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    racheleats reacted to NoneOtherThanAmy in Can I Do...   
    @WholeCourtney Sounds like you've got a great attitude! Best of luck on your 2nd Whole30. 
    Oddly enough, I also started trying to run right around the time I started my first Whole30. I am not a "natural" runner, so it has been a ton of work to get myself to where I'd like to be, but I just ran my first 5k! I still did walk/run intervals, but I finished with about a 12 min/mile pace and I'm pretty happy with that. I've just started running with an 8k training group and I'm determined to be able to run the whole thing when the race comes around in 2 months. 
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    racheleats reacted to ItsALoveHateThing in So many dishes to wash   
    Hi!  I totally feel you on this.  I don't even have a dishwasher, and I have a husband and two kids so you can imagine the amount of by-hand dishwashing I'm having to do.  The hubs and I just agreed that whoever cooks doesn't have to wash.  I hope that helps.  I can handle dishes.  I can handle cooking.  I can't handle both.  I work a full time job and am also a professional vocalist with rehearsals and things, so I just can't spend all of my time in the kitchen like that.  So starting today, if I cook, he washes the dishes.  If he cooks, I wash.  I mostly do the cooking on this program, so BOOM, I just got out of doing dishes HA!!  He's a sucker and doesn't even know it lol.  My point is, I don't know if you have a significant other living with you or not, but if so, perhaps this could be an option to relieve you of some of that duty.  GOOD LUCK!!  This truly is more than strict healthy eating.  It's a total life change that requires reorganization of all of our habits and priorities.  One thing you can be sure of is that your body will thank you at the end of this, and nothing is more important than our health!!  
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    racheleats reacted to jmcbn in Running out of money   
    Have you thought about organ meat? I often buy beef heart from my butcher - he preps it into cubes for me and I make a spiced beef & apricot stew with it in my slow cooker, with minimal prep time & zero supervision. It comes in at about a quarter of the price of steak pieces and comes out just as tender - plus it's a nutritional power house!
    Other slow cooker ideas I use on a weekly basis would be NNP's kahlua pig, large pieces of brisket and/or shin cooked with cinnamon & all spice, and whole chickens.... all of which you can serve with non compliant sides fro your fussy teens.
    I'm a single mum of two boys, working full time & dealing with my own early morning training, their extra curricular activities, & a semblance of a social life so time & money are of the essence in my household!
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    racheleats reacted to kirkor in Running out of money   
    If feeling the financial pinch then absolutely skip all the organic grass-fed stuff.  $4/lb isn't bad, but I buy chicken thighs on sale routinely for $1.19/lb, and sometimes as low as $0.59/lb.  Trim some of the fat if you're worried about it, but still, meat is meat.
    re: easy meals, there's not much easier than sauteeing veggies & ground beef in a pan.
    Also Melissa Joulwan has a good tip for keeping lots of veggies on hand ready to go: http://meljoulwan.com/2010/10/13/the-secret-of-veggies-steam-saute/
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    racheleats reacted to howellymatrimony in Running out of money   
    This really just may be the wrong season of life for me to be doing this then. Not being able to eat out, and not being able to prepare easy meals is just more than I can handle at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy cooking. This is just probably the busiest and most stressed I've ever been and a few minimal prep meals a week is something I can't give up at this point. 
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    racheleats reacted to Amb_Bomer in No Good Time for a full W30!!   
    Thanks for the vote of confidence @racheleats It's nice to have a whole community of cheerleaders. 
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    racheleats got a reaction from Amb_Bomer in No Good Time for a full W30!!   
    Sounds like the September 18th start date would be perfect, if the only "problem" you see is your anniversary at the end! Why not go get a couples massage that day, cook a fancy pants meal and make yourself a mocktail? You're absolutely right, the wine can wait 3 days - wine will ALWAYS be there for you, it's not a rule that anniversary = wine
    If you do commit to a full round, check back in here - if there's something coming up that is worrying you, ask for advice here! There are tons of people who want to help and want to see you succeed and do this for yourself! You absolutely can.
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    racheleats reacted to Host in Doing My Homework   
    Day 29.
    This journey into uncharted territory has yielded a wealth of treasure. A newfound knowledge of nutrition, a cache of delicious recipes, and a fair amount of self-confidence. (Though I'm pretty dubious about knives, as a left-handed individual, they seem to always invite trouble.) We've even decided to build on the momentum of this healthy eating and basically stick to eating more fruits and veggies more often. I guess the trick of it is finding a way to make clean and healthy eating more convenient than the convenience foods I used to rely on. Tomorrow will be the last day ... and then - who knows?
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    racheleats reacted to LaurenLoWo in Caesar Salad Dressing Tips or Recipe?   
    Anybody tried this brand for Caesar (and/or Ranch)? https://www.tessemaes.com/collections/all/whole30-approved
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    racheleats reacted to MarcyW in Feeling extreme fatigue, dizziness   
    oh my - I am feeling the same (day12) to the point where I am seeing blackness when I stand up and have to gain my composure for a minute.  I was about to quit the whole30 until I read this.  My diet looks almost exactly like the OP.  Thanks for the information @SugarcubeOD. I am going to tweek and hang on for the weekend and see how it goes.  It is really interfering with getting anything done at home and my workouts have plummeted since starting. 
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    racheleats reacted to Rholy in Bacon & cooking fat   
    Thank you ladies! I actually found whole30 compliant bacon at wegmans. It's the new on they have been posting about. Forgot the name at the moment. 
