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  2. @sushisomeday way to go! Congratulations! Your story gives me encouragement! Good for your daughter!
  3. DEW

    Feeling deceived

    I ordered a book from Amazon, that I thought was an instant pot recipe book supporting the Whole30 program! How foolish I feel now that it’s in my hands. I guess I was so excited that there was actually an instant pot Whole30 cookbook, that I didn’t notice the colouring and word order wasn’t correct in the title. But is different enough to be legal? After reviewing some of the recipes, I am sending it back! The recipes are full of non compliant ingredients. I will definitely be reading the title much thoroughly in future!
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  5. Thank you Shannon.
  6. I have made this several times, always tasty (and cheap!)
  7. ShannonM816

    MCT Oil

    These ingredients are fine.
  8. Hi all, I'm Daniel, I'm in my 50s and now I reached the half of my WH30 month. In some ways it's been easier that I expected, I don't do well with diets, I get angry and frustrated since day one, I don't like to be told what to do, eat, etc... Childish, I know... Form Monday to Friday is mostly ok, but on the weekend it's a nightmare !!! I'm form Spain and in my culture beer ( omg cold beer ), wine ( spanish wine of course.. ), "tapas", a good plate of cold meat with a lot of bread, a breakfast with.. Yes, a lot of fresh and crunchy bread and butter is almost a religion And now, It's REAAAAALLY har to avoid this , to find a new way to get rewards for the hard week, it's really emotional, is in may blood. Some help ? Some advice ? Are you in the same spot ?? Am I an addicted ? Thanks all for you attention Daniel
  9. With Vanilla Extract and Other Botanical Extracts now being allowed on Whole30, does that include Almond Extract? I found a post form 2017 saying it was not allowed, but I believe that was before this rule change. Thanks!
  10. Contessa

    Contessa's Food Freedom

    Yeah! Last week didn't match my plan, but I stayed in the saddle. That felt good. And yesterday I cooked up a huge amount of W30 proteins and veggies. Grateful to be staying close to home (metaphorically and physically) as this new week begins. I dunno, perhaps after 1,382 episodes of eating way too much junk food, I'm ready for a different approach. Yes, please borrow the Sunday questions if you want to! Heck, no need to wait until your W60 is done... you can start using them now. Usually most of my reflections around food have been past-focused (beating myself up, regretting whatever it was I ate too much of) but I want to spend energy imagining what it looks like when things are working well.
  11. MadyVanilla

    Contessa's Food Freedom

    I love this - you are being so thoughtful about your approach, and the off-track meals have been learning experiences for you rather than complete derailments. The Sunday questions - I may steal this when I'm ready to reintroduce. The journaling and thoughtful consideration of how foods and habits impact how I feel about myself and how I feel physically have been instrumental in my success so far. I worry about the dark abyss post-W60 (for me). Congratulations on finding a strategy that is working toward a successful transition. Even though you had some changes in your strategy over the last week, I get the feeling this is where you still are.
  12. MadyVanilla

    My Whole 30 Log - June 2020

    The fact that you made good, though imperfect, choices and didn't beat yourself up about it is awesome. And you are right back to W30. Nice!
  13. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    Interestingly, I haven't had a headache since Day 9. And most of my flare-ups in pain appear to be related to extra consumption of nightshades (a few meals in a row with tomatoes and/or peppers) as well as poor sleep. I wonder if the poor sleep is related to nightshade consumption. So now I have a solid hypothesis to test out. It was good to read back over my journal. I'm amazed by how much better I feel now than I did just a month ago. And how much my anxiety/confidence/motivation has improved.
  14. emcate97

    My Whole 30 Log - June 2020

    Alright, so back to the beginning! My birthday was this weekend and so was the fourth! I ate 100% compliant foods on my birthday and the fourth, but I did have cocktails. Then yesterday, I had greek food. I don't think I went completely off the rails because the meal was healthy, but it did have some pita and hummus/ tzatziki which is obviously not whole 30. I do not regret my decision. I ate WAY healthier than I normally would have had I not done whole 30 up until this point. I am still proud of the fact that on my birthday I turned down lobster mac and cheese, shrimp and gritz, birthday cake, ice cream etc! I blew out my candle in a fruit cup with whipped coconut milk. However, drinking definitely did NOT make me feel great and I am excited to get back on the whole 30 bandwagon again. - Breakfast: smoothie - Lunch: rainbow veggie salad - Dinner: Chicken, lime, cilantro soup
  15. MadyVanilla

