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  2. SchrodingersCat

    Tomorrow is my first day!

    Good luck! I'm day 1 of round 3 today, W30 literally changed my life last year, put an end to chronic migraines which caused permanent vertigo. But, as happens, I slipped further and further and ended up back where I started, vertigo and weight gain included. Remember to journal how you're feeling, it makes it so much easier to be able to go back and really appreciate the differences.
  3. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    Thanks @BabyBear ~ no, I have not read Food Freedom. I didn't even know about it. I've been out of the Whole 30 loop for some time. This really, really is like an onion for me with so many layers ... and, as I'm trying to get back to "A Whole 30" (which, to be honest, I'm not sure is ever actually going to happen) -- I am remembering a lot of reasons why Whole 30 food can get so complicated/frustrating for me. I have solidly nailed down that I feel much better sticking with low-FODMAP foods. Then, you can get into the specifics of that -- perhaps I have a problem with polyols, but not some of the others, for example -- but that picking apart, observing and documenting, I have not done. I finally learned about histamine intolerance in the past couple of years, and man ... that was a lightbulb moment. So may dots were suddenly connected for me. I now have zero doubt that this is an issue for me, as well. It's a tricky one ... and I've done a lot of research on it. So there are many things that are allowed on a Whole 30, that are just not okay for me. They just aren't. An example: I'm not 100% sure if V-8 juice is okay or not, but I bought some cute little cans at Aldi yesterday, and thought it would be fun. I grew up on V-8 and I hadn't had it for a very long time. I grabbed one today and took it to work with me (I know, great lunch ... but that's not the point) and I had a histamine reaction like I have not had since I don't know when. Months, at least. My chin was itchy after drinking it, and I had a few hives on my jawline. This lasted for hours. I won't be drinking V-8 again. Anyway ~ I appreciate the book suggestion. I'm falling asleep typing this, so I'll check back in some other time.
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  5. Your best bet may be to look up restaurants along your route or in cities you plan to stop in and research them before you leave so you have a plan. Just "between Florida and Michigan" doesn't narrow things down much. If you knew a specific city or town you were planning to stop in, someone here *might* have suggestions. If you check out the downloads available here:, the dining guide has tips for choosing restaurants and the travel guide has tips for traveling while on whole30. If you're at all interested in packing any of your meals in a cooler to carry with you, this article may be helpful:
  6. Spunky

    Started today, 1/27/20

    I'm starting tomorrow! I'm officially in perimenopause which, along with some other things, has caused quite a bit of weight gain. Looking forward to feeling better in my skin and my clothes fitting
  7. Hey, this isn't my first Whole30 however, I am believing it will be the first time I will complete is successfully. Healthy eating isn't new to me but stress and many life changes have caused me to fall into a rut with food. Eating too much and making poor choices, I've gained quite a lot of weight and I'd like to get it all back under control. Looking forward to meeting others along the way!
  8. BabyBear

    Day 10

    You said it yourself, you had already been making changes in your own life, where as his changes were drastic, which is why his results seem more drastic. Don’t discount all the hard work and changes you have seen in yourself just because they were before your whole 30. Maybe think back to when you started making changes and take inventory of your NSV you may find your results are also drastic, you just didn’t notice them due to other distractions. You both are doing great keep cheering each other on.
  9. SchrodingersCat

    Started today, 1/27/20

    Me! Day 1 of round 3. Early last year, I did my first round to try and combat chronic vertigo which had defied any diagnosis or treatment and was getting to the point I was thinking of stopping full time work. Within 3 weeks of my first round, it was gone. I stayed mostly compliant and did another full round around May but then backslid badly at the rear of last year and now the vertigo is back, so so is W30! I was going to prep on the weekend, but I was feeling crappy and so I did the minimum - made lunches and mayo, but hoping I'll feel better after a week on it and really knock off my food prep this coming weekend.
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  11. CNW


    Can you buy any whole 30 compliant salami pepperoni or other compliant deli type meat on amazon need for a get together that I’m having and me and a couple of other people are doing whole 30 but don’t want have to spend a ton for it
  12. SchrodingersCat