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    racheleats got a reaction from Melissa123 in Stomach/GI pain during Whole30   
    A moderator will be able to help a little better, but I'm on day 29 of a whole30, and for the first 2 weeks I was EXTREMELY bloated and was having sharp stomach pains. I was eating a lot of nuts and raw salad greens during that time. I usually stick close to whole30 between rounds too so this was disheartening to me. I cut out the nuts completely, stopped eating salads and cooked all my veggies. Feeling SO much better and I have had super tiger blood since then. Maybe start there, cutting out the salads and nuts?
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    racheleats got a reaction from Selcazare in Netflix - What the Health   
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    racheleats got a reaction from TamiM in Bacon & cooking fat   
    If you're able to get bacon, cook it on baking sheets in the oven, and then save the fat in a mason jar for cooking - two for one! I like to use the fat to roast potatoes and sauté all my veggies, especially shredded brussels sprouts.
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    racheleats reacted to shillis in Starting Monday, August 28   
    @racheleats thanks! I love Wegmans and was able to find bacon, sausage and almost everything on my list - coconut butter, other complaint items. They were just out of coconut aminos! 
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    racheleats got a reaction from Scott W in Starting Monday, August 28   
    You should be able to find really good stuff at Wegmans! I have found Pederson's bacon and smoked kielbasa there (both on the expensive side, but the sausage is out of this world good and great to have for a quick meal when you just can't cook anymore). Some of their store brand chicken sausages are compliant as well - just make sure you read the labels  
    Their produce and meat selection is also really high quality.
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    racheleats got a reaction from Scott W in Starting Monday, August 28   
    You should be able to find really good stuff at Wegmans! I have found Pederson's bacon and smoked kielbasa there (both on the expensive side, but the sausage is out of this world good and great to have for a quick meal when you just can't cook anymore). Some of their store brand chicken sausages are compliant as well - just make sure you read the labels  
    Their produce and meat selection is also really high quality.
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    racheleats got a reaction from Suski in Day 1 and struggling!   
    I have found this approach to whole30 to be the easiest to translate after the 30 days are over too. When you reintroduce things, you can decide whether or not to add them back to your old favorite recipes, but you might find that you really don't even need them! Good luck - glad the mayo turned out better the second time. Light tasting is totally the key - now you can make so many delicious sauces! My favorite is mixing it with franks red hot for a salad dressing, and mixing with spicy brown mustard (check the label, most of the store brand ones I've seen are compliant) for dipping pork chops!
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    racheleats reacted to HopefullyLisa in Day 1 and struggling!   
    Thank you all so much for your replies! I used olive oil thinking it would be light enough, but it wasn't specifically 'light tasting'. I will keep trying until I find one I like!
    @madness Good advice, I have definitely fallen into the trap of trying to find new, 'interesting' recipes when really I should just be doing the meals I normally cook but leaving out any non compliant ingredients. Tonight, much to my husband's delight, we are having steak!
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    racheleats reacted to MarcyW in Fruit for Dessert   
    @ShannonM816 and @SugarcubeOD  these are really helpful answers.  I appreciate and learned from them since I am trying to break my snacking behavior.  
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    racheleats reacted to Sarahmarvin in Snacking and dessert substitution   
    @SugarcubeOD thank you for the advice! I keep telling myself that trail mix is better than eating cookies, chocolate, etc but I need to stop that mentality and suck it up! That mind set is not going to help me kick my sugar/snack dragon in the face! 
    My family are major snack and dessert eaters...so it's like going to the heart of the storm when visiting their house haha! 
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    racheleats reacted to MrsB05 in Polar Brand Seltzer "Natural Flavors"   
    Oh thank goodness!  I like La Croix well enough but Polar is a lot cheaper AND I can get it really cheap at BJs!
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    racheleats reacted to MarcyW in Adjusting to no alcohol   
    @racheleats I only explained this to my friends I went biking with (the non-drinkers)  I was ready to cave, but literally, the minute the waitress asked what we were drinking I said water was fine.  I did very well with the food too - tuna steak and house salad.  
    My husband told someone I was doing the 30 on 30 (god love him) and I met him out Saturday night (I was his D.D.)   One girl asked about it and asked how much weight I was losing and the typical "diet" questions.  It was hard to explain that it's not about weight, since that is most people's mindset.  So yes, I won't be explaining it to anyone since she didn't understand.  
    It was easy be at a bar with nothing to drink (literally, since no one remembers water when they are buying rounds, lol).  I did keep a positive thought about it.  And I congratulated myself each morning when I woke up feeling great.  
    Now for weekend number 2.........ha ha
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    racheleats got a reaction from MarcyW in Adjusting to no alcohol   
    I personally think that if you DO explain why you're doing the whole30 and frame it in a more positive way you're better off in the long run. If you try and just explain it away as not a big deal, you're going to get a lot more of the peer pressure - like "oh just have one beer, it won't kill you". But if you tell your friends that you've committed to this 30 day reset and you'd really like to have their support I have a feeling they'll rally behind you.
    Rather than explaining why you CAN'T have the big meal or craft beer, tell them about all the amazing stuff you ARE eating and why you decided to take on the reset. List out some of your goals - you want to feel more energized, have clearer skin, finally break your sugar addiction. Just be confident in your speech, and remember that it's no one's business but your own why you are or aren't eating something. Report back after the weekend! I bet it will be much easier than you think