    Take Advantage

    Day 30 came and went and was also the first day that I have not journaled since pre-W30. It was a good day, I just didn't take my usual morning time to journal, then couldn't catch up with it as the day progressed. I ate well, got some exercise, spent time at the beach. Made kalua pig for dinner - OMG this was delicious! Today would have been my first day of reintroduction had I not decided to extend to 60 days. I think this was a good choice, as I have days where I still have pain, still nights where I don't sleep well, and I haven't really been tested with emotional stressors. Overall, there have been HUGE improvements in these and other areas. I did weigh myself - I've lost 13.5 pounds, which put me 6 pounds below where I was when quarantine started, so that's good. I feel and look like I've lost more, but I know that's the side effect of eating good foods. I cataloged my list of NSVs in the Day-by-Day book, but the above, plus improvements in my energy level, my skin (glowing, no more eczema on scalp and elbows) and no brain fog are the main ones. These are certainly worth much more than the extremely short-term chemical pleasure derived from a package of cookies or a bag of chips. I'm finding new ways to settle my emotions and other strategies for reacting to stress. But I need more time - this has been my best W30 so far, and I want this one to finally be the one that sticks. I'll be reading Food Freedom Forever as part of my morning coffee beginning tomorrow. For the next 30 days, I will continue to focus on planning and meal preparation, building my tolerance for walking and bike-riding, returning to the gym to get in strength workouts, using strategies other than food for dealing with stress and emotions, and practicing yoga daily. This will be fairly easy since I don't actually return to working in the office until August. That's when I will be tested - my hope is to have strong practices and new habits in place by then. Day 31/60 Mood-9, energy-8, Pain-0. Walked 3 miles in the heat yesterday. I did have some hip pain and needed to stop and sit for a few minutes (pain-5). I was able to recover and get through the rest of my day, which included walking down to the beach later in the day. I slept really well last night, but had not the night before. Plus, I had not been drinking as much water. These two may be factors in the pain. I have noticed before that I have more issues when I'm dehydrated. Progress on July goals: 1) I did a 10-minute yoga session after returning home from the bbq Saturday night. I did a 40-minute session yesterday afternoon. 2) Took the weekend off from strength training, back to it this morning. I moved down a level on pushups today (from three stairs to two stairs) and did 40 air squats. M1-Chicken salad-finally, this is gone. Now, I'm doing the week completely nightshade-free. I'm going to go back through my journals and see where I've been with pain levels so that I have a comparison for next Monday. M2-leftover kalua pork over caesar salad. Nom Nom paleo recipe. This was so simple and just as delicious as everyone has reported. M3-Greek chicken tenders and salad. I need to meal prep today-making sausage, egg salad, mayonnaise. I'm considering a trip to the gym this afternoon. It depends on whether or not I meet up for socially-distant coffee with a friend later today.
  16. ChristyR

    July Whole30

    Day 1: Coffee with nutpods, banana
  17. Contessa

    Contessa's June Realignment

    Anyone wishing to follow along with my once-a-week re-introduction updates can find my reintro thread here. I will post reflections here for the next couple of months.
  18. sushisomeday

    Day 4 after a year as an intermittent fasting vegetarian

    Today is my Day 30! I woke up this morning feeling really good. I wake up before my alarm every day. My energy level is pretty much the same. I feel hungry before breakfast. I actually eat a breakfast now, and that’s a big change. I feel tired at about the same time each night. I get a deeper sleep. I no longer need to take OTC allergy meds. I had an oral allergy to bananas and apples that seem to have disappeared. My clothes fit better. I stepped in the scale today and note I lost 5 lbs but I can tell it’s different than “normal” - I can see my jawline. I have loose pants. My body digs into the bed differently. I have been apprehensive about what reintroduction will be like, but because my family is on their Day 15, I figure I would go the slow route and take my time. In the week ahead I will try added sugar. On a separate note, my T1D kid’s endocrinologist is so impressed at how well managed her blood glucose numbers have been. 95+% of her weeks have been in target range. That’s not ever happened. She’s cleared up a dry patch on her skin and her moods are happier. I am so so grateful for this change!
  19. KatrinLS


    Good to know! I'd missed that bit of advice and just packed a couple of apples for snacks at work. I think I'll grab that leftover sausage from the fridge too - got more high-protein snacks coming with tomorrow's grocery delivery, fortunately.
  20. KatrinLS

    Started today and I’m excited!

