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  3. Hi SugarcubeOD, thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. I agree I’m probably not eating enough protein, so I will make that change asap. With that in mind, I increased my protein in my last meal, and also included an extra open handful of strawberries and have since been feeling very heavy (I worry maybe from consuming too many carbs?). Sorry for the confusion, I have been following the Whole30 meal plan and have now converted back my portions below. A note: I include 3 fist size portions of starchy vegetables (including carrots, although I’m not sure if these are a
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  5. Sorry you're not feeling well. It's hard to tell from how you've listed out your food - how do your meals stack up to the meal template (linked in my signature below). Are you eating a 1-2 palm sized portions of protein, filling your plate with vegetables and adding plated fat (looks like you have olives but how many is 60g?). Second, we don't encourage weighing out your food like this - we want you to be a bit more intuitive with your eating, which is why the meal template is so good. Fill up your plate with real food and then eat it. What I suspect is that you're vastly undereati
  6. For the forum in general, there's usually a thread that's started around the first of each month by someone starting, like yourself that other participants interact with. We only host 'official' Whole30's once or twice a year, the rest of the time, people can start whenever they want. It's a bit quiet on the forum in the summer, just due to holidays and the nature of summer. You can also start a Whole30 Log in the Log section here where you can post photos of your meals and journal about your experience.
  7. Yes. As long as the ingredients do not contain anything not compliant with the program rules, it's fine.
  8. Hey there! First, the easiest way to navigate the forum is to use Google. And if you format your search like as follows, that should pull up forum topics. ''whole30 forum ABC' Second, with regard to fruit, you don't mention how much fruit you're eating but you don't have to eat any - many of our participants find that fruit either keeps their sugar cravings alive or doesn't serve them digestively. Personally, I eat almost no fruit. Still feeling detox-y at three weeks is a bit of a lengthy time altho not unheard of depending on the context, but if you want to give us a breakdo
  9. I cannot find a way to do this myself …
  10. Hi (help), I’ve been doing the Whole30 since February and have been feeling fatigued and heavy with low mood. I also haven’t started reintroduction yet due to not feeling great, however I do want to start this as soon as possible. My current weight is 45kg and I am underweight in my body mass index. And my main intention for doing the Whole30 was to reduce acne/work out which foods were causing breakouts. Below is my current daily meal plan, which I’ve been eating every day for the last few weeks. My skin generally has improved but I feel fatigued (as described above) and the skin on my forehe
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  12. I’m sorry but I have a hard time navigating your website. I searched on a particular topic and it opened up an option of an article. But when I clicked on that article it just opened up to something else that went onto a bunch of other different articles. I don’t know how to find specific information I guess. Anyway that’s why I’m reaching out to the forum because maybe some other members have had experience with this. I’ve been on the whole 30 for three weeks now. I am still feeling really awful. I’ve had a lot of detox type feelings. I am 68 years old with an autoimmune condition and various
  13. I am on Day 27 and for the past couple of days, anytime I eat a meal I have intestinal distress. I am following the program rules perfectly. It’s very similar to the way it was the first week or so. At that point, I cut back on the raw vegetables and nuts and things improved for a couple of weeks but then it started again. At this point, I figured my gut would be well on the road to health and I wouldn’t have these problems again. I am going to cut out nuts for the remainder of my Whole30 but could there be any other reason for this? Am I just an anomaly? This is the only problem I am having.
  14. I’m starting my first “Whole30” today! where can I find the community group and share the photos or text whenever I need to reboot myself or get the inspiration from group?
  15. Is this guacamole approved?
  16. I work out 5 days a week and must have gum or a mint in my mouth or my mouth gets ridiculously dry-to the point that I will stop working out. I drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day. I am really worried about not being able to have gum or a mint (while working out) for 30 days. I’m only worried about this during my workouts. Any suggestions?!?!
  17. No worries there. I will be starting on 1st July. So I will be just behind you. Ordered the book yesterday, so just waiting for that to arrive. I have been off alcohol for 8 weeks today. Have radically cut down on dairy and gluten intake in anticipation of coming off entirely My naturopath has put me on a dairy and gluten free meal plan for gut health, and Whole30 looks to be the best program I can follow to achieve that goal
  18. If the "pasta" is made just from a vegetable -- like spiralized zucchini, or cauliflower rice that's just cauliflower cut into tiny pieces -- it's fine. These are just different ways to prep vegetables and are not really trying to replicate the taste or texture of pasta. There are things like cauliflower gnocchi that are really trying to re-create a pasta, these would fall under the Pancake rule (read about it here: and are off limits for your Whole30.
  19. Can I eat cauliflower pasta on this diet?
  20. I like the idea of having my own log -- very cool! Today I'm starting a 54-day program: June 16 (today) through June 22, will be a prep day. Every breakfast will be Whole30 and I will start making my own meal plan for when I do the full program June 23-June 29, every breakfast and lunch will be Whole30, and I will continue making my meal plan for the full 30 days. Starting July 1, it's all Whole30! July 31-August 9 - Reintroduction My log for today: Breakfast: Whole30 homemade sausage and stir-fry vegetables (Whole Foods organic) Tomorrow:
  21. I am here. We've had a massive high water event that is still ongoing. Let's just call it a flood. They're calling it the 1000 year flood. I'm cooking for first responders and working my head off. I'm still here and checking in. Don't you worry about me, I will remain forever compliant without complaint. That's just the way I roll and I know Melissa likes that. Catch you on the flip-flop.
  22. @SugarcubeODThanks! Good to know! I’m assuming this broccoli rice is ok as well?
  23. Both canned meats and the salsa are fine. Crackers are not based on the Pancake Rule, regardless of their ingredients
  24. Yes. Just like with the original Whole30, canola oil is permitted, but is not recommended, and when possible, you should try to choose healthier cooking oils, but especially in settings where you can't necessarily control what oil is being used, it's fine. You can read a little more about this here: and the book It Starts With Food goes into more detail, if you want more info.
  25. Is canola oil permitted during plant-based whole30?
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