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  2. Lorna from Canada

    Stomach Pain - Day 3

    I, too, suffered chronic constipation prior to W30 (IBS) and had SO much added fibre to my diet (bran and psyllium) to keep things rolling. Like 65g of fibre each day! Coming in to my first W30 I couldn't imagine how I'd fare without all that added fibre. I felt absolutely terrible for the first 10 (even maybe 20) days of my first W30 - my IBS was enraged - so much gut pain. But, it did settle down quite a bit towards the end and that long for my bowel routine to figure things out too. I think this way of eating is so unltimately healthy but to our poor, abused bodies, it must feel like a really radical change. I hope you see this through this time. I just finished my 3rd W30 and I feel amazing. No pain this time except when I over indulge in fruit and nuts (particularly cashews and pecans). The fructose in fruit can be an irritant to those with IBS and nuts are hard to digest period. Hope this settles for you quickly!
  3. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    Oh, and I have a working kitchen!! It's not done, the splashbacks will be put in in a couple of weeks, and the bloody gas plumber slipped when putting the cooktop back and gouged one of the cabinets with the jigsaw, so that needs to be repaired/replaced, but it's at least completely functioning. Used my new sink last night (filled it with a bucket) and it is so big!! and it really retains the heat for water
  4. Lorna from Canada

    I’m starting whole 30 tomorrow but...

    I ended my first W30 a few days before my annual winter trip to Australia so I extended it by a week so I could do a better reintro after the loooong travel and awful jetlag settled. I hadn't considered the fact that I was travelling business class where wining and dining both in the lounges and in the air are a really big thing for which you pay through the nose. It was really, really hard (remember all my whinging Schrod?) but I managed to do a Whole 37. I just finished my 3rd W30 (after my 2nd crashed and burned thanks to a misread label) and have no plans to stop eating this way. I already know which things I am not going to reintro (soy, legumes, sugar are banned; dairy, wine, grains are greatly reduced) so I don't need to do a reintro. I'm just going to carry on until I feel I need a reset then I'll go again. I'm no longer struggling with wine. I discovered after my first W30 that wine was very neurotoxic for me causing rampant anxiety and sleeplessness after 1 or 2 glasses. I love wine - have studied it formally and it was a VERY BIG PART of my life prior to W30. Giving it up was initially excruciatingly painful. Then it was somewhat sad. Now it is simply not an issue. Since January 3rd, I've had wine on 4 or 5 separate occasions - each time accompanied by a terrible night so, it's not worth it. SO - welcome and enjoy the process @Oaklandish1 It's really very interesting and the results are amazing!
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  6. Oaklandish1

    I’m starting whole 30 tomorrow but...

    Schrodinger’s Cat I love your username! Thanks all, I’m mildly surprised and very glad to see this thing is on and people reply so fast! Fortunately I had done an older anti-inflammation diet 15 years ago, I which I cut out wheat, most grains, sugars, dairy and processed foods, and therefore the plan doesn’t feel as daunting as I thought it would be. Lately I’ve slacked off a bit with more income and time for dining out, and cravings for problem foods have been cropping up more as I get into my 40’s (and a relationship with wine that has gone from healthy to compulsive in recent months). I suppose it’s a combination of age and a growing laziness I can’t explain. So here I am!
  7. Aww! Thank you to Miss Maybelle for being so generous! For now my husband has vetoed any supplements for Spooky, and while she is our cat, she was his cat for the first fourteen years, so I don't press it...but if he changes his mind, or if she shows signs of side effects and I veto his veto, i will let you and Maybelle know. Thank you! That's a scary dream! I like what you said about a second chance. What do you associate the DEA with? Are you an outlaw in some way, and do you need a safe house or safe shelter from something? A place to be understood, or people who understand a different view that you hold? The Jungian author I like - I think I mentioned Toko-pa Turner - talks about the dark visitors in our dreams, and the value in embracing them. Before W30 I observed that my greatest likelihood of having all my best practices fall into place seemed to occur when I was trail running. Even though I started in my 40s, getting that vigorous cardio made everything else tumble easily like dominoes. And I lost weight, too. That was such an empowering time! I ran two half marathons, and felt so good. On my trip I was reflecting on that awesome morning hike I had, and I felt inspired to try running again, very conservatively. Before my joints started acting up, I learned that running uphill is not that much harder than power hiking uphill! One of the films I saw last week was a documentary about BKS Iyengar, and THAT inspired me to set some yoga goals for this year, mostly inversions that I haven't attempted since I was a kid. So we'll see what I can make happen. Because of the knees I'll have to be very conservative with the running...I'll start with a good week or two of hiking, then each week add a little running. And no downhill running, not for a good, long time, which will be hard, because I LOVE to run downhill, it's so much fun. I'm realizing as I write to you, that I haven't tried any running since my W30 life started two years ago, so maybe there's a pleasant surprise waiting for me. What did you make for dinner?
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  9. SchrodingersCat

    I’m starting whole 30 tomorrow but...

