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  3. Starting 11/24 - Anyone in?

    Day 19! Two days in to my work trip. Sprouts, In-n-Out, and Chipotle have saved me so far with compliant eating out. I brought breakfast and lunch items which is working out great so far. The training class is stocked with muffins and snack size candy, but they do have a pretty good fresh fruit bowl too. Although we are at a Double Tree and they brought in freshly baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday afternoon. Soooo bummed I couldn't have one, but I survived. I did binge on some pistachios though! Nuts and nut butters seem to be my weakness at this point. Hope everyone else is doing great! I still have good energy and am sleeping fantastic!
  4. Lightheaded + head rushes

    @Kimiora Are you staying satisfied for 4-5 hours between meals? Not, can you white knuckle through and manage to 4-5 hours without passing out, but you should just be starting to be hungry around the four hour mark or so. Eggs, when they're your only protein, should be as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand -- for most people that's 3-4. If you don't want to add another egg, you could add a bit of some other protein -- some leftovers from dinner the night before maybe. Are you salting your food? Too little salt can definitely cause the inability to concentrate, and there's not salt on eggs, meats, or vegetables unless you add it. For fat, add at least one serving from the options on the meal template in addition to what you cook your food in. So, cook your eggs and veggies in coconut oil, and then serve them with half to a whole avocado, or a handful of olives, or a dollop of mayo.
  5. Start Date: December 1st

    Hurray for getting over challenging weekends, and, again, in *December*! I guess I'm feeling a bit proud on behalf of all of us to do this now, but I already said that...EWilbur, glad to see you here. Sorry for all the tummy troubles...I second what Holly said about eliminating the possible suspects. That happened to me last spring, and it turns out it was the antibiotics that I needed to take starting on day 8. I did a W60, and I was still sick for over a month afterwards. When I started on Dec. 1 I was a little gun shy about all the vegetables because at one point I thought that is what was making me sick. The good news is that it's such a good life skill I think for the long haul to do all of the eliminations! Holly, I'm planning to use electrolyte infused water to prep for my 'scope, which I've been hearing about, but haven't found yet. I have some Epic bone broth on hand, and if it's clear enough, I will drink that too on prep day. As for kombucha, I love the stuff myself. I think my friends were making a list of the things they are skeptical of. More for me, I suppose! I haven't brewed it myself, but admire that from afar. Overall my energy level has been really, really good. But I'm struggling with not getting back to sleep in the middle of the night, and hence not wanting to get up early to exercise. As for food, today was dicey. I went to the movies with a friend (we saw Ladybird, it was AWEsome), and we had lunch afterwards. My pork chops with apples and ginger had - are you ready - cream sauce! I scraped it off to the side and ate the chops, anyway. I'm goin' with it. I was stunned by the pitifully small amount of vegetable on my plate - I could eat ten times that much broccolini. I could earn a gold medal in eating my veggies, lol. I'm feeling a little nervous about the upcoming prep and procedure, so my security blanket is a batch of soup in the fridge, and a double batch of these babies which are mixed and ready to be cooked up. I'll get up extra early tomorrow to make my sliders and assemble a salad for lunch - tomorrow will be a 10 hour day at work. If I roast my yams, I will have everything I need for recovery, and the weekend without having to cook until at least Monday. RunGirl, your running friends sound awesome. I'm so glad you had them to help re-set your mood after the weepy/cranky days. Best to all
  6. No one does Whole30 forever, and the authors never intended anyone to do it forever. The point is to find out how foods affect you, and then figure out how to use that information to come up with your own plan that leads to your optimal health. For you, that may need to include protein powder, and that is fine. I'd also point out that your doctor has prescribed this, so even if you decide to do another strict Whole30, you do not have to give this up, as doctor's orders always trump Whole30 rules. Having said that, there are some things you can do. You can see if there is a protein powder that is Whole30 compliant -- it would probably be egg-based, as most protein powders are pea or soy or dairy based. There are things like collagen hydrolysate or collagen peptides (they're basically gelatin that doesn't gel) that might help, but they're not really the same as protein shakes which is what I'm assuming your doctor is telling you to take, so I don't know if those will work for you. If you can't find any that are compliant, or they're just too icky for you to stomach, you can look for powders that have the fewest non-compliant ingredients, and if you know that certain ingredients definitely bother you (for instance, if you react badly to soy), you can look for ways to avoid those ingredients. You can look for powders without added sweeteners so you're not having something that tastes like a milkshake every day, especially if you tend to crave sweets anyway. If you haven't already, find out from your doctor exactly what standards your protein powder will need to meet (like if it needs a certain amount of protein per serving or any other requirements), and then you can research more about what options you have. If you really, really don't want to do the protein powder, you can try talking to your doctor and find out exactly how much protein and other nutrients you need to consume each day, and see if it is possible to add real foods to make up that amount. You can still follow the basic idea of the meal template, using whatever portion sizes work for you, but having that combo of protein, fat, and vegetables at each meal. You can still focus on having real, healthy foods, and the protein powder would be a supplement to that. It's not like you're going to say, well, I have to have this protein powder, so therefore I'll have Twinkies for lunch every day . I think this is just your version of food freedom.
  7. Ways to combat symptoms?

