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Found 53 results

  1. Hello! So I've tried to think about what I wanted to say without being redundant with all the other posts on here (not sure if I'll accomplish that). Some background... I've done the whole30 twice and loved it both times. It's a lot of work, but worth it. I currently eat a Whole30-ish diet. I enjoy working out, but have not for most of my life. I did a 5x5 routine last year for a couple of months that I really liked where I woke up, ate a hard-boiled egg, worked out, ate some tuna/sweet potato PWO, then had a normal breakfast within an hour. I'd like to start working out again using the same program, but will probably eat breakfast beforehand and then go workout within an hour. My purpose is to gain some muscle, but mainly to stay fit (I lay around currently). As I peruse the world-wide-web for input and incite into eating healthy while working out I get pretty confused (especially when it gets to eating to "bulk up"). I'm not a doctor or nutritionist so I tend to believe those that are, (or at least those that spout off the scientific benefits of certain foods and when to eat them). Maybe I'm gullible. So my question(s) are...being on a whole30-ish diet, what do whole30's "forbidden foods" do to your body while working out? Like grain, legumes, gluten, dairy, etc. I see recipes that look/sound fantastic for breakfast (or for other meals), but I don't know what they'll do to me physically/scientifically. Say for example, oatmeal for breakfast with milk, or tuna with whole-grain crackers and other flavors for a PWO. Would I be hindering my goals by eating differently? Do non-whole30 foods aid in muscle growth such as dairy, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc. or is there a better alternative? Would almond milk provide better nutrients than dairy and crushed/ground nuts be better than oatmeal? Sorry if this is confusing or going around in circles. It kinda feels that way in my head right now. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any insight or advice that you may give. God bless!
  2. Hi everyone, About a year ago I used to be a very active gym-goer, but last summer I got sick and then fell off the wagon completely, so I haven't been to the gym consistently since Aug '16. I completed my W30 at the beginning of February '17 and am now getting back into a gym routine again. I still follow W30 90% of time. I'm happily "riding my bike," sometimes more strictly W30 compliant and other times less. I primarily keep up with the W30 meal template to structure my meals and I'm struggling with the pre and post workout meals. Firstly, I have the kindle version of ISWF and the carb curve is damn near impossible to read - and then my real question is: what qualifies as a high intensity work out? I'm concerned about adding in too many carby vegetables and either moving out of fat burning or defeating myself but carb-loading. Right now I eat one carb heavy veg a day whether I've worked out or not - either a yukon gold potato, a sweet potato or a plantain. Today for instance I had M1: Half a potato frittata (2.5 eggs) and an arugula salad with homemade mayo. Small handful of blackberries. PreWO: 1 egg, handful of nuts PoWO (also counted as M2 - which I know is not what you're supposed to do): coconut chicken tenders, pan fried plantain, small salad. M3 (will be): Posole from W30 cookbook. Large salad, Roasted broccoli So I will have had a potato with M1 and then the plantain with PoWO/M2. I can't tell if this is too much? I work out fairly hard at the gym - I'll do 20-30 min of elliptical where I'm pushing hard and fast with some resistance for about 30-60 seconds for every 2-3 minutes. Then I tend to do some treadmill - usually fast walking for about half a mile, then I'll run all out for a quarter mile and then walk to cool down for the last quarter mile. Then I'll do some weights type exercise - either free weights or machines or things like crunches/planking. But I'm not sure this qualifies as "high intensity" because I'm doing high intensity bursts for short periods of time - I'm still working when it's not the bursts - sweating the whole time, but it's not like I'm taking a burn class or doing HI internal training. Help? TIA
  3. Hello WHole30-ers! I am wondering what if any supplements or food are allowed intra-workout (during your workout) and like a banana/coffee BCAA's etc. I presume a banana is a no-go for the use of sugar as energy source. Caffeine e.g. coffee is ok? I use BCAA's and caffeine and pre-whole 30 would usually eat a banana intra workout. I have noticed a decline in the intensity that I could bring to weight lifting specifically; I used to take Amino Energy (caffeine+BCAA+trace amount sugar) and a Whey Protein post workout and nothing before the workout. I have gotten good energy outside of the gym, but that extra that you need at the end of set has not been there for me, is this a time thing? Or a weightlifting thing? I feel like my workouts are at about 60-70% of usual and my recovery time has slowed a bit. Thoughts? And any feedback on this would be great! Thanks!
