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    Back after a long break

    I did my 1st Whole30 in 2013, and was living Food Freedom Forever for a few years - I felt AMAZING! At the end of 2017, I began the slow slide, this year I found myself just feeling so stuck and mad at myself that I couldn't just do the thing. This past weekend I dusted off my Whole30 books and resources, put my official start date on the calendar, and pulled out 1 week of my favorite recipes. And here I am for part of my planned support system. Next stop - the grocery store. Best week in ages!
  4. That's a lot of stuff to let go of - what are you doing with it? I must have taken your cue yesterday, because I have this giant, fluffy blanket and matching shams that, when I bought them, I didn't realize I would have to clean in the giant machine at the laundromat. I have done that twice. I have had nagging indecision about it - to keep or toss. I like it when it's on the bed, but it is SO impractical - hubs doesn't want me to give it away, but he's not the one who has to drive it the next town...and meanwhile, since the end of the last cold weather (April?) it's been collecting dust all folded up on the bedroom floor because I couldn't bear to even store it. Every day I would look at it and see THERE is the albatross around my neck. So yesterday I laundered it and gave it away to a local shelter. I don't know if it will go to their thrift store, or a family transitioning to a home, or what, but they were SO happy to have it, and now I am FREE. So now I'm wondering what else I can give away, but first I have to get my house the way I want it...which it isn't...working on that. But it's a good week. I hiked every day this week, and yesterday and today I pushed myself a little more, and I am really feeling good. Tomorrow I'll hike with a friend. I think I have some decent momentum going. As I hiked this morning I found my intention for December. I LOVED those Dec. W30s! And while I don't feel that I need to do that again, I am devoted to best practices again, and will think of it as a re-set, so that I can start the year in a good place. The girls at work have discontinued their weight loss competition, and are coasting as I have been until this week, so I am thinking about inviting them to join me in December with whatever their best habits are, and see if we can drum up a little moral support all around. We'll see. There's snow in the mountains, and everyone is so cheered up! For me, it's all about the hiking trail! Yesterday I saw a rabbit. I love this time of year. Time to recover from summer's ironic inertia. I was glad you mentioned the garbage can with lid, because I had forgotten to put that on my shopping list for yesterday. Years ago my Guinevere had some mass in her stomach that we could see on an X-ray, and one day she horked it up: a giant ball of my hair and dental floss. Yuck! It was so spectacular that I took it to the vet to show him and report "mystery solved" with a Pink Panther postcard that I thought was hilarious. The vet was polite and professional, but we both may have wondered if I had crossed into crazy cat lady territory...In any case I am ready, and will not let that happen again! Good for you for not giving in to all the crazy cat toys out there. Every story I hear about Squeaky is so endearing! A bushel of kale is a lot of kale, eh? Go, Wonder Woman! I love that you can get your cream and eggs from an Amish family, that is very cool. I want to say I wish I had something like that, but the truth is I don't take full advantage of some similar opportunities with local growers, and I should! Do you have wild turkeys where you live? There a few kajillion in our town, and they are always visible in yards and roadways, etc but in the fall it is especially charming to see them around. Oh, I've never heard of sweet potato-stuffed oranges, I'll have to look that up. An heirloom recipe, yay! I was wishing I had brought home some navel oranges yesterday because I'm craving orange mustard chicken right now. While shopping yesterday, and mulling over the December intentions, I realized that in my reduce-the-animal-protein efforts, I need to swing back to eating a little more meat. So I stocked up, and have that nice larder-is-full feeling. I bought some pork tenderloins, ground turkey, and lots of chicken, and salmon burgers (not compliant, darned soybean oil, but hubs likes them and I will share once in a while)...I will still keep bean soup on hand but not rely on it so much. And as much as I loved that curried lentil soup, it tore me up inside. I know I could take supplements to help with that, and I might try that, but I'm nudging closer to W30 this month. "Eat what makes your stomach happy" are words I keep hearing. The cardio-vascular activity is so reliable with helping me find my best inner wisdom. And with that, I'd better get back to my chores. The gutter guys are working out there, and my task today is to de-flea the house with my trusty vacuum and the help of borax, and try to get the house the way I like it re. art and furniture ambitious day!
  5. hollysmokes


