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Found 218 results

  1. I'm curious if during the re-introduction of foods, a person doesn't experience negative effects, could they re-introduce another food the next day or even 2 days later, or should there always be that span of three days in between newly introduced foods?
  2. Hello, I completed my first round of the Whole30 on May 23rd. I completed my reintroductions of legumes, non-gluten grains, dairy, and gluten grains following the exact model outline in ISWF. I kept a detailed log of what I ate & experiences so here is how it went in a nutshell... Day 1: LEGUMES - peanut butter & black beans. Stomach ache that night and into day 2. Day 2&3: increase in acne, slept terribly on Day 3 into day 4. Day 4: NON GLUTEN GRAINS - Popcorn as midday snack. Brown rice with dinner. No immediate effects felt. Day 5: stomach ache before bed, resolved by morning Day 6: nothing to report Day 7: DAIRY - milk & honey in coffee, feta cheese on kale & tomato salad, ice cream and whipped cream... no physical pain from these foods, slept fine Day 8&9 - zit on cheek appearing Day 10 - oats, 2 slices good seed bread. Stomach ache before dinner time. Came on gradually through the afternoon. Two whole wheat tortillas for fajita dinner. Stomach issue subsided after dinner. Day 11: felt fine all day until stomachache came on during the afternoon again. Feels like a digestive issue. On Day 12 & 13 (June 3rd) I went waaaaay off plan (it was my husband's birthday) thinking I now knew how the different foods affected me and I had deemed this weekend worthy of any pain I may feel later. I had sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, non-gluten grains throughout the two days. Ever since then, I have gotten a stomachache around the same time every day (3pm) even though I have been eating only Whole30 compliant meals since June 5th. I am not constipated. Originally I thought it may be a prolonged digestive reaction to the amount of dairy I had eaten over those two days (of all the off-plan food groups I ate, dairy was what I consumed the most of), but I feel like surely the lactose would be out of my system by now. It is now over a week later and I'm still getting stomachaches? Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should try to get my body feeling back to normal? Or maybe an explanation of why this is happening? I didn't have any issues while doing my round of Whole30. I've searched high and low for an answer to the issue I'm having so I'm hoping posting my own specific questions will help me find some helpful advice. Thanks for reading my very long question!
  3. So I just finished my very first Whole30 this weekend. Greek yogurt was always a main staple of my diet which I missed. I bought full fat Greek yogurt and it's the only thing that's giving me a problem. Very quickly after eating it I find myself gassy and bloated as well as stomach cramps. I read someone's post yesterday about bloating with dairy and a moderator commented that this can happen since lactase hasn't been produced in the absence of dairy and your body will produce it again as you keep eating dairy. I really would like to be able to eat Greek yogurt. It's an easy on the go breakfast for me. I'd appreciate any advice or personal experience that you've had with this. Thank you!
  4. I'm nearing the end of my first W30 and planning reintroduction in June. I'd like to be more exact about my reintroduction, so I can know what it was that caused symptoms: 1. Quinoa 2. Black beans (or lentils or chick peas) 3. gluten 4. Vodka 5. Soy 6. Corn 7. Sugar 8. Dairy 1 9. Dairy 2 10. Dairy 3 I know I have a problem with Dairy but I do want to be able to enjoy a slice of pizza in the future (when it's worth it). I also want to know what whey added to a packaged product does to me. Does it make sense to divide dairy by it's components that usually cause irritation (e.g. Carson, whey, lactose)? Or more on how it's been made (pasteurized or raw, soft cheese or hard, etc)?