  4. So as a cyclist and motocross rider I do a lot of strength and endurance training. I'm on day 7 and I'm getting more energy now, but my muscles are like 3 times sorer than when I was drinking electrolytes and supplements the day after. Am I just not getting enough of the right nutrition or what here? I'm chugging water daily, doing pre workout meals and after plus my 3 meals.... Seems to be really bad in my forearms for some reason, thoughts??
  5. Hello all, my name is Ryan and I'm a intern architect as well as a watercolor artist in Dallas, Texas. I heard about Whole30 from a friend at work. After researching and convincing myself along with my girlfriend to try this, our journey begins tomorrow! I just wanted to introduce myself and say hey. Would love to have some Whole30 support friends if there are any other newbies out there starting around the same time or something! Also, any thoughts for someone who does a lot of strength training and cycling / spin? Looking for something after workouts to help in place of protein drinks. I had a rough moto injury 2 years ago and broke my collar bone so looking to help with the continued inflammation of that, seasonal allergies, and my super sensitive skin. Best, Ryan
  6. Given my workout (running) and when I do it (in the morning, before work), I'm a little strapped for time. is it possible to add a little bit of food to my pre and post workout meals and just make them breakfast? im not necessarily hungry for both and don't really have the time? thank you in advance!
  7. I am on day 8 of my 2nd round of Whole 30 (first round was August 2016). The first time I did the Whole 30 I was not exercising daily as I was in the middle of unpacking when we moved into our new home. A 20 minute walk with the dogs was the most I was doing in terms of 'exercise'. The pre/post workout meal was never on my radar. This round I am working out for roughly an hour in the afternoons at 4:30pm. I rotate weekly between HIIT on the treadmill, hot yoga, weight training and rock climbing. My first meal of the day is at 7am, second at noon and I have the pre-wo meal at 3:30ish to prep for my workout. I am getting stuck on the post workout meal and dinner. I know, according to the meal template, that the post workout meal is a bonus meal and not meant to replace dinner, but honestly I end up eating my post workout meal around 6 and I'm done for the night. This meal has the recommended amount of protein and carbs (usually yams or squash, no fruit) and some greens and is eaten within 30 minutes of the end of my workout. I can't bring myself to eat again later in the evening, especially when I go to sleep at 9pm and prefer not to have a full stomach. I am not snacking between meals or at night. I know this is happening because of the time of day I am working out, but it is the best time for my schedule during the work week. Is it ok for me to be replacing dinner with my post workout meal? On weekends, when my schedule is more flexible, is there recommendation of how much time should be between a post workout meal and a regular meal such as lunch or dinner? Thanks in advance. :-)
  8. Please help. I am doing Whole30 with my girl friend and having a good bit of trouble with my energy. I am 33 years old, six foot three inches and weigh about 195 to 200, ex college tennis player. I play tennis at least five days a week and do high intensity training at least five days a week as well. At one point during high school and college I was on a 6,000 cal diet, basically just eating as much as possible. What would you suggest with me always being hungry and searching for sources of energy? Thanks so much for your help!
