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  10. Joint Pain

    Have you started eating a lot more nightshades than you used to? (Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant , potatoes)
  11. Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    @Mishierose76 It's my first one so will probably do the 10-day version since I am tired of eating meat haha. I have never eaten this much meat back to back. Definitely want to do a reintro for the legumes, corn, and dairy (although I don't really eat much dairy except for greek yogurt very occasionally and goat cheese on pasta).
  12. September 18 start date

    Oh. My. Goodness. Today was the toughest day yet. I've had in my head for a while that I would do this for longer than 30 days but, wow, I wanted to eat any and everything that is bad for me tonight. Walmart was a minefield! LOL. I almost talked myself into buying a candy bar. Or some ice cream! I wondered why I was doing this. I wondered whether it was worth it. Why eat so healthy all the time if you don't get to really enjoy what you're eating?! So yeah, it was tough. But I stuck with it. I'm going to keep on this for at least another week. Clearly I haven't built enough control yet!
  13. Day 8 done!

    Well I am officially a little over a week in. Needless to say, there have been little challenges here and there, despite having dropped lots of money to fully stock my fridge (both from Kroger and Trader Joe's). I was basically a kid in a candy shop buying meats I never even bother to look at while not on the Whole30, like Italian sausage and prosciutto, but I thought I'd like to treat myself. My saving grace has been to plan the crap out of my meals and always look up the menus of restaurants before going there to be sure that there are at least a couple options that are Whole30 compliant. I don't believe my "Kill all the things" days were too bad, overlooking the one sobfest with my sister. I definitely felt low on energy on Days 6 and 7, as predicted. Tomorrow is supposed to be the second day of the "my pants are tighter" days.. I'm hoping the hardest days aren't too bad because I am craving Tiger Blood!! I must know what it means and what it feels like! Also, I must admit, there is already temptation to jump on the scale, but I must resist. Tomorrow's lunch and snack will consist of twice baked sweet potatoes with prosciutto, a Granny Smith apple with cashew butter (YUM! My new favorite thing!) and baby carrots with homemade guacamole. Super looking forward to it! Loving this so far and can't wait to see my results!
  14. My introduction

    I completed my first day today. Not too bad. I have been sugar free and low carb for 2 years now. I have now however been sweetener free. While. Have been been dairy free in the past I have enjoyed cream in my coffee and Greek yogurt for the past year. I had my first banana in two years today. It feels strange eating dense carbohydrate fruits and vegetables and I am a bit nervous of the potential effect. I plan to take one day at a time and try to go for consistency and simplicity in my meals.
  15. Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    @SineadMon good for you! That is awesome. I love being able to eat out and eat well. I'm pretty lucky, Portland has some pretty amazing places that are Paleo or Whole 30. You have every right to feel proud. I'm still sick. Went to the doc and seems I got an pretty bad infection. On antibiotics and rest. Plenty of time to plan reintroduction and cook. At least my mind is clear but I'm super angry because of the pain. This too shall pass. @Ivie20 this is my second time around so I'll do a slow introduction. I'll keep gluten and dairy out since I know they are a no go. I'm going to go slow on the beans and legumes, keep mostly paleo. Not long now!!!
  16. 10/16 Start date

    I made it through Day 1 - grilled pork chops and salad for dinner. I shopped for the week so I feel much better about moving forward. I messed up the mayo (not sure what happened) so I will make it again tomorrow.
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  18. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Thanks all! Excited to be here. @mdraeger our little vineyard is in Desert Aire- other side of the vantage bridge. I’m quite familiar with Prosser as we also source grapes from a great vineyard for our other wine we make with friends. In fact this Friday night we’ll be crushing about a ton of Syrah from Prosser with our “wino friends”. More wine & food so I need to work on that plan ASAP! I’m thinking I’ll be the worker bee with my case of La Croix getting a good workout during the crush. Day #9 is feeling better- energy is better & reduced cravings overall. I did better planning this week, sunshine sauce for my veggies, extra grilled steak, a pot of creamy brocolli soup & some killer spaghetti sauce I made yesterday (the hubby & kiddo didn’t realize their non compliant lasagna cobtained compliant sauce- hehehe). Grilled salmon & veggies planned for dinner & a spaghetti squash I’ll bake this evening. Regarding portions I try my best to follow the meal plans- on my more active days (one hour orange theory workouts or runs) I do up it to the 2 palm sizes etc and on my no workout days I try & keep it to one palm size etc. I too am trying to drop some pounds so I personally haven’t added fruit and keep the sweet potatoes to half a servicing & only 3-4 Times a week in the morning only. Unless I’m having an early morning workout the next day. I need to start thinking of nuts as a treat not an everyday occurance
  19. Heartburn and Whole 30

    I am so glad I saw this post. I will definitely speak to my Dr about weaning myself off this medication. It has been years since I was first prescribed so I was worried about going cold turkey. Thanks
  20. Extending my Whole30......need some insight

