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  2. One of my main reasons for doing the Whole30 every time is my sugar addiction. Multiple times because I always go back. On this round, day 2 I had the most glorious dream about cake and every dessert you can think of which kept it on my mind the ENTIRE time. My body was fine without it but my emotional self wanted cake every single day. So day 35 I decided to indulge and hope to get it off my mind so I could reintro other things. I wish I could say it didn't taste good or I only had a single serving but I hit it HARD. That was yesterday and today I feel fine. What the heck?! I can't understand why I don't have a serious sugar hangover today. I know it's probably not the most healthy approach but on the plus side I didn't crave sugar today.
  3. So this is a little tough love... you simply need to NOT eat the food you are feeding him. Making sure your meal times and his meal times are separate might help. When he eats, you just don't As the mom of a 2 year old, I can tell you that it IS possible to not eat your child's food if you don't want to. But, him eating only w30 food would also be totally fine. Despite a random internet stranger telling your son needs dairy and grains. There are truly no nutrients in dairy and grains that can ONLY be obtained from dairy or grains. Do you have a dog? Dogs are good at eating baby leftovers.
  4. We snowshoed ~4.5 miles with 2k of elevation this AM. I ate 2 HB eggs with a little mayo before we left. And some coffee with Nutpods. I'd agree that for <3hrs you don't "need" anything. Those might be the good ones for pushing fat adaptation because if you bonk, well, you don't have 9 more hours to go I did a Spartan Super a few years ago on 3 HB eggs with mayo (this sits well for me - I DO have GI issues so I play it safe a lot) before the race and then brought dates in a baggy with a ton of sea salt mixed in the bag. Salt is a BIGGY for long efforts for me. 9 miles, 5-6k elevation and all the obstacles and I was good. But I think I'm better than a lot of people for not needing much fuel during high intensity efforts. If you need cognitive/technical skills (which I'd assume you do for mountaineering) then making sure you have enough with you seems important. If it were me, I'd try to go lower carb but have the carbs with me just in case my brain turned to mush as I was trying to make important decisions. And PS - so jealous of your home town! We vacationed there 2 years ago - amazing! Enjoy your training playground!
  5. littleg

    Explaining Whole30 to kids

    I think a good strategy is always about foods that make you feel good and let you do the things you enjoy doing. We have a 2 year old so he isn't asking yet why we eat the foods we do but we already talk to him about eating food for energy to play and foods that make your belly feel good. For older kids I think it is important to spin the positive - so more about the foods you are including (vs excluding). I'm eating meats and vegetables to help me get stronger. I'm eating fruits and vegetables to get important vitamins and minerals... things like that.
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Natalia, and I am a 23 year old from Spain. So today I have decided I am starting W30 tomorrow. I have not given it much thought... I need a change. I managed to do 22 days of it the past january but left it for having some doubts about cravings, I was tense and ultimately an advice about how I should let myself enjoy a little, being tense and fighting myself as I was, I just decided to give up. If I could change sth about those 22 days to do different would be not obsessing so much about it, about what I am eating, planning, food, if I am doing it perfect... cause I can do it. Hopefully it feels easier and different this time. I really hope I can do this and manage to finish as a first step to take my health back, feel more peaceful and confident and know myself better. I have been dealing with binge eating and overeating, so that´s a thing I want to overcome during this period too. Maybe someone can relate... I have been reading a book called "Brain over binge" that tells me I am in control and I don´t have to fight the urges to binge, just ignore them, know that I am in power to chose, and that way create new habits and neuronal... paths? yeah. So I am here cause I think sharing this experience with you and getting some motivation and support could really be helpful, joyful and empowering. I really want to share this with someone. Feel free to share here where are you in this journey, what you think about it, if you have advices or personal experiences... everything is welcome and I really wanna know. How are you tracking your progress, by the way? Do you set expectations before starting or just see what happens? In case you do, which ones?
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  8. ammisias


