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  2. R4 D4 Much better today! Got a better night's sleep and do not feel as foggy or lethargic. I did run in to a bit of the KATT today, though. The "jingle" notification that tells me an email has arrived just got on my last nerve and massaged it today. I found I had zero patience for emails today or responding to them, so I engaged my team (who know I'm on W30) and they were kind enough to step in and respond on my behalf so I didn't do or say anything stupid to a client. Like I said D1, I have my village, and I am super grateful for them! I am doing a much better job or getting my water in
  3. Changing how you eat is not easy. It's not unusual to have to restart before you get all the way through 30 days. Try to remember that every day that you've eaten healthy foods adds up, and one mistake on one day doesn't completely undo everything before it. It resets the counter for the elimination aspect of Whole30, but it's still days where you were eating lots of vegetables and healthy protein and fats, and where you weren't eating the most inflammatory foods that are part of so many people's daily lives. Just keep going, trying to make the healthiest choices possible.
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  5. Hello, I’m on Day 3 of Whole 30. I’m 63 and retired, so I do have time for cooking. I want to lose weight, improve my energy and sleep. I also hope that by eliminating dairy and sugar I will get rid of a skin rash. I like most vegetables and I enjoy cooking.
  6. Day 9 and I fell off the bandwagon (consumed wheat). Feeling so discouraged and ashamed of myself and tempted to give up. Any words of encouragement to pick myself up and keep going?
  7. R4 D3 A little better day today, although I didn't sleep well at all. Headache isn't there but still feeling lethargic, and I'm sure my lack of sleep has something to do with that. I'm keeping up with my journaling and working in my Whole 30 Day-by-Day, so I feel good about that. I also signed up for Whole 30 group coaching for the September Whole 30. Even though I am already in round, I see no issue with continuing my round, especially if this is a committed lifestyle change. I have not used a certified Whole 30 coach before, and I am excited to see how the process works with a coach. I
  8. Just want to mention also that it's not that surprising that he feels poorly... he cold turkied his massive sugar addiction and energy drinks in one shot... that combined with the detox that can accompany the first 10-12 days of the program must be tough! Second, not sure if your husband is a logical type person but maybe it would help him to know that the reason he feels nauseous to eat in the morning is because his hormones are disregulated. The only way around that is through it so if that information does help him, maybe he can mentally power through a bit more. Also, since smoothies
  9. R4 D2 - Woke up this morning a little head-achy and super foggy. My head felt like a ball of cotton, and I've just been so "out of it" all day. I'm working through it, but it has not been easy. This is just the beginning of the detox, and I know what the next few days will bring. It's a short term problem, although I am kicking myself for not starting closer to the weekend so I don't have to focus so hard on work. I'll just continue to wade through the quicksand until it passes. Sticking to my meals and not having the cravings yet, but I know they're coming. A big NSV for me yesterd
  10. Eggs are just one source of protein, you definitely don't have to eat them if you don't like them. Just use whatever meats, fish, or shellfish you do like instead.
  11. I hate eggs in all forms. The only way I can get them down is to load them up with enough other things that I can’t taste them or fell the texture. Can I eliminate them all together? Or do I need to hold my nose and choke them down anyway?
  12. Today is R4 D1, and as with anything new, motivation is high. I have had successful rounds before and have had gone through reintroduction, so I feel I have a good handle on what foods are okay for me to eat, what I need to eat in moderation and what foods I need to avoid altogether. My relationship with food is still a bit tricky, though. When I am on round, I am great! I am all-in, I have only needed to do a restart once and have had phenomenal results each time. I struggle on reintroduction, and while I have been able to identify my inflammatory triggers (some of which surprised me), I
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  14. All the rules and information about the plant-based Whole30 are here: -- if you haven't yet, I would encourage you to explore the different links on that page. If you mean a list of brand-name products that are compatible, I don't think that exists. You can filter the Whole30 Approved page to show plant-based options, but that is definitely not an exhaustive list of every possible option. Whether either version of Whole30 helps any particular individual with inflammation or bloating really depends on the individual and is impossible for us to predict.
  15. Maybe try peppermint or ginger tea in the morning to help with nausea (it can be hot or cold, whichever he prefers). He does need to eat. Between the not eating in the morning and the focus on weight loss, I would guess he may not be eating enough, which is going to contribute to him feeling tired and run down. Potatoes are fine. Is it possible to eat too many? Sure. But if what gets him to clean up his diet and eat less chips and ice cream is potatoes, it seems like a good trade off, and a stepping stone to more veggies later, when he's ready. Whole30 can still work for him, but h
  16. It's probably too late to comment but you can do this. Work around your food issues, eat what you can and hopefully it will help you. Take care.
  17. This is going to be a book, so here is the short: 35M who was dubious about Whole30 feels worse than when he started (and he was pretty stinkin bad before we started). How soon till he sees results. Do some people not see positive results because they are just so so so unhealthy at start point? We're on day 10 of our first round. We're a family doing it together (35M, 32F, 8yo, 7yo, 3yo, 1yo). I'm (mom) the primary instigator and person organizing and reading up on stuff. My husband is in very poor health. Depressed, bad sleep, likely starting stages of sleep apnea, obese, always exhauste
  18. Is there a Plant Based Whole 30 list of approved foods? If so where can we find it? Also, will this work on inflammation and bloating like the regular Whole 30?
  19. Hi, I'm Norman, nice to meet you.
  20. Rebecca congrats on your successful W30! I am rarely on here yet was looking into protein powder, as it would be great to have an occasional compliant protein shake, yet finding what I have has some non compliant ingredients. My husband and I have done 2 W30s together before, are now on day 12 of our 3rd, and doing well. My 1st W30 (before we were together) I was very strict and lost 20 lbs and kept it off for a long time. Then after I met my husband I started eating more like him, he struggles with veggies, has a huge sweet tooth and enjoys having a couple of drinks after work. He's mor
  21. This is a very encouraging testimony. I too was diagnosed with PD and have on the prescribed medication carbidopa/levodopa. It would be awesome if you could post an update on your condition. I just found this new diet plan today August 5, 2022.
  22. Interested to know how this is going on the long term. I’ve done Whole30 in the past, before I had any reflux type issues. It was very helpful and helped me shift my approach to eating. During the pandemic years, however, a lot of it dropped off. More comfort eating and sugar. I don’t really have a weight issue, but I need to get on this to feel better.
  23. Melissa is a certified sports nutritionist. On the Whole30 team are dieticians and nutritionists, however we always say that you should talk to your doctor about changing your diet and a doctor's recommendations trump ours 100% of the time. That said, this is a 30 day elimination diet and there is very little science about how not eating dairy or grains for 30 days would be detrimental to one's health in general. The program is not suggesting that you remove all these foods from your diet forever, jut that you remove the most commonly inflammatory ones and then add them back in strategically
  24. Of course, it was difficult to give up junk food, because it is the same addiction as smoking or alcohol. There were a lot of breakdowns. I solved this problem by ordering ready-made healthy food. It also helped me to work with a psychologist, because the main problem was that I was eating out as a stress reliever.
  25. Food really does play a big role in a person's life. The better it is, the better we feel. When I ate fast food, I always felt heavy in my body. Now it's much better. That's awesome!
  26. Good morning, I am starting the Whole30 today. It is my first time. Would love to hear tips, advice, etc. So excited to be on this journey! -Laura
  27. Anything that isn't basically a spiralized veggie isn't going to be compliant.
  28. Evoo really does ruin the taste. So I don't recommend using it. You'll probably just be disappointed in the result.
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