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  2. Any bacon that only contains Whole30 compatible ingredients is fine to have on your Whole30 -- check the labels of what's available in your local stores. The most common non-whole30 ingredient for bacon is typically sugar or sweetener, so definitely look for that. Pederson's is one brand in the US that offers Whole30 compatible bacon, but there are others. Whole30 Approved is a particular program, you can read about it here -- there are brands of bacon that are Whole30 Approved, you can look at that link to find them, but there are also brands that are compatible with Whole30 based on th
  3. Well done everyone. We made it! I’m not going to stop the food yet, I know it’s not about scales but I’d have liked to have seen some weight loss and I didn’t really, certainly not substantial. I will probably do a combination of strict food in the week, more relaxed but compliant at weekends, plus wine. I’m not going to do reintroductions yet, I know dairy makes me miserable and grains make me hungry! I’ll probably do that til around 23rd Dec, then have Christmas week, then we always do dry January anyway so probably do another round in jan. even Christmas week, I can’t see me eating too much
  4. Thanks @britgirlI am really happy I did this too and also appreciate the support. I am surprised to find myself wanting to continue albeit with a little more relaxed approach. Staying out of the biscuit tin would be a good thing this month. So I will slowly introduce and likely just the odd glass of wine for now. I have enough food and recipes to keep me on a roll. For now at least!
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  6. We’re very nearly done! I’ve filled the fridge with compliant stuff so will try and carry on now it feels second nature, and not fall into a plate of mince pies tomorrow, but my name is most definitely on a latte at some point in the next couple of days. Made cauliflower soup with some lovely home made chicken stock in the slow cooker today which I’ve overcooked and it smells disgusting! What are you two going to do now? This is the hard bit in many ways with less clear rules and so requires more will power I find. I have lots of social things on now ( and Christmas baking to start- stock
  7. Glad you liked. Good on baked pot/ sweet pot/buttered cabbage if no aubergine. Pom and pine nuts make it.
  8. Think thread my fault- pushed wrong button or 3! I clearly need to get a job in a school! Just thinking about that school cheese smell makes me miss milk a little less. Tried almond milk ( tolerable in tea, foul in coffee and not bad in cocoa) but coconut milk yummy in all but cocoa. It’s hard to find compliant cashew milk but home made is delicious and bearable in coffee. It’s surprising how much I’ve missed my milky posh coffees- a real reward/pick me up. Patient made me a delicious nespresso black coffee today which is progress. why not eating?? Don’t you get wobbly?
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    What type of bacon is Whole 30 approved? Thank you.
  10. That's right, my other half has decided to reap the rewards of Whole30 starting tomorrow. He saw how happy I am with my mental health and body composition improvements and decided to get in on it. I lost a bit over 10lbs and ~2 inches from my waist, hip, and thigh measurements over the course of about 50 days, and my mental health has improved DRAMATICALLY. I haven't really reintroduced anything that was off-limits in Whole30, aside from having some butter and heavy cream in my mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. I did reintroduce poultry, pork, and beef as I had been pescetarian when I star
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  12. If the cramping is due to imbalanced electrolytes, there are ways to deal with this such as the unflavored LMNT powders that you would put in your water - as long as whatever you're using doesn't contain off plan ingredients (usually sugar), they're good to go. As far as feeling like you're not getting enough nutrition, lara bars, dried fruit and nuts, starchy carbs, hardboiled eggs, leftover cooked chicken etc... It may be less 'convenient' to stay fueled during your rides while you're doing the program but it's definitely possible - just think about what you get from the substances you take
  13. Hey there! I've sent a note to HQ to see what they have to say
  14. We do the whole30 every year. It has been really hard this time around during the last bit of mountain biking season. Although the first 1-2 hours of the rides, I felt pretty good, but after the 2 hour mark, I feel like I am not getting enough nutrition and its led to leg cramping and feeling horrible the next day, not recovered enough, almost like a hangover. When not doing whole30, I pretty much have my nutrition down when not doing whole30. I use the brand Scratch for hydration/super fuel and vegan recovery mix with, lara bars &cliff blocks, and I feel like I can keep going for 2+ hour
  15. I know this product is listed on the W30 approved products page but I have heard some discussion regarding the addition of hyaluronic acid to the collagen supplement. The main question involves the source of the hyaluronic acid: possibly soy and/or wheat derived. I have attempted to contact the company to find the source. They don't "refuse" to disclose if but, after three rounds of repeating myself, they still haven't provided an answer. So, if this is true, and I've read that the issue came to light because people that are sensitive to wheat or soy have reacted to it, why is it still W30 app
  16. Might be Whole30, might be that you have a mild cold or flu. Either way, drink plenty of fluid, try to eat something if you feel up to it, and get some rest. Hope you feel better soon!