    The off-road guide is a good resource:
  8. Kids On The Whole 30

    I am on Day 16 and my husband is on Day 9 of the Whole30 challenge and we have two kids (Boy 8, Girl 5). Both kids are very healthy and have no allergies. We serve the kids the meals we eat but they sometimes request and eat homemade sourdough bread, pasta, grass-fed butter, paleo pancakes, rice and dark chocolate. Their diet has become much healthier and they are eating a a wider variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and nuts because that is all I have in the house. I stopped buying sweets, cereal, chips, milk, cheese, yogurt & ice cream which has made a huge difference. Out of sight, out of mind. When they are hungry they eat nuts, hard boiled eggs, salami, veggies & fruits. Here is the paleo pancake recipe I use: I also recommend making pulled pork roast, pot roast & roasted whole chicken. That way you make food that lasts a few meals and don't feel like you are constantly cooking. Good luck!!
  9. Looking for a pickled red onion recipe

    You could try your recipe just without the sugar -- if you feel it needs some sweetener, maybe try a splash of pineapple or apple juice/cider, but it might be okay without any sweetener. You could do smaller batches a couple of ways and see what tastes best to you -- it might be that the all pineapple juice version is too sweet most of the time but works in some applications where you want something a bit sweeter. Different vinegars will also give you different flavors, so that's something you might play with sometime too. (Do be sure you check your vinegars for sulfites -- you can definitely find rice vinegar and red wine vinegar that are compliant, but there are also varieties that are not. The red wine especially will almost certainly have some kind of sulfites, just be sure that they're not added/listed in the ingredients -- it's fine if they're labeled "naturally occurring" or if, apart from the ingredient list, it says "contains sulfites." If you do these a lot, you might also look into fermenting your onions -- it's a slightly different taste than the vinegar-pickled ones, but gives you added probiotics. Here's one recipe:, and a different option: It's definitely something you have to plan ahead for, though, not something you can whip up for dinner tomorrow.
  10. Starting Today - 9 December!

