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  3. You can learn more about impact of glutathione after clicking here
  4. coffee, lion mane, ginseng extract, glutathione. The last one uses after workout too. If you don't know, glutathione acts like builder of collagen and helps to lose weight. But don't tale big portion, it can cause digestive problems
  5. folic acid, iron, magnesium (600-1000mg), iodium also can get mention at b-complex
  6. it's hard find pure fish oil without hard metals in it. I was searching much information about manufacturers and found a few that using pure components and all products are producing with American standards of qualities. Maybe you saw some of these honest registered trade mark early: Wellabs INC, 21 century, Natural Ways
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  8. A reasonable day for me today. I think I’m now 21 days alcohol free, and not many days strict w30 due to 2 restarts. But actually that’s ok. I am feeling some benefits from almost w30 for 3 weeks. I certainly feel less tired today, had a good da at work and have eaten well. Tomorrow I am doing a very biting conference, virtually, from home and therefore will absolutely need to break away from my screen so I have planned my meals carefully. I am really hoping for a run soon, I miss it so much! My hip is feeling almost recovered but now I’m scared of running too soon and going right back t
  9. Yesterday was tough cravings-wise, but I muddled through. I ate dinner a little earlier than normal and added a handful of almonds later in the evening, as I was feeling hungry. Still difficult sometimes to tell hunger from boredom cravings. Day 6 M1-3 of the breakfast muffins I made on Saturday M2-leftover ribs and broccoli M3-Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with Italian ground beef (kale, tomato paste, oregano) hot tea before bed Walking and yoga planned for this afternoon I was awake earlier this morning - 5:15 and let the dogs out. I could have stay
  10. Last week
  11. I’m not good about weekend journaling, but right now I’m working on not prowling around the kitchen out of boredom-old habit. Last night’s time with friends was fun and successfully managed. The sleep was not great, as we stayed up way too late, and then sleeping essentially on a table in a camper was not comfortable. We were up early, enjoying coffee and egg muffins in the early morning light. It was lovely, and much needed girl time. I also made it to an outdoor yoga session this morning-such a wonderful way to celebrate the end of summer. Day 5 M1-Egg muffins-egg,
  12. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Being in the moment of not feeling well and not spiraling out of control is a wonderful NSV. Have a great week!
  13. Sunny Sunday here in the UK! Did some housework, some cooking for the week and the usual chores. I feel a lot brighter today, the bone crushing exhaustion seems to have passed, thankfully. I am sure I’ve had a virus of some sort and not that it’s simply w30 detox. my food today has been good: leftover beef burger (homemade obvs) for breakfast, I had a mackerel fillet and salad for lunch with some roasted Mediterranean veg, and dinner is going to be roast pork and Crackling. I still haven’t run (not since Tuesday) and went for another walk yesterday. No hiit classes either. Later on
  14. This article explains more about starting over. There are no Whole30 police who are going to come make you start over, it's ultimately up to you. If you aren't sure, you can always keep going, and on day 30 think about it again and decide if you want to keep going or not.
  15. Yesterday’s M3 ended up being a charcuterie board, vegetables, meat, some almonds. No dips-just homemade Mayo and brown spicy mustard. A long phone call took the place of my yoga session. My body missed it and was sore/achy throughout the night, but I did sleep ok. Day 4 M1-Sausage/potato/onion/kale/tomato hash. I decided to cook up next week’s breakfast this morning instead of waiting until tomorrow. M2-Turkey/Mayo/romaine roll ups. M3-Meatza pizza that I’m taking to campground tonight, since the plan is for pizza. I’ll have enough to share. I’m also
  16. Happy Day 18, everyone! I hope it finds you doing well and experiencing Week 3 benefits of the Whole30. I continue to use "The Whole30: Day by Day" and also am reading "Atomic Habits." (Melissa interviewed author James Clear on her podcast.) Both from the library -- bless libraries -- and both helpful in following the plan.
  17. @MadyVanilla thank you, I did feel better today. I have stuck to plan, and stuck to my menu plan as well. interesting you say this about nightshades and fodmap. Over my many months of w30 and reintroductions I have been very inclined to think that eggs (in large quantities) and nuts (almonds especially) do strange things to me. I do feel absolutely exhausted though, to the point I have done a lateral flow Covid test as I just feel so washed out. I have a full fuzzy headache and just generally feel pretty horrible, and have all week. This may have contributed to yesterday’s blow
  18. I just meal planned and placed my grocery order for next week. To-do on Sunday for meal prep: Make Alfredo sauce and cook up sausage/potato/vegetable skillet for breakfasts.
