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  2. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    Hi all - it is getting quieter here and I'd like to tell why I've been quiet. Here's my story (also posted on FB group I'm following): True confessions: I've done several rounds and have never failed to complete one, but life happened and it's just not going to happen this time. I've had an incredibly difficult week, emotionally and I chose to have a glass of wine on Wednesday. I decided to give myself a pass and just keep going till Thanksgiving. Then today I helped manage funeral food for a close friend's family. I went ahead and had some of the food. Nothing crazy - non compliant meatballs, corn chips, trail mix and another glass of wine (but no pie!). It just seemed more appropriate to share a meal and wine with my grieving friends than to worry about compliant ingredients. I made the decision mindfully so I don't feel regretful. Going forward, I plan to continue on in 99% W30 mode till Thanksgiving, but I will probably have more wine next week when my BFF, who has been living across country for two years while caring for an aging father who died three weeks go, comes home to pack up her recently sold home this week, then leave again. Wine will be required and that's just how it is. Reading this back, it's interesting that the wine is the "thing" because I almost never drink anymore. Again, it just seems appropriate given the life situations we are dealing with now. I really didn't have any interest in the pie, which sooo not like me. So, there's that. Let it be. I guess this is a version of food freedom. I hate not finishing a complete round, but I did make my choices very consciously and didn't just dive completely off the wagon forever, so I'm not going to let it get me down - I have plenty of other things doing that already. I hope you are all doing well! Betsie
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  4. ShannonM816

    David's Teas - which ones are compliant?

    These ingredients are all fine.
  5. ShannonM816

    Starting October 17th

    Remember that if you know you have issues with something and plan to avoid it going forward, you don't have to reintroduce it.
  6. Catherine Diaz

    David's Teas - which ones are compliant?

    Good day!! Brining back this post to life; we are about to start the Whole30 and we LOVE David's tea. I was looking at the Organic Sweet Ginger Heat and the list of ingredients makes me confused : Ginger, green tea, licorice root, orange peel, rosehips, pink peppercorns. With natural ginger flavouring. Is this allowed? Thank you!!
  7. ConnieC

    Starting October 17th

    I am a retired Midwife so really appreciate hearing from the young Mothers who are doing this to recover their stamina. I just started my first Whole 30 on the 17th. I am a 71 y.o. Grandmother and I sure do want to improve health to live a long and active life. I do wish I had started a bit earlier since the reintroduction phase will be going thru Thanksgiving. I am reviewing the reintroduction information and wondering about starting with the food group that I know I have some issues with which is dairy. What are other people thinking about reintroduction going over Thanksgiving?
  8. BrickHouseBecky

    Can I have (Aldi) Tuna with yellow pea?

    Thanks! Finding new tuna!
  9. MichelleCA

    I can't live without Splenda

    I was a HUGE Diet Coke addict: 1 with each meal + a few more during the day and another after dinner. 6 pack a day, had to have it, my favorite beverage hands-down. A holistic practitioner friend told me Diet Coke was about the worst possible thing I could drink, which really startled me (since I'd assumed all my life that it was far better than sugary regular Coke, and I'd literally been drinking Diet Coke since childhood, as my mom always had it around in copious amounts). I forced myself off of it, switched to plain iced tea, then eventually seltzer/sparkling water (which I now adore). When I had to visit my grandma suddenly as she fell ill and passed unexpectedly, I bought myself a Diet Coke - about a month after having last had it. It was RETCHED. I could NOT drink it, dumped it down the drain. Your tastes WILL change, you just have to give your body the time.
  10. MichelleCA

    Anyone starting 9/17?

    YES YES YES! Those few days I took off, after 32 days on my first round (which we both finished last week), was equally telling and informative. I feel SO MUCH BETTER eating balanced meals filled with nutrients. I was finally able to separate my physical well-being from what my emotions told me I want. W30 gave me the space to experience that, and I'm forever grateful. How are you doing, @Zee_1? Are you still on 1st round, or have you done introduction?
  11. MichelleCA

    Anyone starting 9/17?

    Yes, it's a common sentiment and experience, isn't it? I blamed so much of my obscure childhood/teen years on my fat... My daughter is now past the midpoint of high school, a naturally cute/slim figure beneath a beautiful face, and she has many of the same struggles/angst I had as a teen, without the issue of weight. It's been quite a revelation, this concurrent life experience along with all the cumulative benefits of w30. I'm back on for R2 today, and I'm LOVING my veggie-filled breakfast. Thank you for sharing also, @ladyshanny
  12. Right on, Jess - I wish I'd known about this when I turned 30! The last decade+ would have been a much better experience, especially while my kids were still small... Better late than never! Starting my 2nd round today after many revelations from my 1st round I finished last week. Good luck!
  13. MichelleCA

    Starting my 1st Whole 30

    Hi, Pixie! I've tried nearly EVERYTHING under the sun (keto, IF, paleo, grain-free/hi-fat, weight watchers, slim-fast, cabbage soup diet) and have struggled with food as a crutch my entire life, losing and regaining and always running from cravings while battling severe emotions and abuse in childhood. I finished my first w30 last week, and took a few days off while I was traveling this weekend, and I am RIGHT BACK ON today for round 2 - NOTHING I ate over the weekend gave me the "lift" or satisfaction it used to. Food I used to look forward to was "meh" at best, and anything sweet was RIDICULOUSLY, uncomfortably sweet. I just made myself a beautiful veggie-filled breakfast, and I am experiencing the true satiety I missed the last few days, the knowing I am nurturing my body and - in turn - my soul. It's SO SO worth the process to drop the unhealthy relationship with food and torture of your body (deprivation, overeating, and back and forth). Good luck to you!
  14. MichelleCA

