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  2. Rice reaction?

    Completed my 3rd whole30 and after 32 days I wanted to reintroduce brown rice into my diet the ingredients were brown rice and sunflower oil (I admittedly was short on time and used a quicker rice hence why it wasn't just rice). Almost immediately, I begun to get a scratch in my throat and it feels like I have a frog in my throat. I had this feeling x10 prior to whole30 when I was eating rice almost everyday. Is this a reaction anyone else has experienced? I'll definitely try to reintroduce sunflower oil or butter separately to see if that's the culprit but I'm doubtful it is. I'll also try other grains (quinoa, white rice) in a few days... I workout a lot and don't want to continue to eat sweet potatoes and potatoes forever!! Thoughts?
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  4. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Thanks Hope... may need a small army! Seriously i’m looking forward to it, need to kickstart the metabolism. my wife wanted to wait until after Easter, homemade Easter Bread. Glad to meet you, hope it’s a fun month.
  5. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I’m a newbie too, Dave. So glad you are joining us! We’re forming a small Whole30 army to surround and support each other! Welcome aboard!
  6. LDL Cholesterol Sky-rocketed

    Switching to a fat-burning metabolism alone, without significant weight loss, can cause a temporary spike in cholesterol levels. You can search the web and find lots of articles about this. Your healthy cholesterol has actually gone up (HDL), even though LDL has also gone up. Even with the increase, right now it's just at the high end of "borderline" high. Keep eating healthy, and check them again in 2-3 months. If they don't go down, you might have a genetic makeup that would benefit from less red and fatty meat in the diet. Your glucose level change is not significant in any way, and the readings likely were related to aberrations specific to the day your blood was drawn. Overall, it's within normal range.
  7. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hi... my plan is to start April 2, day after Easter as well. This would be my first time with the program. My plan is to order the book tomorrow.
  8. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    All right bigmamabird! Let’s rock this thing!!! Welcome!
  9. Day 24 inflammation/bloat?

    If you do have SIBO, probiotics will either have no effect or make the problem worse until the bad bacteria overgrowth is in check. There is a bacteria called clostridium difficile (c diff) that frequently causes constipation. This is a real medical problem that goes beyond simply dietary advice, so it could be worth a visit to a GI specialist if you don't get relief soon.
  10. Intolerance or Shock?

    I am currently on day Day 23 of my first Whole 30, so I'm responding from the perspective of a person who learned years ago she was lactose intolerant and had trouble with gluten. My experience is that it can totally vary from time to time whether or not I have a reaction. With lactose from dairy, this is usually easy to understand, because certain dairy products, like nonfat milk and soft cheeses, have a lot more lactose than half and half or hard cheese. And it can also be a matter of amount. As for gluten, I have found that some times i feel horrible after eating it, but if I just have a little bit in soy sauce for example, I'm ok, just a little hungrier than usual.
  11. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I will be joining you! I ordered the book and it's due to be delivered tomorrow!! Looking forward to it!
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  13. I have completed 5 rounds of Whole30 over the past 3 years, the most recent one completed end of January. I'm feeling great and have accrued a lot of NSVs and a bit of weight loss, which is a good thing too! I have been eating mostly a Whole30 approach since ending the round. I had some blood tests run last week and was somewhat bummed to learn that my total cholesterol is still elevated - it's come down from where it was a year ago, which is great but it is over 200. My HDL cholesterol and triglycerides are totally in the normal range but the LDL cholesterol is elevated. If I do another Whole30 round, are there foods I can focus on or foods to further avoid that can support my efforts to lower my cholesterol without having to go on medication?
  14. Starting on March 22! Need Accountability Buddies!

