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Found 48 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I'm Julie. I'm new here. I started on April 1, 2017. I started Whole30 on the suggestion from my acupuncturist. I'm in the process of being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and she thought it would be a good answer for my widespread pain and chronic fatigue. Things have been going really well, and I feel pretty great! I didn't really experience the severe detoxing feelings I was expecting, and the first couple weeks weren't so bad at all! I think part of it is that I'm so used to feeling so crummy all the time, that the detox feeling I WAS getting - I would trade for my "normal" fibro-feelings ANY day. Also, I KNOW that I went into it with the right mindset to do this. I took the suggestions from the book: I read my book, I did my homework, I chose a good time to start it, and made sure to PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! But my main focus that has kept me going is the hope and excitement of just feeling better! My head is 100% in this game! If it's OK - I would like to share my experience so that others don't make the same mistake I did. I just want to say this ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING!!! LABEL READ! LABEL READ! LABEL READ! I'm sure you already know this, but I just want to reiterate it - because it's SUCH an easy mistake to make. I unfortunately learned this the VERY hard way. I was on Day 13 - feeling great - staying motivated - eating delicious healthy food. I had gotten into a great groove with food prep and experimenting with new recipes and gaining confidence in things like making my own ghee and hollandaise sauce. Then I made 1 fatal error. For dinner on Day 13 - I was making sauteed shrimp, which I had done several times before. I went to the fridge to pull out my homemade ghee - and in the door I saw this delicious "famous kream mustard" that is just to die for. Without thinking - I took it out and mixed a dollop of it in with my shrimp. I don't EVEN know where my head was. Maybe I thought - I can have mustard - and that's where the thought ended. Maybe I had gotten too confident and comfortable in my plan and just didn't even think to look at the label. Three-quarters of the way through my wonderfully delicious meal, thinking about what a great flavor the mustard added - my stomach and my heart sunk. I realized - I didn't read that darn label! I have read EVERY SINGLE OTHER LABEL of everything I had eaten up to that point - but I missed one. I sat there for several minutes because my legs felt like they were made of lead. I didn't want to get up and read the label just to find out what I pretty much already knew - that there was something in it not allowed on the program. I finally stood up, slowly marched into the kitchen, with a big sigh opened the refrigerator door, and painfully pulled out the jar. There it was: cane sugar and soybean oil. It's amazing where your mind goes in that moment. "It was such a small amount. Do I REALLY have to start over? If I don't tell anyone, then nobody will know, so I didn't really make a mistake and I can just keep going. It couldn't have affected me that bad, right? It's not like I ate a whole pizza and drank a bunch of Pepsi! What if I go throw it up really quick - does that count?" OF COURSE THAT'S NOT THE ANSWER! I was surprised my brain even took me down that path! I would just be cheating myself. And I wouldn't find out what I set out to learn with this plan: what foods make me feel like total crud every single day, and cause me to have so much pain and discomfort and fatigue. So I texted my acupuncturist - knowing I was really just confirming what I already knew: I had to start over. (I joked about celebrating with a Pepsi. Might as well make my mistake worth it! I did not have a Pepsi.) She told me not to beat myself up, and that an extra 13 days of eating the healthiest I've ever eaten is not a bad thing. She's right. I also knew this deep down. I was just more disappointed in myself for not reading that darn label like I had done 100 times before. I had been perfect on this plan, and due to one little bitty accidental slip up - it had huge effects - and I was having to start over. I was absolutely deflated. I had a good cry when my husband got home from work that night - you know - the kind with the giant, hot, alligator tears that stream down your face from a faucet you can't shut off? That kind. I had worked so hard! I told him what had happened and how disappointed I was in myself, but the lesson was learned, and I was starting right back up at breakfast the next morning. He said, "Really? You're not even going to just give yourself the weekend?" I replied, "NOPE! I'm just going to keep going like this never happened, but now my plan is 43 days. It's now Whole43." And then he did exactly what I needed him to do. He gave me a big hug, also said to not beat myself up about it, and said he had actually gained even more respect for me, and was really impressed by my integrity, in that even with such a small, accidental mistake - I was following the rules and starting over. He was 100% supportive, and that's what I needed. (And thankfully it wasn't day 28!) So April 14 became Day 1... again. HUGE LESSON LEARNED!!! Thank you for letting me share my story. I just hope that it helps SOMEONE out there to not make the same mistake I did. Happy Whole30!!! #readlables