    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    OK, here's to day 1! My vertigo is terrible, and I had to get up at 1am to take antacids, and I'm tired and I feel disgusting and ALL of that is why I'm doing this again. Meal 1: 2 poached eggs with spicy kraut Meal 2: 2 Thai curry tuna patties with slaw and peri peri mayo Meal 3: Pan seared red snapper with lemon garlic and dill ghee, green salad and grilled sweet potato rounds
  13. Rickster

    Whole 30 bodily side effect

    Have things improved
  14. ChristyJ

    Started today, 1/27/20

    This is my 4th Whole30. I did my first one a few years ago and stuck with it for about two years. My sugar dragon mixed with menopause took a toll on me over the past six months (I gained weight and have achy joints again), and I'm finally ready to get back to eating healthy and feeling good! I started prepping food here and there over the past week and have done a ton of cooking today. My husband is going keto, so not as strict as me, but he'll be eating clean which will be soooo helpful! Did anyone else start today?
  15. LO867

    Amy's Log for 2020

    I started the same day as you did! I’ll follow this thread and post my things along with yours. How are you doing?
  16. I would add some extra days, and honestly I'd start taking Metamucil capsules since those are just psyllium husks and gelatin... and you'd be taking them on doctor recommendations. Doctor's orders always trump Whole30 rules, and I think it's a good thing to give your body a fighting chance to adjust to a new way of eating if you're still having problems with the change. I wouldn't do the powder stuff, but the capsules look like they should work. I would NOT suggest taking a supplement without speaking with your doctor about it, especially if you have no idea whether or not you're deficient. Find out, get feedback from your doctor, and go from there. The only thing I can really see from your meals is that meal 1 looks a little light on protein since a serving of eggs (when the only protein) is as many as you can hold in your hand, and even my small hands can hold 3... and snacking on nuts would probably tear my insides apart while wrecking havoc on my hormones, so I'm not sure if that's a potential issue for you also. (That said, though, both Brussels sprouts and asparagus tend to make me gassy if I'm not careful with how much I eat of them, so is it possible that you're bloating might be related to gas-causing foods?)
  17. Jihanna

    One week to go...

    @toriathequeen I also have a bipolar diagnosis, and am on medication to help regulate my moods. I tend toward extreme mania when I'm unmedicated or drinking, so I've been sober for over 5 years and on medication for 3. I've done two rounds of Whole30, and used a lot of what I learned during those rounds to help me manage things beyond... ...but I never experienced "Tiger Blood" as it was written in all the reviews and other information that I'd read. What I DID experience was a day where I SWORE I was tending manic, until I realized that I felt manic but with the filter/safety on. I didn't feel out of control, didn't think I was untouchable, didn't want to go blow my bank account -- but my brain felt bouncy, like I had a million things going on mentally and no way to just pull it all back into a coherent pattern. THAT was my "Tiger Blood", and once I got past the fear and realized that's what it was, I realized that I really didn't like it much. I did want the energy, but I needed to be able to function! I found that, for me, tweaking when I was eating starchy veggies (and how much of them) was a key factor in managing my moods and energy level. For example, I do well with starchy veggies at meal 1 (these actually help me put more than 3 hours between it and meal 2), and I NEED them at meal 3 (because I don't sleep well without them), but I can't eat them between about 11am and 3pm or I'll drop into a food coma for hours and/or feel super-sluggish for a day or so as result. I also do best when it's not all about the white potatoes (despite my love of them), so I try to make sure I'm giving myself variety in my starches. I'd say my "daily dose" is 1.5 fists, on a normal day. Regarding your cycle -- YES YES YES it can affect your experience! I have to tweak my macro intake based on where I am in my cycle, and I limit or boost other specific types of foods based on it, also. For instance, I limit foods that tend to make me gassy during that special week, because I know it'll make me more miserable if I'm gassy and bloated. I boost protein and try to make sure I eat more iron-rich foods in general, because I know I need the extra iron. I'm probably eating close to twice my normal portions during that week compared to the first week afterwards (week 1 of my cycle), and I don't typically "ramp up" until the week before. Some of that might be based on the app I use to track things, but some of it honestly just depends on how my body feels... if my app says I've got 15 days to go but my body says I need iron, then I boost my iron now instead of later.
  18. LO867

