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  2. Starting 11/24 - Anyone in?

    Hi All, I've successfully completed a Whole30 in the past (about 1.5 years ago), and keep a paleo-ish diet in my daily life. I've made a ton of progress over the last few years in terms of my relationship to food, but everyone so often need to reset my priorities. I think it's one of those times. I am completely aware that this may not be the easiest time of year for a Whole30, however, I also know there is always another excuse around the corner. There are 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so why not now? Yes, there will be lots of holiday parties, but the food isn't too great at those anyways. Yes, Christmas cookies will be in abundance, but guess what? Cookies freeze, so anything that looks "worth it" can be put in the freezer and saved for another time. Who's with me? We will really need the extra support this time of year, so please make yourself know. As a start, I want to share some of what I learned the first time around that was so helpful: - I threw away my scale and never looked back. I weigh myself from time to time at the gym, but otherwise let how my clothes fit be a better indication. - I realized there really are foods that I don't miss (rice, pasta, candy), but there are foods I do miss and think are worth it (ice cream) - While I have always been a good cook, I learned some awesome new recipes. - Meals don't have to be complicated or fancy, they just have to make your body feel healthy I'm hoping a second time around will reinforce some of these things, as many of them are harder to stay committed to right now. I'm also hoping to reset after what has been a crazy 4 weeks of travel, weddings, work conference, etc. I'm exhausted, my body deserves a little extra care. Elizabeth
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  4. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Another tough day. Not proud of myself for this one. Not beating myself up either, but I could have been more present and mindful. Didn't sleep at all last night, had to be at work so early, it was so freezing and I didn't pack good enough foods today. I had a small salad that looked very unappetizing and I didn't end up eating, a very small portion of leftover chicken and zoodles, and a small sweet potato. I had breakfast super early so I felt so hungry by like 9. And when I get too cold, I always get cravings for warm hearty food and it was intense this morning. I fought it all day, but I had my wallet with me and that was my downfall. I still only ate technically whole30 foods (not really though bc they were the packaged stuff like rx bars, dried fruit, plantain chips, etc.), but I shouldn't be having that stuff, oh and way too many nuts and fruit. Went to the store on the way home, bought more snacks and now i'm at home feeling so sick. I know being tired makes it hard, but I feel like I used that as my excuse today. I told myself it was ok bc I was cold and tired and needed something to make me feel good. Next time I guess I will know to watch out for these triggers, and I already knew it would be an issue soon bc it always was last year, but I'll try and prepare myself better from now on. And no more credit card at work. It was an accident today, and a very unfortunate one. Hope everyone else had a better day than I did! I am going to head to bed early and hopefully get a better nights rest and wake up feeling ready to keep pushing through this.
  5. Hi! From Oakville, Ontario

    Hi Stacey, its been a week plus since you've posted, but if you still need some ideas, there are lots of great places to shop in Oakville/Burlington. Organic Garage is on Kerr St. in Oakville. Healthy Planet & Goodness Me are both on Fairview in Burlington. Healthy Planet is between Walkers & Guelph Line I think, I know Goodness Me is west of Guelph Line before Brant St. They even sell frozen bone broth that is compliant. Whole Foods in Oakville works for some things, too. Hope that helps. Is there something in particular you are looking for?
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  7. Sept 18 start date reintro

    So, I think I should be getting fees for endorsing the "Well Fed" series of cookbooks! Just kidding, but they really are fabulous, and not just recipes, but tips and tricks for the Paleo lifestyle on the website as well. I've been all over the "weeknights" version of the books lately, and have fallen in love with the "Velvet Stir Fry" variations. "Weeknights" are supposed to be meals that can be completed in 45 minutes or less. I can do most of them in that time, and with a little pre-prep it would be easy. I gave a shout out to the author, Melissa Joulwan, on Instagram the other day, and she responded to me personally, within the hour, which I thought was very cool. My own personal version of "Food Freedom" is taking a real Paleo path, with exceptions made when "it's worth it". It's working, and although I've had the issue with my back (which is getting much better), I do feel good most of the time, which is better than half the time or less as I was pre-Whole 30. I continue to drop weight slowly and sustainably. I'm starting to hear a lot of compliments on my apperance, that I didn't hear at the end of W30 (I've always been a little slow ). It's hard to believe that we all started this journey together on Sept 18th and today is Nov 18th. I really want to keep this going to the best of my ability. I know I'll slip now and then, but as long as movement is in an overall forward direction, I'm good with it. I hope you all are well. I am going to continue to check in now and then, and hope you all do the same. You folks have meant a lot to me during W30 and beyond. You are all in my thoughts often. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Mike
  8. Hi all! Day 4 reintroduction here - gluten-free grains. Had GF rolled oats for breakfast along with fruit and 2 hard boiled eggs. Oats tasted great, was looking forward to having some. So far no reaction other than being hungry! Maybe it wasn't enough protein? 19 grams as opposed to about 25 or so usually. Yes, I was tracking macros even though it's advised against. I tend to lose weight fast and that was not my goal, the goal was to have enough calories to stay at my weight. I went to Pilates for an hour this am, and have been cleaning at home so maybe expelling more energy (but probably not, because I hike a LOT and haven't been this hungry all Whole30.) Lunch was Beef stew with potatoes, a banana and Rx bar. I was hungry! Dinner will be Salmon cakes with Paleo GF english muffin and Avocado Mayo and some veggies. Curious to see if I am feeling hungry still after dinner. Reading back maybe I did not have enough fat. Hmm. Day 1 reintroduction was alcohol - 100% agave tequila. Usually don't drink it, but having vodka by itself did not sound appealing. Not much reaction other than being wired at bed time and falling asleep longer than usual. I have also been agitated past few days but this week has been crazy, so not sure if it's the alcohol or just stress.
  9. Meal Planning for One

