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Found 378 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm am committing to my start date on June 1st. Just bought the Whole 30 book on pg 20 and decided to join the form!
  2. I finished my Whole30 a few days ago, and I lost 8 pounds. I went from 155 to 147. I'm a 5'4" female in my early 30's. BUT, *more importantly* it became obvious to me that my relationship with food and my scale isn't serving me. Here are some of my Whole30 discoveries... Realization: One of the hardest parts of Whole30 was not weighing myself which made me realize how much I let the scale define me. I used to weigh myself every morning and the number would lead to a cascade of feelings (good or bad depending on the number). This is such a limited way to view myself. To put it in perspective, if a friend judged me every morning based on my weight, I would kick that person out of my life. So why wasn't I treating myself with the same respect? New Commitment: I've decided to weigh myself far less (like 1X a month, if that). And instead, I'm now starting my days with a spiritual text - usually something about treating myself and others with kindness & compassion. I read articles that refocus my mind on the most important parts of life - human connection, nature, and simple, healthy living. I like starting the day on a positive note. It helps me live more mindfully. Realization: When I go to the grocery store, I can really only shop in 2 out of the 12 grocery isles because the majority have unhealthy choices. This was a very clear sad realization about how our grocery stores are focused on shelf stable foods with preservatives and additives that prevent them from going bad. The majority of foods in stores do not support our health. I already knew this, but this fact became glaringly REAL during my Whole30. New Commitment: Eat whole, healthy foods. Continue learning to cook. I don't need to be compliant 100% of the time since my Whole30 is over, but I'd like to respect my body and put healthy foods in it most of the time. I actually think it's healthy to eat "treats" once in awhile (for me personally, everyone is different). I think being too stringent can lead to a mentality where I'm chasing perfection...which doesn't exist. I like riding my bike. I'm in a reflective place, so I will try to come back and update this post after I've thought more about my experience. - J
  3. Although there isn't an official 7 day meal shopping list, I created my own for you to use with the new Whole30 book if you want. This is for one person. I was unable to find recipes for slow cooker beef brisket and plantains in the new Whole30 book. So I used the Braised Beef Brisket recipe instead. You will have to find a pan fried plantain recipe and add those ingredients to the list. I hope this helps. Enjoy!Shopping List for 7 day meal plan.pdf If you're having trouble downloading the shopping list, try this link instead.
  4. Hi, I'm Rhonda. I live in Southern California. On Mother's day (5/14) my daughter told me about the Whole30 eating plan. I listened. My daughter has been doing this for the past 3 years and she looks amazing. She is 27, and started this when she was 24. She is in the best health I have seen her in, and she feels great. I was telling her how getting old sucks (I'm turning 48 in a couple of months) and how I always feel bloated, and I have put on weight and how I have arthritis type symptoms, aches, pains, etc. And, I mentioned how I have tummy problems. She told me all about Whole30 and how it's great to get rid of inflammation and help me feel better. I honestly could use weight loss too, but I'm more concerned about my health overall, not just losing weight. I know that if I improve my eating, then weight loss will happen anyways, so that I am not so much worried about. I just want/need to feel better. I have been thinking about doing a liver detox, but honestly, I feel most of the time too weak to do much, and exercise and fasting or detoxing in general sounds a little too tedious to me at this point in time. So here I am on day 2 of this eating plan, and so far so good. I haven't cheated. I almost accidentally cheated with some hot wax peppers, until I learned they were filled with sulfites. I remembered to read the label. I would appreciate any simple, on-the-go recipes, or recipe ideas. My daughter told me one recipe, that I wanted to share, that she enjoys. I haven't tried it yet, but this is it: I don't know where she got this recipe, but it sounds amazingly good. Breakfast Bowl In a bowl mix: 1/4 cup of chopped cashews and walnuts (mixed) 1 small apple chopped up in bite size pieces 1-2 Tbsp of raisins Unsweetened, shredded coconut (small handful) Pour either Unsweetened Almond Milk or (Optional "Light") Coconut Milk over it. Sprinkle with Cinnamon/Nutmeg Eat it like you would a bowl of cereal. I hope to come up with some amazing recipes on my own and learn about recipes others love and want to share. I'm really looking forward to feeling much better. Attached is a photo of me that was taken in the Winter (December, 2017) at the Japanese Gardens in Portland, OR. It was really cold. Dealing with a lot of bloating, inflammation, and pain. Not taking any medications for anything. Hoping that eating better will help. *Fingers Crossed*
  5. Argh. 21 days into my Whole30 and just accidentally ate cashews (maybe 2 servings) that had peanut oil and/or cottonseed oil. I don't know why, but I didn't even think about it. Honestly, I can tell too because my stomach hurts. Normally, I'm not very aware of my body, but maybe that's one benefit of eating so clean for 3 weeks. It hurts. Do I need to start over?? I think I might cry if I have to. While I like & understand the Whole30 program, I feel very psychologically restricted. As someone who's suffered from eating disorders, that's a *real* challenge. I am not hungry (at all - in fact, it's a problem), I have plenty of energy and I feel great - but I also look forward to the opportunity to do things like eat out and follow an 80/20 plan rather than 100% all the time. Perfection is exhausting.