    ^^^ All of this! I ended my first round with a social event, very similar to yours - I reintroed alcohol that weekend - took my own food for the BBQ and had apple ciders (I figured wine had sulfites and beer had gluten and vodka generally has corn, so apple cider was at least straight forward).
  10. I searched the forum and found this about yeast extract so I am taking it as not compliant..."There is some controversy about whether yeast extract is a "natural" form of MSG or not. MSG is one of the big things we recommend avoiding. I don't know which way to go on the controversy, but would avoid products containing it just to be safe."
  11. Lindseydalton

    I’m starting whole 30 tomorrow but...

    It is so hard to predict how you are going to feel at the end of your 30 days. You may feel so good that you don't want to touch a drop of alcohol and that's totally ok. Just because you have consumed alcohol at this event every other year doesn't mean you have to this time. I remember going out to eat after a round and I ordered sparkling water with limes. Usually I would have ordered wine. I just didn't want it. You could also choose to reintroduce alcohol first. So day 1 of reintroduction, do alcohol. Then continue with reintroduction as outlined. You could look up Whole30 mocktail recipes to have at the event too. That could be really fun! I hope this helps!
  12. Lindseydalton

    Stomach Pain - Day 3

    Hi Sam, It could be possible that your body is just adjusting to the new way of eating. What was your diet like prior to this round? You went 7 hours between meals 1 and 2. I know if I go a long time between eating, after my meal I get a terrible stomach ache! I have no idea why it happens but it does. Maybe try to only go 5 hours max between meals. It doesn't look to me, based on your 2 meals here, that you're eating too much fat. Hope you feel better soon!
  13. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    Thank you @Si-Ya! I'll look into that oil, I've never heard of it! love celeriac, it makes the BEST chips. It's like a parsnip and a celery had a delicious baby. It's also great roasted, and I've seen a recommendation to slice it think, fry til soft and use it as a vehicle for taco or fajita ingredients! I'm having such amazing NSVs this round, body shape wise - I'm loving it! Other body checks - My sinuses are clear and I've lost the feeling there is something caught at the back of my throat. Sorry for the gross, but the feeling that I had something trapped and had to do that disgusting hawk thing got so bad at one stage I went to a ENT doctor and got a camera put up my nose - it was inflammation. It's GONE! It went away during R1, too but I didn't notice until it was back. Same with my oral allergy symptoms - didn't notice them leave, very much noticed them return. Vertigo is still there but not as pervasive. Being day 10, I'm hoping to be on the tail end. I'm sleeping pretty well (last night's sleep disturbance was solely due to me being really muscle sore from the huge gardening I did on the weekend). Day 10: Meal 1: 2 poached eggs, hot smoked salmon, spicy kraut. Meal 2: tuna veggie bake with shredded slaw, flaked almonds and The Ferm Kimchi Sauce - just bought it this morning and I'm excited! Meal 3: Snapper with lemon and dill ghee, seasoned potato wedges, sauteed asparagus, green beans and carrots and a baby spinach and pine nut salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing. Apparently today is fish day!
  14. Lindseydalton

    Columbus Whole30ers?

    I am!! We live in Powell I am always on the lookout for new, healthy restaurants to try!
  15. SchrodingersCat

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Just checking in, I really hope you're ok. *sending good vibes*
  16. Dextrose is sugar, so that one is out.
  17. I found a commercial broth, Campbells, that has only one ingredient that might be suspect. It says "chicken flavor". Compliant or no? And I find a College Inn one that has "yeast extract" in it and says "no msg added*" - and the asterisk says "a small amount of glutamate occurs naturally in yeast extract". Compliant or no? And then one more that's clean except for "dextrose". What is that? it sounds sugary... There are some recipes I'd like to make before I'll have a chance to roast a chicken, make broth.
  18. ShannonM816

    Protien Shakes and smoothies

    We would encourage you to skip the smoothies and shakes, there's explanation about why in the Can I Have list if you scroll down to Smoothies: It can be difficult to find compliant protein powders, if those are what you usually use. It's possible, there are a few, but you're probably not going to walk into most stores and just find them. Many of them contain sweeteners of some sort, and often soy or pea protein or dairy of some kind, none of which work on whole30.
  19. My journey will end the second day of a annual 4-day event (sort of a family reunion of about 600 people, with a pool party, and DJ’s playing around the clock). I will have access to a kitchen. I’m picky and usually bring all my own food anyway so I’m not terribly worried about having control over what I eat. Mostly I imagine it will be hard not to drink all the things. Unfortunately if I don’t start my Whole 30 now, I completely lose any adequate window of time without travel or events, until the fall! I can’t wait that long to start feeling healthy. I guess I’m curious if anyone else has had this situation (a vacation right at the end of their 30 days) and how you handled it.
  20. samanthajfont