    Coffee questions

    Maria, how are you doing now? What’s your coffee status?
  19. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 27... wait did I read that right, how did this go by so fast! 6:00 up and at em. It felt good to go through my morning routine not rushed. My skin is really beginning to shine. A few NSV my pants are very loose. The pregnancy mask is almost completely gone. I notice faint markings still but I doubt any one else will. I have very little redness left in my T-Zone, just some pink near my nose and on the end my cheek bone. Pores are tighter and 80% of the black heads on chin and nose area are cleared up. I only had one raised pimple on my jaw line with the onset of that TOM. Also no breakouts on my chest or shoulders. I’m on my last belt hole, that’s 5 belt hole difference! I noticed after putting my belt on, there is a noticeable fold/buckle in the back of my pants. I have to journal these because I keep thinking I am imagining these things. I have functional energy in the midst of the most difficult time of my month. I’m not hitting snooze a thousand times in the morning. I get up looking forward to my day rather than dreading it. I’m getting creativity in the kitchen back! I am really enjoying food and it’s many taste that get masked by all the sugar and junk in prepared foods. 7:40 S1: Rx bar blueberry and archer beef stick Oops my 11 yr DS woke up and asked if I could help him proof read and check his spelling for his 4-H minutes. So I missed my chance at breakfast, I was so hungry so to keep myself from being tempted I grabbed the Rx bar and beef stick for the road. It helped. 12:40 M2: teriyaki venison roast with fresh pineapple a top teriyaki sautéed vegetables on a bed of mixed greens with evoo drizzle I was going to make cauliflower rice to go with lunch but alas I had none. Then I remembered I had some raw broccoli cauliflower and carrots that needed to be eaten. I sautéed them in olive oil and then steamed with a little pineapple juice, sprinkled with ginger and some coconut amino to finish off. Totally impromptu and completely delicious! Even my kids liked the veggies. For the roast I adapted the teriyaki pork recipe from whole 30 slow cooker book and I made it in my pressure cooker. Next time with venison I will probably sear the meat and cook maybe 1/3 of the time as I like my meat to still be very pink. It was still amazing! I got the dishes done just in time to get baby and I ready and out the door to go get my 13 yr DS from his class. During lunch my 11 yr old with all the food allergies thanked me for doing the whole 30 “because even though you can’t have a lot of things like rice and stuff, you have still made some absolutely amazing new food this month and I really hope you keep making the new recipes.” … that there is my biggest NSV! I have happy tears.
  20. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Yes on the tastebuds it’s like they woke up from a long slumber. Food is finally interesting again.
  21. BabyBear