  19. Yesterday went as planned, no M4 needed. I'm continuing on an even mental keel and finding that I'm able to beat back some of those automatic thoughts, like last night's "It looks like it's going to rain, I'm not walking" (I went) and this morning's "I need change for work, I'll go through the Dunkin drive-thru and get breakfast." (Umm, no - I'll write a check for work, or offer to go get change at lunch). The automatic thoughts/habits are what kill me - when I'm in a good place mentally, I'm able to do as I did. But sometimes, outside a W30, even if I'm mentally good, I think I can get aw
  20. I will also make a smoothie sometimes when I'm too full or too tired to make a meal. I use 1/2 a frozen banana, a big handful of baby spinach or baby kale, whatever fresh or frozen berries I have on hand, and equal portions of full fat coconut milk and almond milk. If I don't have almond milk (replaced with water) or I haven't had enough protein, I have compliant pea protein powder that I add. And on occasion, I've added liquid egg whites.
  21. And you came back here as part of your reset! Not feeling any better.... Your ideas to cut out some sugars and make sure you hydrate are good ones. Some other questions to ask yourself (if you haven't already)-Have you thought about other food triggers, such as nightshades or FODMAPs? Are you getting enough to eat with your activity level (is your body holding onto some weight for dear life)? Is it possible there is something else going on not related to food? Are there things impacting your sleep (i.e. stress)? Your walk sounds so lovely - I was once a runner and keep thinking I'
  22. Day 11, and oh boy did I hit a wall today. Physical, mental, emotional: I just fully slammed into it and it did not end well. Think I’m restarting (again!) as quite frankly the last few hours have been really quite far from w30! I don’t even know where it came from really, but anyway, a full binge (something I very rarely do these days) and now will have to deal with the consequences. I think, quite honestly, I am getting tired of doing this and not feeling any better. I’ve not run since Tuesday and before that Sunday, I have not done my usual classes, my food is almost always 100% o
  23. Hi! I bought Aidell’s Chicken and Apple Breakfast Links. I thought it will be the same ingredients as their Sausage. But when I took a bite, it tasted different than the Sausage ones and when I checked the label, it has brown sugar. And I’m on my Day 16 of doing Whole30. Do I really have to start over?
  24. Yesterday went as planned, though I ended up making a 1/2 coconut milk, 1/2 almond milk, kale and berry smoothie as my dinner rather than the leftovers. I just wasn't that hungry. I slept well last night (post workout and yoga) and was ready for breakfast this morning. I'm doing well mentally, feeling secure in my intention to be compliant. Day 2 M1-Egg soufflé - one more serving left for tomorrow! M2-Final serving of ground beef hash, 2 clementines M3-leftover taco salad that I didn't eat last night hot tea. Berry vegetable smoothie as M4, if needed. Exer
  25. I am a woman of about 40 years with some signs of aging that we all have. Big pores, wrinkles, aging skin, joint pain - that's all the most interesting ... It's not serious, but my body is demonstratively aging. I know that changes in the body just can't happen right away, and there is no miracle cure for aging, but I really feel that collagen has been a great addition to my health regimen, and I'm happy with the results I've seen. Sure, I don't look 20 anymore, but I really think I've taken a vacation for at least 5 years and I'm feeling really good, that's a pretty good reason for me to keep
  26. As long as all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, it's fine. It's not enough that it says no added sugar, you need to actually look at the ingredients to be sure all of the ingredients are ok.
  27. Hi there - seeing a lot of information about store-bought broths. I've been using 365 Organic Chicken broth from Whole Foods. It says there is no added sugar. This is ok, right? It wasn't listed as a Whole30 compliant product, but I wanted to make sure!
  28. @Rebecca001 and @Contessa - thank you. This is exactly what I mean about the support in this community . @Contessa - you have said many things to me, to others, and within your own journal that have helped me realign my own thinking. The above referenced blog post is a must-read. Contessa, the line you quoted is in itself thought-provoking, but the whole paragraph struck a chord: But the Whole30 is not a diet. It’s not a quick-fix. It’s not even a weight-loss program. The Whole30 is designed to change your life. It’s a monumental transformation in how you think about food, your bod
  29. May I assist in briefly straightening your crown? I was heartened a few years ago when Melissa (co-founder of Whole 30) came out with a blog post backing off the whole "it's not hard" tough-love mantra that so many of us had internalized. "Changing the way you think about food is hard," she says, and I agree. "[Whole 30] is a monumental transformation in how you think about food, your body, your life, and what you want out of the time you have left on this earth." I somehow find it heartening that there are SO many of us who do not have all these principles perfectly dialed in.
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