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  2. I am RAGING. I don't know what's going on, but I am jittery, anxious, and on the verge of a complete screaming meltdown. I've been like this for 3 days now. I'm sleeping fine, and I'm eating plenty, and everything, but I'm just on a razors edge. I do have bad tennis elbow at the moment, which is just constant needling pain in my arm, and that's making my stomach roil, maybe that's it. But I'm getting pretty jack of it. Anyway. M1: Fry up all in 1 tsp of ghee - 2 eggs, field mushroom, baby spinach and complaint salami with a TBS of vegan red pepper pesto M2: TBD M3: Tan
  3. hi @lizzieforce, i hope your Covid wasn't too bad, and welcome back to your new W30! i hear you on the food boredom, @christine19 ... i'm eating pork this week because my husband, who doesn't eat meat, did the last round of shopping. i'm not super into pork. but what i'm making smells good: it's a big, thick chop in the slow cooker with cabbage, kale, onions, allspice, fresh ginger, a little bit of water and apple cider vinegar. @Rebecca001 your dinner sounds delish!
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  5. Seems like much of a muchness, the green one has been fed a vegetarian diet apparently, and that's the only difference. I don't know what difference that makes to the meat, as birds are generally scavenger omnivores, and it makes me wonder how vegetarian they could really be if they're free range, because they love eating bugs etc.
  6. I suggest marinating in coconut yogurt (check for compliant ingredients) instead - I did some on the weekend and it is delicious!!
  7. No, when you marinate some of the marinade soaks into the meat, so there's no way to remove it all.
  8. Hello Everyone! I have been MIA and am going to re-start tomorrow, Monday Jan 24. I had some mild cold symptoms right after starting and turns out I was covid positive. I gradually went off W30 during my isolations days and so am definitely going to re-start. I caught up a little bit and appreciate everyone's posting here and sharing our experiences! Thanks and "see" you soon!
  9. Is anything at Chipotle Whole30 compliant? I thought I saw somewhere that it would only have compliant food options till the end of 2021?
  10. Day 20. 10 hours sleep and I woke up not even remotely hungry. Had 101 errands and chores to sort so ended up doing a whole day fast. Not by design but it felt kinda good . So my one meal today was roast beef with roasted potatoes, Parsnips, carrots, celeriac and red onion.
  11. Hmmm tricky. I’m a runner and do long runs, 20kms etc but I don’t think I’d be doing one on day 13 W30 especially as it sounds like you’ve not hit the tiger blood yet. First one I went out sugar free I was a bit worried but it was fine. Carb loaded and drank lots of water the night before. I miss the electrolytes more than the sugar, there is literally no commercial electrolyte supplement that doesn’t contain sugar or sweeteners.
  12. Yes. Many of these types of questions can be answered by googling Whole30 plus the ingredient in question, or by checking out the Can I Have list:
  13. You're probably going to get more responses if you post a new topic of your own, rather than posting in someone else's personal log. I'd suggest this part of the forum: -- just go there and click Start New Topic. As for your issue, if you think it might be from too much citrus, the obvious answer is to cut out citrus for a few days and see what happens. If it's actually histamines, you may want to read up on histamine intolerance. There's a decent introduction here:
  14. Can I have hempseed or Chia seed on this whole 30 diet
  15. Can we marinate in Buttermilk if it’s all removed for cooking or, no? TIA!
  16. Day 22 CD20 1st: bacon, eggs, cheese 2nd: t-bone and shrimp snack: bacon and cheese, boiled eggs Super hungry day. I've been experimenting with cheese to get more fat. Yesterday I had some with a couple with a couple of boiled eggs with no ill effects. This morning though, I had some and shortly after had SEVERE abdominal cramps. I did some googling and the internet seemed to suggest that it could have been too much fat. I had more cheese later and no cramps. Maybe it was a fluke?
