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  2. The only reason we would tell you to consider restarting your Whole30 would be if you ate food that isn't allowed on Whole30, not because of scheduling meals or not matching the meal template. In general, try to eat your first meal within an hour of waking up (if you just keep trying to eat something in the morning you should get more used to it and start feeling hungry at that time), and then plan to eat something every 4-5 hours, so you will probably want something between lunch and dinner as you've got them scheduled here. I know you say you can't see eating at 5 or 6, but at least du
  3. Also, should I restart my Whole 30 since I haven’t really been eating on schedule or sleeping well?
  4. Hi everyone! I’m on day 8 of my 3rd W30 - it’s been a good 5 years since my last one and I’ve been through every manner of anxiety, depression, and health problems in the meantime and decided the commitment and routine of W30 would be a good way to begin to get my life back on track. That said, my schedule is proving to be a little difficult and I’m trying to figure out how to plan/schedule my meals. I’m a full time student with 2 jobs, so my schedule is super packed and I tend to only sleep 5 hours a night and usually take a day nap in the late afternoon but I’m not sure if that’s helping or
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  6. Thanks for your reply! I’ve been using a mix of oils too - sesame, avocado, evoo, and ghee. I always take W30 as a chance to try to mix it up and experiment with different cooking. And I was trying to cast a wide net once the headaches started to see if it would change. Even the Apple I had as a snack today gave me the 10 min headache. I’ll contact my doctor on Monday
  7. Wow, sorry to hear that! It doesn't look like there's a constant theme running through your meals unless maybe you're using an oil that doens't agree with you? I would strongly suggest that you see your primary care doctor (maybe yours is doing virtual visits right now? Mine are) and see what they have to say? Maybe get a blood panel and your blood pressure checked just to rule out anything medical? It's not normal that eating whole foods would give you a headache 10 min after every meal.
  8. Hi All! I have already read all the previous posts about headaches and know that headaches are normal, but I didn’t quite find the answer I was looking for. I’ve been getting pounding headaches exactly 10 minutes after eating for the last 3 days. I’m on day 7 of my W30, zero cheating, not many craving. This is my third W30 and it’s been a breeze so far compared to the other two but the headaches are coming in like clockwork no matter what I eat. I drink 3 gallons of water a day, have been salting my food more since I don’t usually like salty things, haven't has caffeine in years, and am g
  9. It wasn't easy, but preparing ahead really helped. Whole 30 was the only plan that helped me get healthy and energetic. I come back to it all the time.
  10. Starting tomorrow on my 3rd whole 30. Can’t wait to feel amazing!
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  12. Bought this book and Doing prep to start the whole 30- I made the egg free Mayo, I don’t understand why garlic when the basic Mayo with egg doesn’t have it (doesn’t seem neutral) but more than that, I couldn’t get it to thicken- double checked my measurement...any help?
  13. Hello am starting dec 1st, 2020. How was your month of whole 30?
  14. Oh. I didn’t think tapioca starch or arrowroot starch were compliant. Thanks.
  15. Where did you look for a gravy recipe? I just googled 'whole30 thanksgiving gravy' and got hundreds of results... here's one to start you off
  16. A few thoughts as Day 30 is drawing to a close... It seems that the Whole30 wasn't for me. It was a good try. I will go over the NSV checklist tomorrow morning to see what I can find and then do the reintroduction properly. But I'm feeling way less amazing than I would have thought. I wonder if I would do better if I had my stress a little more under control, and I also wonder if I may have a small FODMAP issue after all. But right now I really don't have the energy to try again. Maybe in a few years. Once my reintro is finished, I may go vegetarian for a few weeks. I've really had w
  17. I’m just starting the program and can’t find a recipe for gravy. Do I just eat it dry?
  18. Perfect this is so informatve, I can check on them one at a time. Thanks for this!
  19. I always use cocunut water for this, it is a lot healthier.
  20. I love currey, roast your curry first in a pan before cooking everything. It will be tastier.
  21. Whole30 only deals with things you actually eat or drink, it is fine to use whatever lotions, soaps, etc. that you want.
  22. Hello, I’m on day 4 of the program after 4 & 1/2 months on the aip (autoimmune protocol. I’m continuing aip but cutting out plantain chips and baked goods with coconut flour and cassava flour, which I was eating to keep weight on. I’m just looking for encouragement. My symptoms are tough to manage. Any other autoimmune people here who have experienced success? How long did it take you. Thanks! Wishing all a safe Thanksgiving.
  23. I'm starting my reintroduction in 2 days and I'm trying to understand the quantities I should be eating of the "new foods". The examples given in the book are a little at a time, a few times a day. Does that mean that it shouldn't be the main part of a meal? For example, tofu stir fry is normally one of my go-to dinners, so I just figured I would make it for dinner on Legume Day. Would that be too much soy? Maybe I should reduce the tofu and add some chicken? Also, do people really seriously stick to the "no sugar" rules for the whole reintroduction? I'm thinking I might relax a
  24. Day 1: 11/23/20 Done! And fine. Just had a bad reminder of how badly my body reacts to grass-fed beef when I made meatballs tonight. My heart rate climbed to 131 while standing completely still, before it finally decided to start going back down. I don’t know what it would be like to do a whole 30 and be able to eat all of the things allowed. That’s OK. I will keep figuring it out as usual.
  25. I completed my whole 30 last Wednesday 18th Nov and whilst I have definitely toned up & haven’t had a sore mouth/mouth ulcers for the 30 days (main purpose of whole30 for me was to reset & boost immune system as I was getting lots of mouth ulcers, sinus infections, dry itchy eyes & generally feeling tired) I unfortunately didn’t get that tiger blood, loads of energy feeling. I still have the blocked sinuses & my bletharitis seems to be as bad as it was before whole 30. I feel a little down as I followed whole30 to the letter & didn’t feel the wow I’ve got loads of energy mo
  26. Hi all. I’ve been having skin issues - hives, itching, rashes, etc. from head to toe for nearly 3 month now. Never had a history of eczema or any issues before. Been to the dermatologist 8 times and seeing an allergist but we still can’t figure it out. I turned to Whole 30 hoping it would help me figure out if something in my diet is causing the skin issues but nothing is jumping out at me yet. I’ve been using a TON of colloidal oatmeal products - baths, lotions, soaps - since it’s in practically every sensitive skin and anti-itch product. Is that much oatmeal going against my Whole 30 if I’m
  27. @Jennifer Jensen Thanks for stopping in! I hope your first Whole 30 went well. Love the quote. Hey y'all ~ clearly my "Day 1" back on September 25 was not an actual starting point for a Whole 30. Lol. Nope, I didn't die or drop off the face of the planet. I'm still here. I've been on a wild ride that did not involve Whole 30. Have thought of returning many times, only to then think ... "I'm not sure if that's the right direction for me right now ... because, what happens at the end of 30 days?" Well. I do know what happens at the end of 30 days. I've also said many times
  28. Have you seen the meal template? You can download it here: We really recommend trying to make all your meals match the template. Your meals are very light on protein. Nuts and seeds count as fats for Whole30 purposes. They have some protein but aren't necessarily complete sources of protein -- they don't have all the same stuff that eggs or other protein sources do. When you do have eggs as protein, the serving size is as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, which is typically 3-4 for most people. I'm not really sure how the protein in peas or
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