    I found it to be pretty flavorless and my husband agreed. It's not bad but it's also not great. Not salty, not smokey just meh.
  6. Hi Jessica, Just a heads up that some white and red wines are finished with eggs. Basically the wine has come in contact with eggs, but shouldn't contain eggs. (I don't fully understand the process, but a dietitian warned me of this). It may be a very small amount that won't affect you, but since you are reintroducing gluten-free alcohol before eggs, I would pay attention to the specific type of wine. The website will tell you which alcohol is vegan (and therefore egg free). Good luck with reintroduction!
  7. Yesterday

    Starting December 30th!!

    Hello!! I know December 30th is a fair bit away, but I wanted to plan my Whole30 start date after all the holiday parties we have already committed to. My whole family will be joining in this journey, kids too! My husband and I have 4 young boys. We are not going to force them to be 100% Whole30 compliant, as they are still young and can't fully comprehend the lifestyle changes. We are, however, going to include them in every step of the way. We have talked as a family and decided to get healthy together. If anyone has tips/tricks/kid friendly meals, send them my way!! I'll take all the support I can get!!
  9. Ha! The only groove I'm in right now is the one that's veering off of the path I know I should be on. Even my husband noticed and asked me why I hadn't done my stretching in the mornings this week. The only thing I'm keeping up with is getting rid of stuff- 19 things yesterday and 20 things today. It's definitely getting harder but I'm determined to make it to the end so I can revel having gotten rid of 465 things that I didn't need/use. We haven't put up a tree since we've had cats but we did put some lights up outside a couple of times. I'd love to do something festive this year, though. We're getting together with our Hoedown friends for a wine tasting holiday party and it's on Solstice. We have a little fiber optic tree that my mom gave us one year so I might break that out so we have something sparkly in the house. I love the peace sign idea! Go for it! Only the best toys for our cats: boxes, grocery bags, Q-tips and toilet paper! I had to get a garbage can with a lid to put in the bathroom to keep Squeaky from digging Q-tips out of it- ewwww. He actually knows what drawer they're kept in and he would get into them and dig them out one at a time, eat the cotton off of the ends then play with them for days. A cat doing wheelies with a Q-tip is pretty amusing! Maybelle liked balls and I still have them all over the place. Her favorite was one made of straw; it made noise, she could grab it with her claws and then play hockey down the hall with it. Fiver-the-Fluffy! Love it. On Monday, I thought it would be so I'm glad I've been able to snap out of it a bit. My car has an eye patch now. It looks pretty funny but it will allow me to drive in the rain without shorting out all of the electronic bits that are exposed under the broken headlight. They can't get us in for the repairs until Dec 10, my husband's birthday. We always do the most special things for his birthday! The year we came up here, my official last day of work was on his bday. Happy birthday, honey, I'm unemployed! Your train ride sounds like fun even if it does start at an ungodly hour. Oddly enough, Nashville doesn't have a train station. I think Memphis is the closest one and that's 3 hrs away. I'm still deciding on what to bring for Thanksgiving and for our December get-together. My husband has requested creamed kale and that's what he wants to bring to his potluck at work too, so I bought a bushel (think big garbage bag!) of kale last Saturday. (This is along the lines of "what was the October Lisbette thinking?"!!). I've gotten it torn off of the stems but still need to wash and blanch it- perhaps tonight. I've made the creamed kale and in advance before and just frozen it before baking so I think I'll make one for Thanksgiving then make two more to put in the freezer for hub's potluck (the day after his birthday and he hates going but feels like he has to) with one left for us whenever we're in the mood for it again. The rest I'll freeze for my breakfast-y things. I think I might go a bit retro on Thanksgiving, too, and bring sweet potato-stuffed oranges. My husband bought a whole bag of navel oranges and I need to do something with them. My dad's MIL had a great recipe for them so I thought it would be fun. I also have a turkey coming. Since we weren't having Thanksgiving dinner at home, I didn't get one but the Amish family that I get cream and eggs from had them for a great price and they're not frozen yet. The last couple of years I cut them in half so I could cook half and freeze half for later. I did it first out of necessity; the bird weighed 23 lbs and there were just 2 of us! Now I love having that stash in the freezer to enjoy after turkey burn-out has passed. History tidbit: 230 years ago today, New Jersey became the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights. Thanks, NJ for getting that ball rolling.
  10. ShannonM816