  17. So yesterday the hubster had McDonald's for lunch, and lo and behold after a few weeks of eating such good whole food, it made his belly unhappy. So my dinner was leftover lamb, potato bake and cauli tabbouleh. Today, we were going to the movies. I contemplated popcorn and decided against. M1 was the last of the soup and the last of the roast pork. M2 was coconut yoghurt tandoori chicken thigh, with cauli tabbouleh M3 was bolognaise with zoodles and cashew parmesan. I even sat next to the hubster while he ate popcorn and didn't indulge, I already had the dairy experien
  18. Which turkey is more healthful? THIS one, or THIS one?
  19. I’m on Day 5 & one main reason I’m doing this is persistent skin eruptions that itch. Doc says it a kind of rosacea but I’m trying to figure out what triggers it. Alcohol is the clearest culprit so far! but I have new eruptions (like colorless pimples) on my neck and face for the last few days. Histamines from too much citrus? And ideas? thanks! Pam
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  21. There is a 4 hour charity mtb race I’d like to do tomorrow. I’m on day 13 of Whole30 as ordered by my immunologist for gut issues I’ve had along with other mild dysautonomia symptoms I’ve struggled with for years. I thought I ate fairly healthily, but noticed too much added sugar (love sugar in my tea for example) when I started this diet. I honestly feel worse on Whole30 so far and struggle a little more than others including my husband who is in solidarity with me because I have fructose malabsorption (can only eat berries for the most part for many years due to low glycemic index) and canno
  22. Third weekend of W30 and I’m having food boredom. Most likely because I ate chicken all week and when I went grocery shopping today, I was focused on the cost of the meat instead of thinking about any recipes. I ended up getting a giant pork shoulder for my husband to smoke, a whole chicken to freeze, chicken thighs, whole butternut squash, spaghetti squash and Brussels sprouts. Other veg too. So, I’ll be eating pork all week. Planning to cook vegetables on Sunday, so tonight I just made a quick chicken soup - sautéed carrots, celery and onions, added chicken broth and chopped up chicken -
  23. Day 19. A very very cold Saturday here in Wales but I was surprised to find I was not hungry at all... at any point in the day. Still the good news is the snaps and cracks I get in my neck when I turn my head have pretty much vanished, just a bit of crackling still. My weird hip pain I get in the night has been ferocious the last few nights and I'd quite like that to abate a bit. Jeans felt a touch looser again today, still not brave enough to get out the next size down to try. Thai pork curry left overs with mushrooms. Baked sweet potato with lamb mince and tomatoes on slaw wit
  24. For me it’s always sugar that creeps back in. I could live day today day 100% grain and dairy free, but I do reintroduce alcohol and then eventually sugar creeps back in. That being said, I can go months without any. Usually it is emotional eating that brings it back, not a genuine desire for a specific thing, but triggered by a stressful situation where I revert back to my old coping strategy. I’d like to do longer than the month without alcohol this time round, I regularly do a dry month (did 5 last year) but never more than a month at a time! my hip hurt today, a recurring injury
  25. Snack plate is carrot sticks, dill pickle, stuffed olives, 2 boiled eggs with Tajin seasoning, and some delicious red pepper vegan pesto from the farmers market this morning!
  26. Last night's dinner was totally yum and compliant save for the sheep/goats feta. Here's a thing - within an hour of eating it, my lips dried out to the point of pain and I was using lip balm all night, which I haven't been since I've been on track, and today I have that sore mouth feel I have also noticed goes away on round. VERY interesting, especially because goat/sheep dairy is not supposed to be as bad for reactions as cows. Today I had leftover soup for lunch, dinner is going to be coconut yogurt tandoori chicken thighs with chilli garlic snake beans and leftover cauli tabbouleh.
  27. i feel like the alcohol and sugar are so thoroughly intertwined -- if i have either of them regularly, like once a month or more, it's the slippery slope to the Sugar Dragon's lair. cupcake, big serving of white rice, or a glass of wine? the Sugar Dragon doesn't care. it's all food to him. it also seems like W30 would be so very helpful for problem drinkers. i think it's way easier to stop drinking during a W30 than to stop drinking while still eating sugar and grains. likewise, easier to stop eating those cupcakes during a W30 than when i've been slipping in carbs and booze. for me
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