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  2. Vegetarian proteins - Tofu ok?

    Super helpful--thanks very much!
  3. Soup?

    Soup can be a great option, just be sure it's got a combination of protein and vegetables, and don't forget to add some fat. You could also cook a big pot of chili, stew, or even a roast, any of which you could reheat in the morning and stick in a thermos. For some extra vegetables (because extra vegetables are never a bad thing) you could keep chopped vegetables in the fridge, even put them in containers you can just grab and go. Add some homemade mayo or ranch or guacamole to dip them in for fat, or just add a big handful of olives if you like them. Or make up a big chopped salad and put it in containers. Look for things made of heartier vegetables -- This broccoli salad will keep well for a few days:, or this beet salad:
  4. Vegetarian proteins - Tofu ok?

    That list is an older list, the newer one (for vegetarians and pescatarians) is here: -- you'll notice lots of blanks for you to fill in yourself, based on what you decide to include. There's more on the vegetarian recommendations here: It is possible to do a Whole30 with just eggs, we've had people do it before. The upside to this approach is that you would then be able to do reintroductions of all alternative protein sources to see how each affects you. The possible downside is, you're going to be eating lots of eggs, and some people do get tired of them. However, it is absolutely fine to eat this many eggs for a month plus however many days your reintroductions take. (Here's one article that talks about this: ) Whatever you decide to do, we'd still recommend following the meal template, including protein of some kind at each meal. (Meal template:
  5. Vegetarian proteins - Tofu ok?

    Hi, folks. I am BRAND new and on Day 1. Trying to sort through the vegetarian options and saw this posted: So, is that list officially okay for vegetarians? I'm confused because there are things on it that supposedly are verboten. It DOES seem that to get the necessary protein, and not eat massive quantities of eggs, some adaptation is necessary. Have other vegetarians eaten from this shopping list and done well by Day 30? Really appreciate your input--thanks!
  6. Soup?

    Hey everyone! I finished my Whole 30 and started introducing some foods, but I would like to go back to eating Whole30 for a little while longer (had some bad reintroductions; peanuts apparently aren't my friend). The problem is I really struggle with what to have for lunch. Throughout my Whole30 I found myself just having a green smoothie or some veggies with nuts because they were quick and could easily be thrown together in advance. I want to start eating an actual lunch but it has to be something I could make a batch of to last for a few days and take to work. I was thinking about making batches of soup and just taking that with me in a thermos. Would that be a good lunch? If not, do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    First NSV! I have just finished Day 5 of my first Whole30. I have read The Whole30 book cover to cover and have been hyper focused on looking for NSV b/c I knew that’s what would keep me motivated. I was starting to feel discouraged yesterday (why I thought something positive would happen so quickly, I really don’t know) b/c I hadn’t seen or felt anything amazing yet... Well today... 1. I woke up feeling refreshed. I haven’t had a refreshing night’s sleep since before I became a mom, 16+ years ago! Felt foggy but refreshed. Kinda like you’ve slept really well b/c of an illness but still had brain fog from meds you still required to function physically... you know what I’m saying? For example, I went to make coffee, as usual, and breakfast. After using the coconut oil for the eggs and some for in my coffee, without thinking I put it in the cup cabinet (thinking I put it away in the “right” place) and forgot about it til lunch. I went into the “regular” spot and caught myself honestly not knowing where it went!!! And got upset with my son, blaming him for not putting it where is belongs... lol... 2. For the first time in probably a year I don’t feel bloated. I told my husband I felt “light”. He knew what I meant... lol. 3. My wedding ring! I can spin it on my finger! I know that sounds ridiculous, but I went from being able to slip my ring off with the same hand it was on to not being able to move the sucker. So for it to have some give, is huge to me! And this is only Day 5! I can’t wait to see how my body feels on day30! Just the news I needed. Cravings were super BAD today. So my hubby decided we needed to leave the house to avoid temptation (even though everything “junky” is out of the house). Thank you Lord for always knowing exactly what I need and when I need it!
  8. Day One - 2/26

    I’m ready for freedom! I’m 57, from the Pacific Northwest, single mom to 2 adopted kids, and excited for the work and consistency that will lead to permanent changes in my relationship to my body and food.
  9. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    How’s everyone doing? I can’t believe we are almost at 2 weeks! Excited to make a spaghetti squash casserole tomorrow. Had a good workout today. My energy is really good. Of course I miss things, but it feels manageable. I love that I don’t reward myself with food, and I had no idea how frequently I was doing that.
  10. Hey, I'm also going to start on March 1st. I did one back in August and I felt really great, but I ended it on my birthday and that proved to not be smart. I ruined my whole re-intro phase and went way off track and within a week was back to my old habits. So I'm excited to do the 30 days but to also take my sweet time in the re-intro phase and make some habits stick more long term.
  11. Metamucil Dr Orders

