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  2. Our family has very little food tradition (save for Christmas baking) so I definitely don't envy you.. especially coming from and having relatives where food is love and there's just a complete delta between generations... not sure if that's how it is for you and obviously there's some stereotyping because I'm sure not every Italian family grandma is a 'feeder' but it's become a stereotype from a level of reality. I definitely enjoy this group. I like hearing what people are working on, struggling with or winning at - we cannot as human beings have every experience ourselves so it's nice
  3. Yep, sounds amazing! As long as the ingredients are compatible you're good to go!
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  5. This made me smile! The issue for me isn’t so much the people pleasing, it’s the family gatherings and holidays steeped in tradition and all about the food - my family is Italian and German, my husbands is Italian. Food that I used to eat! I find that many people are not knowledgeable about hidden food ingredients, and don’t know (because they didn’t need to) that there is gluten in soy sauce or sugar in pepperoni! And overall, I think most people do not make simple food where you don’t have to “try” to be gluten-or-whatever-free. Lots of casseroles out there! The easiest for me, is in fact,
  6. Same... I feel zero feelings of guilt or shame or a need to be pleasing to others around food... If I'm the only one that has to deal with the reprecussions of eating the item, then I'm the only one that gets to weigh in on the decision. I get that is MUCH harder to do for some people - I'm not a people pleaser by any stretch of the imagination which I imagine makes it much easier for me. I think the one good thing I can say to help others that have this struggle that comes out of my experience with being 'that person' as you say @Rebecca001 is that my friends still invite me around, m
  7. Hi, everyone, I know fruit vinegars have been discussed here, but I am wondering about a couple in specific . . . first, the "Dark Chocolate Balsamic" vinegar I bought on vacation in NH, the ingredients for which are "Grape must, wine vinegar, natural flavors, and naturally occurring sulfites." The amazing fruit vinegars have the same ingredients, and the ingredient lists clearly state "no added sugars." (There are 9 grams of sugar in one tablespoon - the store owner told me these are naturally occurring. The only variety with something I recognize as a "no" is the maple balsamic, which does,
  8. For breakfast I often have tinned fish (eg tuna or mackerel in olive oil) with salad and mayo and lemon juice- really tasty. You could make a batch of sweet potato fritters as well to have if you need more food (I read your previous posts about your exercise) or fishcakes/meatballs. I’d personally avoid having just fruit and coconut milk because it won’t sustain your hunger for long. But you don’t need to have just meat as your protein source. I get bored of eggs too! If you’re not bored of them you can make little egg ‘muffin’ by adding veg to a cupcake tray and add beaten eggs
  9. Hi everyone! Day 8 here is over! I just wanted to say that I am feeling amazing! I have so much more energy, I don't feel pain anymore in my joints, I wake up without alarm and sleep without medication. My days have not been perfect - as for 3 times I had to stay out of home more than planned and had only a fruit + nuts as lunch. In the beginning I was missing sweets and substituting for fruits, but now I don't even remember the taste of them I am really satisfied and I can really see changes in my mood. And that is the most important thing to me Sometimes I am tired of eati
  10. Hey all. R1D15 here. Been a crazy journey so far but I'm proud to have made it to the halfway point. My reintroduction period is landing at a weird time. I'm going to have 6-7 days after my R1D30 until I'm going away for 2-3 days with my girlfriend for her 30th birthday. I won't have the ability to cook nor will I have the desire as we're going to be celebrating her, and I will probably want to eat whatever to enjoy the little getaway. How can I optimize that 6-7 days for reintroduction, and then if I eat normally (or even gluttonously...) for those 2-3 days, does that destroy the r
  11. Ouch, that’s not good @Lorna from Canada, hope that won’t set you back too much and will go as soon as it arrived once you reset. I suppose the FWNB thing is that, if I use food to ‘solve’ a non food problem (like a dilemma at work, or feeling unhappy, or hormones) then any food could have no brakes, because the brakes I’m applying aren’t from satiety or being nourished, they are emotional brakes- so unless eating (the whole jar of) almond butter resolves the mistake I made at work or makes my kids behave better, they aren’t going to apply themselves no matter how satisfying/nourishi
  12. I agree with every word. The need to explore our emotional connection to food and the patterns of automatic behaviour that are associated with those foods is paramount and very difficult. I think the W30 FWNB idea is related specifically to the out of control eating that supernormally stimulating processed Frankenfoods are designed to trap us into doing. Those food are designed to bypass feelings of satiation which is the mechanism that tells us we've had enough. For me, a chocolate bar couldn't replace dates/nuts/coconut because I will always want more chocolate after one bar and, if t
  13. Do you think though that food just becomes ‘food with no brakes’ when we start eating them (either consciously or unconsciously) without our foot on the pedal so to speak? So eg. I found that my daily dried fruit and nut, nutritious post- run mini meal was becoming a daily ‘sweet fix and crunchy carby treat’ and therefore relegated them to the FWNB pile (for now)- but I suppose in doing that what I really should have done was look at why I was taking, or at least allowing, my foot off the pedal in these situations. In reality everything can become a FWNB if you never think about the brakes.