  9. About the first 12 days I was exhausted, and definitely felt like I was hungover and detoxing. Had very low energy. After day 12 I started having a lot more energy. I started doing more around my house, more errands, and have more energy at work. It's like my mind is hyper focused. But I've had so much mental and emotional energy that I haven't wanted to start working out again. I worked out before w30. I also had a lot of insomnia. And now I'm enjoying the good nutrition and being able to sleep. I think exercise is going to have to wait until I can/want to focus on workouts. I'm on days 18, but extending at least a couple of days because I was taking a non-compliant vit d3 with glycerin for the first 2 days. Oh, and I have Hashimoto's and psoriasis (autoimmune disorders). Now zzzzzz
  10. Hi there, I am new to Whole30 (1 week in) and I am just now taking on to the pre & post workout meals. Sometimes though the meals end up serving as my lunch because I eat late sometimes and am not hungry. First question: What are some examples of good pre & post workout meals? Protein + fat for pre-workout and protein + carb for post-workout, right? I've done a scrambled egg + guacamole for pre and sweet potato + mushroom for post. Could ya'll give me some more suggestions, I'm lacking in creativity/don't know too much about nutrition? Second question; Just HOW important is it to incorporate these mini meals? (i.e. how bad is it that they ended up being my lunch yesterday...yes I was hungry after dinner and had an almond butter, almond milk, coconut shred, chia seed concoction that I'm not sure constitutes as cheating or not....) I'm 24 y/o female with no weight problems, just trying to lose the last 10. I workout 2-4 times a week at a hardcore Pilates-esque studio.
  11. This is my second round on Whole 30! The first go around, I didn't have too many issues with 'eating schedules' and got my 3 meals in a day (plus a snack before the gym). I did not, however, eat first thing in the morning. Instead, I'd have my multiple cups of coffee and wouldn't eat till about 3 hours later. This time around, I am trying to do better about cutting my coffee intake and eating when I technically should. I wake up at 6:00am during the week. I am not a morning person and I am the type of person that can't generally stomach food that early in the morning. This time around I have been making my best effort to eat no later than 6:30-6:45 but even that is a struggle. First question: is there anyone else out there that eating so early in the morning is an issue? On the weekends and wake up on my own time, I can easily eat within the hour. Second question (more of if anyone has a suggestion): Since I'm trying to eat earlier, I'm getting hungrier faster and more often but my schedule is pretty tight. I'm trying not to snack in between other than a pre-workout snack but even through my workouts I am extremely hungry. 6:00am - Wakeup. 6:30-6:45am - Food (beyond stuffed) 7:15-8am - Drive to work, guzzling 32oz of water 8-12pm - More h20. Half a gallon usually done by noon. (Pretty hungry by 11am) 12pm - Pre-Workout Snack. Usually compliant Larabar 2pm - Lunch (stuffed) 5-6pm - Drive home. More h20 7-8pm - Dinner (stuffed) 10:30-11pm - Bed time. (Feeling slightly hungry though) I eat a well portioned meal, each meal. I realize that I am very active and my energy levels are NOT lacking, so I know I'm fueling myself. It is a large gap between breakfast and 'lunch' but I can not possibly eat anymore when I'm sitting down eating. I'm considering going back to eating when I get to work because I actually feel hungry then. I never feel hungry at 6am in the morning, even if I didn't eat the night before (old bad habit. not current habit). I keep reading that you should feel hungry when you first wake up and it just doesn't happen to me unless its the weekend (I'm well aware of how ridiculous that sounds). I've tried eating lighter in the mornings and not even that seems to help. Anyone care to add their two cents in? Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! I plan on starting my first whole30 between July 1st and 8th, and I plan on working out. I've been doing a program from fitness blenders at home. I just wanted to get together and motivate each other to keep moving and maybe have some friendly competitions with each other. Just something to get our minds off food. So if you want to join, the name of the group is literally Whole30. Can't wait to meet you.
  13. I just started my first round of whole 30 and am unsure about snack that I can have throughout the day and before working out. I usually work out most days just before lunch or dinner, so I don't need an special post-workout meal, however, sometimes I feel like I just need a little something before working out (I do cardio and weightlifting mostly). I'd be happy with just an apple or a handful of nuts but what I could find is somewhat inconclusive , because it's often referred to as pre-workout meals that seem way more substantial than I need...especially given, that I usually have lunch or dinner shortly after.