    Parks and Nash Tuscan Vegetable Soup

    This seems ok.
  11. Puzzler

    Puzzler’s log

    Day 9. Tuesday, November 19. Tired, no narrative today. Bubbles and squeak (potato, cabbage, bacon, ham). Meats were compliant; different taste than I am used to, but very good. 2 scrambled eggs w spinach and tomato. Thai coconut soup from the Whole 30 cookbook. Used cod instead of chicken. I don’t really care for this recipe, but there are still several servings left. Mexi-bowl. This was inspired from someone else’s log, cant remember who. I’m sure theirs was great, mine could use some work, but I’m willing to try again. Chicken w taco seasoning, peppers, onions, cauliflower rice w tomatillo salsa. Will add avocados once they are ripe, possibly some tomatoes also.
  12. Does anyons know if we can have the Tuscan Vegetable flavor of soup from Parks & Nash? They appear to be compliant. Are there any rules against packaging soups?
  13. My keyboard is so clunky! I just watched two paragraphs of this post disappear before my eyes - I think it's my wrists on a sensitive touch pad, but it's very maddening! I'll try again, with some composure. I'm glad you are feeling better. I read once that a bad day doesn't have to be a bad week, and I like that so much. Yes, sounds better to commute in your trusty pick-up for now. Hopefully the work doesn't take long! Will it be covered? Yes, leftovers are the best, especially in times of stress. You did good! The only leftovers I have right now are bean soup. Ha. Time to shop tomorrow, and then cook. And that is the rhythm of this life, right? Work, cook, clean, play with cats, sleep, take a bath, repeat. Please share your ranch recipe. I had been using mayo and ACV for my coleslaw dressing but it was too sour, and hence the experiment with yogurt. I'd like to try yours! BTW what do you do for coleslaw? Oh, Squeaky is a very clever boy, peeling off that adhesive!. I'm impressed! Sweet that he is becoming more active and playful. Kitty Cat MovNat? If we can't spoil our cats, who can we spoil? Beloved boy. I saw a cat ramp on IG (creepy how they target you with ads, knowing what you're into) that doubles as a scratching post. The girls are growing and more capable every day. Hazel-the-short-haired one likes flashy chase toys on a stick, and Fiver-the-Fluffy acquiesces to that kind of toy in favor of a soccer ball with a bell inside. This morning I was pressed for time, so I teased Hazel with the chase toy on the stick, her favorite with glittery grass coming out of it, and then I dropped it on the floor to get with putting on my boots and dashing out the door. I just laughed because I could hear her dragging it around, and when I got home I found it stashed beside the dryer. So, just like a big cat, she dragged it back to her lair. Good girl!! I realize this is an important part of play: let her have her catch. I have been advising hubs to let her "be successful" and catch what she is chasing, but I've never not resumed the play pretty soon after, so that was a good lesson for me, and it delighted me. Last night Fiver followed us upstairs when we went to bed, and I think she hung out under the bed for a while. Hazel cries for her when she is not nearby, so I thought about interfering, and decided to let them be and not micro manage. One of my sisters (I haven't been to her home in, gosh, 4 or 5 years) sent me pictures of cats I didn't even know she had! One of them looks exactly like Hazel as a kitten. She sent kitten and current pictures, and it was like the answer to my question "what will Hazel look like as a grown up?" I'll leave for SF on Thanksgiving morning and my train leaves at 530 am, so I have to get up 230 or 3 to make it happen. Eek. It's going to be like Seinfeld's night guy vs. morning guy conversation. My alarm will go off at 230 and I will ask, what was October LIsbette thinking??? But I think it will be fun to take train, and an adventure all around. Have you decided on your side dishes and snacks yet? Will you decorate for Christmas. I know you're like me, not the new house I'm thinking about rigging up a giant lighted peace sign to hang on the bedroom veranda which all the neighbors (and air b-n-b folks) would see as they come up the hill. I came home in the afternoon to meet with a gutter guy - I was somewhat inclined to do it myself, not minding ladders, but there is a 3rd floor as I have shared, and we are not up for it. He was late, so I didn't go back to work, and I just found out hubs will also be home late, so I get a few free hours to myself...probably go to bed early as the hiking is going well and I'm a little pleasantly fatigued. I have been thinking of your floor work because 1) having kittens has me on the floor a lot more and 2) having a good week! Are you still in a good groove wth movement?
  14. RunGirlRun

