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  2. Day 18: Sleep: Not great M1: A failed recipe that I'm only going to refer to as The Pumpkin Monstrosity, and coffee M2: This coconut chicken recipe M3: Another helping of the coconut chicken! Mood: Good, perked back up, had a productive day.
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  4. Day 17: Sleep: Pretty good Meals: Filling this out a day later, and I forgot to record meals. I remember that I wasn't in the mood for meat and I ate a ridiculous number of eggs. Mood: Very depressed, low energy and brain foggy. Got some things done, but not as much as I needed to.
  5. I sort of muddled along this week, because I have known that this weekend was going to be a big one! We did our charity run yesterday a had a family party, and for the first time in 11 months I actually went completely ‘off plan’ rather than having a few, careful, planned items. I don’t know if it was nice or not. I certainly don’t feel super healthy or energetic today! I’m starting tomorrow doing a full round. My menu is planned out and I am even sitting this afternoon reading the book again! This is the start of my 12th month, it’s my birthday 19th July and I began this on 20th Jul
  6. I’m on my...,4th? I think- Whole30 starting tomorrow, I’ll happily join your support group. These forums are very quiet so it’s nice to find a few who post regularly and are starting at the same time.
  7. 5 hour deep house clean today, I am bushed!! BUT I just realised my vertigo has actually been really under control - there, but faint and not interfering. WOOT! I am an idiot though because aside from a coffee with Mac Milk, I haven't eaten all day. I'm not even really hungry... BUT, dinner is roast chicken on a pumpkin, roasted pepper, beetroot, baby spinach and toasted pecan salad with a lime white balsamic vinaigrette.
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  9. Well, I thought the weekend would be harder than it is, wine wise, but I honestly don't want it - I'm feeling so much better and the idea of it actually makes me slightly queasy. Went out today and didn't end up eating til 4, oops. M1: leftover tandoori chicken tenders and curried pumpkin and cauliflower with asparagus M2: seared kangaroo fillets topped with chimmichurri, with sweet potato fries, asparagus, broccolini and garlic mushrooms.
  10. Hi Lili, I just logged in tonight because I need to do a Whole 30 and I need support. Have you started? Would you like to support each other? Mindy
  11. Day 16: Sleep: Deepest sleep I've had in forever, woke up feeling drowsy. M1: Hard-boiled egg, brussel sprouts, M2: Burger patty with mustard, onions, and avocado. Side of mashed potatoes. M3: Smoothie (half a banana, almond milk, almond butter) Mood: Not bad, but very drowsy Note: Very bloated again, and definitely craving everything that I can't have.
  12. You really need to ask at the store that you bought them at to see the ingredient list - I assume these are in bulk where you scoop yourself? Usually those places have the ingredients on the price sticker so maybe have a look? What might be on the ingredient list at my store could indicate an old or new formulation, a regional difference etc... and potentially wouldn't be accurate for the product you have.
  13. Does anyone know if the everything bagel cashews at Sprouts Farmers market are Whole30 compliant. I've been eating them but now wonder if noncompliant oil is used in the prepration. I'm on day 17 and have followed the diet faithfully until now. Hoping I haven't erred.
  14. My computer's been down for a couple days, so I've missed some posts, but I'm still going strong! Days 11 - 12: I don't remember, but I know that I've been feeling pretty good and eating approved foods. Day 14: My birthday!! M1: An iced americano (at an actual cafe!) with almond milk M2: Deviled eggs and carrots with Tessamae's avocado ranch M3: Tuna sashimi! With coconut aminos that I smuggled into the restaurant like a huge dork. Dessert: Cause that's a mandatory category on your birthday! I made popsicles out of strawberries and limes blended with coconut mil
  15. So here's a thing. I have had a rash all over my back, and around my sides and spreading down my legs for MONTHS. Diagnosed with pityriasis rosea, which it certainly looks like. Pityriasis rosea is a harmless, non-contagious rash which may be triggered by a virus but they don't really know, and it takes months to go away. I had it years ago, also. 4 days Whole30? It's going. So much of it has faded, the marks are still there but they look... inactive? Like they're just remnants of a rash I had and not an active rash anymore. This can't be denied. A week ago it was active, angry
  16. Yesterday's snacks were raw cashews and half a Salisbury steak patty. Today: M1: poached eggs and spicy saurkraut (yesterday it ended up being M2 when I was hungry late afternoon) M2: Thai curry tuna patties with asian slaw and nuoc cham M3: not sure yet, but something comfort foody - it's a miserable day!!! Maybe a shepherds pie with a celeriac and pumpkin top. Slept better, though it's taking me a while to get to sleep. Weird dreams. I still have vertigo, and have been having some gastric distress - all par for the course according to previous "rounds". I had a terr
  17. Yes, unsweetened cocoa powder is okay. Many, many things have naturally occurring sugars and therefore will show grams of sugar in the nutrition facts, which is why we're only looking at the ingredients list.
  18. Some change in bowel movements is normal, but 17 days of diarrhea isn't. You could take something like Imodium if you need to. It's up to you whether to continue or not. You might try a few days of easier to digest foods -- baked potatoes or sweet potatoes with salt and olive or coconut oil or ghee, plain grilled or baked chicken breast, blended soups or broth. Also, drink plenty of water, and peppermint tea (hot or ices) may be soothing.soothing.
  19. I just started the Whole30 program and I was wondering if Droste Dutch Cacao powder is compliant. It list ingredients as 100% processed unsweetened cacao powder. It has 0.1g of sugar under nutritional information...
  20. I’ve been having diarrhea since I started. I’m on day 17 now. Not sure if this is normal. Should I stop?
  21. That's alright! Thanks for your reply. I don't mind. I think it might have been the CAPTCHA. At least now I know for sure coffee is good
  22. M1: poached eggs and spicy saurkraut (if I'm hungry, I wasn't yesterday or the day before). M2: Chicken larb in lettuce cups. M3: Depends on the weather. If it stays dry, I'm going to BBQ steaks, and have with BBQ veggies but if it starts getting wet I'll need to rethink. Quick note on non-compliant stuff yesterday - there was sugar in the water I cooked the peas in (it's my husband's preferred way and I didn't plan to have any but cooked too many), and I added worscestershire sauce to the gravy for dinner, so barley and sugar, I guess. But per the top post, this is a post
  23. Hi I’m new to whole 30 and would like to start and build a group support to embark on this new journey to be healthier and full of life! Thank you
  24. Just to note, I have bad anxiety. It's fairly constant, because it is caused largely by the vertigo - my "fight or flight" is constantly engaged. It often results in me being completely unable to face certain specific tasks. This time, it was have a proper look at the prosicutto I hung in February. It's wrapped in cheesecloth and was positive that under there it had spoiled and was mouldy and I'd wasted a lot of money and time, but I just.... couldn't check. Either it was off, or it was fine an either way - nope. 3 days no wine, 2 days W30, still have vertigo but I pulled it out, unwrapp
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