  14. Hi, trying to figure out how to structure my morning meals.... any guidance would be great! I am up by 5:00 to get in my workout. Usually having a HB egg or a handful of almonds, some coffee.... then I need to be done working out by 6:00. Generally I just eat a normal breakfast ie. eggs, veggies, fat (avocado or eggs fried in oil), a starch (because PWO) and sometimes some fruit. I am wondering though if I should follow more of the whole30 workout suggestions and have a PWO snack after my workout, some protein, maybe a starchy veg.... but then I don't know when I would have breakfast. I finish my workout, eat, shower, get the kids ready, and am out the door by 7:15 and at work for the day. What would you recommend?
  15. Hi all! This is my first time posting to the forum, but I am looking for a little help! I live in NYC, and I am very active. When I'm really doing well with my workout regimen, I take a morning workout class at various boutique fitness studios throughout the city. Technically, I live in queens, it takes me an hour to get to work, so I typically choose studios that are a halfway point in my commute. That being said, I don't have time to mess around in the morning. My pre-workout snack is something I can eat with 1 hand, standing in a train (so something packaged) so I usually rely on a banana and coffee (I know, not recommended). My post workout snack is the same deal, some quick protein I can scarf down walking to work, and then I have my actual breakfast once I'm at work. As a result, I also find myself relying on RX bars more than I would like. So, can you give me any recommendations for portable pre/post workout meals that include some sort of wrapping (I don't want to touch any after a class or on the train!!). Thanks in advance!
  16. I have a few seeming remedial issues/questions to throw out on this forum. Here goes: I'm on Whole30 (Day 11 wrapping up) and I'm just wondering what the basis is for not having alcohol--as in a glass of dry white wine, which according to my research, has 4 grams of carbs and less than 8 grams of sugar in a glass and 100 calories. I'm fine not having it for 30 days but when I go back to "normal" I'm thinking of what I may want to add back in and wine is definitely at the top of the list. So it got me questioning what is wrong with it in the first place? Is it bad for you if you have 1 glass a few times a week, generally speaking? I thought it had tons of sugar in it, but apparently most dry whites don't. And I have a local wine store that I shop at where they pretty much know the vintage, etc, so I can get some personalized service when I am done with Whole30. I guess it can depend on a lot of factors, which is why knowing the vineyard, vintage, etc (via the wine store owners) is key. My other question is bread. Without it I am hungry all the time. Which is a different issue (below), but my question is, why is bread the devil lately? I know so many people who are gluten free, but bread has been around for the ages. Do we just eat more than our ancestors did? Or do our bodies just not process it the right way anymore? I was thinking, once Whole30 is over, I would start making my own bread. Is that a better option? Is everyone anti-bread because it's so processed these days? My kids love their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it's one of the staples for their lunch. So before I go giving up on bread in my house, I want to know the reasons why everyone is on the gluten-free bandwagon, even if you don't have gluten intolerance issues? No one in my family has gut or gluten issues. We have pretty iron stomachs. I'm happy to make my own if it's bad because of over processing. And pasta that is whole wheat and organic? Is that "bad" now? Because in Italy I'm guessing most kids still eat that every day (probably not even whole wheat) and it is another staple in our diet. I'm trying to sort out which foods my family should avoid. I know with weight loss bread is a big one to avoid, but if the rest of us (not including my husband) digest things fine, then is it wrong to eat it? If not, then how many servings are okay a day? Now onto my hunger: I'm doing this because, while I eat pretty well, I think I could eat healthier. But the main reason is to support my husband because he wants to loose some pounds (like 10-15). But I don't want to lose any. I'm already on the thin side. Today I had Chia Pudding, 2 eggs and sweet potato cakes for breakfast and was still hungry. I ate a big lunch, a huge chicken salad (Whole30 approved), charred zucchini, then a cashew-banana-vegan smoothie, then had a spoonful of cashew butter and while at the gym, I still bonked. Total sugar shakes, etc. Luckily I had a Lara bar with me but that barely did the trick. I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm feeling worse by the day on Whole30. Is it possible my body just doesn't have the reserves to do this? I have always had a very high metabolism so I'm wondering if i'm burning through everything too fast, and if so, how to fix it? I know I threw out a lot here so thanks in advance for anyone who wants to take on my questions!
