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  4. Rebecca congrats on your successful W30! I am rarely on here yet was looking into protein powder, as it would be great to have an occasional compliant protein shake, yet finding what I have has some non compliant ingredients. My husband and I have done 2 W30s together before, are now on day 12 of our 3rd, and doing well. My 1st W30 (before we were together) I was very strict and lost 20 lbs and kept it off for a long time. Then after I met my husband I started eating more like him, he struggles with veggies, has a huge sweet tooth and enjoys having a couple of drinks after work. He's mor
  5. This is a very encouraging testimony. I too was diagnosed with PD and have on the prescribed medication carbidopa/levodopa. It would be awesome if you could post an update on your condition. I just found this new diet plan today August 5, 2022.
  6. Interested to know how this is going on the long term. I’ve done Whole30 in the past, before I had any reflux type issues. It was very helpful and helped me shift my approach to eating. During the pandemic years, however, a lot of it dropped off. More comfort eating and sugar. I don’t really have a weight issue, but I need to get on this to feel better.
  7. Melissa is a certified sports nutritionist. On the Whole30 team are dieticians and nutritionists, however we always say that you should talk to your doctor about changing your diet and a doctor's recommendations trump ours 100% of the time. That said, this is a 30 day elimination diet and there is very little science about how not eating dairy or grains for 30 days would be detrimental to one's health in general. The program is not suggesting that you remove all these foods from your diet forever, jut that you remove the most commonly inflammatory ones and then add them back in strategically
  8. Of course, it was difficult to give up junk food, because it is the same addiction as smoking or alcohol. There were a lot of breakdowns. I solved this problem by ordering ready-made healthy food. It also helped me to work with a psychologist, because the main problem was that I was eating out as a stress reliever.
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  10. Food really does play a big role in a person's life. The better it is, the better we feel. When I ate fast food, I always felt heavy in my body. Now it's much better. That's awesome!
  11. Good morning, I am starting the Whole30 today. It is my first time. Would love to hear tips, advice, etc. So excited to be on this journey! -Laura
  12. Anything that isn't basically a spiralized veggie isn't going to be compliant.
  13. Evoo really does ruin the taste. So I don't recommend using it. You'll probably just be disappointed in the result.
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    My first time doing whole 30! Im looking to do this to get better acquainted with my body and figure out what foods work better for my overall health. This is my accountability post and hoping for all the best <3
  15. Hey everybody, I turn 75 tomorrow and have no experience with how to use a forum. If i don't do this right, please excuse me. I know someone who does a type of nutritional counseling (my term) and have come to be skeptical. Her background is in something completely different, and she took a short-term course online, then got "certified" by a branch of the same company that ran the school and then she set up a business. This type of business is not regulated by the government or even recognized by any government, from local on up. She advocates eliminating groups of foods from people's di
  16. Hey, You are not alone on that. Im on day 30 and have been having stomach problems pretty much the whole time. The last 2 weeks I cut out eggs and the final week Ive also cut nuts and fruit in an attempt to help, but no success. Didn't think these issues would be consistent on a strict diet of meat and veg.
  17. If you've been directed by your doctor to take them, you can continue to take them because doctor's orders always take precedence over Whole30 rules. If they aren't something your doctor told you to take, you would need to stop them for your Whole30. Youb might look into foods that can help make up for not taking the supplements. For instance, fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi could help replace the prebiotic. Leafy greens can help with the calcium. Citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C. It looks like CoQ10 is in oily fish like salmon.
  18. My vitamins and supplements including calcium are chewables with 3 grams sugar. I can’t swallow pills. Should I discontinue all vitamins and supplements for 30 days? The goal of the Whole30 program is to give up sugar altogether right? I take probiotics, calcium, vitamin C, and CoQ10 as chewables. Thank you.
  19. I'm not sure exactly how long they'll last, but some of the camping/hiking discussions on the forum might have ideas -- this one mentions some freeze dried meals: Hopefully some other people will chime in with ideas.
  20. I'm looking for, as the title says, shelf-stable emergency food. Not "emergency food" like "I'm stuck late at the office," but like, "there's been a hurricane or a war or a pandemic and I'm stuck in my house for three months." Now, Melissa does have a page for that too: The Whole30 Community Preparedness Guide, but I'm dissatisfied with the options given, as they're not generally shelf-stable. I'm looking for something like or
  21. I'm starting my first Whole30 on Sunday, July 24! I have meals planned and a grocery list made. I had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy 3 years ago and have been at goal weight and healthy for a while now. I do HIIT and resistance training regularly. I'm looking for a reset/cleanse and to resolve some arthritis inflammation that has been creeping in. Looking forward to all the helpful posts on the forum! Cathy, 54 Nashville TN area
  22. Hello! My name is Beverly and one week ago I started Whole30. A few days ago, I noticed my chronic hip and joint pain had vanished! I am already a believer! Thank you, Whole30!
  23. No, regardless of ingredients, these are crackers and fall under the no baked goods rule, plus some varieties contain rice, sweeteners, or milk, so those would definitely not be Whole30 compatible as well.
  24. I am on my 2nd day of Whole30. I have a question: are the NutThin crackers Whole30 approved? Can someone please let me know? Thank you!
  25. It IS just dried and ground up citrus pulp. Seems the same to me as any other flour alternative as long as its not being used to recreate baked goods so I'd say you're good to go.
  26. I know citric acid is okay…what about citrus flour? I’ve never heard of it before but it’s in some sausage I was looking to buy. I believe it is just citrus fibre so it should be fine but… thoughts?
  27. I'm not sure which book you mean by the dairy free book. All the official Whole30 books are listed here: -- if you just looked on Amazon, sometimes there are books made to look like Whole30 books that are not really. If you prefer not to buy any books, you can find all the information you need to do a Whole30 for free online. Start here: There’s a downloadable get started guide, you'll see a link somewhere on that page, you do have to put in an email address for that, but they really don't send too many emails, and yo
  28. Maybe someone will weigh in here with their own stories, I wouldn't be surprised if there are others out there. In the meantime, I remembered reading this article from a few years ago, I don't know if it will have anything new for you or not, but it's one of the first places I really heard about histamine intolerance: I do hope you find some answers and figure out what works for you.
  29. Thanks Shannon. I’m also wondering if anyone else out there realized they have histamine intolerance from doing whole 30, who knows if I ever would have found out if I hadn’t eaten almost all high histamine foods for two weeks
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