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  10. Headaches

    Hey @Amyemm - can you list out what you ate for the last 3-4 days to see if we can't help you out? Headaches can come from a number of things so it's hard to comment without some idea of what you've been eating. Please v=be clear about veg types, portion sizes of protein as they relate to the size of your palm, and how much fat you are eating at each meal. You say you are drinking a lot of water, but are you salting your food? How is your sleep? Do you have any cramps?
  11. bbt

    It isn't so much that low bbt makes you not ovulate, rather there may be an underlying condition (such as low thyroid as previous poster suggested) that causes your bbt to be low and also causes delayed/inconsistent ovulation. 96.55 is pretty low. I've had thyroid issues in the past and ovulation issues, and I charted for 3+ years and two pregnancies (1 miscarriage and 1 healthy son born last year). I've been on-and-off Whole30 since 2012 but whether or not I am "on" I have stayed aware of what I put in my body since my first Whole30 in 2012. Meaning, primarily, that I make it a point not to underfeed myself nutritious food (regardless of whatever "junk" I may consume in addition from time to time). I was on a low dose thyroid supplement from 2011 and I was able to stop taking it last year at the suggestion of an endocrinologist who had reviewed my numbers during my pregnancy and said they were so good she suggested I wean off it after baby was born, which I did. Now, one year postpartum, I've recently gotten my period back even though I'm still breastfeeding so things must be working! For reference, I had had TSH levels around 3-3.5 pre-thyroid meds and it is now around 1.5. Perhaps there is something to coconut oil, I haven't heard this. What I have personally observed is that I CANNOT go low carb and expect to maintain my cycle. When I'm eating well and maintaining adequate carb intake through plenty of starchy vegetables and some fruit, things go a lot better.
  12. anyone starting Sept 11???

    My system is still bloated! This has never happened before for this long on a whole30. I do think I am eating too many nuts so I am cutting back. It is so hot here that it is causing my appetite to disappear.
  13. Sugars in Packaged meats

    Ok, gotcha thanks for the clarification! I have a couple frozen ground beef and pork packages that I’ll need to use up before whole 30
  14. Sugars in Packaged meats

    You need to actually read the ingredients. The nutrition info can say 0 grams even if there is added sugar, and it can say more than 0 even when there is no added sugar in some products. If there is sugar listed in the ingredients at all, even if it says "contains less than 2%" or something like that, it is not allowed. If there is no sugar (or other off-plan ingredients) then it is okay. Check the Sneaky Sugars List and the Common Additives Cheat Sheet for some other ingredients you might encounter -- you can download both here:
  15. I am planning a whole 30 either October or November of this year. I was originally planning for October but I’ve come down with a case of pneumonia. I really want to be focused and energetic when I go into my whole 30 so I may put it off for another month, despite having a lot of the preparations ready. My question however is about the 0 g of sugar On packaged meats. Does the fact that it says sugar at all even if it’s 0 g mean that there is residual or added sugar? I just finished a refresher on the whole 30 book and it said no packaged meat If it says 0 g of sugar.
  16. The fall equinox is here, technically on Friday. The earth's axis and rotation around the sun are powerful. EQ's increase at this time. Don't be scared. Be prepared. Have a plan if you live in an EQ zone. Moi. Pressure transfers through the earth. I've been watching the seismos, the slow-slip - Juan de Fuca and others in my spare time. On Sept 22nd the sunlight shifts in favor of the southern hemisphere. We've been on a wild roller-coaster ride since the total solar eclipse. Have a plan. I care. I'm sleeping with one ear open to the ground and one eyeball on the ceiling fan. Remember, take shelter under your big dining room table. Much Love. Tanto Amore.
  17. Whole30-ish meals while working out?

    Yes, you will find a lot of conflicting information out there... the food sciences are like that... there's a study bought and paid for by a benefitting party for almost anything you can look up and then you can find a bunch of them that conflict eachother. I don't know what the peanut/peanut butter thing is... if you break it down, peanut butter is a fatty carb (it's a legume, not a nut). Banana is a fructose heavy carb... So if you want to stay in the Whole30 pre and post workout recommendations of fat and protein for pre and lean protein and carb for after, then you just break it down. Banana is not ideal because it gives your body fast fuel for energizing your workouts and if you want to burn fat, then you need to make the body work for it. Eating before a workout signals your body that food is incoming so that it feels safe to let go of fat and energy - that said, some people swear by working out fasted... that's just a matter of preference. I would take a look at the workout discussions on Mark's Daily Apple and maybe have a go looking through LiveStrong... You'll find that every principle doesn't line up from site to site and program to program but those are some good places to get started. I would personally stay away from 'bodybuilding' websites because they seem to prioritize 'gainz' and bulk/shred etc... over actual full body health and wellbeing, but every once in a while you see a good article come out of one of those websites
  18. Headaches