  6. I have completed two long rounds of Whole30. My first round was 100 days and my second round was 125 days. I just wrote a blog post about how the Whole30 completely changed my life. Check it out now at Thank you!
  7. Hello! I'm hoping to find some suggestions/wisdom for a surprising eczema occurrence in the midst of my whole30. On Day 18 of my whole30 I developed an eczema flare-up near my mouth and on my hand. I’ve had eczema like this in the past, but hadn’t had an occurrence in over a year and it was never this bad (in the past it was only on my forehead). I was surprised to see it pop up in the midst of the whole30 and am baffled as to why it occurred now, seemingly out of nowhere when I hadn’t had an occurrence in so long. I have 2 main theories, and am interested in any other ideas/input. 1. Is this some sort of die-off / adjustment period from now being completely grain free? (I rarely had dairy anyway coming into this so I don’t think its from removal of dairy) 2. Am I reacting from an approved whole30 food that I’m actually sensitive to? For example, I’ve always eaten eggs and nuts, but now I’m eating them more often, could the increase in these foods be triggering my eczema? Any advice as to what may be the issue here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Whole30 #1 AAR I'm writing my AAR with a cup of Earl Gray tea, no half-and-half, and some avocado/tuna/chipotle lime Primal Kitchen mayo beside me. Four weeks ago I couldn't stomach tea without cream. tastes fine. I couldn't imagine eating tuna mixed with avocado, and I HATED mayo. Now I love a little dollop of Primal Kitchen's mayo, for the mouth feel and the kick of heat that goes with it. My life before: Never in my life had I gone without sugar for more than a couple of days. My weight cycled within a couple of pounds of 130 all my adult life. At 132 for a starting weight, I wasn't that heavy for my 5'4" frame, but in the last year I'd regained weight I lost working out with a personal trainer and being very conscious of my calorie intake. I was working out regularly, but I was going at the elliptical or the weights like they were opponents, not tools. Worse, I weighed myself daily, and that number set the tone for the day. If I could get back the moments I spent thinking about my weight, strategizing to lower that number or congratulating myself if it was "good", I'd probably have months of my life back. Maybe years. Worst of all, I felt out of control. I was tense all the time. Easily irritated. I had a hard time focusing and was nervy and highly strung, rushing from one thing to another without much awareness. Nearly every activity - writing, reading, going somewhere - was an excuse for a "treat" - tea with chocolate, a Diet Coke from the soda fountain at a gas station, a petite vanilla bean scone at Starbucks. This was to do the things I liked to do! My gut was a mess. I was either bloated or constipated, and sometimes both. I used Bikram yoga to kick start things once a week, but the rest of the time, pooing was another battle. I hated the way my stomach bulged, the way my pants were tight. Sleep was hell. I had a hard time falling asleep, had a hard time going back to sleep when I woke up in the middle of the night, and woke up with what I now know was a sugar fog every single morning. Beyond the physical symptoms, the slightest hint of drama - anything from a family problem to a train delay when I needed to get to the airport - sent me into an emotional mire of anger, resentment, bitterness, complaining, victim-whining, and judging. I was working to separate my feelings from everyone else's, to stop worrying and planning and caretaking for others, but I just couldn't seem to gain any traction with overcoming my codependent thinking. Even my horse, a high-strung Arab who mirrors my internal state back to me, knew when I was strung out on sugar. For years - DECADES - I'd tried to maintain a prayer and meditation practice, to go to yoga for the spiritual and mental benefits, but I always ended up quitting, or competing in the classes. Judging the other women in the room, comparing myself to them. Who was fitter? Bendier? Who was more authentically in the pose? (Hint: it wasn't me). I knew I was living in a toxic sludge of insecurity, inferiority, and shame, but I just couldn't break out of it. In short, I was living on a sleep-deprived, emotional and mental merry-go-round in which everyone and everything in my life - family, friends, work, hobbies, my own mind and heart and spirit - was an opponent, an obstacle, a thing. I suspected sugar was the root of the problem(and by "suspected" I mean I knew damn well it was a problem but I wasn't giving it up). Around New Year's 2017 I saw the Whole30 mentioned in a NYT article by a food writer who said he'd done the program and really recommended it, especially