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  3. pearlgirl2017

    SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20

    WOW did I sleep hard last night! NSV - my back isn't hurting as much when I get up in the morning, and my knees aren't screaming at me anymore. Yea!!!
  4. LadyM

    Shawna's First Whole 30

    You CAN do hard things. Just for today. YAY!! I started Imperfect Foods deliveries a couple of weeks ago and have been very happy with it. Between my CSA, Butcherbox, and Imperfect Foods, I almost never need to physically go grocery shopping anymore. Pretty cool. As is the feeling of your clothes getting too big when you have weight to lose. Though that's nothing compared to developing a habit for speaking your truth. So happy for you!
  5. LadyM

    Laura's Whole30 8/28/20

    Great reflections. Wishing you all the best as you continue your earnest endeavor toward Food Freedom Forever!!
  6. laurasuzanne

    Laura's Whole30 8/28/20

    Day 29 Wow, this will probably be my last post before knowing my results and beginning reintroduction. As the NSV's go, I think overall happiness and pride needs to be what I remember. Is it selfish that I feel like I carry myself with more pride during a W30? I think I come off happier because I am. I don't often discuss or brag about what I'm doing, but I'm just happier. I hold my head higher. I feel better about myself. I'm downright proud of myself for doing this for ME and only ME. I like that I'm putting myself first for a period of time, realizing it's worth telling someone no to their offer. Realizing that I put in my body is nobody's business and shouldn't impact their emotions (like me eating a cookie because I think it would hurt their feelings). That's silly talk and any adult that lets their feelings get hurt for that is an issue with them, not me. It's uplifting to get over that. I have read Food Freedom Forever, but I don't think I want to re-read it until after reintroduction. I want to give reintroduction more attention than I gave my W30, honestly. I've done W30s, and I do the 30 days great. I love structure. I love rules. I love the black and white. I'm certain I am not alone in how I handle reintroduction. It's like a reunion with all your friends and it's very easy to get distracted. Then, when you realize you added 3 categories back, feel like crap, and don't know which did it, you just move on as a reintro failure. Or... I always do. I'm a planner and I'm wanting to go through the day-by-day book and consider what questions to ask myself each day of reintroduction. Energy, cravings, sleep, skin, digestion, mood, etc. My sister called me yesterday about reading a book about alcohol I recommended (This Naked Mind, I highly recommend). It reminds me of It Starts with Food in the sense it discusses alcohol in our diets/life and how useless it is. It was a very well-timed called. I recommended this book to her many months ago and her calling about it as my W30 is ending was perfect as the alcohol reintro is usually what gets me. I'm going to re-read it as I go through reintro, because it really motivates me to avoid alcohol and just appreciate socializing with people in a different way that I'm conditioned to (drunk). I'm excited and scared. I'm about to toss the comfort blanket and rely on my own willpower. I appreciate you all listening. I do intend to continue to document my experience. Considering this is not my first W30 I don't know how valuable the commentary has been to anyone. I hope the reintro fears have rang true with people and to those who are new to the process it really is the hardest part for me and a lot of people. Each W30 gets easier. For first timers I completely understand that reintro is hard. "I signed up for 30 days! I didn't realize it's actually 45 day to complete it accurately! Let me have my 30 day win and be done!" So so so get it, because I do that. I've also done a Whole 45, Whole 60, whatever. I held on to the program and did learn some about myself, but reintro is really where it's at. And then food freedom, which is a lifetime of learning. Deciding what's worth it. Realizing the food or drink of an even isn't always the event. Enjoy moments in different ways. Enjoy people, atmosphere, views, feel. I look forward to getting better each time. I will probably do the January W30 because it's so great to have a huge community of health focused people and you'll never get it like you do at the New Year. My squad! Laura
  7. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    Day 1: 9/25/20 --
  8. Hi everyone, This question is more about food freedom after finishing a W30. During my W30s, I’ve always felt amazing but typically, I slide back into old ways. After my last W30, I continued to keep the foods out that upset my system but I did add back in rice and popcorn as it didn’t seem to have any ill-effects in reintro. I’m now a couple of weeks in my food freedom and I’m feeling pretty exhausted if I’m honest. I’m not eating rice or corn every day so I’m not sure it’s that. I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve moved off the meal template and, maybe, my body doesn’t have enough fat or carbs to give me energy? Has anyone else found this? I guess my other question is, when you add foods back in your plan, should you still be following the meal template and what serving size should we be aiming for with the “added” foods. Thanks for the help in advance!
  9. Focusedwave

    Shawna's First Whole 30

    R1Day12 Last night I made some salmon patties, they are SO good. I get a little irritated with all the food planning sometimes but then get happy when I eat such delicious good for me food!! I am roasting veggies a lot, so tasty! I joined a food delivery service for imperfect foods that cannot be sold to markets or restaurants. Foods that would be wasted. It seems like a great service and I get to help the environment in the process. My clothes are getting to big, will have to get some smaller ones soon. I havent been logging my food everyday, it started to feel like a diet that way. I know I am eating compliant foods, no need to write down everything I eat. I will journal my foods once I start reintroducing things so that I can figure out my sensitivities. I am not really missing much food wise though. Not gonna be in a big hurry to reintroduce. I had a major NSV victory yesterday. I have been bad about keeping my emotions and feelings inside when it is something uncomfortable instead of speaking up. Yesterday I spoke up to my husband about what I was feeling in regards to his mom. When I told him how I felt, the earth didnt stop spinning, the skies didnt grow black and scary, instead he hugged me and supported me. I can do hard things, just for today!!
  10. Yesterday
  11. UrsulaB11

