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I am not yet pregnant but am scheduled for a frozen embryo transfer next month. I want to be doing all I can to make it a success, hence why I'm Whole30-ing until I get my big fat positive. My doctor recommended I begin taking a prenatal vitamin right away. I was on Whole30 day 13 until yesterday when I took my old prenatal vitamin without thinking. I had major digestive upset a couple hours later. Sure enough, when I read the label I found it had corn starch in it. Ugh! I've since been on a quest to find a vitamin that both has everything needed for pregnancy AND is grain free. I'm beginning to think one doesn't exist! What do other mamas and mamas-to-be take?

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I have been taking Thorne Basic Prenatal and Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA for my whole30. Found them both on Amazon and they are pricey. But they are compliant! 

If you do take the thorne, make sure you take one at 3 different times. The first day I took all 3 after breakfast and was miserable the rest of the day.

Here is a thread discussing the Thorne


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