    Anew in Arkansas - Round 2

    It’s so nice when friends take interest in our endeavors towards health. I find it so encouraging and helpful when they check in with me on how it’s going.
  22. That tickled my funny bone, and I kept meaning to ask you how it turned out? "Pretty good" is amazing! Also, how did the frog cook-up go? Good ole Mark Twain, those are words of wisdom to remember (hello winter garden that is showing signs of spring already). I got through my busy spree including a 12 hour day on Saturday, and power-rested yesterday with a good book. Win! I don't think I've really picked up a book in seriousness since we got the kittens. We had a good breakfast - for my part, my recent favorite combo plate of coleslaw, compliant sausage and vegetable soup. That was all I ate, and I think it was a bit too much fasting because I had a headache before bed but found it too late to eat. This morning I made another big batch of soup, and tried a new coleslaw dressing, using the homemade mayo (of course!), a big squeeze of dijon, and a big handful of finely chopped dill pickles, and a splash of ACV. It was pretty good! I want to share the soup with vegetarian-leaning neighbors, so I'll wait until later to add chicken to our soup. I tried going without the knee brace on Saturday, and it went swimmingly well. Yesterday the knee felt weak so I put it back on, and today I'll take it with me and just play it by year. I'll work M-T-W this week and then take Thursday off for kitty spaying and errands while they're at the vet, and then will take a luxurious and TLC day off on Friday to hang out with them in their recovery. My plan is to do mini-chores every day (starting today with laundry) before going in a little tiny bit later, so that when it's a day or rest, I can really enjoy the house and cats. Congrats on two solid weeks of movement and feeling so good! Here's to slimmer and stronger! I think my belly is a little bit slimmer, but it's a tad early to feel it in my clothes. I know that's coming, though! I feel very responsible for what I want to happen, taking steps in that direction in a sane way. Lately I've been looking at the way I'm eating and thinking, "I've got this!", too? I did enjoy an open face turkey sandwich on our favorite olive bread, toasted, on Saturday night, and enjoyed it, and then right back on the path. BTW, how is your foot?
  23. Several years ago did the WH30 for about 90 days and felt great. Sadly, did not do the reintroduction correctly and slowly but surely, went back to some old habits especially over the last holiday season. Back at it again. Today was day 1 and I already had a failure although I am not really counting it as a complete failure. My husband had made a wonderful chicken and fennel soup with egg noodles. Well, I could not bear to see it go to waste, so I had it for lunch today. Everything else has gone well as far as eating. I did not eat any of the awesome mac and cheese leftovers that I had from last night (yes, I seldom have my favorite food but figured if I'm going to go WH30 for another 30 or 90 days, I'm having it before I start! It's a family recipe!) BUT! I could not waste the soup, so day 1 is a partial failure. Everything else will be compliant but those darn egg noodles. Sooooo-technically, tomorrow will be day 1! I am ready for this.
  24. Hi Everyone! Hoping to get some guidance on this (please and thank you!!). Before Whole30, I used to drink a protein shake before and after my workout. I tend do lifting exercises and interval training from 6-8AM, then go to work (9-6 job). Currently on R1D21, and I am hesitant on letting protein powder back into my body. In early December, I did a bulk order (regrets) and bought 4 big jugs of protein and some vegan supplements too. Now doing Whole30, I am realizing and learning (lots) about food intake. I realized the supplements I used to take have whey and added sugar in them. that may not be great for my body and digestive system. I just feel bad throwing them all in the garbage (~$200+ worth of supplements). Please let me know your thoughts on this! - strawberry/chocolate/vanilla - coconut ice cream
  25. We are just starting our Whole30 adventure and we will be driving to Michigan. Are there any recommended restaurants that have Whole30 compliant meals?
  26. w30virgo