    Trigirl - First, print out the pages of the compliant & non-compliant W30 food lists. You don't need to buy everything at once, nor do you need to try everything on those lists. As an athlete, you likely will be eating a lot of the good stuff already. Pay attention to eating enough healthy fats as that will be what your body will be burning for energy. Having done W30 (today is day 31), here's some of my food list and how long it lasted: I alternate cooking with extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. I haven't even used a quarter of the 28 oz jar of coconut oil that I bought a month ago. I do about 15 oz of almonds a week, 12 oz bag of coconut flakes every 10 days, I would cut a melon to give me six servings. Eggs 2-3 per breakfast. Fresh fruit and veggies are bought every 3-4 days. A 4 pack of uncured polish sausage is good foe 3-4 days, other meats vary. Six boneless chicken breasts grilled together are good for 3-4 days. Two 16oz bags of kale a week - bought individually, same with fresh dark greens, 3 avocados yield 6 servings. A bag of potatoes / sweet potatoes won't spoil, nor will cans of olives. As an athlete, your volumes may be more than what I consume. I keep my food prep / cooking simple. I don't do recipes that require alot of measuring and mixing, I just cook things straight.
  10. 10/16 Start date

    Congratulations everyone!!!! What has everyone decided? Continue the lifestyle or going back to some old habits? i lost 8lbs. 1” around my bust 1.5” around my ribs 1” around my waist and 2” around my hips! I could not not be happier! i have not ended up with more energy. If anything I am always feeling tired, but I’ll figure that out. I have added wine back in and it makes me feel bloated, headache-e, cotton mouthed and totally inflamed my sinuses. The things im looking forward to adding back in are things like oatmeal, quinoa and hummus. (Keeping them IF, they don’t make me feel bad.) I will continue to read my labels and cook/ meal prep whole30 style. Doing the whole30 has also opened my eyes to food waste and has made me realize I want to compost! It has also made me aware of all the other waste I produce/bring into the house, so I would like to get better in that regard too! I want to say thank you to all of you for your support, and Thank you to the whole30 to opening my eyes to a healthier and overall “better” lifestyle!! I did document my whole30 journey. I have been posting the videos about a week late but if you want to check it out here’s the link... Have a great day!
  11. Meal Planning for One

    Thanks for the great tips! What are some of the sauces you like for the veggies as well as seasonings when you cook roasts in the crockpot? I'm pretty whimpy when it comes to hot spicy flavorings:-(
  12. Did anyone else start yesterday (11/15)?

    I am cooking for Thanksgiving so found some great recipes too. Did some pre-shopping and freezing compliant mini-meatloaf and making my own version of cranberry sauce, gravy, and a fun salad.
  13. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    CONGRATS @hmg1993!!! So awesome! Keep it rolling! I made it through today, but it wasn't easy. The store was good. I wanted to buy fruit and other things that seemed compliant but satisfying, and then I told myself the only reason I want the fruit is because I am craving sugar. Not because it's what I truly want. So I didn't buy anything remotely sweet or that could be snacked on. BUT, I did come home and start to munch too much. Ate lots of coconut with cacao bar, leftover sweet potato with butter, salt, and cinnamon, and then pesto zoodles and way too many country style ribs for dinner. I have a headache and feel overloaded, but overeating here and there is way better than caving and eating the chocolate bar that I was eyeing in my fiances "section" of the pantry (I put his sweet and snacky stuff in a top shelf not so visible for me)... and then probably not stopping there. I'll take today as a win. Another day of working on mindfulness, getting in tune with my thoughts, behaviors, and triggers, and how I can learn to change my responses. And even the fact that I am slowly learning how to stop after I have had too much is good for me. Usually it would be "ugh I am so full, but I still want sweets, so might as well bc ive already failed and ate too much." Now I think way more differently and have conscious debates in my head and try to pick the smart answer as much as possible. I think the "good side" of my brain that wants to NOT binge is becoming a little more present each day. Anyways, food today: small piece of frittata, leftover rosemary sweet potatoes, sauteed veggies, half an avocado; leftover sheet pan chicken and veggies, a salad with some of the other leftovers of chicken thigh, veggies, and avocado, and then the stuff listed above. Lots of food, but it could be WAY worse. Ok, I'm going to bed now. Gotta be at work at 5:30 tomorrow. blahhhhh.
  14. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good day. Made it a week. At last! Long day and just crawled home and ready to fall face forward. Food today --- Omelet with tomatoes, spinach and avocado, big salad with chicken, sweet potato, brussels sprouts and avocado and then left over pork, squash and other vegetables with big dollop of homemade mayo and an apple. Tomorrow I have to plan my Thanksgiving meal, The objective will be to keep it as easy as possible!
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  16. I can't do this, right?