to reduce sugar intake. I got the book from the library, scoured the website, and wanted to do it. But my travel schedule early in the year - England, Santa Fe, San Francisco - meant I'd have a hard time stringing together 30 days at home. So I put it off and put it off... Then one day I woke up and knew deep inside I was "sick and tired of being sick and tired" other words, Ready with a capital R. I told my husband and son I was going to do it, went to the grocery store for some basics, and started the next day. In hindsight my impulse decision and minimal planning helped because I didn't freak myself out with systematic preparation or a huge buildup. I just got some Primal Kitchen mayo and some tuna. I didn't think this would actually work, or help. But I wanted to know, so if it didn't work, I could eat chocolate and bread and drink half-and-half in my tea with impunity. (I have maybe 3 alcoholic drinks all year, so that part was easy for me). This won't work, I told myself. Just do it so you know. I didn't really expect to make it past day 3 or 4. That's about as long as I'd given up sugar in the past. I signed up for the daily emails (which are so awesome - I owe my continued success to the materials included in those emails). I was so intent on starting, so ready, I didn't pay any attention to the date. I didn't start on the first of a month, or on a Monday. I decided Tuesday, and started Wednesday... ...5 days before Easter. Days 1 and 2 I felt pretty good. I became more aware of how often I thought about treats, how I structured my day around those treats, starting right after breakfast with Ghiradelli chocolate chips and my tea. But it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, because I was Ready. Then day 4 hit. Day 4, the Saturday before Easter, I had the mother of all headaches, no energy, a thick, fuzzy layer of pollution in my head, and a serious attitude. I thought, "F this, and F the potential for Tiger Blood. If I feel this F-ing awful the whole time, I'm going to quit. It's not F-ing worth it." husband brought home a grocery sack of chocolate for our son's Easter basket. He made a triple layer chocolate Guinness cake with fudge frosting for his family's Easter meal. He made rolls from scratch. He made brownies for our son because it was Saturday night. All while I was 4 days into the Whole30, and feeling like a train hit me. Only after some research did I realize I had been drinking 5-6 cups of Earl Gray a day. I'd totally given up tea (because without cream, why bother?) which meant I was short 1-2 cups' worth of coffee in caffeine, plus the occasional Diet Coke, which meant I had a stinker of a caffeine withdrawal headache. So I drank more water, went for to the barn for a ride because sunshine and horses help anything, and stuck it out. In the end, I didn't eat a single bite of chocolate bunny ears, not a lick of a beater or a spoon. I even helped him make the rolls! The next day I woke up with a clear head, and an eagerness to get out of bed. I started to notice how much better I felt. (Skipping the Easter dinner with a table full of stuff I was choosing not to eat helped). That trend continued as the days passed. The headache disappeared. My brain felt less polluted. The bloating disappeared. My gut figured itself out and got regular. I made a cup of tea and while I didn't like it without cream or sugar, I didn't wince at it, either. I noticed new desires - I wanted to try I Heart Umami's recipe for caramelized pork and sweet potato hash, so hauled myself to the grocery store and bought a bunch of things I'd literally never cooked or cooked with before, and made it. It was delicious! So was a recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts and bacon. Who knew?!?!? I felt empowered. Strong. Like a mofo boss. I got married at 22, and while my husband is an absolutely amazing man, I'd chosen to let him decide how and where we eat. (I put myself in that victim role, btw). For the first time in my life, I was the sole decision-maker behind what I cooked for myself, what I put in my mouth. I wanted something, I cooked it, I ate it. I loved having cooked vegetables in the fridge to throw on a baked potato, or toss with some cooked chicken. It was a revelation. Mostly, I enjoyed the new recipes. Sometimes I made something and thought, "Yup, that one's a dud for me." But I didn't beat myself up for wasting the time and money on a dish I threw in the trash. I moved on. I could notice and celebrate both my initiative and my response to a "failure", because sugar didn't have total control over my brain. What was that all about? I noticed the cravings were still there, but less powerful. It was like giving up sugar opened the thinnest of wedges of space between WANT and GET. I could wait just long enough to stop myself from going into autopilot "grab those