    Actually, yes, snacking on basically junk food instead of eating real food, thereby depriving your body of actual nutrition IS likely contributing to the headache... she wasn't saying a Larabar is going to cause a headache, I think you are looking for an arguement which you're unlikely to get here. If you don't like the program, it doesn't work for you or you're not interested in reading the material, that's fine, but you're asked to be polite in our house and calling our mods thoughtless and brainwashed doesn't fit the bill. You'll also take note of the fact that this program has been around and popular since 2009, so it's hardly a fad, being that it's coming up on just short of a decade... just food for thought.
  19. September 18 start date

    Well, I'm now doing the Whole 35 because I threw up after lunch and still had an upset stomach at dinner so I had white rice. Since I'm not interested in starting over, I'm making it a Whole 35 instead....I know it's semantics, but it makes me feel better. Hope you all had a good day! Here's to Day 5!
  20. Day 25 and not feeling it

    We can't really say if you're eating enough without knowing what you're eating and how much. Certainly, eating too little could contribute to you feeling more exhausted, as could not drinking enough water, not salting your food, being stressed, or not getting enough sleep. If you want to list a couple of days' of typical meals, including approximate portion sizes, we could give you more feedback.
  21. Headaches

    Snacking on this food is NOT contributing to the headache. That is a thoughtless/brainwashed statement. What your body needs is nutrition and a balanced diet.... It's time to stop listening to people and start listening to our bodies. This "non-diet" diet does not work for most people. That's why it was rated as the worst fad diet of the year by health experts!!
  22. I'm 51, and while I consider my eating habits to be relatively healthy (my mom had all Adele Davis's books, and we grew up eating home-made yogurt, and drinking "pep-up" shakes), I've succumbed to sugar, and know I'm completely addicted. For years I've struggled with inflammatory and immune disorders, and have slowly put on middle-age weight. So here I am! I'm going to try this and give it my best shot, and am actually quite excited. I'm starting October 1, and am going to be doing it on my own, so I'm looking forward to the community and support the forum provides.
  23. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Keep on trucking everyone! I finished my official 30 days...and promptly had cookies and milk on Day 31. And it wasn't even that good. No ill effects, but I'm back on the program. I'm going on a three day backpacking trip tomorrow and I don't wan digestive issues! I'll be out of town until Wednesday...that'll be Day 17 for you guys! Go get 'em!
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  25. Hi there, I had a pretty epic experience with my first whole30 and I loved this way of eating. I think that i was undereating slightly but over the course of several months as it triggered some major bingeing behaviors in me that were left over from a previous eating disorder. I have not been able to get back on track for several months and will start to eat whole30 again and then will convince myself that I shouldn't restrict my food choices as that *could* make me binge but in reality the none whole30 foods that I eat appear to be gateway foods for me which inevitably lead me to binge on other foods which are a bad choice for me. I'm reluctant to label foods bad and good but I have come to accept that there are foods that make me feel bad and foods that make me feel good and the choices that I am making are not making me feel good. Despite the fact that my first whole30 was seemingly pretty easy and I continued to eat that way for several months I haven't been able to even get past day two of doing another whole30. Has anyone else experienced some post whole30 bingeing? Any tips or tricks from others who have come to Whole30 after an eating disorder. I know that research would suggest that restricting food choices leads to bingeing but I feel that I was led back to bingeing as a result of my calories being low rather than my restriction of foods. For a while I was very comfortable with exercising my Food Freedom Forever and did eat non-Whole30 foods when it felt worth it. If anyone has any personal experience relating to this particular field I would be really grateful for some advice. Thanks!
  26. Whole30-ish meals while working out?

    Wow, where has the time gone..... Thank you for your replies! Yeah, I figured it was pretty detail. I just get confused, (my fault probably), with all the info out there. Like, for instance, when someone says to not eat peanuts before a workout, but in the same sentence say that peanut butter with your smoothie/oatmeal/whatever is ok? That doesn't make sense to me. Or eating fruit beforehand (like a banana - apparently it's God's gift to mankind) is ok, but I've read on here to not eat fruit beforehand. I've read on here too that eating the right things before a wo signals glucagon. I like knowing that stuff. So for me, I'm like, sweet! I'll do it! Maybe it's just me, but it seems all the bodybuilding/healthy sites vary in their content. What sites would you recommend I start looking at for that kind of advice? Thanks for your time!
  27. Seemingly random digestive issues

    Thanks for the advice! I'll give it a shot. I actually don't love raw veggies (not a big salad fan), but not sure how else to eat quick meals like tuna and egg salad that I use for lunch on the go. I'll see what I can do.
  28. Hi - I'm on day 25 of my 1st Whole30 and am not feeling the Tiger blood - in fact, I am more exhausted - and my skin is suddenly breaking out. I do eat fish and eggs, so have been sticking to the regular plan with no changes. I'm not sure if I'm not eating enough? I am a teacher and my Whole30 coincided with going back to school, which I planned to help me feel less anxious and balanced, but it's not working out the way I envisioned! Any advice?
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