    Bumpy journey to food freedom

    I ate three flour tortillas yesterday - one at 10, another at 1 and the final one around 7:15pm. It's 3:45 pm now and I feel hungover, despite having had no alcohol since this weekend. I have a slight headache, I'm dragging and I am craving something sweet or unhealthy. Of course, when I hit the vending machine at work, there was nothing gluten free in there and I wasn't going to drink an unhealthy soft drink, so I am sticking to water. This certainly explains a lot. When I did W30, I had more energy and no afternoon slump. So much more productive at work and I handled the stress better and I see why. If I was fighting off the effects of gluten and feeling crappy like this, no wonder I felt bad and unmotivated. Hopefully this gets through my system sooner rather than later.
  12. LadyM

    Whole30 Round 5? 6?

    Congratulations on your return to the sanity of Whole30 and welcome back! I think after having done a few Whole 30s by the book with three meals a day, it's OK to tweak and play with how you do things. There are a few of us old timers here right now doing exactly that, and two solid template meals is fine if it works for you. It's not fine if you're deliberately restricting despite hunger and/or ending up overeating during those two meals. Alternatively, you could still eat three meals if you so desire but shift the timing of them into that smaller window. Totally up to you and how you're genuinely feeling. Go ahead and do you, Lady. I'd just recommend staying committed as possible to being mindful about your hunger as well as your motives and do your best to let the program work its magic you've already experienced for yourself in the past!
  13. lizziehall

    Whole30 Round 5? 6?

    I’m ready to do another round of Whole30! It’s been around 6 months since my last round & I’m desperately in need of a reset. After restaurants reopened in my state I went a little crazy and quickly started feeling badly. My boyfriend convinced me to try KETO with him and I thought it was a magic diet! I dropped weight quickly while eating cheese at every meal lol! But I know from other rounds than I’m sensitive to dairy so the mental fog, mid-day slumps and acne shouldn’t have surprised me. I also regained almost all of the weight I lost, and look worse than I began due to all the bloating. It was worth a try, but now I’m back to Whole30 to get me out of this hole I dug myself. I went grocery shopping today, took before pictures, got myself a “last meal” of sushi for dinner, and I’m ready to begin with Day 1 tomorrow! Side note: I have been intermittent fasting while on KETO and I’m pretty much in the habit & don’t get hungry until around 12 or 1. I know fasting isn’t encouraged but has anyone tried it? Should I break that habit and eat 3 meals a day?
  14. Focusedwave

    Shawna's First Whole 30

    Thank you so much for the reminder to not overthink things. I tend to overthink a lot!!! I needed this reminder
  15. LadyM

    The Seduction of LadyM Returns

    Day 24 Waiting for someone to die is the strangest thing. I've done it a few times in my life. I hope not to have to do it much, if at all, from this point forward. Le sigh. Still strong in my meditation and walking-in-the-woods game, and feeling good about that. Real self care as part of my daily routine is so easy and simple when I'm in the groove, and shit just totally falls apart when I let it go and it's a brutal struggle to get back. This is yet another reason why I'm glad to be committed to a longer stretch this time around. Once in the groove, it's easier to stay in the good groovy groove. My East Coast friends are planning to come out for Thanksgiving to help me get settle in the (eeeeeeeek!) new house. I'm thrilled. That's my birthday week, and I'm so excited to create a new space and a holiday for my beloveds there. I just ordered a turkey. I will still be on my W30 then, and it won't be a big deal. They're diabetics and always having to manage their food themselves, so it'll be all good. I think it's hilarious I'm already planning Thanksgiving. But that's what happens this time of year. I used to get anxious about the holidays come September given family drama and difficulty, but with both parents gone as of last year, I'm released from all that. Last year I spent the holidays alone in Costa Rica and it was fabulous. Anyway, still here. Still making it up as I go along. Grateful for another day.
  16. LadyM

    Laura's Whole30 8/28/20

    Your reintro plan sounds brilliant! I love how mindful you're being. Only 3 more days?!? DANG. Excited for you!!
  17. pearlgirl2017

    SeptemberWhole30 starting 9/14/20

    10 Days down! The start of Day 11. I am certainly experiencing the food boredom. Not with the food I am eating, but with the prep/cook/cleaning. I don't want to cook dinner. I don't want to think about cooking dinner. I don't want to plan what's for dinner tomorrow. Anyway...1/3 of the way through, better times are still ahead!
  18. Mary-Beth Cuzner