chocolate chips and maybe some raw cookie dough while you're at it" mode and instead think, "Give it 5 minutes. It will pass." And it did pass. Every time it passed, I remembered, which gave me a little more strength the next time a craving hit. That same space opened in my interactions with family and friends, my engagement with my life and the world. Annoyance occurs, little wedge of patience is there, annoyance doesn't need to be responded to. Every time, another layer of...what is this?...peace?...sanity?...grace?...spread over my soul. It was possibly the most healing part of the program. I could sit in meditation, label my thoughts as thoughts, and return to my breath. Day after day, I clicked the link in the emails saying I'd made it another day. After I got through the Easter Sugar-palooza, the thought of clicking the "start over" link was unbearable. No way was I clicking that link. For the first 10 days, I I kept weighing myself. Then, 10 days in, the number that had been going down or staying steady went up half a pound. I went into a shaming tailspin, but, thanks to no sugar for 10 days, managed to pull myself out of it long enough to ask for help. My BFF said, "Why don't you try finding out how you feel 'in' your beautiful body not 'about' your body?" Why not, indeed? I drove my scale to her house and texted her: "My scale is under the bench on your porch. Don't give it back to me until May 11." The next 20 days were the most liberating of the entire program. Without the steady sugar infusion, I was able to pay more attention to when I was hungry, what I wanted to eat, and how my clothes fit rather than a number. I went to two weekend-long, out of town horsemanship clinics, took a cooler full of healthy, on-plan food and meals, and didn't break stride. Celery, carrots, and guac for lunch? Yes, please! Another potential hurdle became a confidence builder. My horse noticed the difference - we'd never partnered so closely before. Both weekends were rousing successes. Over the last 3 weeks of the program, I practiced living into the reality that I could be physically and emotionally healthy rather than "skinny" and out of touch with my feelings, judging my body every single day, and letting a number tell me whether or not I'm ok. Turns out I am ok. Period. In fact, right now, I'm better than ok. I'm not anxious, sleepless, bloated, fretful, irritable, living my life on a treat-dictated autopilot, or letting a digital readout tell me whether or not I can love myself and my body today. I'm living more creatively, more in the moment, more present to my family and friends. My skin feels smoother. I sleep better. My clothes are looser, as are my rings. No bloat. Happy gut. As it turns out, I like Earl Gray without cream. I also like almond milk lattes, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potato hash for breakfast. I'm content. But...I did want to know what the physical results were. Today is Day 31, so I weighed myself, and took measurements. I lost 7 lbs, and an inch off my waist and hips. My husband took the scale and hid it. I don't need it anymore. My plan is to continue to follow the Whole30 program, allowing for days off for things like Mother's Day. It turns out I don't miss dairy, legumes, or alcohol, so I'm not going to add those things back right away. If I do, I'll follow the reintroduction protocol and not mix items so I have a clear idea of how something affects me. In addition, I've set new goals for the next 30 days: add more vegetables to each meal, and eat without doing anything else - reading, working, etc. I want to pay attention to how I nourish my body, not just fuel it. My goal is no longer to lose weight or inches. My goal is to maintain the health that is the birthright of being born into my body, and to strength the habit of treating myself gently and with compassion. Thank you, Whole30. You've given me a life I never knew was possible. I'm so grateful!
  9. Hi! My name is Nancy, and I am preparing to start my first Whole30 on May 1st. I have been reading the books, planning meals, cleaning out the pantry, and getting my support system in order. I've even set up an instagram to track my journey and asked friends to follow me there (accountability!) (Ps. it's @futurowhole30 if you're interested.) I'm really excited! I decided to do Whole30 in late March, but chose my May 1st start date because of a lot of socializing and work trips during April. I knew that I needed the time to read and get mentally prepared to make myself successful. I've spoken with a lot of "real life" friends who have done the program, and everyone has had positive feedback for me. Of course, I have some things I'd like to get from this program, but my main focus right now is just not getting caught up in expectations, and just getting ready to rock it! : ) Nice to meet you!
