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  2. Day 11, and oh boy did I hit a wall today. Physical, mental, emotional: I just fully slammed into it and it did not end well. Think I’m restarting (again!) as quite frankly the last few hours have been really quite far from w30! I don’t even know where it came from really, but anyway, a full binge (something I very rarely do these days) and now will have to deal with the consequences. I think, quite honestly, I am getting tired of doing this and not feeling any better. I’ve not run since Tuesday and before that Sunday, I have not done my usual classes, my food is almost always 100% o
  3. Yesterday went as planned, though I ended up making a 1/2 coconut milk, 1/2 almond milk, kale and berry smoothie as my dinner rather than the leftovers. I just wasn't that hungry. I slept well last night (post workout and yoga) and was ready for breakfast this morning. I'm doing well mentally, feeling secure in my intention to be compliant. Day 2 M1-Egg soufflé - one more serving left for tomorrow! M2-Final serving of ground beef hash, 2 clementines M3-leftover taco salad that I didn't eat last night hot tea. Berry vegetable smoothie as M4, if needed. Exer
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  5. As long as all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, it's fine. It's not enough that it says no added sugar, you need to actually look at the ingredients to be sure all of the ingredients are ok.
  6. Hi there - seeing a lot of information about store-bought broths. I've been using 365 Organic Chicken broth from Whole Foods. It says there is no added sugar. This is ok, right? It wasn't listed as a Whole30 compliant product, but I wanted to make sure!
  7. @Rebecca001 and @Contessa - thank you. This is exactly what I mean about the support in this community . @Contessa - you have said many things to me, to others, and within your own journal that have helped me realign my own thinking. The above referenced blog post is a must-read. Contessa, the line you quoted is in itself thought-provoking, but the whole paragraph struck a chord: But the Whole30 is not a diet. It’s not a quick-fix. It’s not even a weight-loss program. The Whole30 is designed to change your life. It’s a monumental transformation in how you think about food, your bod
  8. May I assist in briefly straightening your crown? I was heartened a few years ago when Melissa (co-founder of Whole 30) came out with a blog post backing off the whole "it's not hard" tough-love mantra that so many of us had internalized. "Changing the way you think about food is hard," she says, and I agree. "[Whole 30] is a monumental transformation in how you think about food, your body, your life, and what you want out of the time you have left on this earth." I somehow find it heartening that there are SO many of us who do not have all these principles perfectly dialed in.
  9. @MadyVanilla what an insightful and honest post. I empathise with so much you have written there. The hardest bit of any of my w30 has been the acceptance that I eat food as emotional comfort (I still do, often) and when that’s taken away, I have to feel all the emotions without my helper! My “food freedom” has generally been just compliant food, but introducing more and more non-compliant behaviours until I, like you articulate in your post, spiral out so much from the tightness of the rules that actually it’s irrelevant that my food is compliant. I feel just as bloated, over fed and stuffed
  10. *Sigh. It just wasn't my day. Shortly after I wrote the above post, I returned to my desk, where my boss had left homemade chocolate chip cookies and a "Thanks for all you do!" note. In that moment, there was nothing but the cookies. I ate them. The thing I like best about W30 is the set of rules that are clear-cut. Plus the fact that I've done it enough times now to know that when I do the program, I see the results and it gets easier, sometimes effortless, to stick to. And the extremely supportive community, that over the years has helped me process my missteps and treat myself
  11. Doctor's orders always trump Whole30 rules, so it would still ge a Whole30. Follow all the other rules, try to limit soy to just the 10 grams daily the doctors recommend, and it will still be a Whole30.
  12. @MadyVanillayes I do get some reassurance from knowing what’s in store (good and bad) - if this was my first time I think I’d have quit by now! I suppose it says a lot that I only knew my period was due because Facebook told me, not because I had a week of pmt so that in itself if a sign that good things are coming.
  13. This is happening to me, too, but in the opposite direction! You are so close to getting to Tiger Blood - don't you love being able to have a semblance of understanding as to why something is happening in your body and knowing that it's about to get better? Though combining tough days with the onset of our periods is never fun. Ugh! Hoping (knowing!) your days are going to continue to get better!
  14. Fun workout with a friend I haven't seen in weeks - we biked and then did some bodyweight stuff in the yard. We live in the same neighborhood and are very supportive of each other's health goals. We have tried for years to get into a regular routine of walking/biking together, but life often gets in the way. At least we keep coming back to it. Maybe eventually we can make it stick! Today is an out-and-out struggle, and the day has just begun. I slept terribly again last night ( @Rebecca001 - 7% in deep sleep! My best days are around 16%). I woke up to let the dog out at 2 a.m. and
  15. Feel a lot better this morning, did not sleep brilliantly and had horrible night sweats? However have checked my tracker and it seems my period is due in a day or two so that could be why? My skin is also sore with several spots, again probably hormonal and also maybe my liver finally clearing out all the last dregs of alcohol!
