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  2. I did a slow roll (verrrrry slooooow) over about 8 months because I, like you, thought there were no food sensitivities and was mostly working on my relationship with food. However, by doing that I have found I absolutely have some effect from dairy and gluten/grain, I also am very sensitive to pimento (allspice) and I have also learned since incurring an injury to my hip that I am sensitive to too many eggs. Eg can eat mayo, or 1-2 eggs, but if I have 3 or 4 in a day then I get inflamed. So I would still suggest that you reintroduce things gradually and separately and monitor how they affect
  3. I keep seeing yeast supplements on a lot of labels and can't tell whether it is a yes or no for us. Also, I keep seeing all this talk about meat sticks for emergency use, but I don't find them at the grocery store or at Thrive Market. What are they and where can I get them?
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  5. @ShannonM816, I did read about the slow roll, but I was kind of wondering if, on the fast track, I could just not do the 2 days in between thing? The "eat a certain food, go back to W30 for two days, eat another thing, back to W30", etc. Is that only if there's a reaction, or that's the way to do it period? Like I said, I see no evidence thus far that any food adversely affected my health, so I'd rather go back to eating foods without always checking labels (or have a piece of toast with my eggs) as soon as possible.
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  7. You can do reintroductions in whatever way makes sense to you. If there's any food that you wonder if you might be sensitive to, it makes sense to do the regular reintroduction for at least that food, because when else will you have such a clean slate work with? But there is also something called a slow roll reintroduction, it's talked about in this article, just scroll down or search on the page for slow roll: -- that sounds more like what you're talking about, adding things as they come up.
  8. We're a couple weeks out from the end of the 30 days. My husband has had great results, but he started off with a lot of issues. I did not start with any issues, and at this point I've only lost some pounds. No improvement in health, sleep, energy, etc. Again, I really wasn't suffering from anything anyway. I am changing my relationship and attitude towards food, which I plan to continue to work at. But my question is, since I'm pretty well convinced there are no allergies or sensitivities, do I have to transition the way it's laid out on the website? One day add something in, then two days 10
  9. Hi Jennifer! Welcome to the Forum. I'm on Day 10 so I'll be on my last week when you are beginning. I'm considering doing a Whole60 so I might be here longer. Sounds like you've done this before? I did my first Whole30 around 2014 so it's been awhile. A suggestion for looking for partners. Jot down the people who begin on or around your start date so you can track with them through the process. I've been on for over a week now and haven't seen many people introduce themselves. I'm glad you did. Maybe I just haven't figured out the best way to use this forum. It's set up by subject matte
  10. Hi All, I'm starting May 24th, since I have a few family parties in the next week, and a holiday that is all about the cheese cakes. I need to set myself up for success, so I'm being realistic. I'd love to have some W30 partners to help keep me on my toes! Thanks Jennifer
  11. Congratulations IamSue! That's such an accomplishment. I started May 1. I can't say it is flying by yet (Day 9), but I am hoping to feel better soon. Having finished successfully, how are you feeling now?
  12. @Healthgrab I’ve had a really bad start actually as I’ve had terrible food poisoning on Wednesday (day 3) and then as a result, my food on weds and thurs was precisely nil and my food on Friday was potato and a tiny amount of mango. And a can of full sugar fruit fizzy drink (like Tango?) to get some sugar into myself. Today I have started again but my appetite is tiny and I am really not in the mood for any kind of raw veg or salad, so the meal template is fairly non existent. it’s annoying because I really wanted that lovely boost of feeling better and now even more so I need that!
  13. Awwww. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the best wishes. And the same for you too. It's Day 8 for me. No tiger blood yet, but I do see some improvements!
  14. Cooking plans always get me excited! I also think that they are really important to our success.
  15. Hey, I wish you all the best. Hopefully you go through this without hiccups.
  16. Hi Laurie, welcome to the forums. I wish you all the best in your journey.
  17. I agree with Sugarcube, sometimes 30 days wouldn't be enough for some cases.
  18. This is something that many of us struggle with post-Whole30. There's not necessarily one right or wrong answer, only what works for you. If you believe you should never eat sugar again, that's your decision. I would recommend reading more about life after your Whole30 and finding food freedom. Here's some articles to get started, see if any of them resonate with you: Or here's a link to a lot of food freedom resources:
  19. I started my 4th round on Monday but then on Wednesday was struck down with the most horrific food poisoning. So it’s been a shaky start. I was already pretty much w30 anyway as I had reintroduced so few foods, but on Thursday the only thing I could stomach really was a slice of toast with marmite- cue almost instant flare of inflammation in a long standing hip injury which still has not completely subsided. I will resume my full W30 when I feel properly up to it but at least for now I know that’s a no-no, along with dairy (which I reintroduced after one of my previous rounds). What I ha
  20. Hi! I’m new here and just completed my first Whole30 yesterday. Since I did it over my birthday, I feared I would feel immediate deprivation. So, I bought a “clean” non-dairy, non- soy, non-gluten and low sugar mini raspberry chocolate cheesecake to have today. I ate about half, which was maybe 5 or 6 bites. It tasted “weird” and somewhat good, just not much like cheesecake. Disappointed and feeling cheated, I tried one little square of 85% dark chocolate. Just okay. Last, I went back to 3 strawberries, which I liked best. I have several chronic pain conditions, including fibromyalg
  21. Hi, jedsmom and others who started in April. I did too, on 4/7 and today is day 31! It flew by fast for me, how about for you?
  22. Many things can be frozen, then they can save you time later when you need a quick meal. That might be worth looking into if you have very much.
  23. Hi Chris; Yes, this is fine, assuming there are no off plan ingredients in it. Couple things - usually people who eat following the template which should get you about 3-9 cups of veggies a day, don't need a fibre supplement to be going to the bathroom so you may find that as you go through the 30 days, you don't need this. Second, just so you don't have to wait for a response - almost everything like this has been asked and answered on the forum so if you use google (cause our search function kind of sucks), you can find previous posts about the thing you're looking for. For i
  24. Thanks Shannon, I will take a look at AIP and the website you linked!
  25. Is using Psyllium husk powder as a fiber suppliment Whole30 compliant?
  26. Thank you. For the first week, I was trying to follow the one week recipes etc. in the book, and there's so many leftovers, that some will go bad before I get to them! As the week goes on I'm fixing less and less. So far I've not been inclined to snack!
  27. For each meal, you want a serving or two of fat. It doesn't all have to be the same fat. So if you don't like olives enough to do a handful, but you could eat a couple, and a teaspoon of oil or mayo, and a couple of almonds, and you've got some fat you cooked stuff in or that's in your meat -- whatever fats you have in the meal add up. If you're having some fat in each meal and your meals keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours, you’re probably getting enough. I drizzle oil over veggies sometimes -- I use more over a baked potato or sweet potato where it gets absorbed, less with things that don'
  28. It's possible to do Whole30 without eggs. If you're having trouble finding recipe ideas, Google Whole30 AIP recipes -- AIP (autoimmune protocol) is a more restrictive way of eating than Whole30, sonthere will be other things those recipes leave out that you can still have, like potatoes, but they should also leave out eggs. For the meat, I would focus on the ones you do like. For the ethical concerns, it can be more expensive, but you might feel better about your options if you try to source animals that are raised well -- pastured or grass fed or free range. See if you can find local far
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