  17. I need some guidance on meals I should be eating before and after workouts. I typically work 8:30-6pm, Mon-Friday. I have a compliant size breakfast, compliant lunch, some fruit and nuts for snacks around 3pm, and then workout. I have a boot camp style (high intensity training circuit training) from 6:15pm-7:15pm, on Mon, Wed, Fri. I usually have to make dinner when I get home around 7:20 (I live very close to the gym). I finish dinner around 8:30. I also workout on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday spin classes for cardio. I listen to my body with the spin classes, and if I'm not into reaching high intensity, I pull back. I don't feel like a pre or post-workout snack is necessary. I'm always energized when I know I need to workout but I know my body needs the fuel. I feel more energized by staying hydrated (drink 4litres a day) throughout the day and then having a really big dinner, and then go to sleep around 9:30 or 10pm. Completely lost on what I should be eating when I'm training that much!
  18. I'm on Day 15 of my first W30, and I'd like to optimize my meal schedule. Advice would be appreciated! Thanks! My questions based on the proposed schedule below: Does the spacing and frequency of my meals look alright? Can my M4/dinner substitute as my post-workout meal? Or should I be eating something in the car on the half-hour drive home from the gym to get the most out of my recovery? Can I just have a little more starch and a little less fat at dinner and try to eat within an hour of my workout to get the same results? My workouts aren't that intense. I know, I know, processed foods are terrible, but will it kill me to have an Epic bar as a pre-workout meal a couple of times a week? I don't have time to stop and microwave anything, or eat anything with a fork. Is a salted, cold HB egg my only eat-while-driving option for pre-workout? Should I be worried about eating M4 so close to bed? I can't think of a way to eat dinner any earlier. Note: I'm starving when I wake up but my current schedule doesn't have me eating M1 until 3 hours later. My schedule now: Wake up at 5AM, shower, rush out the door at 6:20AM. Between 6:20 and 8AM I'm in the car, on the bus, or walking (i.e. limited and/or no opportunity for eating) - drink a little bulletproof coffee during commute M1 when I get to work (8AM) - finish rest of bulletproof coffee M2 (12PM) M3 (4PM) 5PM-6PM on the bus Pre-workout meal in my car as I drive to the gym 6:15PM-7:15PM workout (30 min. moderate intensity bodyweight workout or 1 hour of yoga*) Half an hour to drive home from the gym Prepare quick M4, sit down to eat around 8PM Asleep by 10PM *if I do the yoga class from 7-8PM then I don't get to eat dinner until 8:45PM My proposed schedule: Wake up at 5AM, eat M1 at 5:30AM, leave for work at 6:20 M2 at 10:30AM M3 at 3:30PM 5PM-6PM on the bus Pre-workout meal in my car as I drive to the gym 6PM-7:15PM workout Half an hour to drive home from the gym Prepare quick M4, sit down to eat around 8PM Shower at night to save time in the morning Asleep by 10PM
  19. I am used to working out with a trainer 3 times per week with circuit training of at least a moderate to high level. The workouts are tiring, but I always get through them. I am currently on day 9, and my past two workouts have left me exhausted to the point I have had to sit down and rest during the workouts--not usual for me at all. Also, I have noticed just a general lack of energy over the past 5 days of the program. My trainer likes the idea of my new healthy eating, but she does not agree with such a lack of carbohydrates-especially on days that I am working out. Any ideas on why I am feeling so tired, and also, what I should do on my work out days to boost my energy level to get through these workouts without exhaustion? I keep waiting for the tiger blood, but I think I have sloth blood at the moment.