  2. My co-worker and I are starting on February 15th! I am so excited! Anyone else starting post-Valentine's Day?
  3. Hi Everyone! I have recently started researching Whole30 and have settled on a start date. March is a big Birthday month in my family, so I am giving myself a month to prep for this new lifestyle. My husband and I are planning to start trying for a baby towards the end of this year, and I would like to develop a healthier relationship with food before the pregnancy cravings start and before I am responsible for teaching my child about healthy eating habits. My biggest struggles now are carbs, cheeses and sweets. I generally eat pretty healthy, but when the craving monster hits I have a tendency to binge on brownies or cheese-itz. If you are starting in April - How are you prepping? What do you think will be the hardest thing for you? Are you planning on announcing your journey over all your social media platforms? How does your family feel about it? Are you planning on utilizing the meal planning tool offered on the Whole30 site?
  4. Hello all Just started a new life adventure in France so thought we would adopt a healthy new lifestyle to go with it. We've been living as expats in Africa for 5 years - completely loved it but the lifestyle was so naughty & both hubbie & I have gained a lot of weight as well as bad eating habits. So, Page 1 of the new chapter. Started today - although only arrived at 3am this morning at the house so we are finding our way & slightly panicking about what we can & can't do. Plus navigating around French supermarkets - all exciting & different. Excited to do this - well today I am. Let's see what tomorrow brings.....
  5. Hello everyone my name is Emmeri and this is my first day of the whole30!
  6. Hi everyone, I am so excited to have discovered this program. I am already eating paleo for the last couple of weeks and doing quite well, but sometimes it feels a bit lonely so I am so happy to find this forum and link up with like-minded people. Some of the things where Whole30 is stricter than paleo is absolutely no added sugar (I sometimes add stevia or coconut nectar though not often) and no baked goods even with paleo ingredients. I also sometimes have a sip of alcohol at a party so that will be a big challenge around the holidays! Currently, I am looking for meal plans so I can change up a bit what I am eating as it starts to be too much of the same stuff every week. I am not a natural cook though, so this part is hard for me. What are you all doing to keep your meals interesting? Hope to hear from others on your challenges or ideas for meal plans!
  7. Hi there, my name is Thiago, I am 22 years old. About 2 1/2 months ago I realized I had gained a lot of weight, I was at 263lb and I'm 6ft tall, which is over 65 pounds of what my weight should be. I started having abdominal pains and chest pains, and thought maybe I was being affected by my bad diet. So I started eating a lot better and exercising. 2 months later, I am 29 pounds down, but still have abdominal and chest pains. I went in to the ER 3 times and had appointments and multiple tests done on me and everything came back normal (thank God I'm healthy). My Dr then suggested I do the Whole 30 program as he thinks that my pains might be caused by inflamation and GERD. He said that even being healthier there are multiple things that I'm eating that are considered "healthy" but can cause complications. I am actually really excited to do this as I am really starting to enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. The problem is, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO START I've read everything on the website multiple times and I'm still lost. I have the list of what I can buy/eat but no idea what to do with it. My question is, what can I eat as a quick snack? How many meals am I suppose to eat a day? How do I know if something really falls under the Whole 30 requirements? Are there any foods I can eat at a restaurant if I go out with friends or girlfriend? Any specific restaurant that's got healthier stuff? Any other important stuff I might wanna know? I am completely determined to do this and I know that I can do it without a major struggle. Sorry for writing an essay but I'm just lost. Thanks in advance, Thiago
  8. Hi Folks, Today is Day 1 of our first Whole30 (my partner and I). The spinach frittata was a bit of a bust as we didn't have enough time to do it in the oven so we winged it on the stove top...and burnt it a bit. Ah well, protein salad for lunch will be great! I know natural flavors are okay but hoping someone can double-confirm that the 'flavoring, natural cream flavoring' in my David's Tea, Espresso Yourself is A-Okay!! Caffeine would we great right about now! Looking forward to the beginning of an new food/life chapter! Cheers; Leah