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    @kirbz I stumbled across your log today while planning ahead for a January 2020 W30 -- what an amazing journey you've been on!!! Love your authenticity! And your adventurousness -- not to mention the gorgeous pictures you post! Hoping you're doing well and looking forward to your next update.
  15. Last week
  16. Elizabeth33

    Hello! November 11 start

    I am glad things are going well
  17. Thanks for the positive thoughts; I feel better today. I didn't see a body on the side of the road so I can only hope that he'll recover. In the meantime, I head to the body shop for an estimate this afternoon. I haven't gotten to the pork roast yet and was terribly unfocused and unmotivated yesterday afternoon. I managed to get the egg muffins done for the party this morning without burning down the house and just scaled back on my original plan to have two different flavors. I was thankful for leftovers and made a comfort food quesadilla to go with my leftover roast and gravy that was worth every bite. Your lentil soup sounds really good. I liked the kale in my bean soup but I chose a variety that cooks up pretty tender, cut it up fairly small and tried to time it out so it wasn't chewy and the beans weren't overcooked. That wrap reminds me of one I saw that sounds very similar with turkey, BLT and ranch. I got all of the ingredients together but then got pressed for time and didn't do the parchment thing. It was really tasty but quite messy- next time parchment. I make ranch all of the time but just use my homemade mayo plus red wine vinegar, onion and garlic powder, s&p, lots of dill and a little basil (all dried even though fresh dill is killer in it when I have it). I could eat it every day w raw broccoli and, now that I think about it, I'll probably have some tonight because my husband is going to be out for the evening and I don't have to cook! He does help me in the kitchen a lot, though. He got much better about it when I messed up my shoulder and couldn't do most things. He realized how much I was doing and how little he was contributing to the daily mundane tasks. One night he whined about how long dinner was taking and I told him if he wanted it any sooner, he could get off of his butt and help. And he did! Now it's pretty rare that he doesn't, at the very least, help out a little. During tomato season he is chief tomato grinder and we've worked out a tag team canning system so that it's fast and painless. We've got rain in the forecast, too. I'm pretty sure that it would be a bad idea for me to drive my car in the rain right now. The passenger side headlight and the plastic cover over it is pretty busted up and there's all kind of electronic stuff in there so I think the pickup truck is going to be our commuter vehicle on rainy days. Mu husband works from home on Mondays and Tuesdays but we carpool whenever possible the rest of the week. Have fun on your hikes. I got a $50 Amazon card for participating in a research study and I'm going to use it to get a set of hiking poles. How are the girls? Squeaky was about a year and a half old when we got Maybelle and she was young but not a kitten when we got her. I've forgotten about all of the mayhem they create when they're young. We tried double sided sticky sheets on tables and furniture but smarty pants Squeaky had it all figured out. He can smell the adhesive so as soon as he smells it anywhere he'll start chewing on it to peel it up then rip it all off of whatever we were trying to protect. Lately he has discovered his inner kitten and has been attacking the toilet paper so that's been fun. I think he's brought out the kitten side of his personality to make himself feel better about having to use stairs to get into bed. He's been having a hard time jumping into bed and winds up clawing his way up (or meowing at the side of the bed in the middle of the night for me to pick him up) so we've been trying to get him to use a little step at the foot of the bed. He liked the first one but it was out of the garage and was way too awful to keep in our bedroom on a permanent basis so I ordered a nice bamboo one exactly the same size. Reject! Back it went to Amazon but my husband found one on eBay that some guy was making at home and selling. It has two steps and has now been cat approved. I'm so glad he's not spoiled! When do you leave for San Francisco?
  18. Here's to a better day, today...I've been thinking about you. How was that pork roast? The navy bean and veg soup that I made was just right until I put in the kale at the end. It's still edible, but not quite as good texture-wise...- maybe too much kale. I will live off of it for a few more days, but I think hubs is done - oh well, more for me. Next time I'll use baby spinach. The coconut curry tomato lentil soup on the other hand, is a winner, exactly as the recipe is written. Of course it made a small batch, enough for two big bowls, so I am looking forward to making it again soon as a larger batch, and adding more vegetables to it. I'm also eyeballing a wrap I saw on IG yesterday - romaine leaves with the ribs cut out, layered down on parchment with turkey, dressing, and whatever else...and wrapping it up, I've never done that at home in parchment and that looks pretty tempting so I am going to be looking for a squeeze bottle that I can use for dressing. Might be great to take to work. Last week I stumbled upon a ranch dressing that I am sure I have seen in recipes but never made - I used equal parts Greek yogurt and mayo, and then lots of onion powder and celery salt, and black pepper, and if that's not ranch dressing, I don't know what is! Could be a new fave... I'm off now for day 2 of morning hikes. We got the wood pile (2) organized for before the rain comes tomorrow, and it's given me some momentum - I needed that!
  19. toddmacd54