    Is this Whole30 compliant?
  9. bblanke28


    Anyone tried this brand of iced teas and have feedback? Good? Not so much? Definitely look compliant and thought it might be a nice change from my water/Lacroix/Bubly bevs.
  10. Jihanna

    Reintro Day 5 - snacks are back

    This had me cracking up, because I've done that... and had the 30-minute conversation in my head where one voice justifies the decision to grab whatever it is I'm considering, while another voice calmly reminds me that I probably don't actually want to deal with the side effects that would come with eating it (and occasionally another rational voice asks if I'd be just as happy to sit down with a plate of real food). It gets amusing, and a little sad, sometimes. And it's not like my sugar dragon is even still roaring, or that I feel like I didn't work through the mindset behind my old snacking habits... but I still end up gazing with borderline intent to graze, until I realize that I'm not actually hungry (or that I am but that's because it's been, I dunno, 6 hours since I ate?)
  11. Banana with a swath of almond butter is a nemesis to me now
  12. nanners

    What foods cause mucus build up?

    Although I now know milk products add to it for me, as an older person I now have quite a few allergies to scented item, like certain perfumes, flowery smelling shampoos and hand soaps, etc. Some people think that if its organic its okay and that not the case. My mom cannot drive anymore so I take her to Catholic Mass, low and behold the incense makes me very congested. Try some over the counter Flonase to see if it will cut that for now. Hope it helps
  13. bumblebeebottle

    It All Starts with Food

    I had a nice whole30 dinner of steak, roasted cauliflower, carrots and pan fried potatoes last night. I am still not on whole30 but trying a food-freedom type of approach until I have a solid 30 days where it won't be stressful to say no to things. After that healthy dinner I ate a non-whole30, non-paleofied brownie last night. The sweetness and richness of it compelled me to continue to pick at the half of a brownie I had left behind until the whole thing was gone. This was in no way a binge, it was concerted decision, and I ate a typical serving of one brownie. Even though I was super satisfied by my dinner, I definitely couldn't eat just one bite. The brownie itself tasted good, but it was far too sweet. And the sweetness of it hurt me! It hurt my jaw. It made me so thirsty. It made me feel out of control. I could have kept eating and eating. I was in a situation where I couldn't remove myself from the table. It is crazy that these foods we eat are truly designed to do what they just did to me. I felt that way earlier in the week when I ate cantaloupe of all things. Just too sweet and apparently I really don't like the taste of sweetness because it messes with me. One of the weirdest things with my response to sweetness though is because I don't like the aftertaste of sweetness in the mouth I am compelled to eat more than I desire to get that feeling out of my mouth... but then it compounds the aftertaste. I don't think sugary things will be part of my food freedom. I am more interested in bitter chocolate and fresh whipped cream with nut butter. Last night after my interaction with the brownie I started to think... maybe I should drop my carbs again! Maybe keto is okay for now since there technically is wiggle room with food ingredients as long as carbs stay low. I am totally brainwashed into thinking keto is this magic thing! I think part of it though is since I have tried low carb diets, I tend to have a hard time with sugary stuff, especially fruit. I go from low low low carbs to having 1-2 servings of fruit plus potatoes. Then the fruit is too sweet and I eat to much! Then I add water weight and freak out, drop carbs again, lose the 2-3 lb water weight and then don't lose again. It is this insane cycle and I have such a crazy relationship with food (and my body image, and my self in general)! I just am not capable of noticing my personal response to the brownie or cantaloupe and decide they aren't for me. I have to blow everything up in my mind and start over -- which never truly happens! I don't want to wait until April to really give it a go, I hate that I didn't smarten up and go for a whole30 in February! I hate feeling this way! I definitely feel like I need an honest whole30 before I can get to my food freedom. I am so struggling with diet mentality and self-sabotage right now. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who can give me the tough love I need to just jump in, dedicate myself, and have the Manhattan to honor my mother at the end of the 30 days -- we are celebrating her and all her favorite things on 3/10, I know the meal is going to be boiled dinner (ie ham) but I could simply eat the turnip/potato/carrot/onion and salad, pretend to have a cocktail (seltzer with lime). My family is used to me skipping dessert. I feel like I'm in a mess in my head again.
  14. I realize we're late to the punch on answering here, but I wanted to second @Lissa Kristine's note about packing a lunch. Anytime there's an allergy, it's best to pack a lunch yourself so you make sure there's nothing in there that they shouldn't have... the same concept would apply with dietary restrictions for any other reason. My 9yo is picky enough (food texture issues) and intolerant to dairy, so we've had to send a lunch with her always... my 14yo usually eats at school, but will take a lunch on any day when there's not an option on the menu that she knows she likes. Since my 14yo actually likes school lunches (and their menu isn't as horrid as some I've seen), I decided not to try to limit their diets further until summer... when it's all under my control. I've started talking with them already about how my "experiment" has been going, and have told them that I want to do a similar food test with them over the summer. The 9yo has some experience with this kind of thing because we had to completely remove dairy and are now in the middle of trying to reintro certain things to see if she tolerates them... and I'm framing the whole idea around the fact that I want us to be able to find the best possible way for each of us to eat, and that won't necessarily look the same for all of us (and that just because I can't tolerate a specific food doesn't mean I won't sometimes cook it for them, if they process it just fine). What I'm not going to do is call my experiment with the kids a "Whole30", mostly because I really don't see us following all the rules to the strictest degree, and I'd rather not cause any confusion with them or anyone else about what it is we're doing. It's a "food experiment", not a diet, and the purpose is to find out if anything we're eating makes us "less healthy" when we eat it. I may also ease them in, not eliminate everything all at once, in hopes that the detox period(s) might be easier to handle (for all of us). My husband has expressed an interest in doing Whole30 this year, too, so I suggested summer would be a great time for us to do a round together and have the girls involved in the best way that I can. I think it will be much easier for my girls to accept being limited when they see us both following the same restrictions. The one to have the hardest time will probably be my 9yo, though, because we're also limited by her textural issues... I see lots of homemade sausage patties and much mashing of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squash in my future because of her!
  15. At each meal, have one or two of the fat servings listed on the template, so yes, you could have 1-2 handfuls of each of those each day if you want as your fat servings. Fat helps keep you satisfied. It's how you go 4-5 hours between meals without snacking.
  16. pearlgirl2017