    I am on my day 5!!! I feel great! I need to stop myself from having some foods but overall I handle pretty well. I am having stomach aches though. Anyone had that too?
  11. Hi there! I am a semi-professional athlete who eats mostly paleo/mediterranean but due to overtraining and also coping with major life changes (divorce, moving, mental health issues) I have put my training on a major slowdown, refrained from all competitions, and been super relaxed about my diet. I'm planning to use Whole 30 to do a diet reset, to get back to my training and to get back to competition. It is my first time doing Whole 30. My start date will be 2/1/18, and I have my sights on a competition in May. I'm trying to plan ahead as much as I can for my Whole 30 start. I will move into my new place the week before so that seemed a good time, I can skip the "pantry clean out" step and just start fresh with compliant food. I am a ballet dancer (retired), ADAPT-qualified parkour coach, parkour athlete, and student of Bei Shaolinquan (forms, full-contact sanda fighting, full-contact lei tai fighting, lion dance, and traditional Chinese weapons). I also do weightlifting as well as yoga, rock climbing, and other forms of dance for fun and to supplement my training. I love travel and cooking, and am a high school French teacher. I am really excited to get going on my Whole 30 and get my training back on track. Happy to meet you all and pumped to feel good in my body again!
  12. Hello there! I am a semi-professional athlete who eats mostly paleo/mediterranean but due to overtraining and also coping with major life changes (divorce, moving, mental health issues) I have put my training on a major slowdown, refrained from all competitions, and been super relaxed about my diet. I'm planning to use Whole 30 to do a diet reset, to get back to my training and to get back to competition. It is my first time doing Whole 30. My start date will be 2/1/18, and I have my sights on a competition in May. I'm trying to plan ahead as much as I can for my Whole 30 start so I'm trying to set up a rough 30-day meal plan in advance. I use homemade pickled red onions in a LOT of stuff. They are my go-to add-on to top meat, steamed veggies, bowls, etc. The recipe is red onions, rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, salt, and sugar. I am wondering if there is a compliant recipe out there. I have the Whole 30 Quick and Easy cookbook and there is a recipe for quick-pickled veggies in there. It uses pineapple juice for the acid and the sweetener, so I'm thinking of trying to apply that to just the onions but I think it will be too sweet. Anyone have a compliant pickled red onion recipe? Can I use unsweetened apple cider? I welcome your advice. I will try not to be too much of a noob.
  13. I had gastric bypass 4 years ago and did 90+ days of Whole30, time enough to find it helpful to deal with sugar cravings and notice an improving in many aspects. The downside is that without whey protein shake my globulin and albumin levels became really low and the doctor prescribed it daily. It's a dilemma, Whole30 is a program I'd like to adopt as a permanent lifestyle, but the protein powder is a must. How bad is that coexistence?
  14. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @littleg I think you should definitely say something to your physical therapist. If he was having a bad day he will likely own it but if he's oblivious or in denial then i would definitely break up as you're supposed to feel better after seeing him ... not worse! So glad you liked the recipe. My husband is channeling his hero Ron Swanson tonight and making steaks, eggs and bacon for dinner. I am afraid to ask what the vegetable is as I suspect the answer is sausage. Oh well! @Dragonslayer Parties are sooooooooooo tough and great idea to restart with buddy. You're amazing and you've so got this. I am going on for probably another 30 days. Funnily enough the only thing I miss is having a drink and i don't really drink that much other than the occasional glass of wine. But it's my birthday soon and a chilled glass of wine would taste so good. Will contemplate! Thanks for the feedback on the antibiotics. I didn't take them and am feeling a little better today.
  15. Sept 18 start date reintro

    It's nice to continue to hear from you all. I enjoy reading your updates and hearing about your continued success in applying all that you've learned to a new and healthy lifestyle! You guys are doing a wonderful job through all of your highs, and even your lows! I'm ashamed to admit that I have completely reverted back to old habits. Like, completely. For me, the trigger was convenience. I went home to visit family in another state for Thanksgiving for five days. My family literally has nothing in the house that is not processed garbage. Not wanting the expense and inconvenience of buying and cooking separate meals, I just decided to eat what they eat, planning to go back to healthy eating upon my return. Well, that hasn't yet happened. So yeah, no inspiring story here! I have, however, more clearly confirmed all the benefits of eating the Whole30 way to myself because I now feel and look crappy in so many different ways! And I'm committed to do another Whole30 sometime in January. So, I plan to be on track again soon but am very disappointed at my complete inability to maintain any healthy aspects of the lifestyle! Alas, I live and learn! Best wishes to you all! Continue to rock this new lifestyle!
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  17. January 1st restart

    I keep restarting but I take at least a few of the good habits with me. A lot has changed in my mindset and I know I can do this. Lydia Jo
  18. Lightheaded + head rushes

    Hi ladyshanny, thanks for responding! I didn’t mean to say I wasn’t going to eat so much meat in that earlier post, just was having an ethical dilemma about it (but thanks for remembering me!). You know I truly thought I was following the template - I have 2 eggs plus sweet potato plus greens plus coconut oil for breakfast, and palm-plus of meat plus starchy veg plus nonstarchy veg plus coconut oil or olive oil and often avocado for lunch and again for dinner. But I have felt weak, shaky, nauseous, inability to concentrate and what feels flashes? for several days now, along with deep deep exhaustion and sadness I feel like the amount of fat is thumb-size each meal but I will pay closer attention to that for sure. I also have noticed I can’t do without sweet potato pretty much every meal (still a sugar-burner??). I’m recovering from an injury so I’m not very active but have usually had a “high metabolism”, I run hot, etc.
  19. January start, based in New Zealand

