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  2. Day 18 Dinner was hash browns, eggs and crispy prosciutto. One of my favorite whole30 meals, albeit, missing veggies. I was not really hungry. Lunch was big, but event at 8pm when I ate I was not hungry. Just must have been one of those days. Also, body is definitely changing and feeling super confident. Ordered a medium dress based on measurements (did not take them, but based on measurements prior to Whole30 and then I did take an inch or two off) and it was too big! Ordered the size down. Granted the material is stretchy so not really expecting to be down that much. Just guessing they
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  4. Day 19 CD17 1st: skirt steak 2nd: 4 chicken thighs Started seriously supplementing electrolytes. I pretty much immediately felt a little better. Hopefully it'll alleviate this constant headache. I remembered that a friend gifted us an air fryer and it had been collecting dust in the garage. I cleaned it up and I'm looking forward to using it soon.
  5. This is my opinion so hopefully heads don't explode. I say don't start over. If you have been stellar everywhere else within the recommended plan, other than treating your body for an illness, why start over? I just had surgery on Tuesday, under anesthesia and all sorts of drugs but I am not starting over. But that's my opinion and I think the general consensus is to use your best judgement. It's not like you sneaked a chocolate chip cookie or two and then pondering whether or not to start over (in that case I would say YES!)
  6. What do you ladies think I should do? I did take both DayQuil once and Nyquil once yesterday which are pure sugar, and I know Melisa said it was okay to do in that article I found, but now I feel like I cheated the plan. Do I still keep going and claim I completed a Whole30 at the end? Or do I just accept defeat with being sick? The meds and cough drops are the only things that don’t fit but still. Thanks in advance oh and other update … I am feeling okay overall today. I was up about every two hours overnight with wicked coughing fits but my sore throat is a bit better. I do s
  7. So last night I dreamt I went off plan and had a couple of glasses of red wine - in the dream I thought we had passed day 30 but then I said to my husband - "wait! We are only on Day 28"! LOL
  8. Lunch was a friend cauli rice with roast pork, carrot, Chinese broccoli and coconut aminos. Dinner was the crispy skinned chicken with roasted sweet potato rounds and a delicious broccoli and snap pea salad with prosciutto and almonds, in a mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar dressing. So the last couple of days I've been very tired at mid afternoon, and started getting really irritable around late afternoon, then a headache settles in. I know I should be eating 3 meals and I think that's my issue. Tomorrow, I'll make sure to have an earlier meal.
  9. I slept SO WELL last night. Bed at 11pm, woke up at 6:45am to go to the loo. That's the longest stretch I have slept in a very, very long time. Bit headachey today, but otherwise feeling good. I'm a bit proud of myself for still doing Ring Fit last night even though I felt crappy! Today's food, I am taking the leftovers of the ribeyes we had (bones with a bit of meat still on) and cooking them into a beef soup which I'll add frozen mixed veg too. It will satisfy my need to avoid waste and sounds yummy. Dinner is going to be crispy skinned chicken marylands with sweet potato mash
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  11. There is this article And some blurry pictures of an old vegetarian shopping list that did include tofu (among other vegetarian options for protein) so you might actually be okay
  12. No soy is allowed. So I would assume not. There is a vegetarian/vegan/pediatrician shopping list and there is no tofu on it. I don't think there are any rule concessions for vegetarians. There might be some pea protien things you can have?
  13. Day 16. Its been an eat all the things sort of day. I think its because I have just been really cold all day. I still had my three meals, its just that they were BIG meals. Don't feel bloated or overly stuffed though so perhaps I just needed to eat a bit more today Meal 1 ranch salad, guacamole new potatoes and eggs Meal 2 cod wrapped in bacon, 2 satsumas (yes definitely needed more veggies here) Meal 3 ranch salad guacamole and smoked salmon.
  14. Obviously the taste will be different, but I think for most things they should be interchangeable.
  15. oh! you've got Les Covides! oh dear. i hope it doesn't go too badly for you. maybe you'll get your tigers blood later. (mine doesn't coincide with the Melissa Urban timeline, when i do get it...)