    Stomach Pain - Day 3

    Hello, First time posting here. I attempted a Whole30 in May 2016 but ended up cutting it a few days short because I was experiencing weird stomach pains. I am on Day 3 of my second Whole30 and starting to feel the pains again. They are not gas pains, and it's not bloating. The only thing that I can liken it to is that weird feeling when you are waterlogged after being in the pool all day (I am not sure if anyone can even relate to that). Kind of feels like I have a pit in my stomach, but I'm not nauseous at all. Meals today: M1 @ 6 AM: Made a breakfast bowl with sweet potato (roasted in avocado oil), zucchini, compliant chicken sausage, some berries, almond butter and coconut flakes <- I had a little bit of the sweet potato/zuchinni/sausage mix yesterday for lunch and was fine. M2 @ 1 PM: ground chicken (flavored with salt, pepper and coconut aminos), green beans and half an avocado. Had the ground chicken and green beans last night for dinner and was fine. Drinks: Tons of water and some coffee flavored with nutpods (I drink coffee with nutpods daily) I felt great after breakfast. The weird pain set in again at around 3:30 and it is bringing me back to what I felt during my first round. Any ideas on what it could be? I eat avocados, nuts and nut butters pretty frequently anyway but maybe I'm eating TOO much fat? FYI I have major issues with joint pain and constipation which I believe are being caused by chronic inflammation. Would greatly appreciate any insight here! Really looking forward to having a good Whole30 and figured I would ask for help rather than struggle alone -Sam
  21. MissWendy

    Don't over think this.

    Thank you and "I think I love you". I read the 7 day guide. Thought my head would explode. I don't cook anywhere near as much as that! And - I wanted to start right away. And then I read this quote. Said to myself, "Self, hit the points and if it's boring, it's boring. It's not like you were some Foodie to begin with!" So I'm hitting the protein, veg & 1 added fat per meal. If that means it's an Apple holding up my "added fat" in the form of some Almond Butter at lunch, well an Apple it is. And I just got my "Whole 30 Fast & Easy" - that will help. Pictures! And a lot of the recipes sound very tasty. So maybe I'll try to start actually cooking (meaning more than 3 ingredients at a time, even some spices!!!) a couple of times a week. I think rather than look for lots of interest in my food, the key for me will be to keep busy. Idle hands for me are what reach for unfortunate foods. And I already know that I have an epic strength Sugar Dragon. So the bananas are going to have to be purchased one at a time (the slightly brown loners are cheaper anyway), and a "serving" will have to be half a banana at a time!
  22. It’s mostly around my t zone. Forehead and inner cheeks by my nose but not on my nose
  23. Ha! At least you were on a path! A couple of nights ago I woke my poor husband up twice calling for help. I was running from a DEA agent that was trying to kill me . His gun misfired and gave me a chance to run. Maybe there's actually a good message there- a second chance. It's true, the self care and movement parts are harder than the food part. I tried to not let it go at the end of our last W30 but, over time, it kinda just fizzled out- got squeezed out by other STUFF, I guess. The walking challenge has helped me focus on movement again and my ring is definitely a motivator but now that we're down to the last week of the challenge the software is all messed up and not recording our steps. Hopefully they'll get it straightened out soon. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It made me tear up and "losing-her-in-layers" is especially heart-breaking. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner but I have a lot of kitty probiotics; the smallest size was 50. Maybelle (named after Mother Maybelle Carter) would be happy to share with Spooky if you think it's not too late.
  24. Are any allowed? I'm in gym 5 days a week.
  25. PS My massage trade partner forgot our appointment, so I found some free time! I was reviewing my dream log and while traveling I dreamed that I was on a path, avoiding snakes and crocodiles. But I wrote "avoiding snacks..." LOL dangerous snacks!
  26. Jihanna

    Chicken noodle soup

    I would make the soup (with coconut oil since we don't use ghee here) base on its own, and cook noodles for the family separately (if they're not willing to try mine)... and spiralize some daikon radish for myself, because it works extremely well in soups. That said, also keep in mind that just because it's a family favorite doesn't mean that it can't be left out of the meal plan for the length of your Whole30 experiment. My family used to LOVE thick southwestern chili, but they were fine with me putting beans in the garage to wait until I was ready to cook them again... and my husband is perfectly capable of making himself something totally different if my choice for dinner doesn't appeal to him. So, just a thought that might help to clarify how much you should feel obliged to do (If it's your kids that cry out for the soup, maybe try adjusting the broth and instead of any noodles at all see if they'd enjoy riced cauliflower instead... chicken and rice was always my favorite growing up!)
  27. Maybe try limiting your cruciferous veggies (broc, cauli, brussel sprouts) and see if that helps. It may be a limitation issue on brassica.
  28. No, unfortunately because it's still made with grain.
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