  10. Hello Everyone! I finished my first whole 30 on April 24 of this year and I've been battling digestive issues ever since. After my whole 30 ended I began reintroduction of grains and dairy in small amounts. Two weeks passed and I felt completely fine. Then suddenly I began getting extremely ill immediately after eating. At first I had severe pain in my upper middle abdomen, nausea, acid reflux, and vomiting for about three weeks. At one point I even went to urgent care because the pain was so severe I was afraid I had been poisoned or something. Now I'm experiencing bloating, cramps in the lover abdomen, and diarrhea. It doesn't matter what I eat. Everything is making me sick. I've been reading on here that other people have had similar experiences. I'm hoping that someone who has had this can tell me how long it took for your digestive system to get back on track? Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  11. Hi all, This is my second time around my first was 3 years ago now. I have completely fallen off the bandwagon with my food, over Christmas and Easter I decided to make poor food choices and a lot of excuses. I'm back now. My last whole 30 was a success, not in weight but in the way my body looked and felt, and in the way my mind perceived my body. I'm excited to be starting again, I'm excited to stop the mood swings and the ugly feeling in my gut. I'm ready to feel at the top of my game again. I'm starting May 1st 2017 Looking forward to sharing stories and support on here
  12. How long should I do a "Gluten Challenge" to get tested for Celiacs when I had been eating a gluten diet my entire life until doing a Whole 30? I finished my first Whole 30 about a month ago, and did 2 weeks of reintroductions after that. I discovered I had a really strong/bad reaction to gluten: foggy head, hangover feeling that lasted 3 days, bloating, cramping, migraines, insomnia, extremely tired. After talking with my doc, she suggested I get the blood test for Celiacs. But to do so would require me to eat a "gluten rich" diet for at least 30 days. I started eating gluten immediately upon hearing this so I could take the test, about 2 weeks ago. I am not sure I'm going to make it for the full 30 days, I feel so uncomfortable eating gluten again. I have permission from my doc to do the blood test now after 2 weeks, but I understand 2 weeks may not be long enough and I may get a false negative result. Everything I have read says that you should do this challenge before the test if you have cut gluten out of your diet "for awhile." But does a Whole 30 even count as "awhile?" I'm now at the point where I feel back to my "old normal" from before the Whole 30: generally a low-grade gross feeling. I don't get headaches or feel foggy all the time, but I am tired and I don't feel good generally. My questions to the forum members are: Have you experienced a gluten challenge? How long did you do it for? How long had you cut gluten out of your diet previously? What was the test result? Lastly, I'm not sure where else this fits in this post, but: I LOVED the Whole 30 and intend to do another one the minute I can stop eating gluten. I never realized how badly I always felt until I reintroduced gluten after W30.
  13. I have been on my fitness journey for sometime now. I have hit a plateau & I am really curious to see how well my body responds to No Sugar. Wish me luck!!!!
  14. Starting Whole 30 in the next two weeks. Would love to find someone in the Chicago area who's doing it too, so we could be in touch for support, accountability, and new ideas.
  15. I am a poster child for poor eating from the book - I ate a diet full of carbs and processed foods. However, I never had trouble sleeping - maybe even too much. I could sleep for 11 hours a night with no problem. I am on day 4 of my first Whole30 and every night since starting, I've struggled to fall asleep (taking 1-2 hours to go to sleep) and I'm waking up multiple times during the night. None of my normal habits have changed except my eating so I assume it's something related to Whole30. Any ideas what might be going on? Is this just part of the detox phase or should I change something?
  16. I'm a rideshare driver. Yesterday as I rode along with a bag of carrots riding shot gun, a passenger got in with a chocolate frosted yellow cupcake. The old school kind. The kind that looks like it was frosted with a knife by a loving grandma, not piped out of a bag by a hipster. He tried to tell me carrots were just as good as cupcakes. I tried not to slap him. I thought I was doing fine with the carb cravings until I found myself waxing poetic about that dang cupcake to my next passenger. I went on for about a minute, which doesn't sound like a long time but... Forgive me for jumping from cupcakes to constipation but OMG the constipation! Wasn't expecting that. I went from eating a pescatarian diet that leaned more towards heavy on the carb and dairy vegetarianism of late to doing this Whole30 thing. Well I guess my body isn't used to processing so much animal protein. I'm doing fish and egg. And more of it than usual since I can't have beans and falafel and love any more. Anyway, yoga twists, tons of water, kombucha, and coconut water (don't even start with me about only being able to drink coconut water if I'm running a marathon or some chizz. I HAVE A SITUATION HERE! And it's 100% coconut water. No sugar. No added juices. It's FINE.) seem to be doing the trick. The troops have lined up at the border and we're seeing multiple small scale evacuations today. I remain confident. So how's by you on this fine day?
  17. I am on my second whole30, and this same thing has happened to me both times! At about day 5 of my whole30, I get shooting, cramping "bone pains" in my shins, thighs and hips that last for about a week then go away....They are hard to explain but kind of feel like "growing pains" Does this mean that I'm missing some key nutrient? Or is this a sign of sugar detox or something like that? Has anyone else experienced this?! HELP!
