One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

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Cheat meals turn into cheat days. Cheat days can run into cheat months. Months and months of non-stop cheat days can turn into an entire year of eating while in the unconscious mode....rebounding with every pound that it took a year or more to release while in the dieting cycle.

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Cheat meals leading you into an entire year of binge eating. Not stopping one single time until all of the original weight loss is regained. It might take up to a year to regain all original weight loss but  usually happens in less than half the time it took to release it.

Eating it all back.

If not one time during the process of eating it all back did your brain stop you, not one single minute -  did your thought processes interrupt you from eating it all back, this is a food addiction.

Many dieters can gut it out for a year or more, losing tremendous amounts of weight.  About the one year mark, they start eating it all back until they've rebounded with every pound plus friends.

This is a food addiction. It will require help to undo and begin to manage it for the rest of your life.

If eating while in an unconscious mode is more present than not in your life, you need help to stop these wild swings. UP and down cycles of binge eating. 

Got eating in the unconscious mode?  Cheat meals won't fix it. They will only put you on the fast track to digging a much deeper hole for yourself.   

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