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  2. Anyone else starting 4/21??

    Hi Vanessa and Homesoil, Im starting Saturday and would love to keep in touch to stay accountable. I have done one round before but that was in 2016 around the same time of year and I felt amazing after but all my bad habits are back and so it the weight and all the other things that go along with not eating right for my body. I live in Australia so dont have access to a lot of the things Americans have but I live on a farm and have our own eggs, home kill meat, some fruit and veg and honey.
  3. Prior to whole30 I *mostly* followed a low carbohydrate keto and/or paleo diet, and I was rarely if ever hungry then, either. I guess I expected to start feeling hunger pangs again since I identified with the "prowling around the cupboard at night looking for something" feeling. The biggest change I made for w30 was cutting out dairy and wine and reducing the amount of nuts I eat. I guess I'll just keep sticking to it if everything looks decent. I'll focus on drinking enough water and see what happens. Thanks for the help!
  4. Lessons learned are the best lessons! I restarted after day 14 because I realized that the food I'd been offered as a guest at a Nigerian house had peanut butter in it after I took a bite. Best decision I've made, although I couldn't help thinking about it when I passed what would have been day 30 for me. But it is easier to continue than to quit and do it at a later date. Keep up the good work!
  5. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    @Kiralyn DRight now there are a bunch of bell peppers for good prices available in my local grocery store and fruit and veggie vendor, so I have been stocking up and slicing them up. I usually do a grab and go breakfast of some cold egg "muffins" (eggs, onions, greens, ground meat), bell peppers and maybe a piece of fruit or cut up strawberries. The combo of the greens in the eggs and the bell peppers gets my veggies in in the morning, and the peppers are sweet and cold enough to not be weird to me in the morning. I've also tried it with cucumbers, carrots and cherry tomatoes to good success. @Bootsie1947 I am still having sleep problems, and I just finished day 18. Not sure what your schedule is like, but perhaps it's not completely whole30 related? I have a lot of stress at work, and I think that's a serious contributor. Plus, there's the whole don't get sleep, be tired, drink caffeine, can't go to sleep early cycle that I sometimes fall into.
  6. Diabetes Reversed in 90 Days!

    Wow! This totally made me smile! Congratulations on a achieving such a wonderful change in your life!!
  7. Grape must?

    The grape must is fine but the caramel color is a "sneaky sugar" and would render the item not compliant, sorry!
  8. Diabetes Reversed in 90 Days!

    That is just wonderful! Well done!
  9. Grape must?

    I'm going to start the Whole 30 challenge in a few weeks and I'm doing my research now. The vinegar I usually use for my salads are totally organic and naturally flavored but contain something called "Grape Must," which is a natural form of grape juice, as far as I can tell. Would this be allowed? Thank you! Ingredients: Grape must, wine vinegar, caramel color, natural flavors, naturally occurring sulfites
  10. It's perhaps possible that you are expecting the normal stomach growling, hangry, shakey MUST EAT NOW feelings that are quite common in a more common diet? This sort of hunger is generally attributed to the fact that the body is only used to using carbohydrates for fuel and that cannot be stored but must be replenished very regularly. On the other hand, when our participants become fat adapted (ie, the ability for the body to easily switch to stored fat for fuel), that sort of OMG MUST EAT hunger goes away. Hunger often becomes a feeling. More of an empty, something's missing, oh look it's meal time sort of thing rather than the very dramatic hunger we might be used to. Is that possible? Your meals look fine to me. Meal timing isn't the greatest if there are days you're only eating two, but your meal outline above looks fine to me.
  11. Today
  12. @SugarcubeOD I have occasionally gone that long without eating, but it's more common that an early lunch lines up with an early dinner or a late lunch and late dinner. Some days I will eat at 6:30, 2:00 and 9:30. I eat fruit with meals rather than as a snack. For example, my breakfast this morning was three egg muffins, bell peppers and strawberries with tea and coconut milk. Is the epic bar not recommended because many of them have a higher fat content? I make sure I only eat the leanest options post workout (venison or chicken, less than 1g fat per serving). My understanding from reading these forums and the books is that starchy carbs aren't strictly necessary, especially if I have weight to lose, which I do. Do you think there would be recovery benefit from adding in starchy carbs post workout? Most of my meals are fairly large-ish. Here's today: Breakfast: 3 egg "muffins" made with eggs, coconut oil, greens, onions, ground beef; bells peppers; sometimes berries or an apple; tea with coconut milk. Post workout: Epic bar -- today it was venison. Lunch: Pork meatballs (1/3 to 1/2 lb meat) with zoodles and sunshine sauce. Salad with olive oil. Iced tea. Dinner: Repeat of lunch. I do not want to decrease my food too much and get to a point where my body is prioritizing survival over recovery, like you mentioned may be happening. But it seems weird to me that I'm rarely or never hungry. I guess a good question is how long I should expect to wait until hunger hormones are netter regulated? Thanks for all your help!
  13. Diabetes Reversed in 90 Days!