  17. I am in day 10 - got through yesterday fine - I was the host for a family dinner so all I made was Whole30 compliant but today Day 11 I feel like I have then the flu! Is this what it means by days 10 & 11 being the worse? I’m so achy and tired! Help! and thank you for your support in advance!
  18. Whole30 encourages not counting calories, instead focusing on the meal template (download it here:, eating to fullness, and eating when hungry. If you need to double check that you're getting enough calories, you can always plug foods into online calorie trackers. We would encourage you not to necessarily do this all the time, but rather to check occasionally to make sure you stay on track. If you need to be sure to get enough calories, you're going to want to ensure you include a serving or more of starchy vegetables each day, like potatoes, swee
  19. Some of the recipes look interesting ,but how do you plan your meals when the recipes don’t give nutritional content? Some don’t say how many servings the recipe makes and I don’t see calorie content (I want to make sure I get a minimum number of calories daily to avoid starvation mode)
  20. Our main concern would not be whether or not an item is 'keto' friendly, and to be honest, I'm not familiar with Keto. What I do know more that if an item contains sugar, it will not be compatible with the Whole30, but I'm not sure what ideas you're looking for because you haven't stated whether you're doing the Whole30 or not. Before using any of the spices you're considering if you're doing a Whole30, double-check the ingredients. More information about how to prepare meat could be found on a cooking topic-Whole30 is solely dedicated to the Whole30 programme, and while people occasionally di
  21. Hi all! I have been doing Whole30 annually, for the past five years. This year, I went for a whole60. After completion, I had the worst cankersore of my life, which meant I couldn't eat much for nearly two weeks. Following that, I went back on a fairly SAD. I was feeling okay, until I encountered nausea or motion sickness, while driving on really curvy roads with drastic elevation changes. The drive was on October 10th -- since then, I've basically been eating SAD but suffering from severe, debilitating nausea. My doctor put me on prilosec and zofran for a couple of weeks and it did nothi
  22. Thank you @britgirlfor the great recipe. On the plan for tomorrow! Not sure what happened to feed either. Weirdly I don't crave any dairy but do want something crunchy and salty like a pretzel or my beloved Twiglets that I don't even think they make anymore. Wow @Rebecca001on getting the Christmas tree up. Epic.
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  24. The thread did go weird! Not sure who asked about the milk but I genuinely don’t think I could drink milk now or eat cheese. I work in a school so I think school dinner cheese smells have reinforced this massively!) - I was such a cheese addict before, I did keto for years and lived on cheese! Funny how we are all different as I don’t miss milk at all. I miss dough- sometimes I miss it so intensely I could cry. Once off strict w30 I can recreate a cake type bake with compliant ingredients but there is no paleo sub for dough is there?? And add to that the fact that it makes me so uncomfortable
  25. We were talking recipes last week and here’s one I love. It’s from the fast 800 book so small portions, so you might want to increase meat for protein.
  26. How do you survive without milk?? Does it get easier? Happy thanksgiving! The thread has gone a bit weird- just had a melt down but just venting on here is helpful. Bad bad craving for milky coffee and sweetness and wondering why I look so ghastly still after so much effort??! Your “ slow and steady” comment is helpful. Just continue today, and don’t worry about tomorrow or day 31. One foot in front of the other.
  27. Well that was Monday and this is Wednesday and I’m SO over it!! Came back from W/e away having not eaten ltemplate well” and feeling deprived and that’s carried on and too busy to prep or plan well. Make big vat of Tom soup for lunch ( which I normally love) but missed toast. Badly. Had a bacon and avocado salad to go with it but just not hitting the spot on a cold day. Very VERY nearly made myself a latte. Instead pigged out on cashews and luxury dried fruit bought for the xmas cake. So hidden both in the very depths of the baking cupboard so harder to do again. Cashews out to make cashew mil
  28. If you weren’t eating grass fed grass finished meat the grain they give at the end of life for the cows…that grain passes through the meat into your body. I have friends with severe celiacs and they can’t eat meat unless it is specifically grass fed grass finished.
  29. Way to go on all the progress and plans to continue. I will reintroduce slowly this time as before I have almost stayed too long and then resented the restrictions, which have then caused me to over compensate. So slow and steady is the plan. Thanksgiving here tomorrow and luckily easy to have an on program meal. Hope everyone is doing well.
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