  16. @MizRik great job on not indulging while being sick! Nicely done. @itskatiegirl11 funny how sweet real food can be, eh? and also funny how short a time it takes to notice, just like a week or two of not eating added sugars. i hope you come up with some fine celebratory meals that are W30-compliant. @Loop me too! i'm a kombucha comfort food person, even when eating a full (fattening, joint-aching, crummy-feeling) diet. Whole30 Day 13 for me today... and moon cycle Day 16. i am super duper grouchy. last night i yelled at my son for something that was, sure, annoying, but not yell
  17. Day 17 Today has been off to a rough start. Breakfast was definitely not to template. I just was not hungry. Hopefully the rest of the day will go smoothly. Otherwise feeling good. Just did not want to eat veggies (or really anything) for breakfast Breakfast: Two small sausage patties. Handful of blueberries a few hours later. Still not hungry but packed a big lunch. Lunch: Salad with tomatoes, caramelized onions, burger pieces and ranch. Also brought two eggs to beef it up a bit if I am starving. Worst case there is a primal bowl in the freezer at work. Dinner: Whole Foods
  18. Well Shyte. The hospital made me retest yesterday and my covid came back positive. So much for me getting to feel the tigers blood since it coincides with me getting covid. Lame
  19. Hokay... I've been doing so great while on my own these last 3 weeks, but this is going to be the true test - going home to my bf and keeping myself from joining him on the couch eating chips! Wish me luck!! Day 22 - perhaps I feel the tiger blood? (I don't know really, working 28 days straight of 12 hour shift is EXHAUSTING on a good day, so I think that may be obscuring my results), but I have felt in rather good spirits for the last week or so, so perhaps that is it. I have noticed though, how CLEAR my skin is (and believe me I notice every little blemish on my face), and how great fo
  20. Too funny. After my post last night about not touching my comfort foods while sick…. This was the daily Whole30 text I received. It's Day 17, and by now, you've hit a bump or two. You've been anxious, lonely, or scared, and tempted to comfort yourself with something sweet and instantly gratifying (AKA numbing). A gentle reminder from me (and from Past You, who came to the Whole30 in part for this specific reason): Food won't make it better. It won't make it easier. It won't make you happier. It doesn't fill the hole. It doesn't fix what's wrong. Connection, support, love, and reass
  21. Day 18 CD16 1st: eggs, chicken thigh, salmon 2nd: pork shoulder steak snack: bacon and beef jerky Cravings were baaaaad today. I had just about talked myself into eating some cheese, but went to bed instead. Maybe beef is the answer.
  22. So today around 3, I was suddenly exhausted, and had vertigo. The vertigo let up after a little bit, but the tiredness lingered, and later I ended up with a headache, which I've been getting every evening. No idea what's causing it. I could do with some energy!!!
  23. Hi everyone - quick early Wednesday morning report that I believe the tiger blood is here! It’s day 17 perfect timing as I’m running around at work with new employee orientation - I’m a corporate trainer. I was up before 4am and ready to go! Finally less hungry too. Hope you all are having a great week …the W30 home stretch is in sight!
  24. Great to read all the posts, gives a little boost on this 2nd day dealing with an upset bowel… (I’m on W30 day 17) I’m not sure what caused it, but I might have overeaten on (chinese 5 spice) cashews… or it were the marinated mushrooms..? So for the coming days I’m trying to stay away from nuts, cabbages, mushrooms and raw veggies and hope to be in shape back soon because Sunday I felt like I could conquer the world and was sure the Tiger Blood had kicked in!
  25. Good for you for not giving in to the cravings @MizRik! If you’re still having a sore throat, you could also try gurgling with tepid salted water and/or take herbal tea with thym in it. Get well soon!
  26. Yes, as long as it's just coffee with no non-whole30 ingredients it's fine, and as far as I can tell, that's what these are.
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