    Its much less a question of CAN and much more a question of WANT. Ask yourself if you want to do it. If you do then you CAN. However maybe there are reasons you don't WANT to and that is ok its just something you have to look at and make a commitment if you decide you WANT to you may decide you do but need to wait for whatever reason. Its your decision but please know that if I was able to do it anyone CAN do this
  17. Starting 12/1

    My name is Jenn, I am 44 yrs old, wife and Mom to two wonderful kids and I am not new to the health and wellness world, but I am very interested to see how this program can work for me. I had a hip replacement in July 2016 and found out August 2017 that I have had an infection pocket for a year now. I have had the area stubbed and cleaned out, only to have my body continue to grow infection. Currently I have had my hip totally taken out so that my body can heal itself of this infection and am not going to have the new hip replaced til after the new year 2018. I decided to search for healthy-healing diets and this is the first program that popped up. I’m very excited to give this program a try. I know this information inside and out as I am a personal trainer and wellness coordinator, but this issue I have been dealing with personally has thrown me into a horrible state of depression and hopelessness. I have an amazing support group at home from my husband and kids to my folks and siblings, so that is not the issue. I just want the healing benefits of the right foods. Thank you for all the info that you freely supply as too many people/companies are out to make a buck on down-and-out desperate people. Good luck to you all!
  18. Hey all, I've been reading a ton on the forum, but have yet to participate. This is my first Whole30, and I'm on day 27 (planning on attempting 60 days since this isn't THAT different than I usually eat...just way more restrictive, and I haven't seen any good results yet). I should have asked all of this much sooner, and I probably wouldn't be where I am right now. Anyway, I started off great, and felt really good after week 1 (aside from pretty bad "digestive distress", that started right away and "sort of" went away at 3 weeks, by decreasing water intake). Right around week 3 I started getting headaches every day, EVERY DAY. My energy level has gone way down (and I have NEVER had an issue with energy in my life), my workouts and strength are struggling, my clothes are too tight (it's definitely not muscle because I'm not lifting as much as usual) and my face broke out (I haven't had a breakout in probably 15 years). Oh, also, my breath has been HORRENDOUS, and I can taste it, which makes me feel a bit sick at all times (PLEASE HELP ME!)....but, I'm still sticking with it in hopes that this will all blow over. I'm hoping someone can provide a little insight and help a girl out if I'm doing something wrong here. Since everyone's first question is what do you's a breakdown (I pretty much eat the same thing every day); 7am Breakfast: 3 eggs (I tried holding 4 eggs in my hand and it ended with 1 egg on the floor), 1/2 avocado, 1 cup of sauteed spinach and about 1/2 a plantain 11am Pre-Workout meal: 1 egg or 85g can of tuna, 1/2 avocado, carrots Workout 2:30pm Lunch: Sheet pan dinner-type thing with chicken, red potato, sweet potato, carrots and spinach, doused in avocado oil with some cashews thrown in and usually a banana Sometimes another workout here 7pm Dinner: ground turkey with homemade marinara sauce & zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash and whatever veggies are in the fridge Sometimes another workout here I have a tenancy to graze on fruit and nuts (and sometimes medjool dates...yikes!) in the evening, which is not exactly on plan (I know, I'm working on cutting this out). Initially I was eating a lot of dried fruit, and Lara bars, but I cut that out around week 1 after I read that I should. How much fruit is too much fruit? I drink about 3-4 L or water a day...I usually drink a ton of water on the regular. However, I have been extra thirsty. Also, not sure if this is where to ask, but this has bothered me since day 1. In the Meal Template it talks about pre and post workout meals, and it refers to one of them as PWO. Which meal is the PWO? I mean, the acronym is the same for both. Is this just me? Also, what do you do when you workout 2x per day? I usually workout twice a day for about an hour per workout. Does this mean I should eat 2 PWO? Any insight, criticism, comments, etc. is much appreciated!!! I'm a newbie and I would love to get this right! Even if "right" starts on day 27...hoping to continue for another 30 anyway (if I can stop feeling like a pile of crap). Please and thank you...sorry for the long content.
  19. How much fat should I eat?

