the last few years. Hello to CC Laymon and Higs. CC, Higs and I experienced the W30 journey with the most amazing group of people in 2014. They were supportive of me during a horrible time of my life. Over the last year, I have disengaged from life - just surviving, but not living because I can't handle the pain of life. I spend most of my time alone. One of my goals for this W30 is to interact with all of you - socialization. I'll share more about myself when we start the new thread. Congrats to all who finished and all who made their best attempt. Great group!
  7. Higs and CC Laymon have returned. So nice to see some of the old gang. Check out the group Enough excuses! Starting 11/21. Maybe I will join them.
  8. I guess you are not leaving us. That's great. You have many fans!
  9. Meadow - I will also miss all of your wonderful words. Thank you for all your support and contributions to this forum.
  10. Sending lots of prayers, love and support!
  11. One of your group members - me - is back to visit with you. Today, Sept. 10, I am starting another Whole 30. Going through a very difficult time and trying to use W30 as a way to gain some control over life. This time last year, Steve entered the hospital for the last journey of his life. All the pain and memories are destroying me. So I am back and hope to stay for awhile. My food has been pretty bad for the last few months. I don't know if I ever told you but I was in the hospital towards the end of June for a week - pretty bad intestinal problem. Doctors had me on clear liquid diet for about 5 days - ices, jello, broth. Never could get back to healthy eating and have developed some bad habits. Still have problems with intestines; therefore, I can't follow all the recommendations but I will follow all the rules. Food doesn't move through me so doctor has me on lots of laxatives. I am sure that will mess with my system but for now I have to follow doctors orders. I have an appointment with a GI motility specialist at the beginning of October at Cleveland Clinic so hopefully he can help me. Hope you and your family are doing well. I have missed you!
  12. I wish I had the answer for you but I can offer my support and thoughts. I lost my husband 10 months ago after a battle with complications from a stem cell transplant. My mom has leukemia, as well as other medical issues. Loss is a rollercoaster of emotions and the pain is intense. My advice - do what is best for you. I don't think this is the time for tough love. You can try to eat as healthy as possible without worrying about all the details and then begin another Whole 30 when you are ready. If you decide to continue, I will be by your side to offer support. I am starting today and will be joining one of the groups on the forum. I have lost all control in life so maybe this will give me some sense of control. I have done W30 many times and also have medical issues. Whatever you decide to do, feel free to PM me.
  13. Hi Meadow and Hutlifr Happy I stopped by this thread. I always love reading Meadow's words. Hutlifr - I also need W30 for the heart. The pain is never ending and unbearable. The last month has been horrible for me. I was sick and in hospital for a week - same hospital that Steve died in. Mom very sick, fell at a rehab/skilled nursing home, had brain bleed (2 areas of brain) so transferred to this hospital since it has a trauma unit. I HATE this hospital so much. It is a constant reminder of losing the most important love of my life (not that I don't think about Steve all the time). Don't want to post too much that is non W30 related but wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing.
  14. Take the laxative. I am currently in the hospital due to impaction. I did not even feel constipated. I had excruciating back pain and a stomach ache. Thought there was something wrong with my back and the stomach ache was due to IBS. Today is Sunday and I have been in the hospital since Tuesday. I understand that you want to be as compliant as possible (as you know, you are still being compliant since doctor's orders come first) but you also don't want to create other problems. Believe me this is not fun.
  15. Katie - thanks so much for your support. Hope your vacation was amazing. Car accidents are stressful; great job on not letting it affect your start date. I wasn't sure this would be the right time for me to do another whole 30 but I have done it before under very bad circumstances. I have been eating mostly paleo so it won't be too difficult for me. What is hard for me - drinking enough water (I can do this), eating when not hungry, sticking to 3 meals and no snacking. I have done many whole 30 but I have never been able to follow the no snacking recommendation. Fruit - that's a food with no brakes for me. I used to love fruit; I don't love it anymore but I still have an issue with it. If fruit is in my apartment, I eat all of it in one day. Fruit will either be very limited or I won't eat any (have not made a definite decision). Exercise - I will exercise 5 times a week - one hour walks and/or body weight exercises. Advice for new people - be careful with fruit, nuts/nut butters, fruit and nut bars - they are food with no brakes for many people and can have a negative effect on the success of your Whole 30. Keep things simple; you do not have to make complicated meals (only you want to). Enjoy your journey to health!