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  1. I can tell right now - These vinegar's are a game changer and COMPLIANT: Ingredients: Aged, dark balsamic vinegar flavorfully infused with blackberries. Ingredients: Aged, dark balsamic vinegar flavorfully infused with raspberry. Ingredients: Aged, white balsamic vinegar flavorfully infused with green apples. Ingredients: Aged, white balsamic vinegar flavorfully infused with mango.
  2. Short Answer = Yes. These situations may arise several times during a whole 30 and you will need to review in your mind how to handle and respond. There are several suggestions here on the forum. I know it's hard to react on the spot but a thought would be to thank her for her thoughtfulness and to let her know you were taking it home freeze for 'after' your whole 30 and it will be the first 'sugar' you will have for re-introduction as you remember her fondly..
  3. Listening to PaleoFX live streaming and they just interviewed a company called Mulays Sausage - - It looks delicious and compliant. You can find out more at
  4. If it's important enough to you, you will find a way - if not, you will find an excuse.
  5. I find wide mouth pint jars are perfect for a single batch of Mayo. 1 Cup Oil 1 Egg dash salt tsp mustard tsp lemon juice Honestly, I eyeball everything and put in the jar in no particular order eggs/lemon/mustard right from the fridge - - It always turns out perfect.
  6. I say Heart Shaped Filet Mignon's are in order. Red Roasted Potatoes with a side of shredded 'Red' cabbage & 'Red' Onion coleslaw w/ homemade Mayo sprinkled with a few Raisins and/or pomegranate on top would do nicely.
  7. So I found this on Amazon and it appears to be compliant.... I ordered a can and it's actually pretty good... It came out of the can similar to a mini meatloaf with bits of fat and gelatin - - I'm not currently on a Whole 30 at the moment but, thought it might be something to take with me camping or have on hand for a quick meal. Granted, no idea of the source of the beef - and most certainly not organic, grass fed etc.... I just thought it might be of interest to some for the convenience aspect and to have on hand, similar to Tuna etc... If this is not compliant for any reason - pls. let me know Thx
  8. Chopped Mushrooms work well too!
  9. Why not make some from scratch ?? - Boil up some cranberries into a sauce .... Add some raisins/dates for a little extra sweetness to combat the tart cranberry. I even added orange zest to mine and used a bit of juice with the water when boiling. Strain out the water & Whip up with a hand mixer. You can leave the texture as is or run thru an additional straining if you prefer less seedy.
  10. If you are an Amazon Subscribe and Save user - This is a great deal and tastes just fine to me.
  11. Oh - I never thought about freezing Spaghetti Squash. Perfect!
  12. So Jealous ( In a good way) with your Venison haul. I grew up on this meat and love it cooked any way I can get it. My husband does not hunt but, occasionally will get a package from a family member that does. I savor every last bite!! Enjoy!!
  13. Hi LadyShanny, I've left my 2nd ferment as long as a week with no real fizz... It must be the strength of my actual tea. I'm using a 2 .5 gallon CB that I drain 1 gallon from every 5-7 days and cap off with a gallon of fresh tea. It tastes to me like it's ready and tests out a 2.3 on my meter but, perhaps if I left it a bit longer I will have better results.
  14. I think that if you are coming from a diet that relied heavily on Tortilla's / wraps for your meals, then trying to substitute it with a Egg/Veggie Wrap would be SWYPO food. If Tortilla/Wraps were not a regular mainstay of your previous diet then, using an Egg/Veggie mixture and rolling it up to wrap around other compliant food is perfectly fine. The difference between this rolled egg wrap and an folded egg in an omelet is a very fine line. It's really in your personal mindset and personal triggers. I for one love Kombucha and it's perfectly fine for Whole 30 HOWEVER, If I come home every night and pour myself a wine glass full as a glass of wine before dinner was something I did regularly pre-Whole 30 then, my daily habit of Kombucha should be discouraged.. Move it to Breakfast / Lunch or even 'with' dinner in a regular juice glass. I think you get the idea.
  15. I'm new to Kombucha making since summer Started out with 2 ( one gallon ) jars and quickly moved into a 2.5 gallon CB. I've bottled approx. 6 batches to date. So far the only ones I have gotten to fiz in the 2F are ones that I've added Dried or Fresh/Frozen fruit. The times I tried pure fruit juice it did not fizz at all. Is this pretty normal? Perhaps it just takes longer when using fruit juice?