    So to confirm, you are saying "With every meal, pick two fatty items from the list but don't count cooking fat/oil as one of the items"? Also, I seem to recall that the right kind of nut was OK with every meal.... cashews and macadamias, since they have the same type of fat as avocado. (Or was it cashews and macadamias are OK as snacks?) All other nuts should be eaten sparingly. Merging threads is weird since every other forum known to man tries to keep threads on topic but OK whatever, not a big deal :-)
  20. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    You’ve got this @Dragonslayer. eight successful days totally trumps any supermarket aisle! Go in with a list and don’t come out with anything that isn’t on it! Report back!!
  21. How much fat should I eat?

    Your post was not deleted it was merged with your other thread which is discussing the same content. As was mentioned in your other thread " Whole30 recommendations are a thumb sized amount for oils, not thumbnail and we generally don't count cooking fat because it's often split into portions, stays in the pan or is cooked off, so you're lacking there.' You can pick a couple of fat sources; say you want chicken salad with avocado, that would be two fat sources. Or you can do a half to a whole avocado or any other fat listed in the meal template. A slice of avocado isn't enough, you'd want that to be a half to a whole and with the other items you've listed here, that would be the cooking oil so I'd add another fat source to your meals. Nuts should be limited (think a closed handful every other day at most), so don't use them for every meal
  22. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    My dragon is being a real asshole today guys. At work, having cravings, but just trying to breathe and do stuff to stay distracted. I’m just worried about after work bc I have to do our weekly grocery shopping and I don’t wanna freak out in the store. Really focusing though and feel like I’ll be ok, just wanted to check in so I’m extra accountable!
  23. I have almond butter. Now what?!

    Occasionally I will bring some celery with pre-applied almond butter for part of my lunch. Have you tried this Well Fed 2 recipe? It's delicious and almond butter works well in it as a sub for sunbutter (omit the vanilla extract for your Whole30):
  24. How much fat should I eat?

    As per the meal template , it's not really clear how much fat I should eat. It gives a list of fatty items to eat per meal but it does not specify how many items to pick each meal. So for example, a typical meal for me is three eggs cooked with thumbsized portions of coconut oil veggies (peppers and mushrooms) also cooked with coconut oil one slice of avocado Should I also pick another fatty item (like nuts). Or is it enough? Also, why was this post deleted?
  25. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @Betsie_n I think it's good to reintroduce the thing that you missed the most. And it sounds like it was completely worth it. I am very relieved at the dairy result – I didn't have issues when I last did the reintroductions a few years ago, but the fact that so many people have issues made me question my findings. I took a Cultural Anthropology course in college where the professor said that folks with Northern European ancestry tend to have fewer issues tolerating dairy. A big percentage of my background is Norwegian, so I've always assumed that had something to do with it. (my parents and siblings drink shocking amounts of milk to this day. I don't, but more out of personal preference vs. tolerance level.) I have ethical issues with commercially produced dairy, so I'll continue to limit my consumption along those guidelines. Enjoy your weekend wine! I'm blazing through that Robb Wolf book I mentioned and it's really interesting. He recommends a 30 day paleo reset (similar to the Whole 30 but minus the white potatoes and with recommendations for grams of carbs/proteins, etc.) and then in place of the reintroduction, has you do a period where you use a blood glucose monitor and test specific carbohydrates to see how they affect your blood glucose. It's a pretty rigorous sounding testing protocol, but it would be cool to have a clear guideline to see what foods you could work into your regular rotation and what you should generally avoid. I'm still a little unclear on a few points, so I want to do some more research on it, but I'm definitely considering trying it out.
  26. Meal Planning for One

    Recently I have been prepping big batches of individual foods (roasting a tray of butternut squash, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, green beans, cooking 5 chicken breasts, putting a roast in the crock pot, etc.) and then making up different combos of food for each meal. Sort of like buffet style, or like Dig Inn if you've ever been to that restaurant. Then I add a sauce or avocado or something and there's a balanced meal. You can cook up whatever proteins/veggies you like and then experiment with different flavor combos. I've really been liking pesto/hot sauce together, it's surprisingly good!!
  27. Did anyone else start yesterday (11/15)?

    Beffany–right there with you! We got this! Let's make it fun with the holidays. We will be able to enjoy them more since we will be feeling our best!
  28. 10/16 Start date

    Starting today. I've done whole30 before but I desperately need a reset.
  29. Did anyone else start yesterday (11/15)?

    Great! I'm going to make some of these next week:
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