    w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020

    Sunday: Woke up with no alarm at 6:02 AM. This is great, since I've been struggling to wake up before 6:30 AM this Whole30 round. I'm definitely a morning person, and when I have more time in the mornings I have such better days. I had a slow morning again, and watched some Netflix. I have had almost no desire to watch TV during this Whole30 - I'm more motivated to do chores around the house after dinner, and don't feel the normal after work slump that I had before. On weekends, we've been doing activities or chores. I have read 4 books so far this month, though. I only read 10 books total in 2019, so I'm very pleased with the trade of Netflix for reading. I enjoyed my time watching Netflix yesterday, though. Did chores around the house and got breakfast prepped for the week. I also realized on Sunday that I had successfully gone a full week of doing my nighttime skincare every night. I've been working on building healthy habits since my birthday in September, and have a pretty great morning routine established (reading, journaling, breakfast, short walk), but have been struggling with getting a nighttime routine going. Getting nighttime skincare to be a habit is going to be my foundation, and I'm going to start working on getting the dishes done and counters wipe down each night as my next step. This feels...gargantuan to me. My boyfriend and I have not been great at getting our dishes done historically, so this is going to be a really big change. But, I'm invested in it - as we continue to eat healthy, we'll keep cooking more, and having a clean kitchen makes cooking so much easier. I'm starting with just 5 minutes of cleaning after dinner, and will add on from there as it becomes a habit. Monday: Woke up with my alarm, easily, at 6:05 AM. Good morning - I've been quite effective at work so far today - just led a meeting that I feel really good about. No plans for this evening, but we're in the process of getting our apartment clean for our Superbowl party Sunday, so I have cleaning the bathroom on my to-do list. Meals for this weekend and today: Day 24 M1 - Banana, three scrambled eggs, 4 Amylu sausages, ketchup - no fat, but I was at a total block with getting myself breakfast, so Dave cooked and we had this around 10 AM. M2 - Ground beef with taco seasoning on baby romaine leaves with salsa, baked oven fries dipped in dijon mayo, and roasted broccoli - Dave cooked again - I had a meeting at three, and didn't bring a snack so we ate early, around 4:45 when I got home. Had a nitro cold brew at Starbucks Day 25 M1 - Leftover taco meat & broccoli mixed with 2 scrambled eggs, topped with leftover green goddess and salsa M2 - 2 pesto chicken sausages with olives/artichoke hearts, about 2 c leftover greek green beans M3 - Quick Thick Meat Sauce with Spicy Oven Fries from Chrissy Teigen's website, Defined Dish Caesar dressing on romaine with cherry tomatoes and No Crumbs Left marinated onions Had an almond milk cortado at a local coffee shop - I think there may have been something noncompliant, or that I didn't agree with, in this. Day 26 M1 - Real Simple Good Sweet Potato Quiche (This is SO delicious, highly recommend) with spring mix, cherry tomatoes, marinated onions, and Caesar dressing, banana (the bananas are about to get brown so I'm trying to eat them up) M2 - ~1 c cauli rice, leftover meat sauce, banana with cashew butter and coconut flakes M3 - Egg Roll in a Bowl with Sweet Potato Chowder Areas for improvement Sleep - Good, with the exception of Friday night. Lesson learned - don't drink cold brew at 9 PM. I was impressed with how well I was able to bounce back, though. Digestion - Not great. It was getting a bit better, but after the cortado yesterday things have been off. Skin - I used a sleep mask on Friday and I think gave me a couple zits, but my chin acne is looking better. It's not healed yet, but I think it might be finally on the mend. Energy - Great! I felt good everyday this weekend. My mood has been consistent, and my anxiety is way down. We also went to a local grocery chain, Giant Eagle, on Saturday to get a couple things that weren't at Costco. Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 Gluten Free Flour - $5.29 - got this to use in the Defined Dish sausage balls for the Superbowl 2 cans coconut milk - $3.98 2 avocados - $3 Kale - $2.99 Garlic powder - $3.99 1 lb garlic bulbs - $3.99 Green onions - $1.50 Dried chives - $5.99 Cinnamon Rolls - $2.50 - Dave got this because he's craving them for when we're done with Whole30 (cue eye roll) Fresh dill - $2.99 Broth - $4.99 Cranberry Lime Polar Seltzer - $3.34 Total: $45 - $848 so far this month
  27. toriathequeen

    One week to go...

    Thank you to everyone who responded. I’m eating more fruit and feeling a bit less constipated. I’m still waiting for the “Tiger Blood.” I’m bipolar, so I take medication to help me sleep since I get manic sometimes. I sleep for eight hours. I usually manage stress with yoga, but I’ve been so busy prepping food and cooking that I’ve missed many classes this month. Also, the studio in January is very busy with more people than normal, and I tend to practice more at home. I also journal every day that helps with stress. I work as a Team Trainer at Whole Foods, so I’m on my feet and moving around all day and/or night. My schedule is erratic! I had my thyroid checked just a couple of months ago, but I need to get the results. Thanks for the reminder! I’m still dreaming about eating foods not on the Whole30, or drinking alcohol, and I haven’t had a drink in seven years! Could my cycle have anything to do with my outcome?
  28. Viking2


    I have read the posts about Aquamin in the Laird Super Food and Melissa has noted, very recently, that it is NOT carrageenan so it is OK. I enjoy the creamer for my coffee and would like to know if not just the ingredients, but rather the habit of adding creamer is OK? Additionally, is substituting the Lairs Hydrate drink for energy/sport drinks an OK substitute? I enjoy 2-5 hour bike rides and need something to keep my electrolytes in balance. I like coconut water also, but it is considerably more expensive.
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