    Whole60 to the end of Lent - Feb 18 thru Apr 18

    Welcome Deb. I will be 55 years young next month. The first Non-Scale-Victory I noticed last time was the lack of pain in my knees when going up and down the stairs. I believe it is the dairy that was causing the bloating and the wheat that was causing the more severe hot flashes. Looking forward to lessening both those symptoms again. My man is a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy that can't tolerate food that's too spicy. My dinners are usually something simple and quick during the week. Pork chops or tenderloin, fish, ground beef...stuff like that. I can usually try something a little different on the weekends. Monday night I plan on trying a new item, over a bag of stir-fried broccoli slaw. Only one new dish a week is about all my man can handle.
  17. megbeveridge

    My first Whole30: done and dusted!

    So I totally had more chocolate than I needed yesterday, but still less than I would have in past years. I call that a success. Dinner was amazing! If I ever wrote a book about my first Whole30 it would be called From Tofu to Steak: A Vegetarian Tries Whole30. I'm feeling a little guilty about eating animals still, but I remind myself that in the spring I'll have more money to spend on responsibly sourced meat and I can support local farmers. Voting with your dollars is more effective than abstaining completely. For breakfast I had tuna salad made with W30 mayo on a slice of whole grain 7-grain toast. I'm not sure what my lunch will be, but since I've had grains already it won't be that! I had a few m&ms before I left the house this morning, but overall I've been great about sugar today. Despite the sugar overload yesterday, I am awake, alert, and focused today. I think starting on ADHD medication is really doing me some good. It may also keep my appetite down so I can focus less on getting food into my face and more on making sure what I eat is nourishing and gives me energy. I've already had about 32 ounces of water today and I'm dying for more, which will also keep my appetite from growing. Smart Goal: Yesterday I was obviously more focused on chocolate than carbs from grains, but I did have some grains with dinner and a bit for dessert. We made some mushroom and green bean risotto, but I didn't love it so I only ate a few bites. A little while later I also ate a couple bites of cake, but wasn't too into that either. Overall it was probably less than a serving. Today I already had whole grain bread so I'm done for the day. Tomorrow is a friend's birthday celebration so I'm baking a cake. Hopefully I can keep myself to a small piece and not dive in head first!
  18. Jihanna