    Starting October 22 with hubby

    Hi, Janice! Canada is so beautiful, I hope to visit one day! Congrats on your decision to improve your health by removing inflammatory foods. I finished 32 days of my first round last week, took a few days off while I was traveling and visiting family, and I noticed yesterday how I was overall just slow moving, heavy/stiff joints, and hands swollen... so I'm right back on round 2 today. You can do it! Hang in there, follow the path, reap the benefits.
  15. MichelleCA

    Anyone starting today, Oct. 22?

    Hi, Heidi! It's tough, but SO WORTH IT to break the food addiction cycle, especially reliance on carbs. I went 32 days 09/17-10/18, then took a few days off while I was traveling and visiting family. I'm back on today, R2D1! You can do it if you want it!
  16. KristynUtech

    Trouble falling asleep

    Not *terribly* far off whole30, occasionally ice cream or a glass of wine, but most breakfast/lunch meals reflected whole30. Felt myself slipping a little more than usual the last few weeks though, which is why I started another Whole30. Typically my work outs are in between breakfast and lunch, so I have been eating larger meals as opposed to pre/post workout meals. Haven't had any energy issues due to this. I am on my period though--didn't even think about that considering it has never given me sleep issues before. Might have to wait this one out and see how I feel next week. Thank you for your insight!
  17. ladyshanny

    Starting October 22 with hubby

    HI @JaniceP - you absolutely CAN do it! Folks with auto-immune conditions can sometimes benefit from an extended Whole30 so if you get to 30 days and feel that you want to continue or haven't really felt miraculously different, know that this is common. 30 days is really a small amount of time and those w/ underlying conditions can take a bit longer to feel better. Best wishes to you and your husband!
  18. ladyshanny

    Starting Oct 22

    Hi @wholemamaCHI - yes, many people do eat rice and beans and you can too - just not during Whole30. It's just 30 days that we ask people to put those aside and then freely reintroduce them at the end and see how you do.
  19. ladyshanny

    Planning my journey

    Best of luck, @luluUK ! Although there are a lot of convenience and pre-made foods in the US vs what we have available in Canada or the UK, you don't actually need any of them to do the program. Veggies, proteins and fats are all that is required.
  20. Nope, beverages are fine at any time. We do recommend that you are moderate about the amount of caffeine and stop drinking caffeinated beverages well before bedtime to limit sleep disruption.
  21. ladyshanny

    Thanksgiving during reintro!

    If you know what is in the foods you really want to consume, then you could use those for reintro, providing that they are not combined (eg, dairy + gluten). I totally understand the "worth it" of traditional foods, we all do. You just need weigh whether those foods this year are more or less important than your Whole30 commitment to yourself including a proper and complete reintroduction. I'm not saying do or don't eat them because only you can decide that - but really consider whether your true enjoyment of the day will be impacted by your decision to pass on the stuffing/pie/apple cider/sausage roll/whatever. I'm just sitting here trying to remember the last 5 Christmases and whether I did or did not have tortiere (traditional french meat pie) with my dinner. It only gets made at Christmas and It's always there but I can't specifically remember if I ate it each year. I love it tremendously, but the memories that surface are our grandson's first Christmas, the first Christmas in our new house, our second grandson's first Christmas etc. Not the pie. Some years it's been worth it and some it hasn't and the enjoyment of the holidays aren't impacted by whether it crossed my lips or not.
  22. You mentioned that I can drink water at any time. What about tea or coffee? Are they limited to meals?
  23. Kristen Cochran

    Cooking with Olive Oil

    @ladyshanny - Thank you!
  24. ladyshanny

    Cooking with Olive Oil

    Hi @Kristen Cochran - glad that you're feeling great! Olive oil is fine (read ingredients to make sure it's not cut w/ another oil). There are better cooking fats to use if you are using higher heat though. Olive oil has a fairly low smoke point so switching to something with a higher smoke point like ghee or avocado oil is more recommended for cooking. I don't know of any other reason it wouldn't be recommended. On our shopping list, EVOO is considered one of the best.
  25. Kristen Cochran

    Cooking with Olive Oil

    Hello! My husband and I are on Day 10. Working great for me so far annnnnnd I used to be a vegetarian. Eating all this protein is giving my body what it has been lacking. I practically slept this whole summer away. Now I'm getting so much done! Anyway, we have been cooking with olive oil bc we thought it was compliant but just read that it's not recommended. What are the reasons for that? Thank you!
  26. ladyshanny

    Trouble falling asleep

    Hmmm, sorry that you're struggling with sleep, that feels awful! I don't see anything that stands out except you could do away with the juice and replace nut/fruit snacks with protein & fat. I can't see it making that much difference, mind you. Are you making it 4-5 hours between meals? Eating pre and post workout food in addition to your meals? How far off Whole30 were you between rounds? Sleep disruption can be a hormonal issue. Are you on or near your period?
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