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  3. What do the rest of your meals look like? Are you eating enough in general, and in particular enough fat and protein? Without knowing what your meals generally look like, I would just say to make sure your meals match the meal template, meaning a palm-sized serving or more of protein, a serving or more of fat, in addition to the oil you use to cook with, and 2-3 cups of vegetables. If you're hungry, try eating a mini-meal with some protein, fat, and vegetables. If your meals are definitely large enough, and are keeping you satisfied for 4-5 hours at a time, then maybe eating dates
  4. Hey friends! I began my whole30 on September 1 and so I am in the final push! About five days ago my sugar dragon woke up hard core. I had been doing really well not eating dates and almond butter, which I know is my kryptonite but all of a sudden I cannot keep my hands off them. I’ll eat a dozen in a sitting and can’t stop. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is and it is often late at night. Help? I can’t figure out how to stop and I can feel my body responding negatively and puffing back up.
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  6. Day 31 this is it! I got on the scale just now & the verdict is … -2 kg It’s not a massive amount & not what I expected if I’m fair & honost … I was hoping for a bit more weight loss as once you start the reintroduction, a bit of weight, I suspect, will come back on?! I also believe it isn’t much of a loss of weight but rather water retention. I was really swollen lately… I am grateful for fitting in a few dresses a bit better. I am reintroducing just a little bit as I will be back for another round next Monday. So I am going to take the weekend off as we h
  7. Day 30 Today is my last day which means tomorrow I can start to reintroduce certain foods/drinks, one at a time. I am feeling very bloated today so not a great ending to my whole30. Because of this weird virus I've been carrying around sine day 1, I've been very low on energy & tired and just not feeling myself. This made me not work out for nearly 3 weeks which is very unusual for me as I'm usually 4/5 days per week found in the gym, running or teaching yoga... I never experienced the Tiger Blood & I don't think I lost weight ( I feel this in my clothes), ex
  8. Hi Rebecca, I'm at day 30 today which means I'm finished & can start with the reintroductions tomorrow. I'm sorry you still aren't well. In a way it's good to know that you're not satisfied nor felt that Tiger Blood as I'm not feeling that as well & I have no idea what they're talking about as I never felt it. I am very low on energy as well & I think besides the water retention lost, I didn't lose any weight. I am usually 4-5 days/week in the gym or running or doing something... I haven't done anything (except going for walks), in the last 3 weeks. I just physically
  9. You would need to probably call the restaurant and find out what accommodations that they're able to make - suggestion is to call at a non busy time and then make sure you have the rules of the program with you. Things that are listed as umbrella items in the rules (sugars, additives) have their own cheat sheets linked in my signature below that you may want to review before calling.
  10. Yes, the sprout part isn't the problematic part so any type of 'sprout' is fine but the actual bean @brenner.peggyis excluded. There are many foods that different eating mechanisms like Ayurveic would consider a good choice - for the 30 days of the Whole30, mung beans are not compatible.
  11. Monday Breakfast Scrambled Egg, 2 peices of bacon Coffee w/ Almond milk Lunch Leftover Whole 30 Coleslaw Snack 1/2 Lara Coconut bar Dinner Roasted Vegetables w/ Tahini Dressing
  12. Monday September 26, 2022 M1: leftover romaine salad with avocado and chicken, PK gg dressing Post workout snack: 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond milk, almond butter, banana, ice M2: potato-egg salad, carrot and celery sticks Mid afternoon snack: 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond milk, strawberries and ice M3: spaghetti squash with ground beef in marinara sauce I woke up well rested this morning, didn't walk as planned due to the rain but walked 2km this afternoon and 8km after supper. I love my favourite green salad, especially before a morning a
  13. Hi Peggy--I'm a newbie, too, but I have not seen mung beans mentioned anywhere as an exception to the general "no legumes" rule. I do see, however, that a recipe in the Whole30 book (cold Thai salad) calls for mung bean sprouts as an optional ingredient, so those must be OK.
  14. Day 27. I’m still not well, in fact today k have taken the day off work and stayed in bed all morning. Then got up and have had a very slow afternoon. I have not felt well now for weeks. I am feeling quite down about it as I have had a really successful w30, no alcohol for nearly 8 weeks and yet I don’t feel any better. No tiger blood at all (yet) and I feel exhausted and wiped out. I know it’s not really related to my w30 but I had hoped I would feel better and I feel the same if not worse. i intend to just carry on with the plan but as it is my husbands birthday we are going out for a mea
  15. Sunday September 25, 2022 M1: leftovers: rotisserie chicken, roasted veg, ghee, protein shake with banana M2: romaine salad with chicken and avocado I woke up this morning still tired, snoozed until 7:30am. I haven't felt any affects from eating the piece of chocolate cake Friday evening, and I will continue with W30 eating until the end of September, when I will do some more reintroductions. I have an outdoor camp planned for September 30 until October 1, and plan to have some dairy free hot cocoa on Friday evening, oatmeal Saturday morning which I may switch out for pota
  16. Hi Rebecca The ratatouille Sounds Like a great idea, it’s like a shakshuka. oh yes cutting out nightshades would also be too restrictive for me. I don’t always eat potatoes but when I don’t eat meat, I feel I need a little bit of sweet potato or normal potatoes or I get hungry again after 1 hour ;-) yes I also make my chia puddings with frozen fruits & another favourite is grating an apple with cinnamon (cinnamon is supposed to be anti inflammatory) & raisins. Pop some roasted nuts on it in the morning & it’s a bit like a healthy muesli or Bircher muesli. I d
  17. Some people do cut out potatoes and other nightshades (eg tomato, pepper, aubergine) but that feels too restrictive for me, and i love tomatoes breakfasts- I like a chia pots too. I make kind with chia, coconut canned milk, frozen fruit, raisins. I make 2 or 3 days worth in advance in boxes in the fridge. I also make ratatouille, portion into boxes, then in the morning make a little dip in the mixture and crack an egg in, then microwave the whole thing until the sauce is hot and the egg is cooked.
