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  3. It'll depend on the particular recipes, but generally you should be able to cut recipes in half fairly easily. You could also look for recipes that keep well for a few days and have leftovers for future meals. Also remember that not everything necessarily needs to be a recipe. As a single person, I keep frozen hamburger patties on hand, I can cook one of those pretty easily on the stove while I've got vegetables roasting in the oven. Or I make a salad and top it with a can of tuna mixed with some mayo. Or scramble some eggs with whatever vegetables you like in them. Any of those are meals that
  4. No, grains are still not allowed even on the plant-based Whole30, so oat milk is not allowed.
  5. As long as the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, it's fine.
  6. It cuts vegetables into a noodle-like shape that would be difficult to do with a knife. It's definitely not necessary, but some people like having it as an option.
  7. I have done Whole30. I need help how to adjust the recipes for one person.
  8. Hi, oat milk seems to be a no on the omnivore whole30 but I can't clarify if it's allowed for plant based whole 30. Is it allowed?
  9. What about the brand Bare Banana or Apple chips.... Not as a snack but with a meal or as a topping?
  10. I've never used Vegetable Spiralizer. Is it really more convenient than a knife?
  11. I am more comfortable using a blender. Everything is done quickly and the blender is very easy to take care of.
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    Good Food

    I also try to think through my menu during the day. In order to take care of yourself and your body, you need to constantly monitor your diet.
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  14. Are you eating some kind of starchy vegetable each day (like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, winter squashes)? Sometimes going too low carb can cause mood changes, and eating at least a serving of starchy vegetables each day might help. If you are a person who menstruates, keep in mind that many people experience changes in their menstrual cycle, so this might be pms-related, even if you weren't expecting that just yet.
  15. Hi! If you want feedback about your meals, you would need to let us know what kinds of things you're eating and what your meals look like. There's a downloadable Meal template pdf, for best results try to make sure your meals match the template most of the time.
  16. Hi, all. I'm on Day 23 Whole 30 Round 1 ans I'm extremely crabby. Have been for the past week. I was feeling great and now I'm easily set into a rage over anything and everything. I'm not going through anything different in my personal life, so the only thing I can think is maybe something is up with my hormones? Idk. I don't like feeling this way. I have no patience and it's becoming really hard to keep going on this journey.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new to Whole30 and forums as I am pretty private. But anyway, just want to say hello. On day 26 but will likely extend to at least day 35. Haven't experienced any improvements so far so looking for some help or guidance. I appreciate there being a group like this.
  18. Day 2. Started rough with mental temper tantrum over black coffee. But as the day goes on, I'm gaining confidence. Especially as I watch my husband's blood sugar go crazy up and down with his poor eating habits. Hopefully my journey might be inspiring
  19. This will pass, I promise. This that you’re feeling now is it working. Trust! my advice is : get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, eat enough salt, and eat enough calories. You’ll be fine in a few days. Good luck!
  20. If an item has MSG listed on the package, we don't expect you to figure out what the MSG was derived from. However, if a corn product is listed on the ingredients then you know that it's corn and since corn is out for the program, the item would be out.
  21. Is hydrolyzed corn protein okay? From my understanding it’s MSG and MSG is okay. But it’s also derived from corn and I realize corn is not okay. I’ve read this and even the corn derived MSG sounds compatible. I’m on day 2 of my first Whole30 and am trying to figure out if I can have turkey at my in-laws next weekend. They buy one of those pre-seasoned birds. If I were making the turkey I’d buy fresh but I’m not lol. They did send me the ingredient list and hydrolyzed corn protein was the only questionable ingredient. Appreciate any help I can get a
  22. Day 1 here. I've been alcohol free for 2 years, nicotine free for 3 months, and I have to admit I have a sugar/carb addiction as well. My brain is trying to convince me that I have NO REASON to put myself through this. There isn't an economic depression. We aren't having to ration food. The weight gain is just menopause and the nighttime aching joints, tennis elbow and rib strain that won't heal...just go to the doctor and take some pill that may or may not have some weird side effects. Don't torture yourself by not adding sugar and half and half to your coffee. When that isn
  23. Hi Rebecca, I suppose you could call it food adventures ;-) I did quite well at the wedding & the whole weekend overall. I tried to be careful & not drink too much. I made wise food choices when I could & one evening only had a few slices of watermelon as that was my only option. I think dairy is my trigger. We had a lobster bisque soup at the wedding dinner & someone mentioned there was cream in it. I ate the dessert as well which was something with chocolate & ice cream. I regretted one hour later. I was bloated (like 4 months pregnant) &
  24. Saturday October 1, 2022 M1: pumpkin pie overnight oats, not prepared by me, included a small amount of maple syrup (and oats). M2: favourite green salad with chicken and avocado M3: sausage and veg campfire bake Snack: hot cocoa made with oat milk and a bit of sugar Snack: Lindor chocolate bar I knew I would be having the off-plan foods today that were prepared by others, they were aware of my W30 and I was ok with re-introducing the oats, sugar and cocoa all on the same day. It was fun to eat the chocolate bar after a super busy day. I didn't feel any
  25. Tuesday September 27, 2022 M1: romaine salad with avocado and chicken Post workout snack: almond shake with pea protein and banana M2: potato-egg salad, celery and carrots Snack: 1- scoop pea protein shake with mango M3: chicken breast marinated in ranch on top of cabbage slaw I had another restful sleep last night, and got up at 7am to walk the dog (2km). Was a bit sleepy early this afternoon on the drive home from the gym, not sure why. I was feeling depleted after swimming and hot tubbing this evening after my meeting. I was tempted to have a protein
  26. Hey everyone! I can't wait to make the shrimp and grits recipe in the Quick Start Guide but all the frozen shrimp I've seen either has Sodium Bisulfite (which I saw is out) and/or Sodium Tripolyphosphate. Is Sodium Tripolyphosphate allowed? It says "(to retain moisture)" on the package. Thanks!
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