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I am so hangry right now.. I'm curious to see what everyone's daily meal plans looks like.


Right now mine is something like this (but again, this is day 1):

1: 6 prunes and a hand full of almonds

2: 2 clementines

3: Salad with 2 hand fulls of spinach/arugula, 1 hand full of cabbage, 1/2 avocado, splash of balsamic vinegar & EVOO

4: 2 hand fulls of carrots and a hand full of almonds

5: 1 sweet potato with whole mustard

I also consume a gallon+ of water a day and have the occasional cup of black coffee.


I don't think I am consuming enough of anything but I didn't get hungry until now (5:00pm). So maybe this is normal? I didn't do enough planning so I am worried about staying on track and using a sustainable meal plan. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Friendly reminder: I need VEGAN suggestions and examples, not vegetarian.

Thank you so much in advance! :)


All the best,


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I know very little about what Vegans eat, however I do wonder what you're planning on doing for protein... Also, I assume you didn't eat 5 meals today... the meal template applies, even if you're a vegan, which means 3 meals 4-5 hours apart, not grazing/snacking all day.

I'm not saying what I"m about to say next to discourage you, only to be real, there are very few vegans on this forum just due to the type of omnivore program that the Whole30 was written for, so you may not get a plethora of responses.  Perhaps it would help if you let us know if you're planning on eating sprouted legumes/tofu or if you're trying to do the Whole30 with just vegetables and what you used to eat?

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