  9. Hi all! My name is Molly, I'm planning on starting my first Whole30 on June 28th, since I'm currently doing a lot of traveling, and that start date should give me plenty of time to get back home (which is currently located in Vancouver, BC) and do all the prep I need. I'll be doing the Whole30 alone, since my boyfriend (who lives with me) isn't 100% on board and none of my friends in the area seems interested. I will have support from at least one of my friends, but she's vegan, so I don't feel entirely comfortable talking to her about all the (delicious) meat I'm going to be eating! I've read both of the Hartwigs' books, and I'm psyched to start, but I also know that this is going to be a bit of a struggle for me. As a grad student, I'm used to eating whatever I can find that's convenient, cheap, or free. This usually means lots of carby snacks, crappy takeout, and department-subsidized pizza or Timbits. Since I'm doing this over the summer, I should have a lot more freedom to make my own schedule, rather than dashing back and forth from campus to go to classes or teach, but I'm still worried about my research and summer studies driving me to stress-eat, especially with the Tim Hortons right around the corner and a boyfriend whose favorite foods include crap, deep fried crap, and sugar-coated crap. Boyfriend has at least agreed to avoid alcohol with me for 30 days, which will definitely make things easier for me, since alcohol is a big part of grad school socializing and, to be totally honest, there's nothing like a pint to take the edge off a stressful meeting with a professor (a.k.a., any meeting with a professor). I should probably also note that my area of study is meat and DAIRY in the ancient Mediterranean. There will definitely be days during my whole 30 where it will literally be my job to read about non-compliant foods. So, I'm here to look for advice, support, ideas, inspiration, and anyone who might be starting on or around the same day. If you are, please do get in touch. I'd love to have some buddies to share the roller coaster ride that is the Whole30! Molly
  10. Hello. Name's Ed. I decided to start tomorrow because, hey, why wait? I kinda wanted to start yesterday as I had eaten only good, wholesome, on program foods. but, I went to sign up for and wasn't able to sign up for yesterday. I've pretty much cleaned out my pantry and fridge already. Anyway, starting tomorrow. Ed
  11. Hey y'all! My name is Jeanell and I will be starting Whole30 tomorrow (5/10/2016)! I live in NYC and originally from Florida. I'm very excited about it after multiple self-afflicted delays. I pushed this off multiple times after reading the book because I was scared. Then I realized I have to do things that scare me or I won't live life to the fullest. I had a wake-up call this past week. I went to a new doctor last Wednesday and she weighed me at 358 pounds, my heaviest weight ever. After blood work results came in, I am now considered pre-diabetic, which I had a feeling was going to happen. Two days later, I was flying to Florida and I paid extra money for an extra legroom seat. However, the seat was tight and I could barely move. I was frustrated because I paid more money for more room so I can be comfortable, but my weight got in the way. I realized I had two options at that point (I will be traveling a lot for the rest of the year): 1-Buy a first class ticket that is very expensive to be able to sit in a seat where I fit...or 2-Change my lifestyle, lose weight, and not worry about whether I can fit in a seat on a plane. I am choosing option 2 because "ain't nobody got time" to pay extra money for something you cannot afford yet at this time in your life. In the past two years, I have had a slew of health issues. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and wear a CPAP machine, but I still wake up tired. The trigger for my sleep apnea was when I gained 30 pounds in 3 months due to a stressful job, overeating, and lack of exercise. Also my family medical history is not great and I don't want to repeat history with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, and more. I already see myself heading down that path, and I want to go down another path to a healthier life. I am very ecstatic about Whole30! I truly believe this is the first day of the rest of my best life! LET'S DO THIS!
  12. Hi everyone! I'm starting today. I remember looking at Whole30 2 years ago, and thinking how crazy it was. Well, here I am. I am doing it for 2 reasons: to stop cravings for sweet and carbs and to lose weight. I know that it's not supposed to be the primary goal of this program, but I've been struggling to lose 10 pounds for years. However I am putting the scale away today until the end of the program. I already eat extremely clean most of the time, that is until the cravings hit and I can literally put away 6 slices of bread with butter. So here I am toasting to a good start with my unsweetened morning coffee! Cheers, everyone!
  13. Hello all! My mom and I are starting our Whole 30 journey, TOMORROW! We were going to start today (and we still kinda are) but we didn't realize when you sign up for the daily emails that you have to start at Day 0, haha. We already have been preparing food for the week and today is now a test run! Thank you all for your support, I am very excited to be starting my Whole 30! -Angela
  14. Hi there, I learned about whole30 from my friend kim. I have been struggling to stay away from sugar and other bad foods and have been feeling like crap. I am excited and ready to start the whole 30 journey March 1st. I have a huge party I am planning for the end of february so March 1st is the best date for me to start.