    Thanks everyone. I will have to look at that one again with no sugar as I could swear it said it had aspartame.
  12. Thanks, @AnitaC , I've since given up cashews as reading others' posts I'm thinking they might be part of the issue for me. I hadn't realised until I read what others have written, but I think they are a bit of a crutch for me and I'm overdoing it by adding them to most meals. And, I'm going to stay off the scales for now and just go with the flow. Going without dairy is not really an issue so I'll give that up again too. I might just make it a Whole365! Now that the weather is about to cool down I'm going to up my exercise too. A morning and an evening walk and some HIIT in the middle of the day might help. Thanks for your reply. Annette
  13. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    So I love potato chips and dip, especially buffalo chicken dip. Found compliant recipe and it’s really tasty! Now for the chips, zucchini chips were tasty, but not srispy enough to stand up to the dip. Anyone else found a good substitute for potatoes chips??
  14. Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Day 10 for me and a major NSV... fasting blood sugar reading was 5.9 this morning ... that is an improvement of 2 (best in the past year was 7.9 and more often over 8.5). To go along with that, my GERD seems to be gone. While I’m still a wee bit low on energy, I’m pumped because it feels like I’m taking my health back!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Poo question

    Visible mix, it appears like it is painted for lack of better description. Thank you!
  17. Smoked salmon

    Have you tried to contact Sysco? Given their ingredients aren't online, one risk of someone telling you it's fine (or not fine) on the internet is that the item that person can get in their own region/retail location is different formulation than what you can get in your region/retail location.
  18. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    I haven't really given too much thought yet on how I will do my reintroduction, but it's probably a good time to starting thinking about it! I was thinking about extending to do a whole40 because I am really enjoying the way I feel. But we have a few birthday parties at the end of march, so I'd like to be able to eat and drink without strict restrictions by then. I think if I do whole30 again, I'll try to find a time to allow me to try a whole60. It seems so sad to stop right when thinks are falling into place! I like the reintroduction plan in the link you posted. I think I'll follow that! Although I may have to reintroduce alcohol on day 4 or 5, that will be the first weekend after whole30 and I'd love to have a drink with friends again! I am nervous about my reintroduction ending and me going back to my sugar addiction and old eating habits though. Does anyone who has done whole30 before have tips for not letting that happen?
  19. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in a while, I haven't been on my computer as much lately. I am still going strong with whole30. At the beginning I really hated how much time I was spending in the kitchen doing food prep and cooking each day. But now I think I am used to it and almost...enjoy it? I think that is my favorite NSV thus far! My skin also seems to have improved. I don't usually have acne, but I have very dry skin and the past few weeks my skin has been a little more shiny! I still crave donuts when I get a coffee at the bakery, but otherwise I feel pretty content with my diet. It is so tempting to weigh myself, but I can stick it out ten more days! I don't know if I have tigerblood or not, but I did deep clean my bathroom for three hours without break today. So something gave me a bit more drive and stamina than usual! Hopefully it keeps up tomorrow so I can tackle a few other rooms too! I hope you all are well! I can't believe we are 2/3 of the way through - so cool!
  20. Restart 2/26

    I’m starting Monday! I’ve done a quick crash course on the do’s and do not’s. I’m a little anxious about it but with all the recipes available to me, I feel a little better about it.
  21. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    I’m still struggling with sleep and no tiger blood here either. However, didn’t have the bathroom issues, I went a lot! Definitely feel and see some changes though!
  22. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    Day 20, or as I like to call it 2/3 of the way through! I’m feeling confident that I’ll finish just because I stubborn and can’t bear to think I’ve come this far to not finish. I know I’ve lost some weight and that’s a boost I needed to get back on track overall. Still no tiger blood, WTH??? I need that! I did have a friend tell me me skin looks clearer and my face looks thinner too. I think I’m going to work on re-introduction. Pretty sure dairy will be my thing - ugh. I’m going to work on eating like this a lot of the time and may do another full round in May. I’ve got a bachelorette party, wedding anda family birthday the next two months, so going to wait till I know I’ll have less temptation.
  23. Eating too much fat?

    You're not. The idea is to learn to listen to your body's signals which is why we recommend you follow the recommended template of 1-2 palm sized ppieces of protein, 1-3 cups of veg (with 3 being optimal - just FILL YOUR PLATE!), and a serving of fat. No counting, no tracking, no measuring/weighing. Hope this helps
  24. Eating too much fat?

    I'm confused. I didn't know we were suppose to count carbs, fats and proteins. About how many carbs should whole30 contain per day?
  25. I am starting the program on Monday as well! I have never been very good at meal I am trying to figure that all out! Enjoy your Whole30 Journey!
  26. Brand New- Starting 2/19/18

    Day 6. Not much to report. Stay strong everyone!
  27. Smoked salmon

    Does anyone know if the Portico brand smoked salmon from SYSCO has sugar in it? (I’m trying to find the ingredients list online and not having success) TIA!
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