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts about dealing with the emotions that come up after you've slain the sugar dragon? I'm past my Whole30 - one day off for Mother's Day, and am back on the program. I've noticed that all of the issues I was masking through sugar - like feeling my feelings and dealing with stress - are still there. Do I need to work a 12 Step program now? Has anyone else struggled in the days and weeks after the Whole30? I had an amazing month...but now I feel a little like an addict after detox and rehab, trying to find a new way to be in the world. Thanks, Margaret
  6. HI everyone! My Whole30 will end on May 31st, and on June 2nd, I will leave for a work trip that will last 9 days. During that time, I will be staying in a hotel without kitchen nor fridge, and working on-site 8 AM - 5 PM. All of my meals are provided during the event (breakfast before work starts on location, lunch during 1 hour break, dinner directly after workday ends), but they are served in a giant cafeteria-style setting where I have a variety of options, but no say in how things are prepared. There is no place for me to prepare meals, and I cannot afford to eat out for all of my meals, nor are their options nearby. I am stuck eating at the event for most of my meals. Here is my question: I want to do this properly, but I will not be able to know things like: the kind of oil things are cooked in, hidden additives in ingredients, etc. I won't even know what my meal options will be until I get there. Because I've done this before, I do know that there will be salad bars, there will be some kind of meat options (although sometimes they are cooked with cheese, etc, added in), and I know that they are cooking with industrial food, not the world's finest selections. Would it be better for me to just choose one thing to introduce during that time (say, dairy, or grains), and just stick with that throughout the time, trying to do the best I can with my options? Or are there other methods? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hello Everyone! I finished my first whole 30 on April 24 of this year and I've been battling digestive issues ever since. After my whole 30 ended I began reintroduction of grains and dairy in small amounts. Two weeks passed and I felt completely fine. Then suddenly I began getting extremely ill immediately after eating. At first I had severe pain in my upper middle abdomen, nausea, acid reflux, and vomiting for about three weeks. At one point I even went to urgent care because the pain was so severe I was afraid I had been poisoned or something. Now I'm experiencing bloating, cramps in the lover abdomen, and diarrhea. It doesn't matter what I eat. Everything is making me sick. I've been reading on here that other people have had similar experiences. I'm hoping that someone who has had this can tell me how long it took for your digestive system to get back on track? Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  8. How long should I do a "Gluten Challenge" to get tested for Celiacs when I had been eating a gluten diet my entire life until doing a Whole 30? I finished my first Whole 30 about a month ago, and did 2 weeks of reintroductions after that. I discovered I had a really strong/bad reaction to gluten: foggy head, hangover feeling that lasted 3 days, bloating, cramping, migraines, insomnia, extremely tired. After talking with my doc, she suggested I get the blood test for Celiacs. But to do so would require me to eat a "gluten rich" diet for at least 30 days. I started eating gluten immediately upon hearing this so I could take the test, about 2 weeks ago. I am not sure I'm going to make it for the full 30 days, I feel so uncomfortable eating gluten again. I have permission from my doc to do the blood test now after 2 weeks, but I understand 2 weeks may not be long enough and I may get a false negative result. Everything I have read says that you should do this challenge before the test if you have cut gluten out of your diet "for awhile." But does a Whole 30 even count as "awhile?" I'm now at the point where I feel back to my "old normal" from before the Whole 30: generally a low-grade gross feeling. I don't get headaches or feel foggy all the time, but I am tired and I don't feel good generally. My questions to the forum members are: Have you experienced a gluten challenge? How long did you do it for? How long had you cut gluten out of your diet previously? What was the test result? Lastly, I'm not sure where else this fits in this post, but: I LOVED the Whole 30 and intend to do another one the minute I can stop eating gluten. I never realized how badly I always felt until I reintroduced gluten after W30.
  9. Hello awesome Whole30 Community! I finished my first Whole30 back in March and it was an amazing experience! I ended up doing the faster Reintroduction so I could tale what I've learned and apply it to everyday eating habits. I had horrible heartburn after reintroducing legumes. So I want to do another Reintroduction simply to separate out peanutbutter and soy. Do I have to do another Whole30 to do Reintroduction? Or can I simply do like a whole7 and then introduce! Just looking for some wisdom from those who are better at riding their own bike then I am!