    I'm just starting today. I've done Whole30 at least once before with good results - looking forward to feeling healthy again!
  21. Kirra

    Contessa's June Realignment

    @Contessa I just copy-pasted your reintroduction plan onto my computer. LoL. Will definitely be pulling that up again for ideas in a few weeks. Thanks! And congrats!!!
  22. RachelR

    Contessa's June Realignment

    I can relate to this so much! I wish you the best as you continue with your reintroduction and food freedom!
  23. RachelR

    The Month There Was No Dr. Pepper

    @Kirra When I was prepping for my first Whole30- I dreaded the caffeine withdrawals from giving up pop cold turkey as well. I primarily drank any diet cola (coke, Pepsi, dr. pepper). The fear almost stopped me from trying. I remember being pleasantly surprised that the withdrawal wasn't as bad as what I built up in my mind. I'm glad you are off to a great start and keep on going!
  24. meli22

    Round 2

    Day 5 B = coffee w/ almond milk; 2 hardboiled eggs; 1/2 grapefruit; 1/4 avocado L = cabbage-carrot slaw w/ mayo & chicken; tomato & sugar snap peas; blueberry smoothie S = tomato slices & 1/4 avocado D = zucchini noodles w/ tomato sauce; sardines w/ olive oil, capers & pickled red onion; baked yam exercise = 20 min run Note to self: if you eat more at breakfast, you will have a better run I'm still figuring out what feels like "enough" at each meal though I am currently pre-menstrual and am always extra hungry at that time. I have a feeling I could increase the amount of fat I'm eating with my meals (when I go grocery shopping I'll pick up some coconut and olives). Also feel I could benefit from the inclusion of a starchy carb at breakfast. I'm going to try to limit my fruit to 1 serving a day. Also, I think this is my favourite way to eat sardines by far (I love sardines) - nice and simple, get the water-packed ones and dress them in olive oil, capers and pickled onions. In another lifetime, I would eat this on rye bread with cream cheese
  25. Contessa

    Contessa's Food Freedom

    Food freedom thoughts, 7/5/20: I'm almost a week into my food freedom and am already learning some good stuff. The first discovery is that, uh, reintroduction is tricky! No catastrophic eating has occurred (none of the former face-planting into a bucket of peanut M&Ms) — but my beautiful, orderly plans for the week buckled under some real world pressure, and I have not kept to the re-intro as I'd wanted. The challenge came from spending most of this week with my boyfriend. We did a bit of traveling this week (my farthest journey from home since all this covid stuff began). And it was difficult to maintain a re-intro while spending time together. There was a pita sandwich (wheat!) with tuna and sprouts and swiss cheese (dairy!). There was a veggie quesadilla (wheat! dairy!) with beans (legumes! which I'd already successfully re-introduced). None of it caused me any distress, but it did scramble my nice tiered plans. Along the way, I resisted a spontaneous Wendy's Frosty and an unplanned bubble tea. I'll enjoy those items later — I just didn't want my first "treats" to be random "eh, sure" drive-through moments on our road trip. Another discovery is that I want to try a new Sunday tradition. Starting today, I'll be taking 20-30 minutes each week to answer the following series of questions, which address life in general as well as Food Stuff. I adapted these questions from a coach I used to worked with. I'm looking forward to pausing and paying attention as essential acts of preparation for the week ahead. I've got a fridge full of my favorite W30 foods for the week ahead, and I'm also planning two or three treats for this week. I'll be back in a few days to reflect on those experiences with treats. Sunday questions: What have I accomplished this week? Is there anything I wanted to accomplish but did not? What a-ha's or awakenings have I had this week? What challenges am I experiencing? If I were coaching myself, what would I tell myself about those challenges? How do I feel about my eating over the past week? What foods will I enjoy in the coming week? (this is my chance to think about planning treats) What are my top three priorities for this coming week? If I could get nothing else done this week but one thing, what one thing would I choose to do? What one thing would make me happy and proud? How do I want to feel this week?
  26. meli22

    Round 2

    @Kirra Thank you! Yes, the dreaded mid-afternoon slump has always been a problem. Especially now, working from home - a few feet away from my bed lol
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