    I have never written a testimonial. I am so happy to be writing one now! I started Whole30 on January 2, 2018. I had been taken off diabetes medication because I could not manage the medication. My A1C reading was 7.7 and I was on a wait list to see a specialist in internal medicine to see what medication I could take to manage the diabetes. My liver enzymes were in the high 90's. I was entirely Whole30 compliant for 30 days. I had my A1C test at about day 21 and it was 7.1. After years of seeing movement upward only I was ecstatic. The diabetes educator was skeptical and said well of course your blood sugar is good because you have cut all carbs. I showed her my food diary. Oh you are eating carbs ( I need potatoes almost daily)...oh this is a plan you could stay on for life...I had lost 12 pounds too! That was Day 21! I asked my Dr. to not move forward with any medication until after my next A1C test and after seeing the specialist. I still stuck to the Whole30 plan but was not so diligent about food labels. I did not do any reintroduction but did have a couple of items that contained dairy and sugar a couple of times. On April 13th I had the A1C test and got results today. I am at 6.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't really say Day 102 Whole30, but after 102 days on the plan, I have reversed diabetes, the internal medicine doc says no need for ANY medication whatsoever! My liver enzymes are normal! And I have lost 30 pounds! While I am still considered pre-diabetic that will change too! Thank you Whole30!!!
  14. Good luck everyone Hoping the people starting around the same time as me will support me and let me support them back..
  15. Anyone else starting 4/21??

    Hi Vanessa, I am starting 4/23 Good luck!
  16. Donate Blood

    I would say there shouldn't be a huge issue but I donated blood two days ago, 17 days into my first Whole 30, and had some negative effects. I am a 20 year old college student and fairly petite, but figured I weighed 120 or 130 lbs, and didn't even think about weighing myself before donating. I nearly passed out and felt extremely fatigued, and my hemoglobin was on the low end. I stopped Whole 30 immediately and just tried to eat as much as possible, weighed myself the next day and realized I was right on the border of 110, which meant I was very likely under the legal weight limit when donating. My only caution would be to weigh yourself before donating to make sure you haven't accidentally lost a lot of weight - I think I've just been eating a lot less especially since I don't eat meat and it's hard to find Whole 30 approved foods all the time in the dining halls, so I lost more weight than I realized! Other than that, I would say that you would probably be fine, just eat a lot of iron-filled foods before hand and drink a LOT of extra water the day before and day of! (Again, I should have known better, I'm a nursing student...)
  17. Supplements with Fructose

    If these are doctor prescribed then that trumps the Whole30 rules. If this is something you choose to take, you might try finding a pill form or a powder that IS compliant... for instance, magnesium is available from Natural Calm brand and the unsweetened is compliant.
  18. Hi everyone! I'm starting this Saturday 4/21 - anyone else starting that day? I'd love to find someone to help keep me accountable!
  19. FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    I'm not upset, it's just hard. I appreciate your support. Congrats on staying strong!
  20. Start Date: December 1st

    Ohhh I'm so sorry. Not weird. We have a friend that is still recovering from a terrible case of shingles. I told my hubby that he needs to get the vaccine. I, on the other hand, have never had chicken pox and got the chicken pox vaccine that they give kids before they even knew if it worked in adults. It turns out that it is effective-yay! It's a really serious infection if you get it as an adult. I so hope you feel better soon and it's just a reaction to the vaccine that will quickly pass. I forgot, in response to your blogging comment, been there, done that! It's kind of a weird, wild thing but I was pretty proud of it. I think it was 2012-ish and I found out about this competition called Charcutapalooza. It was to be based off of the book Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Bryan Polcyn and there would be a different charcuterie challenge each month taken from a section of the book. Contestants had to make something from the monthly challenge then blog about what you did with it (not just about the recipe that was already in Charcuterie) complete with pictures and recipes. If you got your blog post submitted by the deadline each month AND completed all 12 challenges, you went into consideration for the grand prize- a trip to France with all kinds of charcuterie-oriented events. Out of 400-some odd contestants, only 14 qualified for the grand prize and I was one of them! I didn't expect to win but I thought I would come in the top few- but no. I got over it- I was pretty thrilled that I did it. I think that was the biggest commitment I had ever made (you know, besides the whole marriage thing!). It was a crazy year! We NEVER sat down to eat without having to take pictures first. After it was over, I was kinda at loose ends for a while because it had sucked up SO much time and energy plus I couldn't think of anything to write about because I had been so focused on the task at hand. It served me well, though. I make my own bacon (easy peasy!!), lots of sausages and some other crazy things. Homemade hotdogs ROCK (but are a pain in the patooty to make)!! I'll never eat store-bought bratwurst again but they have cream in them so off limits for another 25 days That was one of the things I used to reintro dairy after my W60. Crazy! Feel better.
  21. Can’t have this!?

