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  2. It looks like you are off to a good start! I love your goal list and the pesto - yum!
  3. Any of them that are made from Whole30 compatible ingredients. Cashew or macadamia milk or hemp milk would work, just check the ingredients for things like sweeteners or soy. Obviously, things like oat milk or rice milk or soy milk would not be ok because they're made from things that are not Whole30 compatible.
  4. I often don't feel like eating breakfast, either. And the days that I do eat breakfast, it often throws me off for timing my other two meals. I find it difficult to get the portion size just right, so that I'm hungry at the right time. I'm glad your running is coming back. Enjoy the beautiful day!
  5. R1D17 1st: veggie frittata with avocado 2nd: 2 salmon patties with mayo, small piece of leftover pecan crusted salmon 3rd: blackened cod with cucumber avocado salsa, sauteed peppers and onions I really love having a satiety signal. I used to think mine was just broken, but turns out it actually works for fat and protein. Even though that pecan crusted salmon was sooo good, there was a point where I HAD to stop. And it was just as good at lunch today. I was in kind of a weird mood all day. Felt restless and vaguely anxious. I did some cardio and meal prep, and t
  6. DAY 2 coffee; 2-egg omelette w/ sauerkraut + pesto; leek soup zucchini noodles w/ salsa, olives, tuna; apple + tahini roast vegetables* w/ pesto; 1 turkey sausage beef broth *butternut squash, red onion, red pepper, zucchini & green beans
  7. Hi there, I am omitting almond and coconuts from my diet and wanted to know what other non dairy milk may be acceptable?
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  9. Day 15 M1-salami, raspberries, and black coffee M2-BLT salad, cashews, grapes M3–pork chops, skillet sweet potatoes, cauliflower rice. meal-prepped egg muffins for breakfast and egg salad for lunch. Overdoing the eggs this week.
  10. Yesterday (Saturday) wasnt great. I started off well but mid afternoon it all went awry. today has been much better. I know it’s not protocol, but I genuinely feel like I am less hungry when I don’t eat breakfast. I skipped breakfast today and then ate at lunch, bacon avo and salad, and some grapes. i’ve begun the prep for a roast dinner, plus some prep for the week ahead. I don’t normally take lunches up work as I leave at 1 but this week I will be staying all day on a few days so will take a leftover meal as lunch. I went for a run this morning, not back to my previous pace b
  11. R1D16 1st: veggie frittata with avocado Post workout: 2 salmon patties with mayo 2nd: 2 cans of tuna with tomato sauce (aka "Italian tuna salad" according to Gavin lol) 3rd: pecan crusted salmon with zucchini and mushrooms I've broken my pushup record for 3 days in a row! This is huge for me, as I've always felt lacking in upper body strength. Tonight after dinner, Gavin said he might do my next round with me. Joke's on him, because I'm probably not ever stopping.
  12. DAY 1 coffee; 2-egg omelette w/ sauerkraut + salsa; leek soup salad (kale, carrots, radish, olives, pickles, evoo + acv) w/ sardines; apple slices + tahini chicken-vegetable soup; baby carrots + pesto; apple slices I made the pesto out of radish greens, almonds and olive oil
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  14. Day 14 M1-3 eggs, 3 slices bacon, spinach cooked in olive oil M2-Charcuterie at winery with friends: meats, olives, grapes, berries, cashews. I avoided the cheeses, crisp breads, olives stuffed with blue cheese, and chocolate dusted almonds. And it was fine! M3-Leftover chicken over kale.
  15. Also... I'm somewhat active (I occasionally do yoga and I don't have a car so I bike everywhere) but I want to incorporate some "joyful movement" into my life. Pre-pandemic I was lifting weights at the gym 3-4 x week and I hope to return to that. First, though, I want to focus on the food - and drinking more water. In stark list form, here are my goals for the next 30 days: follow the protocol aim to drink 2L water per day add in some kind of "joyful" movement every day (anti-depressant not calorie burn) be consistent about taking my meds, probiotics and vitamins
  16. I'm starting my whole30 tomorrow. I've always had a relatively healthy diet but over the pandemic my depression has worsened and I've been turning to food as a source of pleasure and comfort. For the first time in 20 years I've found myself eating candy (I'm literally eating licorice allsorts as I write this lol). I think this is largely due to an inability to feel pleasure due to my chronic depression. In any case, my relationship with food is out of whack and it's beginning to physically manifest through eczema flare-ups, pimples, sluggishness, poor quality sleep and about 10 extra lbs.