  18. Day 20, Tuesday September 20, 2022 M1: romaine salad with cucumber, green onion, matchstick carrots, kale, avocado, chicken breast, PK gg dressing Post workout snack: 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond and banana M2: shepherd's pie, banana M3: romaine salad with avocado and chicken Last night I dreamed that I forgot I was on W30 and I ate a piece of cake with cream cheese frosting. Haha! I'm not having any cravings. I'm 2/3 of the way through. Day 21 - Wednesday September 21, 2022 M1: scrambled eggs with prosciutto, kale and sweet potatoes, g
  19. Hi Rebecca, You’re most welcome! I’m making it again tomorrow. Getting lots of protein in my body might hopefully help me lose some weight…? I understand how you feel. I’ve also not felt the need nor been wanting to drink except for this weekend. I’m getting a bit frustrated because I feel like I haven’t lost any weight except for the water retention. It kinda doesn’t make sense either, eating super healthy, I try not to eat anything after 8pm to give my body the rest to digest for at least 12 hours. I drink water with ACV in the am… it’s frustrating but still I want to come
  20. I agree! this virus is apparently going around, I hear friends from all over telling me the same things & it for sure ain’t covid ;-) I’m starting to feel better & get my energy back. I’ll try to get back into my workouts this week. we have a wedding coming up next weekend & I know I’ll have champagne & wine. If I don’t like it, I will not drink it cause I feel it’s not worth it. but I sure miss a good glass of white wine during the weekend.
  21. Monday Breakfast Sauteed Orange Bell Pepper w/ two scambled eggs and hot sauce Iced coffee w/ almond milk Lunch Chicken salad w/ Cherry Tomatos Snack Lara Cashew bar Dinner Chicken Curry with Cauliflower rice Tuesday Breakfast Orange bell pepper and scrambled eggs w/ hot sauce Iced coffee w/ almond milk Lunch Egg Salad with tomatos and celery Snack Raw almonds Dinner Chicken Curry w/ Cauliflower rice (left over) Wednesday Breakfast Scrambled eggs w/ bacon, Iced Coffee w/ Almond Milk Lunch Avocado, Tomatos, and Celery w/Mayo/
  22. That’s annoying that there was sugar in your meal! It is so hard to eat food out when on this plan! we have talked before about the mystery virus- I still have times where I am feeling really wrung out and exhausted, even after 3.5 weeks! And I have not drunk alcohol since 13th august. I don’t feel ready to stop yet so I think I will carry on after the 30 days are done. I had hoped to feel really healthy and energetic but this round I just haven’t.
  23. That recipe sounds delicious! Thank you. I am not what I will reintroduce first. Normally it’s wine, but I am really enjoying being alcohol free. It’s my husbands birthday next Friday so I feel there is pressure on me to drink, but I don’t really want to. it sounds weird but I miss my scales and I am finding it hard not tracking my food, so actually that might be what I reintroduce. I’m not missing any actual foods so I will probably keep going a bit, but I am worried I may have actually gained weight as I have eaten so well! So maybe I will continue this, but track my calories and see
  24. My husband was given a gift card to Outback. Can I have the grilled salmon, baked potato, and seasonal veggies? I was going to ask that no dairy or peanut oil be used and that the veggies be steamed. I have never eaten there so I have no idea if they will be compliant or if there are hidden ingredients that I should be concerned about. Thank you for your advice. I am on day 12 and don't want to blow it.
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  26. Hi everyone, So this is my 1st round of whole 30 & I know it will not be my last... I am in my 4th week so this means I nearly finished the first 30 days... Today is day 25... Since I'm only getting the hang of everything now, I didn't figure out this forum soon enough and have only been responding to a couple of other participants. Technically I should have gone back to "day 1" a few times as I chewed gum a few times. When I started week 3, when I was halfway, I had a lunch in a town I've not been living in long & it was hard to find a good place to eat which has
  27. Hi Rebecca I've been MIA but stayed on track as well. Oh my goodness, what you're going through sounds like a nightmare week. I hope your son is back home & feeling better? I feel like this virus & cough has left my body but I'm still very low on energy though. So to hopefully help you a bit... Here are a couple of recipes I love cause they're quick & easy but also family favourites and so so fast to prep and serve. For the kids I will always cook a bit of rice; wholegrain or jasmin. This recipe contains chilli which I omit when cooking for the whole family.
  28. Day 24. I have had a horrible horrible week. My son has been very ill with a vomiting bug and ended up in hospital being rehydrated. Plus alongside that, my husband learned his company is making redundancies and we’ve had 2 stressful days waiting for more info. I have had a tough time at work and I am really close to leaving my job as it is so stressful. however: my food while it has not been perfect (not anywhere near enough veg, and today I didn’t eat at all til 6pm) and generally badly planned, badly executed… I remained 100% compliant. No turning to food to make me feel better
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