    Conflicting Information

    Wow, you are right. I have the wrong book.... Thanks
  20. ShannonM816

    Conflicting Information

    No. Beans, quinoa, oats/oat milk are not okay. It sounds like the book you have is not an official Whole30 book. The Whole30 books are all listed here:, but you don't necessarily have to buy the books to do a Whole30, just go to the Whole30 home page and there's a link to the rules and other information:
  21. toddmacd54

    Conflicting Information

    Hi all, I'm wondering if someone can clear a few items up for me: Black beans is a no? Quinoa? The reason I ask about the first two is there are recipes in the book that use these ingredients (Quinoa with fresh fruit and black bean burritos) Also, whole wheat fettuccini? Is oat milk okay - unsweetened? I realized this is a loaded question but i'm on day 3 and want to make sure ingredients like these are okay. I'm seeing some conflicting answers out there. Thanks!
  22. Puzzler

    Puzzler’s log

    Day 8. Monday, November 18. Today was supposed to be a big shop and cook day, but I got pulled into a situation after shopping. In the evening, I made time to at least prep the breakfast meal for the week, so I have food for the morning. Part of the day was walking 2.5 miles. Now my hip is cracking with very low level pain. Sweet potato hash w salmon, green pepper and onion. Egg, handful raisins , handful almonds. Salad smoothie. Egg and olive jumble. Last of the sweet potato hash. Monkey salad. Was still hungry, but managed to distract myself until it was really too late to eat anything else.
  23. I'm so sorry! I feel your pain on this. I want to remind you that this is not your fault. Sometimes it happens, and there is no avoiding it. It took me a long time to understand that, in recent years when it happened to me, too. It sucks....deep sigh. It's not your fault. Hugs
  24. After a weekend that wasn't as productive as I would have liked, I started of the week by hitting a deer on my way to work. I don't know if I killed it or not but I feel terrible. I usually keep a sharp eye out for them but I was in a string of vehicles and was watching the guy on my tail instead of keeping an eye out for critters. I slammed on my brakes and veered as far over as I could without going into oncoming traffic but I clipped his rear end with my passenger side headlight. I don't even know if there was any oncoming traffic because I had to make sure the guy behind me wasn't going to rear-end me. I'm dreading the drive home this afternoon. I don't want to see him on the side of the road but if he's not there, I'm afraid he's out there somewhere injured. I have a lot to do and just can't seem to make it happen today. This really sucked the wind out of my sails. Talk to you later. I hope you're feeling better.
  25. Puzzler