  10. Day 31! A spot for us to talk about reintros....
  11. On Sunday I reintroduced non-gluten grains in the form of bagged popcorn with only coconut oil and sea salt as the other ingredients. I meant to eat multiple grains, but life happens and long story short I ate the whole bag over the course of the day. I'm never buying popcorn again; it's too easy to overdo it. On Monday I felt fine, but then yesterday I had some crazy stomach symptoms. I need some input on this. After eating my compliant breakfast (eggs, chicken sausage and sweet potatoes w/ hot sauce plus decaf coffee with coconut cream), I started feeling really nauseated and had some moderate stomach pain. I started driving to work and felt my stomach drop. I made it to the office and had to run to the bathroom. Then I had to go to the bathroom again an hour later (diarrhea). The symptoms subsided, but I couldn't really eat my (compliant) lunch. I felt okay at that point but had no appetite. In the evening I made myself eat a small dinner of two pickle spears and a small amount of sweet potato spears with sunshine sauce. Today, I feel like I'm back 90% and am eating normally. Oh, the other symptom was that I was extremely emotional yesterday. I had to leave work briefly and take a walk around the block because I was going to cry about some dumb office problems that aren't even new problems. I'm not the type to not be able to hold back tears at work. Today, I am completely, 100% chill with no stress. So my question is, could the popcorn have caused that more than 24 hours after eating it?? I was totally fine the day after eating it, but yesterday was nuts. Maybe just feeling sick made me a weepy mess? OR I got salmonella because I didn't cook the chicken sausage long enough. These are my theories. Color me confused.
  12. So, we just re-introduced non-gluten grains to our 3 kids (ages 8-13) on day 27 of the Whole 30 (I needed to start reintroduction a few days early due to a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house next week). My 2 girls both had negative affects - my son was fine. Here is what I gave them yesterday (the same for all 3): meal 1: non-gluten waffles (later discovered it had soy lecithin) meal 2: gluten-free pretzels (later discovered it had soy lecithin) meal 3: gluten-free pasta (brown rice-based) My oldest daughter felt nauseous after eating meal 2 yesterday. My youngest daughter said her stomach hurt this morning (before breakfast). I had planned to give them legumes tomorrow (because I really need to get further down the reintroduction path before the trip so I was going to do an every other day reintro schedule), but now I am stumped. Should I do gluten-free grains again but this time make sure there are no soy ingredients? Also, am I really tampering with our results if I don't wait the prescribed 2 clean days inbetween reintro days? I am very worried they won't be successful at trying to eat cleanly at Grandma and Grandpa's or else I wouldn't even be pushing the envelope by asking the question. Thank you for your help!
  13. The last things I reintroduced was non gluten grains, and wow did they awaken my sugar dragon! Two days ago I had a piece of gluten free brief with lunch, and gluten free breadcrumbs in meatballs at dinner and now I want to eat all the chocolate and cookies on the planet. I didn't have much of a sweet tooth before the whole30 so this was surprise. Anyone else find that non gluten grains awaken their sugar dragon like this?
  14. Hi All, My husband and I are on day 27 of our whole30 and doing great thus far! I have been researching the reintroduction phase, and trying to figure out the best approach with a running we have coming up this weekend. Our last day of whole30 will be Thursday, with reintroduction beginning Friday. Typically before I have a longer distance race, I try to incorporate some carbs generally pasta based 1-2 days before the race. I don't want to come off of the program, and immediately eat a bunch of pasta. Does anyone have tips that they would recommend for the first day to get additional carbs for energy to use for Sundays race/how to re introduce? I don't think we will follow the eactly guide for coming off of whole30 other than 1 new thing then 2 days back on (we will definitely do). Any guidance would be very helpful! We aren't huge distance runners as it is so the fuel is necessary. Thanks!
  15. I finish my Whole30 this week. I have some big events coming up a week later that last all the way through May. I don't want to spend 12 days doing the reintroduction or reintroduce foods DURING those events and send myself to the public bathroom after eating something bad. I'd rather get my body used to eating those things before I eat out in public. If I don't feel any adverse reactions, can I do an ultrafastroll reintroduction by eating all four food groups one day apart instead of three? I've actually been tired and pimpley throughout this entire Whole30, so I'm not concerned with seeing how reintroduced foods affect those areas. I mostly want to find out if I get stomach aches, bloating, or GI issues from reintroduced foods. Those problems usually hit me within a few hours of eating something my body can't handle. I was thinking of starting with rice and corn on the first day, dairy the next day, gluten the third day, and legumes the fourth day. Is this a bad idea?
  16. We are on day 26, but because of an upcoming trip to my parent's house on 4/8, I need to start the reintroduction process tomorrow for my kids (ages 8-13) so I can do it in my own controlled environment. My husband & I will stick with the program the full 30 days. Anyway, I am wondering what is the downside to only waiting 48 hours between reintroducing items? I was thinking of introducing non-gluten grains tomorrow (Day 1) and then legumes on Day 3, dairy on Day 5 and then gluten grains on Day 7. That way we are hopefully done with reintroduction before we fly to Texas and things becoming much harder for me to manage! I would love to hear experienced folks' recommendations on this. We have a put a ton of discipline and effort into this Whole 30, and I know this part is important (especially since I know my youngest has a sensitivity to something!). However, my mom is not very mobile and I just can't ask her to accommodate our Whole 30 requirements 100% while we are visiting. Thanks in advance.