  14. Congrats on completing your Whole55 @Lorna from Canada!!!! Sorry you are not feeling well, hopefully on the mend and can partake in wine soon. You have really done a comprehensive analysis for your food behaviors and decisions, lots of emotions there. Very impressive. This is my issue...I’d like to get to that food freedom place, but I continue to find more and more things are or turn into “food with no brakes.” But it is hard to be so restrictive long term as I am “that person” that is hard to feed. Right now I am focusing on reducing portions, limiting snacks and I’m feeling bette
  15. I'm not sure if @Jihannais checking on the forum much lately, but from my experience, olive oils -- either the light or evoo -- can vary in taste between brands, so that change may be what made the difference. Or maybe it's not so much the brand, but somehow the new one was already starting to get a little rancid, like if it weren't stored well or were exposed to high temperatures. Personally I use this method for making mayo:, using lemon juice, and sometimes adding some mustard powder, maybe 1/4 tsp or so.
  16. Whole30 doesn't really have an official stance on this. If you wait three days, or more if you're still feeling any ill effects from any of what you've eaten, and then do reintroductions, you'll get some information about how you react to certain foods. We can't really say if you'll have the same reactions as you would've had if you did a full 30 days of Whole30.
  17. @Kalaj Flameyes, the Real Plans app/website is in some sense official, in that they've worked with Whole30 to develop recipes that meet Whole30 guidelines. It is still not owned or operated by Whole30, it is a completely separate entity that has non-Whole30 options as well as Whole30 compatible options, so if you do decide to use it, be sure you only look at the Whole30 options while you're doing Whole30. RealPlans is not the kind of app that scans barcodes and tells you if a product is Whole30 compatible, and there are no official Whole30 apps that do that. RealPlans is a meal planning a
  18. This is also a link from the whole30 website itself.
  19. Hi @sugarcubeOD. Thank you so much for your response. However, according to this post, I think that the RealPlans diet is endorsed by Melissa Hartwig and therefore would make the RealPlans app "official" on some level. In this post Melissa states that whole30 and real plans collaborated.
  20. Well - I fell out of W30 yesterday thanks to a rather violent gastritis that started on Sunday. I was starting to come around yesterday but felt completely depleted and still unable to tolerate solid foods so a few bottles of Gatorade were in order. I realize that sugar in medicine is okay and that Gatorade was a quick hit of the electrolytes I needed so, I could carry on with W30 but I was planning to been done on Friday so a few more days wouldn't make or break me. Today the only thing I wanted to eat was oatmeal (I already know I tolerate it from previous W30s - gluten free grains are okay
  21. It is ok, it looks like it's another name for tapioca starch.
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  23. I'm wondering if tapioca dextrin is okay? It is listed on a pack of nuts that I bought (haven't eaten yet). Thanks!
  24. I was a bit better today, I ate more protein at my breakfast and added extra veg to my lunch. I don’t think it is hunger causing my sleeping issue as I have always had intermittent insomnia and it does come in ‘waves’ but I certainly have noticed that it gets worse when I’m all hyper on the tiger blood, which is definitely increased when I eat who knows?? anyway, i’’ve had another good day today, my food’s been really good and again, no grazing or snacking. Made a really nice bbq sauce which I had with pork steaks and salad, and I have prepped some things for the next few days -
  25. You'll have to read ingredients for any product you are buying. Even if someone answers your question with their favorite brands, read the labels, because companies change formulations over time and sometimes even in different regions will use different ingredients.
  26. What brands of Coconut Milk and Almond milk are approved for Whole 30?
  27. Fantastic. I haven’t had them since the few a few days ago that was after 30 days. Still trying to decide on how/when to do a full reintroduction.
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