  16. @MadyVanilla well done. I think in a way it’s good that you restarted. We can so easily develop that ‘it’s ok’ sort of mentality and I think it’s a strong statement to ourselves that we deserve to do it properly. I restarted last week for a similar reason; my almond milk wasn’t compliant, and also I knew I’d not germ as disciplined with behaviours as I wanted to be. It was an important lesson to learn. I use Fitbit too and I almost never ever get an 80 score! I am like you, high 70’s most days with an occasional 80 or more frequently, a very low one if I have a terrible night. I look
  17. No. More. WINE!!! All food has been compliant and I'm still feeling good. But back on track until my birthday. M1: sauteed broccolini and asparagus with fried eggs M2: A snacky veg platter with tzatziki, and meatballs with dipping sauce M3: Macadamia an lemon crusted flake with broccolini, asparagus and sweet potato chips
  18. Day 10 today, (15 days dry!) and I must admit I feel quite tired and grumpy tonight. I’ve done w30’s before but I’ve never been so up and down with my mood, starting every day feeling really good and then swinging towards feeling really grumpy, really moody, and quite down in the dumps. I have to keep reminding myself that I felt great this morning because I am finding myself thinking I’ve been like this for days, but actually for most of the day I’ve felt good. maybe it’s just the day 10 thing? Notoriously difficult, day 9/10/11 etc. So hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
  19. Welcome and congratulations! I'm so excited for you that your family has agreed to do this with you. Some of us keep record in this section, some in the Your Whole30 Log section. I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!
  20. Welcome @Ferdinanthecat! Your story is very similar to mine. 51 years old, 50 pounds to lose (that I've lost and regained, though it was once 90), and long history of binge eating. When I'm eating W30 and W30ish (paleo/primal), binge control is almost effortless. When I fall off, I'm so quickly back to old habits. The good news is that I keep adding more and more pro-health habits to my repertoire and spend less time in the binge cycle than I used to. I've come to regard it as a process for myself and to understand that we are all on our own journeys, and it's ok that mine is imperfect.
  21. I'm back to day 1 - it's ok, though. I had coconut milk in the cabinet that I thought was compliant - added it to my eggs yesterday morning. Then I decided I should check the ingredients when I was going to add to my egg soufflé I made for the week. It has carageenan in it. Thankfully, I had canned milk that does not contain it. So starting from scratch. But at least I was only 5 days in. I had a very lazy weekend. I cleaned, did laundry, and read. Almost no exercise, no socializing. It was nice. I signed up for a spin class last night to take at 6 a.m. this morning - th
  22. Hey there! First time poster here! I have a host of auto immune illnesses and my doctors want me to consume 10 grams of soy daily to decrease some side effects. I would be trying to get soy int he most natural form without additvies, but is this still acceptable? Can i even call it a Whole 30 and still consume soy?
  23. Hi @Ferdinanthecatwelcome! I am a chronic binge eater too and this plan has helped me gain more control if it than anything I’ve ever done before. I have been doing this for over a year now and I do still get days where I eat more than I need to, but at least it is all healthy, nutritious food. I wish you the best of luck, I hope you enjoy the experience
  24. I'm starting this log on R1D3 but a brief of day one and two. B- eggs and veggies in avocado oil L- smoked mackerel and salad with balsamic and avocado oil D- chicken and lots of veggies fajita stir fry Snacked on fruit and carrot, several times during the afternoon, need to cut this down and finally out D2 B- bacon mushrooms and eggs L- smoked mackerel and salad with balsamic and avocado oil D- roast pork, roast potatoes and cauliflower Snacked once on grapes in the afternoon, smell of pork roasting was torture, ate way more than I actually
  25. Ok so I'm a binger and a have an enormous appitite and capacity for food. I've spent my whole adult life yo-yo dieting, averaging 50lb gains and losses, on an annual basis. I want to break the hold food has over me, so I don't have to diet any more. Health and other issues Heart burn, not regular yet, but if i get any bigger it will be constant and daily like it used to be. Sleep, average to disturbed. Joint pain, knees and Hands are the worse. I have been on and off keto for the last few years so the food choices are easy for me (except dairy lol) I'm hoping th
  26. Another dry weekend under my belt and as predicted I am starting to feel fresh, brighter, healthier! My food this weekend was good, I didn’t fall into the trap of replacing alcohol with snacks. I went for a run, hip feeling good, a little tender this morning. this week my biggest aim is to drink more water especially at work, and to limit fruit consumption as I ate a lot last week. I’ve not bought anywhere near as much ‘luxury’ fruit this week, no berries or soft fruits for example, to try to limit my grazing. it is a thoroughly marvellous feeling to find myself on Monday morning,
  27. UGH. OK. So. I stayed compliant food-wise all weekend, but had wine all 3 days. It's that slippery slope, and it was a weird and emotive weekend. Back on track 100% today, however. Didn't do a lot of food prep- yesterday was a couch and movie day, hubster needed a decompress. M1: Tuna patties and carrot soup. M2: Not sure yet, need to have a browse and see what's there. M3: baked turkey drumsticks with gravy, mashed cauli and potato, and sauteed broccolini
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