  17. I'm on day 30! Yay! Currently planning my reintroduction schedule and I've come to a bit of a problem - during the whole30 I've still had most of the GI issues I had prior to the program. This mainly includes severe bloating and gas (I literally hiccup and burp maybe 30-40 times a day). I want to have a successful reintroduction, but since I'm still having a lot of digestive issues, how am I supposed to pinpoint what is causing what during my reintroduction? The idea is that your body is supposed to be "perfect" (aka the control group), and as you start to introduce foods back into your diet, or in to the "perfect" control group, you monitor the changes and attribute them to grains, dairy etc. But I don't have a "perfect" control group, and I'm afraid I've still been unable to pinpoint what is causing my GI issues. I just am wondering how I'm supposed to tell if the bloating/gas/stomach aches/etc. is coming from the legumes, grains, dairy, etc. or if it's coming from the other whole30 compliant food I've been eating over the last 30 days? Help!
  18. Hi all, Today is day 30! Looking at the suggested reintroduction days in my book... I really can't think of a legume I've craved or am excited to invite into my diet on legume day, so I'm thinking of skipping the reintroduction of legumes altogether. I'm interested in keeping up with the Whole30 lifestyle after reintroduction, just with a little less anxious interrogation before and during mealtime out at a restaurant. I know I have been surprised to find out that something has been cooked in soybean or peanut oil. If I'm only concerned about traces of legume/legume oil in my restaurant foods, should I: a) reintroduce legumes as suggested in the example plan; b)reintroduce only the oils...?; or c) skip legume day as initially planned, and be aware of the possible affects when eating out? Maybe there's a d) ??? Thanks in advance!
  19. My husband and I did our Whole30 in June and began our Slow Roll Reintroduction on July 1. We've finished experimenting with legumes and non gluten grains with at least three fully compliant days between experiments, which has taken almost the whole month of July. In a few days, we'll begin reintroducing dairy products. We have split up foods into sub-groups within each category for our reintroductions and would like to do the same with dairy. What suggestions do you experienced Reintroducers have for the breakdown of dairy products for Reintroduction? For example, how many sub-categories do we need to test separately? Should we do yogurt by itself on one day, then, say, cottage cheese on a different day, and then a day of milk, cream, and non-clarified butter? Should we do cheeses separately from other dairy products, and if so, should we do soft cheeses separately from hard cheeses, and in what order? Where would reintroduction of ice cream and gelato fall in the process and would those foods need a separate day all for themselves because of their added sugar content? We're fine with a very slow roll process, if needed, but don't want to drag it out endlessly, either, if it doesn't make much of a difference for us to determine how we react to casein, lactose, etc. I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions - thank you all in advance!
  20. Hello, I am needing some real, true advice!!! I started the W30 journey thinking I would never make it, lol, but I did and did it well actually!! I have always had stomach pains and wanted to source the cause, but now that my 30 days is up, I feel amazing and energetic with no foods giving me that instant ache! I truly don't want to transition as I'm afraid and now it has been 37 days and I am afraid to reintroduce any off plan foods as I don't want to be sick, bloat, feel like garbage, etc. I know it's advised to bring back these foods, but I'm just so mentally afraid. What can I do to get over this hump!!? And what is now becoming another concern is that even though I'm "off" or passed the w30, I find I am overeating at night on healthy "on plan" foods. Like Lara bars nuts coconut shreds and dates. Tons of dates. I know I cant be trusted it seems, but I don't know If I'm internally saying it's okay because i still feel good and amazing the next day!? Plus it's better than the alternatives of dark chocolate and other snacks items. I know I'm battling a few different issues, but what can I do as I feel I'm loosing control on what is and was such a good program for me?? Totally lost and afraid now! Thanks for all the advice!