    Thanks @kirbz and @ladyshanny for such quick replies! I am following both Whole30 and Whole30 Recipes on Intstagram and have requested the cook book from my library, so I should be ok for proper meals I hope! It is mainly the coffee side, I'm not super reliant on it, I've only recently started drinking it and have almost weaned myself off the sugar!! It is just nice to have I guess, maybe I'll try adding almond or coconut milk. I have done the bulletproof coffee before, I could just go back to that (I just had to add a teaspoon of honey in so we'll see haha). Good to know I don't really need the collagen, I just noticed that both Instagram stories this morning were promoting putting it in coffee. I thought I had found it nice and cheap through the company my partner gets his protein from but they put sweetener in it! Probably just give it a miss then. Okay, I'll keep it simple Not having just a bowl of muesli for breakfast is sure going to be interesting! Thanks!!
  20. January start, based in New Zealand

    Hi @Leah1991 - welcome! I totally understand the pull to buy up all the stuff that Whole30 markets as helpful/needed/handy during Whole30. But being from Canada where, insanely, it is almost as cost and goods prohibitive as being across the ocean, I would tell you that you don't need all (or any) of that. Nutpods: find an almond or coconut milk that is compliant or wean yourself onto black coffee or no coffee Collagen: handy, but you can get the exact same results by regular consumption of bone broth which you can easily and cheaply make yourself The Rest of the Convenience Foods: hard boiled eggs, burger patties, homemade mayo, olives etc. Honestly, you don't need the stuff that they market on the social media feeds. Keep it simple. Meat/eggs/fish, lots of veggies, some fruits and the good fats. You shouldn't really have trouble finding any of that!
  21. January start, based in New Zealand

    Have you checked out the @Whole30Approved Instagram feed? It features tons and tons of products that are Whole30 compliant. Perhaps some of the others would be easier for you to find in New Zealand...
  22. Hi everyone, I'm starting my first Whole30 on Jan 3rd (my partner's birthday is the 2nd so I had to wait for that to be over haha) and am a little nervous! I live in New Zealand and am worried I'm going to struggle to find compliant foods as easily. I really want to get nutpods for my coffee but don't know where I can get a substitute here, I checked their website and they don't ship to NZ. I was looking at collagen peptides as well but the VitalProtein shipping to NZ is a LOT. Is there anyone on here from NZ that has had success finding good Whole30 products? Thanks team! Leah.
  23. Lightheaded + head rushes

    @Kimiora - are you following the meal template and including proper portions of protein at each meal? Earlier you'd indicated you were not planning to do so at all meals. If you are and feel you are able to make it 4-5 hours between meals easily, we could take a look at what you've been eating and provide some recommendations and see if there are any small tweaks that you can make to help you feel better. Right around Day 10-ish if you have been under eating, it catches up because nutrition is my guess would be the same as yours, you just need more of everything.
  24. Lightheaded + head rushes

    Lisa iris this is happening to me too, on day 14 and it has been since about day 9 or 10. Thanks for posting your comment because I thought it was weird that it was happening to me later in the program. I really thought I was doing everything right following the template but I think I might just need more food than your average bear? Hopefully that’s it or else this is just not working for my body
  25. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @littleg same for me. Usually just 1 Glass actually helps me and I don’t lose control. But went a little overboard last night. I’m actually going to start my day 1 tomorrow bc I have a friend at work who decided she wants to try it with me! I’m so excited bc at least I’ll have someone to relate to and talk about it with. And help keep me accountable. Today was rough. Hungover, craving all the foods, hard day at work, and I’m so tired. Going to the store to stock up on my Whole30 groceries after work and heading straight to bed.
  26. Ways to combat symptoms?

    Rather than looking for a fix-all supplement, why not decide when a food is "worth it," and just deal with the consequences? I have a severe dairy intolerance, so it is a very rare occasion when it's "worth it" to me. Those in my social circle know, and understand. There are no hurt feelings if I can't eat something they've provided.
  27. Day 11 Question

    Yep. The timeline is just a compilation of most common dates and experiences but no one-size-fits-all. That said, could be some food combinations you're eating? List out a few typical days of food including portion sizes related to the template. We can take a look. Some common things that cause bloating: fizzy waters, nuts & nut butters, cruciferous veggies (broc, cauli etc), raw veggies and salad greens
  28. Day 11 Question

    Hello, I am on day 11 of the Whole30. I'm really loving it. Not having too hard of a time with cravings or hunger. In fact I'm stuffed and I feel bloated and my pants are tight. I read this is common on day 8. Is it common on day 11? Thank you!
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