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Hey everyone!!  It has been so long for me that I couldn't get my old password to work and had to sign in thru Facebook, so I look like a, the old lady....well, I have welcomed back all the weight I lost thru W30 several years ago and also now find I feel both chubby AND tired/, hoping to start a 30 tomorrow....any good solid structure will help.

i know about BLE and have a good friend who did it and lost tons.  She also runs an online coaching program on a life without sugar and wrote a book: Candy Girl.  I would recommend her.  JIll Kelly.

I am linking up on the forum w a newbie who is just starting her first tomorrow, but I feel as though I have found true north finding you all still here. Will try to check in more regularly.  I took a temporary promotion at work, so havebbeen busier than usual, but plan to retire when it is over by early next summer....time for some serious self my hubby is getting older so I need to be with him more as well. 

Hoping for the very best for each of you,,





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