  21. Today is Day 31 for me, and being as Type A as I am, I am looking to jump in and complete the reintroduction phase as described, however, I have already run into an obstacle with my first meal. On legume reintroduction day, I found that I cannot even stomach eating the peanut butter I bought to eat with my apple. I am worried that this will be the case for many of the foods I will attempt to reintroduce over the next 10 or so days. Does anyone have any insight into how to tackle this? I feel so wonderful after completing the last 30 days that I don't want to force myself to choke down things for the sake of the reintroduction process.
  22. I'm on day 20 of my whole 30 and ate at Chipotle without looking at the menu (naively thought it was all safe, bad mistake). I had steak, fajita veggies, pico, medium salsa and guacamole. Now I'm having pain in my upper stomach area, similar to what I would frequently get before I began my Whole30. It's not debilitating but I can definitely feel the discomfort. I've scoured the forum and now see that the veggies and meat are cooked with rice bran oil. Could this be the reason for the stomach pains I'm feeling now? If so, what exactly could this mean as far what I might have a sensitivity to? Thank you!
  23. I just finished my second Whole30 on Tuesday. Last time I did the Whole30 I did not properly follow a reintroduction plan, so this time I'm following the one in the book to a T. The first thing I have reintroduced is legumes. I had peanut butter with my breakfast, hummus with my lunch and black beans with dinner. The next morning I woke up with skin irritation around my mouth, I was itchy and red all day and it has continued to this morning (the second day after I reintroduced the legumes). Since it's not gone today I'm wondering if maybe it could be more because of the external environment (spring allergies). Has anyone else had this reaction? Also I'm wondering if this was caused by all the different types of legumes I ate or if just one is doing it. THANK YOU!
  24. I will be wrapping this round (R4!) on the 30th of March and originally planned on following the full reintroduction schedule. However since beginning this round, I committed to travel for a conference & leave on April 3. Obviously this makes a regular reintroduction difficult. I plan on making eating as compliant as I can and want to continue this lifestyle post-trip to really dial in my food freedom. My thought is to go back on a W10 when I'm back and then doing a formal reintroduction then. I already know that I do not plan on reintroducing legumes as I already know they don't work well for me, and pre-W30 I really didn't eat very much bread or processed stuff. I do miss cheese & the occasional wine, as know that sometimes they both can make me congested. I want (and need) to feel well on the trip because I'll be presenting at the conference, but I also want to feel like I can go off plan without feeling crappy since I won't have *total* control of meals at awards banquets and social functions. Do any of you have thoughts on what I should do with those 4 days prior to leaving or am I just overthinking it since my intention is to stay as compliant as I can while away (maybe a glass of wine or something, maybe a "worth it" dessert, and not stressing too much about meals)?
  25. My partner and I are on Day 40 (I think?) of Whole30. The only thing we've reintroduced is alcohol a few times after we finished the 30 days, otherwise we've remained 100% compliant. At the end of the Whole30 I had lost 10 pounds and felt great. More energy, clothes fit better, less bloating. No change to skin (actually it got worse) or anything like that, but the energy and clarity has been awesome. My partner lost 30 pounds (you men, I swear), hasn't been falling asleep on the couch every afternoon, etc. Well I've wanted to reintroduce foods, per the Whole30 protocol, but he's dead set to "keep going, don't give up," as if reintroducing is stepping off the wagon. I was totally fine with continuing that the first week - really, no issues as the food has been delicious and I've been feeling great - but the last few days I've hit a total food rut, tired of the staples, I'm-over-this-and-just-want-a-piece-of-bread-without-feeling-guilty status. And wanting some time back...oh my god, the amount of time spent cooking and cleaning and shopping is just out of control and annoying. Especially as I work full time, am in grad school, and we have our amazing kiddos every other weekend. I just need some time back. What's more, over the past week I've somehow gained 4 of the 10 pounds back which is just utterly maddening. I think my body has adjusted to eating the same staple foods I've been eating the last 40 days (even though I've been trying to switch it up frequently), and it's just downright depressing. So now I'm at a loss of what to do. I feel like choosing to reintroduce foods might continue the weight gain. I'm scared to reintroduce them. And I'm worried his "all or nothing" personality will mean he'll just go completely nuts and back to his half a gallon of milk and a candy bar, every day, habit and I don't want to be a "bad influence." Open to ideas, suggestions, tips...we're amazing communicators, but I think my own depressed feelings over missing foods I love, and being tired of feeling cooking is my new 3rd job, are making it hard to figure out the right answer.