    I got home and my family was eating pizza! Haha! Oh man. I had hamburger patties (farm fresh beef) and a potato cut up and roasted in the oven. It was good! You might be getting a touch of the "carb flu", which means you feel like shit for a few days before you start to feel better. I was doing Paleo a few months ago and went through the same thing. It gets better and then you'll actually feel pretty good. Clear headed and on an even keel. Just wait and see! If you're going way low on carbs try adding some salt to your food. That will help.
  15. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    I've reintroduced every category at this point (slowly but definitely did not follow the suggestions in the book). I haven't noticed any particular issues - I guess I'm lucky in that regard! I've continued to eat very healthy and have only had a little bit of sugar - and I could definitely feel the sugar dragon coming out when I did. I'm motivated to continue the health kick for one more week because after that I'm off to Mexico and all diets are off!! @SalW @Shelly :) OMG those MINI eggs are my absolute downfall - I just hope I don't see any until Easter is over and they are out of the stores! I can't wait to eat dark chocolate again - but will wait until after vacation to reintroduce. As for alcohol - I've had the same experiences - cheap drunk + hate the brain fog the next day. Yet it's Friday night and the wine is calling my name!
  16. I don't get it. Baffled.

    Yes, all of this has calmed me down. I def need ot eat more, but I forget and am never hungry (oh the irony!) So if anyone can recommend some fast filling high protein snack bars or whatever, I'll eat them! (I eat so many eggs...) Does anyone thing almond butter would be a good choice ? also, pesto! why didn't i think of that. thanks all!
  17. Day 24 inflammation/bloat?

    Thank you Lime LaCroix... I have (obviously) been off sugar & alcohol for 27 days (will continue until I get this resolved!). And definitely will look into Oregano Oil... I have tried probiotics many times in the past with no results. I have also tried digestive enzymes for 3 months straight without results...although I suppose it could have been brands in both of these cases... Thank you.
  18. Hi Grace... that's great. I definitely need accountability, too. There's a lot to learn with the Whole30. I bought the book and am reading about how to follow the plan. I think the fact that you lowered your need for medication is fantastic. That's the whole point... getting healthier. Bravo! How would you like to do the accountability thing? Is this a public forum? If it is, maybe we could exchange email addresses and schedule a regular check-in email... daily, twice a week, weekly? I haven't done this before so please let me know what would work for you. Here's a funny coincidence... the middle name of my dear friend from college who told me about the Whole30 is Grace. OK, looking forward to getting going on this (it's day 1 for me). Here's to success, Hool
  19. Hey Bob! Day 3 is soon over for you! And about the pizza - you can have it in 27 days (if you still want to)! Time flys by! For my part, it’s the end of my second day, I got through, but im really tired and have a bad headache. Not sure if it’s related to the food changes. I’m going to bed now. Hope to feel better tomorrow.. ps: thank you for your support. It really helps me.
  20. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Yay TamMarie! So this won’t be your first time??
  21. Early morning workout foods

    I am hard core, I mix it with water and take it "straight to the head". lol It tastes like battery acid or something worse. I chase it down with another full glass of water to get the taste out of my mouth. I refuse to get the flavored kind because of the dyes, sweeteners and artificial flavorings. I love what it's doing for me so I figure it's worth the nastiness!!
  22. sorry this is being "reposted".... I can't seem to see it! I just deleted it the best I knew how...
  23. Please do not copy and paste across threads as per forum rules. The thread that you first posted this on is being answered and having it in two places makes more work for the volunteer moderators and members who might want to help. I already combined two of your posts into the thread you first commented in a few days ago.
  24. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Yeah. But what I'm most curious about are the pushups! I'm working on getting back to strict ones too! I'm up to 3 in a row. 27 more to go! About the eggs though - you know what, I don't really want ONE egg. I want the binge. So I'm going to just try not to do it... Also, do you have a good ketchup recipe? I've been making my own that I actually think is really good (though not W30...). But maybe for down the road? 1 6 oz can tomato paste, 1 can's worth of water, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tbsp cider vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, allspice, salt. I don't measure the spices... maybe 1/4-1/2 tsp of onion and garlic and 1/8 allspice? Simmer for a few minutes then jar. Super easy and I think quite tasty! We had some TJ ketchup around so I'll just put that out on Sunday. But its the principle of it. You get it, but not too many people do
  25. Coconut yogurt

    If you're going to be using it as part of a marinade for meat or in a sauce, that'll be tasty, but it's a no-go if you're looking to have it for breakfast with fruit and "faux-nola".
  26. Hi Guys I'm looking to make coconut yogurt ...has anyone made this ?? looking for any advice many thank
  27. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I am ready for another whole30! Starting the day after Easter!
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