    Puzzler’s log

    Day 7. Sunday, November 17. Over the last couple of months, I had been trying to get back into running, using a run/walk program. But my right hip kept hurting me, so I would run/walk for a day or two and then be out for a couple of weeks. I am back in a no-pain zone, guess I have been for a while, but I kinda gave up on running, so I haven't been paying attention. I decided it would be good to get back into it, but I am going to do this slowly, with the goals of avoiding pain and still start building a habit of just moving. I walked for 30 minutes, did a few sun salutations (yoga). Oh, what got me started thinking about exercise was something that happened Thursday. I went to an event, where I was in the audience. I had some awful restless leg syndrome stuff going on. To keep myself in my chair, I kept squeezing my calves as tightly as I could, and boy were they sore the next two days. I have gotten that weirdness before - just a strange sensation in my calves that makes me feel like I MUST move. It has never been particularly regular or often, but that night was pretty bad. I googled what to do about it, and exercise was one of the suggestions. Feel pretty good. I had a few moments of joy for no particular reason today and yesterday. Moments of happiness and gratitude. I notice I get those sometimes when I am in periods of sobriety. I like them. I should not drink more often. I've been thinking about doing a year, which is a little awkward for several reasons I won't get into, but it might be something I do purely for myself. I haven't decided yet. Sweet potato w salmon, green pepper and onion. This time I added 2 eggs over easy. Egg and olive jumble. Salad smoothie. Snack of monkey salad. I've never had this before! I have half-bananas in the freezer from some smoothies I am not making during my Whole30, and I happened to have some leftover cashews and coconut flakes from whatever recipes I've made in the past. This was very tasty! In fact, it was so sweet to me I had to double check the coconut didn't have anything added. Last of the butternut squash and Brussels sprouts. A carrot. Some grape tomatoes. Trail mix - I had some mixed nuts, but I had to pull out all the peanuts. I added raisins and dried apricots. Too much fruit today. I ordered some meat sticks, which should be helpful for snacks and emergencies. Up until today, I have been thinking I would get used to the plan and move toward 3 meals, but that hasn't been happening. Instead, I am so worried about being starving in an hour, that I am eating more than I want at the meals. I don't want to do that anymore. I would rather have 4 or 5 meals that are smaller than 3 meals where I am eating to the point of discomfort.
  26. ShannonM816

    Bone broth

    There's an answer straight from Melissa here: It's a little old, but I think it's still the official stance.
  27. ShannonM816

    squash seeds

    Yes, they count as fats just like any other seeds or nuts.
  28. Puzzler

    Hello! November 11 start

    Hi, @mae tanner! Thank you for the welcome! Oddly and unexpectedly, the going has been good! I have been feeling very 'normal' overall, even though I was expecting all kinds of emotional befuddlement. I initially looked into Whole30 after a friend talked about how much she & her husband liked it, but I guess the reason I actually started because I wanted to gain some control over my food choices. I have been wanting to lose weight, it's true, but I was having a hard time defining what my own eating rules should be. I liked 1) the idea of having this kind of food discipline for 30 days and seeing how I feel, 2) the ability to give different foods an audition, if you will, to see if they are truly things I want to have in my life, and 3) the flexibility to make these choices and changes on my own schedule. It's like a big food experiment! That's awesome! How can anyone say no to that?
  29. Teresa J

    squash seeds

    can we eat the whole seed? pumpkin or squash including the shells
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