  15. Just getting started and need to go out and buy a book. Which one would you recommend, if I can only buy one? Whole 30 or It Starts with Food? I'm looking for two things with this purchase. I have already done a similar program to this with my gym in October, but I needed the Why to help me stay motivated. Why can't I eat beans? Etc. I am also looking for recipes and meal suggestions, so not sure which book would be more helpful to me for those reasons.
  16. I'm well into my official Day1 on the Whole30. I've been doing the program for the past several days as I immerse myself in learning the program and already feel changes. Made Bone Broth and cooked up a chicken. Grocery shopping done. Whew, never thought it would be easy, but then I seldom 'enjoy' cooking. Have good support at home, am retired and will soon return to work part-time - so this is doable in my busy lifestyle. I welcome suggestions for making it easier. I plan to try some of of the freezer recipes. So far, the biggest lesson I've learned ... Read the labels. Look forward to learning from everyone!
  17. Day one today - cleared contraband from kitchen, imagined feeling healthy again, and jumped into the Whole30 pool.
  18. I've been researching meal plans and recipes and I'm ready to start but I don't want to do this alone. Is anyone interested in starting this with me? I'm from St. Paul, MN.. Thank you! Trina
  19. Starting tomorrow!!!!! So excited and terrified!
  20. Hi Everyone! July 1st I start and I am nervous... mostly due to the withdrawal phase. Want to do this because of health reasons. Lots of autoimmune in my family and I'm tired of being tired and hurting. Looking forward to meeting people with the same goals!
  21. I like to joke about my food intolerences because it makes it easier to cope.I joke that every other thing bothers my stomach and it changes from day to day. My husband and I have dabbled in Paleo but when we fall off its way off. 15 years of gaining weighttogether. We have tried other programs like MRC which is nonsustainable. Forward to May 2. 2015. DH hears about ISWF. I read the book and we start May 2. Then my daughter has a baby on May 8 and we step in happily to help with our 2 year old grandson. I find I am not as prepared as I need to be. Perhaps more mental then actually food wise. My daughter also had some post C Section complications. May 16- restart. Going well until trip to Panera. I asked the server if there was gluten in the vegetable soup.She answered with certaintly none.Started eating and guess what the soup had pasta. May 22 - broke the news to hubby that I needed to eat at home for a couple of weeks. Really think for the whole month. He loves to eat out so I wanted to take it in small steps. I go again
  22. Well I decided yesterday that we would start for the first time and commit to the 30 days. Today I cleaned out the fridge and pantry of all or any temptations. Today I re-read all the guidelines etc. Today made a meal plan for Week 1. Today I started my food prep for Week 1. made balsamic dressing, marinaded chicken souvalaki, made mixed nut bars as a snack. These were my goals for today. Tomorrow I will shop for veggies and fruit. and a few pantry items that I need for the week. Looking forward to getting back on track with clean eating!! Real Food!!!
  23. Hi all, had this idea to start whole30 in May, bought the book and started reading. I had in the back of my mind that I am going for afternoon tea with my sisters on 25th- could I have a free pass for that? Reading further I realised that - no I can't!! I also have a couple of training days in May which may be difficult to navigate. So I have decided to spend May preparing, learn some new recipes and start cleaning up the diet a bit. I have eaten Paleo before for an extended time so whole30 is not completely new but I got out of the habit due to life getting complicated etc and now having crazy carb cravings when I try and cut back! Depression makes it very difficult as I turn to food for comfort - I also get a lot of headaches and find myself reaching for quick energy fixes a lot. Anyway, enough rambling, any tips or just empathy would be welcome!!
  24. Days 1 and 2 have gone well, although I do miss my glass of wine. Actually, that is not true. I am primed to think I miss my glass of wine. Last night I went out to my bookclub, and everyone else was drinking wine, and I happily drank water. In fact, I found the smell of the wine slightly repulsive.
  25. Hi my name is Brittany and I'm starting my WHOLE30 tomorrow !!! couldn't be more excited to get in shape and feel GREAT. Ready to love and treat my body with what it deserves!