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  2. The same for me, I have never found compliant salami. It's pretty hard to find something in my local stores. Sometimes I visit Houston, so I can buy something similar to what I want. I think it's almost impossible to purchase compliant salami on the web. Also, I can't get what's the point of buying eating online. You can't estimate its state or freshness + waiting time. The only thing I bought on Amazon was this kitchen scale But I would definitely not purchase compliant salami or so. Such products are not mea
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  5. I'm going to New York for a bachelorette party from day 34-37. Could you please give me advice on reintroduction? Should I slow roll... sticking with Whole30 until I get to NY and then carefully decide what is "worth it" for the weekend? Or try to introduce one food group before heading to NY? Please help
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  7. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the program, flour is not allowed.
  8. Hey @Rebecca001! Thanks for all the tips. I am going to the gym often and also having a high amount of exercise everyday because of work. But I kind that feel stuck because I can't finish my whole30. It is like every day I wake up, do my whole30 breakfast, but then I eat something not allowed in the middle of the day and then it's over. It is not that I am eating super bad, but I have been eating what I shouldn't. And I feel bad about it. I am not losing weight also and that has annoyed me a little. Now I am in a paradigm and I wanted your opinion. I work as a housekeeper, and it's
  9. my wife adds a little flour to the sauce and reheats it in a pan for 1-2 minutes, it turns out very tasty
  10. It says 'contains milk' because it's made from butter and legally they have to say that but if it's clarified butter or ghee, with no other non compatible ingredients then go for it!
  11. Most legumes are not approved, it was just peas that were changed and altho chickpeas has peas in the name, they're actually biologically a legume (also known as Garbanzo beans). Chickpeas are still not compatible with the program.
  12. is trader joe's clarified butter (unsalted butter,contains milk) ok?
  13. So, I did a half day on Wednesday, but Thursday was my first full day. I printed off the chart for my mom so she knew what to expect day one (and a half) I had some carrots and they tasted like candy. I had to check the ingredients, no sugar! (Starting off Keto) ive felt pretty crappy today, but food tastes better, WOW! I literally just ate some ground beef with a yellow pepper and a teaspoon of salsa and fresh cilantro and it was like the best thing I’ve ever eaten..
  14. Now that most legumes are now approved, are chickpeas included in that list?
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  16. All of the recipes in the book would require that the ingredients were compatible with the program. For things like Dijon mustard, chili powder, tomato sauce etc... you need to go to your grocery store and read labels. There are dozens of tomato sauce brands that are compatible with the program and it would be impossible for us to list them, especially since recipes change and formulations can be different depending on the region or country you're in. If you're looking for products on our Whole30 Approved list, you can hit the Whole30 Approved button at the top of the website header her
  17. Yes, it is helpful, thank you. It's just hard to grasp eating multiple fats at one meal. I'm following the meal template for portion sizes, but for me, I'm wondering if it actually does all "even out in the wash." I don't eat seafood, so my main proteins have been chicken, turkey, pork and ground beef, and I eat eggs for breakfast with spinach and sweet potatoes cooked in ghee. So while other Whole30ers may be having less fats at one meal due to having fish, I feel as though I am limited by that option. If I have a salad, I add chicken, tomatoes, pecans, avocado and oil/vinegar for the dressin
  18. I am reading the Whole 30 Friends & Family Cookbook and want to try some of the recipes. A lot of them require Whole 30 compliant foods. Where can I find a detailed list of where to find Whole 30 compliant Dijon mustard, chili powder, tomato sauce, etc…and the brand names? I thought there’d be a detailed list at the end of the cookbook. Please help. Thanks-Allison
  19. No one can tell you when to start but yourself. There will be a large group starting on Sept. 1. The more the merrier. Until then you can start with simple things like not eating the bag of marshmellows just because it is there. Stop buying the things you know are bad for you when you go to the grocery store (chips, cookies etc.). Start reading the ingredient labels on the stuff in your pantry and fridge, a magnifying glass will help tremendously. Start drinking more water. Lots and lots of water. A September start will give you enough time to find some of the swaps you'll need from th
  20. Your timing is impeccable - Melissa wrote an article about this just today... see if it helps
  21. Hello! Day 1 of Whole30 here. I read the textbook but actually applying it to life is a different story. I'm confused as to how much fat at one meal is too much. The recipes in the textbook seem to use more fat than the guidelines state. A few questions/examples: -If I make pumpkin soup with a can of pumpkin, full fat coconut milk, veggies, and 2 tbsp cooking fat, doesn't that include all of the fat I should be eating at one meal? -If I make a salad with lettuce, chicken, veggies, and homemade compliant ranch dressing, isn't the dressing the fat (aka should I not add nuts and a
  22. Pushing on! Ted and I went out to dinner last night and I was perfectly satisfied with my mocktails, although giving up grains definitely proved difficult in the food department. It's going to be tough next week when dairy isn't an option! Still feeling good, already more confident knowing that I'm moving in the right direction!
  23. I want to thank all for your comments. I am only at R1D10 but already thinking 30 days will not do it for me…this my bea choice forever with forays for some not all occasions. I am working on my triggers and self talk trying to identify when I want to wander off Whole 30. Food freedom is my goal.
  24. Personally it depends on the job. You can find that it makes you quite tired as you adjust to the new regime. For me, I would say start it but be prepared, plan your meals in advance and prep your breakfast and lunch the night before. This is just to prevent any of those ‘nothing to eat moments’ which could catch you out after a long day. I started my w30 a month before going to a new job after 5 years off work. It was fine. The other nice thing is that they now know me as the one who never eats junk food. I didn’t have to make a bold change as they have never known me any different.
  25. Amazing! Don’t you just want to shout it from the rooftops?! Freedom!! @Molly79 I hear you. I never thought I could do this, I was the biggest sugar fiend and a terrible secret binge eater. That was almost a year ago, and I’m still going. You really can do this, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Good luck!
  26. I can’t help with a date but I will say this: you’re thinking of this (understandably) as a frightening thing because you are imagining it from you, now. But you will very quickly see that this is not some hideous punishment, but the single greatest act of self care you can show yourself. Your body will very quickly reward you for this. It’s so very, very worth it. That feeling will go a long way to replacing the crutch you currently get from those foods. Good luck.
  27. Thank you for your reply! I did in fact search for all name variants before posting my question, but I must have done something wrong, since there was no hit.
  28. Why is it non-negotiable? Can you use a milk alternative? Full Fat coconut milk froths up very nicely (I would even say better than dairy). The truthful answer is, if you choose to eat an offplan ingredient every day then you're not doing the program but that's not to say you can't get a lot of benefit from changing the way you eat even if you keep the milk...
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