  18. Hey All, My weight loss has hit a plateau now I am stuck on 154.4 lbs since 3 weeks now... The only relief is that my overall blood work reports are great and secondly, as per my Gym trainer I have lost inches all around, these results are keeping me sane right now. According to the blood work, I have Iron, B12 and Vitamin D deficiency, my doc got me started on supplements for those. She said that's expected, as I m on a diet and there's nothing to worry about it. I was wondering if anything like this is happening to anyone else as well? Do I need to get worried?!! (I m panicking though). If there is someone out here on this forum with this same issue, any help or suggestions or tips will be highly appreciated. I hope I move away from this plateau soon TIA
  19. Hello!!! I am new here to Whole30... my boyfriend and I started our first round on Monday. We're on day 3! Besides an awful headache yesterday, a not so bad headache today, and a few cravings.... we don't feel half bad! I was expecting to feel a lot worse! HELP! Am I doing something wrong here?!? Is anyone else expietencing this?! Thank you so much!
  20. So, here's the deal. My wife and I are taking our two girls to Disney World in a week. We have had this trip planned for a long time and are very excited. I had thought about saving Whole30 until after this trip but really wanted to start the process of feeling better so I could really enjoy the Disney experience. Now I feel better but realize this is not going to be an easy trip as a Whole30 convert. We are staying on Disney property and do not have the ability to eat out for every single meal. We need some easy to store and take food ideas that we can pack in our bags for the flight. We will eat out for one meal but will need something to eat for breakfast and lunch. Then, some snacks. Ideas?
  21. Hello everyone, I do Crossfit and workout 6 or 7 days a week. I also compete. I'm coming off a different nutrition challenge that didn't go quite as expected. However, I have gotten in the habit of no pre-WOD meal and only a post-WOD shake. I use egg white protein powder and fruit for my shake. The protein powder is egg whites and sunflower lecithin. Should I continue with this trend of no pre-WOD meal and only a post-WOD shake? Is the post-WOD shake whole30 compliant? If not, what alternatives should I be looking into? I plan on meal prepping prior to my comp in April. Any suggestions or recommendations, outside of bake a sweet potato and boil some eggs? Thank you!
  22. I'm on day 5 of my first whole30, have experienced lots of ups and downs and just started feeling like I'm getting the hang of things. Ate my breakfast and felt super positive about really getting myself to do 3 meals a day without snacking (really tough for me I'm a snacking addict) Anyways, I go to take my multivitamin and realized I hadn't thought to read the added ingredients (don't ask me why it's literally the one thing I space to look at when I started) and to my dismay there is organic brown rice in the coating I feel so discouraged and frustrated I have to start over. Just looking for positive reinforcement here, who else has done something like this on their first whole30? Also some amazing multivitamin suggestions that are compliant would be appreciated!
  23. Hey all! I just successfully completed the Whole30, as of two days ago! Wanted to pass a long a short reflection on my experience of the diet as a trauma survivor: Keep up the good work, ya'll! Anna
  24. Tonight I'm committing to changing my toxic eating habits. I'm tired of watching my life pass and being too tired to join in the fun! I'm way too young to look forward to naps and quiet Saturdays stuck in the house alone b/c I'm too lethargic to walk outside. I live in beautiful San Diego and stay inside most of the day due to low energy levels. I read all of the testimonials. They are encouraging to say the least. I never realized my lethargy, acne, nightmares, stiffness, & bloating were caused by the food I ate. I just figured if I cut out desserts I'd be fine. I thought egg whites with white cheese and store bought guacamole was a healthy choice for breakfast. Reading the info on this website makes a lot of sense. I have a confession, though. Last night as I was deciding to start this program today, I had a slight panic attack. I ate 5 string cheeses when I realized I won't be able to eat cheese for 30 days! I knew it was a horrible thing to do right before going to bed but I couldn't help myself. I started to cry thinking about not eating cheese. Oh man, I really need this reset!
  25. Hi, everyone! I've been doing my first Whole30 with my friends, and have spent hours searching for recipes and compiling this Google Doc. I initially did it with the intention of keeping it organized for myself and helping out my friends, but I figured y'all might find it useful as well!!! Each recipe links to the original article, so no copyright is infringed It is organized by appetizers, meats-- well, just see for yourself! If you have any recipes you would like me to add, please reply with it to the post and I'll be happy to share it. Happy Whole30ing!