  17. R1D15 1st: boiled eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, celery and carrots with ranch post workout: swai fillet with a few cherry tomatoes 2nd: salmon patty in egg wrap 3rd: cod with bruschetta and balsamic reduction, avocado, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers with ranch it was a pretty busy and stressful day at work, but I've had a relaxing evening crocheting with the dogs nearby. So glad it's the weekend!
  18. For lunch today, I ended up going with Five Guys. Researching on-line, I did find compliant meals for several quick places near me, including Panera, but a juicy Five Guys burger sounded yummy. I did not realize they don't use oil or butter on their grill and no seasonings. Two patties, no cheese, lettuce wrap, with tomato, grilled onions and mushrooms, and mustard. Filling and satisfying.
  19. I use the Headspace app frequently to help me sleep. I discovered last night there are mediations on there for cravings and for mindful eating. I think I will try them. Day 13 M1 final serving of egg casserole. That was really good this week. M2 I would really like to have Panera for lunch, rather than go home. I'm going to see if I can find something compliant on their menu, but if not, I'll go home and make chicken salad over salad. M3 BBQ chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes if I need the extra carbs. Plan for walk, yoga, and bodyweight exercises after work
  20. R1D14 1st: boiled eggs, smoked salmon, celery and carrots with ranch post workout: swai fillet with a few cherry tomatoes 2nd: salmon patty in egg wrap 3rd: cod with bruschetta and balsamic reduction, zoodles First time making a balsamic reduction, and it turned out really good! It was also my first day doing a post workout "meal." I think I'll keep doing that on days I exercise. It's probably not much different in calories than the protein shakes I used to make. I got a personal best on pushups, so I must be doing something right. I've decided to extend th
  21. Yesterday (Thursday) was another good day, although my period came and I did find myself more hungry than the previous 3 days. I went for a run and, no word of a lie, it was the worst run I have done probably in years. After around 5 km I just simply had no energy in my legs, I wasn’t out of breath, but my legs just would not go. I ended up walking a fair amount of it in order to get home. I have not experienced that ever before. I think it must be a hangover from doing fitness classes earlier in the week, although I did have a rest day yesterday. So who knows? I’ve got a nice steak t
  22. The day is almost over and I’m just getting to journal. Dense fog this morning, so no walk, but I did get a nice short hike in this afternoon. And yoga. I had routine lab work done yesterday and most of my numbers were good, except my HDL cholesterol was a little high and my Vitamin D was quite low. First time for both. I haven’t been spending as much time outside in the middle of the day and I guess it shows. I haven’t talked with the doc yet-I do not want to take meds for my cholesterol. The other cholesterol numbers were good. This will give me incentive to stay away from the p
  23. R1D13 1st: boiled eggs, avocado, smoked salmon, celery and carrots with ranch 2nd: halibut and steamed broccoli 3rd; tuna steaks with roasted bell peppers, onion, cauliflower rice, and a little avocado (fajitas!) PMDD IS OVER! Despite the fatigue and cravings, I think this is the easiest bout of PMDD I've ever had, since roughly age 13. No rage. No depression. No panic, anxiety, paranoia, self-harm urges, etc. I think my appetite is back to normal. I'm interested to see if this is a permanent change. I took a break from exercising, but got a ton of stuff done ar
  24. Another good day today, that’s 3 in a row which is probably the most successful I’ve been in quite a few weeks! Food was salad with leftover chicken thigh and mayo, a nectarine and some nuts. Dinner was chicken wrapped in bacon with asparagus and an apple. This evening I had a few more nuts. I had a rest day from workouts but also didn’t manage yoga. I’ve roasted a chicken for some cold meat for lunches and dinner tomorrow really will be those pork steaks and chimichurri (supposed to be tonight!)
  25. The first two weeks were completely unexpected. Super easy and fun. I didn't have cravings or care that I was missing out on favorite foods. I'm currently on day 19 and NOW I'm miserable. I normally struggle with chronic migraine, pain and fatigue. Up until now I've seen a noticeable difference, but nothing amazing. However, now I'm in much more pain and just miserable. I'm wondering if I'm just moving through the detox super slow and late. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I go for two months?
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