    Starting Sun Sept 6th

    Hello All! I’m excited to start my 2nd Whole 30 during the month of October! I desperately need a reset. I’m feeling run down and exhausted all the time. I’m looking forward to getting myself and my health back on track. I’m really happy to be part of this group!
  19. Hi all! 11 days in to my 4th ( I think?) Whole30 & feeling pretty great but my sched is about to get *challenging* to say the least. I currently working afternoon-evening shifts est (1pm-9pm) but am about to be working on a project that will see me waking up around 2am and working from 3:30am - approx 5/6pm for 15 days. This is the first time I’ll be completely changing my awake/sleeping hours while on Whole30 so any advice on how to not have my body freak out would be awesome! Thanks :)
  20. laurasuzanne

    Laura's Whole30 8/28/20

    Day 28... Not much to report today. I'm extremely sore from the gym on Tuesday. I still did my spin class last night, which was hard. Tonight I have my bootcamp again (which is what was Tuesday). Tonight will probably be my last workout of this W30. I typically go to classes at my gym M-Th and the other days I go on walks or am more active in general on the weekends vs the work week. Yesterday I wrote out my reintroduction plan. Adding back one category for one week, then removing that category and going to another group. Writing it out and seeing the timeline of being "done" was interesting. I gave myself suggestions of what was in a category to help stay creative. I don't eat grains much anyway, so even thinking about it in a way that wasn't bread or cookies was a bit weird. I don't want to intentionally add snackfood in reintroduction. I'm more thinking of adding foods that are often considered healthy, yet not allowed in W30. Like brown rice and quinoa. I'm probably most torn about the sweeteners, knowing they do not promote good health. I'm thinking sweet drinks. Sweetened tea, coffee, koolaid. Overall I want my dessert-type sweet treats to be fruits, which I do love. Starting with a plan feels good. I already think I've never been this structured in a W30. Structure is what I like about the program. Only 3 more days. Laura
  21. AnaMont35

    V8 vegetable juice

    Hello, I’m new here and I will be starting the whole30 on October 1st. I know fruit juice is allowed but not recommended. Is it the same with vegetable juice? These are the ingredients:
  22. Focusedwave

    Shawna's First Whole 30

    Omg the dishes!!! It seems like I am always doing dishes, but that means I am cooking, so it's good thing really!! I am thankful for the dishes. Really trying to focus on the reasons I eat. Really wanted to step on the scale, but resisted. I don't need to think about the weight really. I need to think about the nsv and that's it. Don't really need to lose weight, it is so much more about my health, so why am I called by that darn scale? Luckily, the only scale we have is the Wii fit board and a scale at work. The Wii isn't even hooked up. The scale at work is pretty accessible since I am at work so much, but again,'s not about the number silly woman!!! I will approach the scale like I do most things in my day at a time!!!
  23. Healthgrab

    Canned Coconut Milk Substitute

    I agree nutpods will do help. or milk maybe
  24. Healthgrab

    Compliant Marinara Sauce?

    But I always like to experiment, put some more pepper and pergano leaves. More spices, more fun
  25. Healthgrab

    Colonoscopy prep Gatorade replacement?

    If you aren't sure then you can aybe get a second opinion about this.
  26. Last week
  27. LadyM

    Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...

    Have you done any research into what it means to be an abstainer rather than a moderator? Like you, I have a tendency to be all or nothing in all things. This concept was VERY helpful to me. Here's a place to start: However things shake out, take good care of you, friend!
  28. LadyM

    Shawna's First Whole 30

    In my experience psyllium husk affects form more than movement, if you know what I mean. If you tend to have loose stools, it'll help you make poops you can be proud of--you know, those perfectly bulky "s" curves. But if you're already going once a day I'd say try not to overthink it or create too many variable. Everything you're doing in terms of diet and lifestyle will likely help. So happy you're feeling great today!!
  29. LadyM

    Laura's Whole30 8/28/20

    #realtalk I have never really lost much weight on any of my W30s. And yet I come back. Even though I always want to lose weight and even though I never lose weight, really. And that's because of all the other amazing effects, including greater happiness, clearer skin, increased satisfaction with life in general, and the ease of not weighing and measuring, not to mention with every reset, it's easier for me to generally stick to the template and an effect of that is no yo-yo with my weight. That's right: even when I off road, even when I'm not tracking what I eat via weight watchers, even when I'm not restricting, I generally maintain my weight without efforting. And in fairness, I'm not obese. I generally stay within 15 pounds of my ideal weight, more like 5 when things are going well. So, you have choices to make about how you want to move forward, and that's good news! You get to decide if and how you pursue weight loss, It could slow waaaaaay down but continue in a downward trajectory. You could return to deliberate restriction in one way or another and speed up that process while also changing the game. I get it. I've done it, and I likely will continue to do it. But I'm always seeking ways to do it that don't make me and those who love me crazy. I would like to think that eventually it will become more intuitive and not require careful weighing and measuring. I would like to think, and I've seen this shift in time, that I'll be more responsive more quickly when I get too far off track, therefore doing less damage before coming back to center. Anyway, this is just all to say I see you and I feel you. And I'm cheering you on as you continue to make your own way toward your best health. I also wish you persistence and patience--and that you stay on the lookout for NSVs regardless of what the scale says.
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