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    My reintro (so far) has taught me that legumes are not my friends... like, at all... so I'd personally be skipping anything that says "vegetable broth" and doesn't tell me what veggies were in the mix. I completely understand the view of doing all you can and going with what you're able to see, but peas in my veggie broth would be kind of like having one cute little RED baby sock in a huge load of whites -- it's small, but it's going to make an impact if I don't catch it. Reading labels is important, and if a label has a vague ingredient that I can't be certain won't hurt me, I either find a similar product that is clearly compliant or I remind myself that I can skip it and life will go on (and with less abdominal discomfort, at that).
  19. Jihanna

    Ji's post-W30 log

    Well, I finished typing last night but forgot to post... realized that as soon as I saw my little notepad file where I keep my daily ramblings until I copy them over (it was still full, and I always clear it to a template for the following day if I've posted). Anyway, Happy Valentine's day to everyone 14 Feb 2019 -- reintro day 15, Valentine's day and yet more recovery Meal 1 -- 10:00 fried eggs and sweet potato Meal 2 -- 17:00 beef and summer squash soup roasted eggplant Meal 3 -- 22:00 egg white of a boiled egg, tiny banana, sipped on broth It's official: I'm sick. For now, the congestion is still in my head, which means I need to be careful and try to keep it out of my chest. Unfortunately, sinus drainage has already made my throat sore and it's stuffed up my ear in the process. I'm taking medication when able, decongestants and also some ibuprofen to help with the pain and any inflammation... and I think I'll pull out the nose spray today. My 14yo says she's feeling sick, too, so I have to make a decision to either keep her home or send her in -- neither of my girls has school tomorrow or Monday, though (and the 9yo is also out on Tuesday). We'll see. I didn't feel like going to Kroger yesterday, so I did a thing -- I used ClickList. They keep trying to get people to use it, and the first 3 times are free, so I figured why not try it out... though I did wait for a grocery trip when I wasn't going to be buying lots of fresh produce and meats, since I'd really rather go in and pick those out for myself instead of relying on their employee's judgment. Even still, I did include the broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage on this list, so I'll have to wait and see if I like what they grab for me. I'm scheduled for my pickup this morning between 8 and 9, so I figure I'll drop my 9yo off at school and then go swing by the grocery store instead of coming straight home. I'm kind of excited Grocery pick-up went well, but I realized when I got there that I needed to have the method of payment on me, just in case. So I had to rush downtown to get that from Dad, and since I'd be passing by the house anyway, I stopped and the husband took me back up to the store (easier to load groceries into his truck than my car). I'll probably use ClickList again, just because it was actually pretty darn easy and it prevented me from having to walk through the whole store myself (because I've got people in the house who are decidedly NOT limiting their diets to Whole30, I do actually have to walk many aisles of the store rather than skirt the edges). That was nice, and we were able to benefit from some online sales that I couldn't have gotten in the store, too. Will consider it when it's time to do next week's shopping, for sure (even what little produce I ordered was picked out nicely, though I'd have preferred more broccoli so I guess next time I'll have to dictate a preferred total weight). My husband has a business, and we scheduled a couple of jobs for this evening... totally not realizing that it's Valentine's Day. So instead of going out to eat or anything like that, we spent our evening together - him doing his work, and me keeping him company (and making sure none of his equipment walked off with anyone else, since we were downtown). We saw a LOT of people strolling the walks, which isn't uncommon really but I think there was probably more foot traffic than usual because of the day, plenty of people walking hand-in-hand. We even handed out a card - one woman commented that she needed that (pressure washing) done to her house, so I offered her a card and a flyer with our current promotion on it. We need lots more business, but getting the work done tonight is a big step in the right direction. I'm so tired from all that, though, and still feeling sick, so not eating much. I did at least make sure I got a good dinner (with soup, yummm) but my stomach was rebelling at the idea of eating before sleep... and knowing I'd sleep so soon after getting home, I didn't want to eat much anyway. So, it is what it is, and tomorrow can maybe be better (subject to the tyranny of my sinuses, of course).
  20. I am looking at the meal planning guide, and it recommends eating 1-2 open handfuls of coconut or coconut flakes and 1-2 hopen heaping handfuls of olives every day. Is that for real?
  21. laura_juggles