  20. First round Whole30, and the first three days... I've been hungry almost constantly. I'm eating to the point of feeling full at my meals, but only 2-3 hours later I'm hungry again! Pre-Whole30, I ate very similarly for lunch/dinner, however breakfast/snacks typically consisted of oats/protein powder or a protein shake (especially post-workout). Is my body just used to the harder to digest protein and now it's digesting more easily? I also used to eat 5-6 meals a day in smaller quantities (similar protein/fat/veggie structure). Limited whole grains, and if I did have them it was rice or quinoa. I work out 6-7 days per week, mix of cardio and strength training. Perhaps I'm also not getting enough carbs? I've been having starchy carbs 1-2 meals per day (sweet potato or banana), and 1-2 pieces of fruit. Currently feeling hungry, light-headed, and thirsty. Help!
  21. I've read in the Whole30 book that I should definitely eat something before working out, and something after working out too. But it also refers to this meal as an "extra" or "bonus" meal. I work out at 5:30AM. So I had a little protein and fat before, and a little after working out, including a carby veggie. Were these two my breakfast? Or am I supposed to also eat again for breakfast? I am confused.
  22. Hello Whole-30 world! I just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself, both for accountability purposes and because I think this is a great resource for inspiration and encouragement! I believe everything good you put out in the universe will come back to you. My name is Chris, and I am a DC-based young professional looking to get back into the groove of health and wellness. In 2013 I was regularly attending MMA and Thai boxing classes that totally whipped me into shape. I graduated from University in 2014 and fell off the bandwagon when most of my time became devoted to job apps, interviews, and stress. Having moved back to DC in April and started a wonderful new job in June, I have no excuses to not take the necessary steps towards a healthier life. (Plus, every gay man in DC takes grossly good care of himself, so I should probably up my game ). I will be starting Whole 30 on October 1st, however I will be traveling in Central Asia towards the end of the month, and absolutely will not pass up the chance to try regional cuisine. At least I will get most of the month in before I head out. Question: Does anyone have any recommendations for workouts that pair well with Whole 30? And any recommendations for W30 approved pre and post-workout snacks? Also, please let me know if anyone in the DC area would be interested in possibly forming a small supper club that could meet every few weeks and do a potluck-style dinners.
  23. Hello! I work out at Orange Theory Fitness (3 x a week) and just started another round of whole 30 today. Has anyone had success blending the two? My body tends to hold onto weight when I do intensive exercising so I'm a little concerned. I have 30 pounds to lose so I don't want to stall it in any way. Background: My first whole 30 was really successful in many ways including weight loss. I jogged couch to 5k 3 x a week and lost 11 lbs in that month. I would love for that to happen again but I am burning an average of 550 calories for every Orange Theory class I take, so obviously it's a lot more intense vs jogging a couch to 5k. Any thoughts? Opinions? Success stories?
  24. Hey Whole30 friends. I have yet to start my journey, next Monday is the magic day but I have a few questions before I get going. I have adopted a paleo based diet in the past while I was in dance school and found it really beneficial but this will be my first Whole30. At the minute I am training to get in my best physical shape as I will be going on tour in December for the whole of 2016. I'm lifting weights with a trainer, and taking gymnastics, pole and Ballet class. I also work in a nightclub until 3 or 4 am. I am a big snack person as I find that I burn through energy really fast and irely heavily on coffee to get me through work at night. I'm worried that if I eat massive meals instead of smaller snacks that I'll be taking in too many calories. Also I am starving hungry and exhausted when I finish work, should I just go straight to sleep on an empty stomach and wait to eat til I wake up? Hope someone can help me! Thanks!
  25. Hi friends! My husband and I are starting our first Whole30 on April 1st and we've been planning a lot, but there's one area I need some help in. We normally do a small protein shake post-workout to recover & replenish, so I'm having a hard time figuring out some real food options for post-workout snacks. I know they are supposed to be protein + carb, but I was wondering if I could get some examples from you lovely people on what your go-to post-workout snacks are for recovery! We do CrossFit, so any of my fellow WOD-lovers, feel free to weigh in