    That is treading way too close to pancakes for my liking...
  22. Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    Hi Emily may I join you? I’ve completed several successful whole 30s ( and failed to complete 2 if I’m honest. Last ditched attempt was last October when diagnosed with thyroid cancer and the world went a little crazy. Now had surgery x2 been on a sofa since Dec, eaten any food the wonderful church family delivered or my husband cooked - not a vast veg fan but has been awesome- and coming back to it all a stone heavier but cancer clear. I’ll take that!) Ive read Whole 30 from cover to cover this weekend and my w30 daily arrived yday, butter is clarified, mayo& burgers for freezer breakfasts waiting to be made and frittata planned. Scared I can’t do it again and will crash and burn again but my successful times have been hugely helped by these forums and the wise moderators. So I’m going to do my darnedest. I’m still not brilliantly well and body is not enjoying not having a thyroid but a good diet and good gut has to be a good place to start. Husband has agreed to join me this time but wants me to do all the thinking. But having him on board should be very helpful and curb some of the off plan shopping. 2 daughters at home still so can’t clear kitchen but have managed before. You sound v impressive! I’ve not managed food freedom yet but know I have to eat better every day (I’m a bit food scitzophrenic) as cancer has been a bit of a wake up call. Lets do this!
  23. First Reintroduction Food = Ah!

    I haven’t tried rice yet, but when I reintroduced hummus, I felt an upset stomach 30min - 1 hour after eating.
  24. Start Date: December 1st

    Ooh, I just got my shingles vaccine (weird, I know, but I have had several outbreaks starting when I was 19!) and I don't know if it's related or not but I have body aches and a fever. My spirit wants to reply to your post, but my body is insisting on bed and sleep = ( more soon I hope!
  25. Are you new here? Welcome!

    Hi from Barcelona! First of all, English is not my native language, so I am really sorry for all the present & future typos! I have few things to confess: I didnt read any of the books completely before start, but during the process. Again, English is a bit of a gap, and it takes me more time to read it. I followed all the rules, without cheating, at least consciously. And the truth is that I discovered that in my country, the labeling laws are very lax and have no obligation to put many of the most relevant data. Still, I think I have achieved the goal based on cooking and eating fresh products. I am still amazed at how easy it has been to make this challenge, and as you can imagine, I intend to keep it as my general eating habit. I must be one of those weirdos who have not noticed many side effects during the 30 days, I mean those that can be seen in the calendar. And I was looking forward so freakingly bad for the tiger blood!! On this point I would like to know if this can mean anything, or if on the contrary, I can relax... I am immensely offended by the amount of posts in my native language that refer to the Whole30 and in the end are related to recipes and post about Paleo diet camouflaged. It is not the same, please stop BS! I just finished my 1st Whole30 and I have to admit that I am delighted with the results! I didn't loose too much weight, but it certainly change my point of view about food and health. Thank you so much for creating the Whole30!!
  26. FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    Today we are having a "food day" at work. Celebrating on the April Birthdays. Originally I had planned to bring some compliant deviled eggs in. However, i felt like crap yesterday (not really due to the Whole 30, I had a small procedure on Tuesday and was still recovering) and didn't have time to get them ready. I walked in the kitchen to fill my water bottle, saw all the food and really the only things that looked good was the salsa a friend made (that was compliant, but I didn't want any) and another type of salsa (that wasn't compliant because it has cheese and beans in it). But I just walked away. I didn't really feel any urge to try anything. I did bring an Rx bar today, just in case i really was tempted I had an extra something to choose instead. We have been saving the Rx bars for our hikes or other situations when we need something more (like when I had to run to a meeting, so didn't have time to eat dinner. I had half an Rx bar to hold me till I got home afterwards and could then eat dinner.) Actually feeling pretty good. We are doing biggest loser right now at work. A friend has been tracking my weight loss for me (I close my eyes when I step on the scale- only almost fell once lol). And she submits my loss %. So I don't know how I am doing, but I feel pretty great, so not concerned. The biggest loser event ends 2 weeks after our Whole 30, so I might talk my husband into waiting to do our reintroduction phase till after it ends, because I really just don't want to go through those icky feelings while finishing up the program here at work. I feel great right now and want that same feeling when we complete Biggest Loser. Regardless of how much I lost, I want to have the Great Feeling to hold on to, because then I know I did well- even if the scale doesn't reflect that. Does that make sense?
  27. FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    I believe she talks about this type of situation in the book. Though I think her example was communion. Religion does indeed come first, as do doctors orders, so you didn't not break your Whole30, at least that's my opinion. As you said, your religion makes it so you could never do a true Whole30, but as long as the rest of the time you are sticking to it, there is no reason to feel upset about it. Religion trumps everything.
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