    Thank you @SugarcubeOD. Apologies I thought I responded, but see I did is how I had started to respond back then: Typically, my breakfast more than fills me up and holds me over until lunch (I also typically eat a boiled egg post workout). Since my workouts are typically 30 - 40 minutes and include cardio/strength training, I don't feel they require a full post workout meal so when combined with my breakfast, I'm getting in 2 full eggs and 2 egg whites along with veggies, coconut milk (in my coffee) and avocado. Probably not ideal timing-wise, but this combo works for my schedule (and my stomach) as it allows me to get a little something in my tummy, then get the kids ready, out the door and to school, and allow me to take the time to enjoy my "real" breakfast. Most of the time I had broccoli with the chili as I like to put the chili on top of the broccoli. There was one night I only had chili - I've got to say, it was a pretty hearty chili but I hear you and was aware of my lack of veggies on that day. The snacking thing - I had a serious craving for bananas and the nectarines I had in the house. I had started double workouts and figure there was something I needed in them so I went with it. The potatoes only for dinner were due to being out and at my daughter's football games - their snack shack offers baked potatoes (i skip the fixings and they do not put butter on them when they bake them) so I figured those were better than eating a LARA or Rx bar and much more satisfying. Those days, I'm typically running from meetings home, pick up my younger daughter for tennis, then straight to whatever field my older daughter is cheering at and not home until 9:30 or 10pm. I can update this to say that the last football game I had run right to, I was able to take a detour (hubby took my younger daughter to tennis) and swing by Panera and picked up a Cobb Salad (sans bacon and dressing) - WIN!!! Since my initial post/missed reply, I've completed two back-to-back rounds (Whole30, extended to Whole60) and am now 4 days into (my extended) Whole90. My goal starting was to extend to a Whole90 but I wanted to take it in baby steps, evaluating how I felt at the end of each 30 days. I have not missed anything terribly and have had no any desire to see if any non-compliant foods are worth it. I have been slowly increasing meal sizes and calories are coming up. Since I've continued double workouts, some days require more food (snack) and I go with it; there are also some days where dinner is really late and again, I'll have a small snack to hold me over. I have decided macadamia nuts can be a FWNB food for me ......I will have 5 or 6 to add some fat to my day and find myself meandering back for a few more (now that they are gone, I will not be buying them anymore). Cashews are close. I eat TONS of broccoli, Kale, and Spinach (these seem to be my staple veggies) and am still NOT. TIRED. OF. EGGS (sorry , couldn't resist). I'm still tracking my meals and am including times, workouts/times, and feelings/symptoms/etc. to see how everything is working (ie: starchy veggies/Sweet Potato at lunch seems to make me hungrier during the day; grapes with breakfast seem to make me "snacky", etc.). SugarcubeOD - thank you for always taking the time to respond to questions and provide your insightful observations and recommendations. I am sure you get tons of the same stuff over and over and can only imagine how exhausting that can be.
  21. September 18 start date

    Ahhh, okay. I thought about buying that. Thanks!
  22. September 18 start date

    It's in the Whole 30 cookbook (pg 202), not the recipe section of the "book". The cookbook is well worth the $$, I think the recipes are better and more interesting than the ones that come with the regular book (not that those aren't good).
  23. Diabetes 2 A1C improvement after 30 days

    So proud for you both. Way to go.
  24. Prepping for my first Whole 30! Starting October 1

    Hi ladies! I've been AWOL from checking in over the weekend as I tend to only look at my phone and not turn on the computer on weekends - and since I type slowly on my phone, I was reading but not responding. Shelly - sounds like your surgery went wall and I'm totally looking the other way on your post-op roll! You've been up and cooking, so you must be feeling pretty good after surgery. I need to try the salmon recipe as I haven't historically been great at cooking fish. I can do shrimp blindfolded, but other fish I am not always good at. I've been trying again lately and have done ok but I haven't knocked it out of the park, yet. Mary - glad you got over your bug and I love that you're enjoying "mocktails" over the real thing. Once you get out of the habit, it's not hard to avoid those things. I used to have wine with my BFF after work (we were teachers and needed it!) almost every day while we debriefed the day. Now, I go weeks without wine, even when now on the W30 and don't notice. Even when my BFF and I get together, we don't miss the wine - we have tea or water but still enjoy our "sessions" just as much. I'm on day 15 so it's my halfway point and I feel good and totally committed! I had an experience this weekend that confirmed and reminded me again why I chose to get my act together and get healthy. I went to meet up with my second mom (I lived with my BFFs family in high school when my parents moved away) as she was in the area for an annual bowling trip with her friends. I wanted to avoid going to eat with them, so went to watch them bowl for awhile. Even without eating, it was further confirmation of why I have changed my eating habits and why I need to stay on track forever. My other mom has never been healthy and it's more heartbreaking to see her now because she's really not well. She is 76 but she has so many issues that were preventable had she known more about nutrition years ago....and she still smokes...sigh..and drinks Pepsi daily...sigh... I watched her eat a cheeseburger, then 3 fun sized candy bars, pop a couple of large pain killers and then literally crash. She was unsteady, feeling a lot of pain and had to quit bowling for the day. When I left her, she was napping in the car. I remember seeing my own parents in similar condition (mom with emphysema and dad with type 2 diabetes) and it underscored why I have chosen not to live that life. I don't want to do that to my daughter - and my grandchild who is on the way - I want to be there for them and able to enjoy my time with them. I lost my mom when I was 32 and my daughter lost her amazing grandma when she was only 10 and it was 100% preventable. I have another close friend who is 75 and is the polar opposite. She's always instinctively eaten real foods and never went to the doctor and never even takes an aspirin. She seems 20 years younger than my other mother. I want to be her!! As we all start looking forward to our post-W30 days, let's keep the long haul picture in mind and think about our senior years and who we want to be during that time of our lives and how we want to be living life. Congrats on the halfway mark! Betsie
  25. Start 10-14

    Oh and man my bones hurt today, especially my lower back and thigh bones.
  26. Start 10-14

    What did you have to eat today? This morning I had the "diner breakfast" on page 208. For lunch I had the "classic chili on page 342. For dinner I had my last burger patty with avocado. Now i'm making the roasted spaghetti squash on page 294 and I have browned turkey meat to make some sort of spaghetti like meal.
  27. September 18 start date

    Always a good feeling to overcome the Whoe 30 restaurant hurdles!
  28. September 18 start date

    I have the book. Is it the recipe with blueberries... in the fancy pants section?
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