    Explaining Whole30 to kids

    Since another significant component of Whole30 is discovering any potential food intolerances, you could also frame it that you think there may be some foods that upset your stomach and you're not eating some foods for 30 days to help you figure it out. That frames it as something that has absolutely nothing at all to do with weight or how your body looks, but focuses on how your body *feels*.
  22. megbeveridge

    SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!

    The time difference between us is wild! It's 10:00 here on Friday and I'm at work! You're dinner sounds so good. I can't get into cauli rice, but I think with that combination it would be divine.
  23. Babsie95

    Explaining Whole30 to kids

    I would think maybe that you are trying to find out what is healthier for your body since we are all different. this would also cover when you reintroduce. Kids love experiments so maybe seeing it as a type of experiment that will help you figure out what works for you.
  24. Thanks, @Christie. I followed the timing plan yesterday, and I think I'm on track with it now. I can see why it is good to put it in place to control the snacking habit. And I need that! I haven't been able to discipline myself in the food/drink area for years, the longest I've been on a "diet" would be about a week, and then I would cave. For some reason I decided to do this - for myself and my health and pain as much as weight - and I have been able to stick to it. I jumped right in without much planning besides looking at what you could/couldn't eat, making a grocery list, getting the stuff and sticking to it. I had to take advantage of the self-discipline that came knocking at my door and run with it right away! Now I am backing up and reading, what I assume, most people read before starting. So thank you for the additional recommendation. I welcome any and all recommendations. I work full time and I keep sneaking time in to read about Whole30 and find recipes - eek
  25. w30virgo

    W30Virgo Round 2 January 2019

    Day 33 I did end up having 2 glasses of white wine on day 31. I felt fine, caught a little buzz, but no other problems. I felt fine the next morning, as well. I took the day off to spend it with my boyfriend yesterday. We went out for breakfast, and I had an omelette with cheese. Again, felt overly bloated almost immediately. I love cheese/dairy, so I will continue to eat it occasionally, but will not make it a consistent part of my daily diet. I'm going to get lactaid and try it, to see if anything changes. For dinner, we went totally off plan. I made homemade French onion soup with a salad that had goat cheese, and made homemade brownies with regular flour. Everything was delicious, and worth the special occasion, but I felt bloated and nauseous and generally not good afterward. I continue to feel...not great today. I'm nauseous and not hungry at all for breakfast. So...yeah, not sure how much I'm going to do something like that in the future. This morning, I'm back on plan. I ate my compliant cottage pie from Wednesday for breakfast. Tonight, we're going out for dinner to our favorite restaurant, so we'll see how that goes. I am happy to see that I'm not very negatively affected by wine. Obviously, not an everyday thing, but knowing that I feel good after a couple of glasses is nice.
  26. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!

    It ended up being chicken cacciatore with cauli rice and asparagus Yum!
  27. Paulmt123

    Dizziness / low sugar issues

    No issues since day 4. There was also an ear problem which I suspect caused part of this. Definitely more consistent energy level than before and very tasty recipes. Well worth continuing.
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