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  2. Wow, all those krauts sound so impressive! Curried cauliflower, mmm. Curry is just what I'm craving now. We went up to the park for some day hiking on Saturday and caught some dinner afterwards and the soup was another lentil soup, this one with coconut curry. The curry was subtle but really nice with the all indications are pointing to curry right now, and I can't wait to get cooking (hello Wednesday, I'll be ready). I really like marjoram, too! The other herb I'm liking in recent years that is kind of new for me is tarragon. Do you use that much? It has a bright, mild sweetness to it. I like to use it in MJ's shrimp patties recipe, along with the dried chives. That's on the menu soon, too. I am not familiar with Rancho Gordo, but I will look out for it. I like your approach a lot, adding lots of veg to the bean soup, and a little meat, too...what kind of beans did you use in your soup? I'm going to have to take another stab at making sauerkraut soon! I tried it once and it was just meh. I think it didn't ferment enough, does that sound right? Now, I love to prep and chop plant matter, but I've noticed that cabbage brings out a little OCD in me. For my coleslaw I've been using store bought pre-chopped/sliced cabbage...can I use that stuff for sauerkraut? Is this a disgrace? Do you chop it or slice it? How thick or thin? Does it really matter? So many questions. Mysterious ferments... Are you making Nom Nom's instapot cream of mushroom soup? I have yet to make her magic mushroom powder....maybe next time I'm in a civilized urban area I'll go to Whole Paycheck and buy some LOL I don't have an Instapot, but that soup sounds really good, so I'm going to make my own version of that soon! Yum. So savory. Did you get an Instapot? I remember at one point you decided against it. If you have a non-Instapot shroom soup from Nom Nom, please share. (drool) Yay for getting motivated to clean up one's act! Me, too! I'm in solidarity with you. When I went in to clean the store yesterday I promised myself solemnly "no treats, not even an Rx Bar" and I prevailed! My tummy is wobbling again today pretty seriously (even with no eggs, no coffee...and what a waste of all that beautiful compliant cooking)...A nurse friend suggested today that I eliminate my supplements that have magnesium, so we'll see. Do you make your own ghee? I got our local grocer to carry it, so now I always buy it there to support her! Tonight's dinner was a tri-tip roast from Costco with a delicious non-compliant marinade...but it inspired me to get a plain tri-tip and give it a go - believe it or not, I've never cooked a tri tip before. I liked it, and it will make amazing leftovers for my salads. Next up lentil soup recipe hunting online, then bed. Good night!
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  4. WholeChelle

    Did I screw up??

    Thank you. I was honestly crushed to make this mistake so far in. I had planned to stick to Whole30 in a majority of ways even after the 30 days was over but with small allowances on occasion. I will still consider this a success because I've changed my outlook on food and I'm not willing to go back to any of the really bad foods I was eating before, and perfection for 29 days has to count for something! I may just start over, but maybe not right now. It's just so hurtful to feel the pride I had felt just a few hours ago now completely sucked out of me. On Day 29! Ugh...
  5. ShannonM816

    Did I screw up??

    You should be proud of yourself, you've done so well! 29 days of healthy meals is a great thing! And you know that it's been good for you, because you've seen results. Ultimately, it's up to you whether to restart or not. (Here's the article that explains the reasons for starting over if you need it: Unfortunately your body doesn't know the difference between something you ate accidentally versus something you ate on purpose, it reacts the same either way. And none of us can really say how much difference one more day of whole30 eating could make. Whatever you do, don't throw away the last month of healthy habits over this. Go back to whole30 eating while you sort out how you want to proceed.
  6. ShannonM816

    Intro & Figuring out when to start

    Hi, Nancy! It sounds like you've got a lot going on that you need to work around. I'm not sure I'd try to start in November or December if I had that much on my plate, but of course if you want to and feel prepared, go for it. Thanksgiving is not too bad to modify recipes for to fit into Whole30 eating, though you would need to avoid stuffing, pies, rolls, and wine for sure. But you can make whole30 compliant turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, and salad, if you do choose to start in November. The idea of trying recipes and doing a pantry clean out and starting in January is really not bad. Maybe pick one or two things you know will be a challenge for you and start doing them now, like if you sweeten your coffee wean yourself off of it, or start incorporating vegetables at breakfast. As far as your allergies, eggs are probably the biggest issue of those listed, because they are a cheap, easy protein that many depend on, and they're used to make mayo which is one of the most popular fat sources people use, but lots of people do whole30 without them. Almonds, almond butter, and almond milk are called for in a lot of recipes, but feel free to sub versions made from other nuts and seeds, or from coconut. Fruit is not really necessary for whole30, if you do want some, just pick ones that you can have. And kidney beans aren't allowed anyway (no legumes), so that one definitely won't be a problem.
  7. WholeChelle

    Did I screw up??

    This is Day 29 of my first Whole 30. I have been perfect from start until, well now. Every piece of food I have put in my mouth has been homemade with all natural, compliant ingredients. I haven't had so much as a black coffee from anywhere other than my kitchen. Clothes are looser and I feel great! Tonight, I completely spaced out. I was hungry and there was a bottle of dry roasted peanuts on the table. I somehow completely forgot I couldn't have peanuts (I know that sounds crazy). I even checked the ingredients to make sure there was no sugar or oils I couldn't have. The ingredients were peanuts and salt. I took a handful and ate them. Then my friend said to me "I thought you couldn't have peanuts?" I honestly don't know how I made such a dumb mistake. This is Day 29. I know there is an article that says that any slip requires a restart. Do I really have to go back to Day 1? I'm so proud of myself for how well I've done and SO disappointed that I made this ridiculous mistake!
  8. Hope everyone had a wonderful day 1! Sitting here with a cup of chamomile tea, watching the Patriots SPANK the Jets (neither are my team) and getting ready to head to bed. The week back after vacation is always exhausting. Gonna make sure I take extra care of myself this week. G'night everyone!!
  9. SheaRostan

    R1D31!!! I did it! My thoughts on how it went...

    @TrustyMutsi, that's a great goal, listening to your body! It's amazing what we notice when we actually slow down. Congratulations on all of your results, way to go!
  10. SheaRostan

    introducing myself to whole30

    We are here to support you @JUJU1!
  11. thekibblegoddess

    Intro & Figuring out when to start

    Hi! I'm Nancy, I'm going to be 64 in November, and I have several health issues and probable autoimmune issues. Last Thursday my Dr. suggested doing Whole30 as an elimination diet. It's a starting point to figure out why I'm exhausted and in pain. I've ordered the books to be here by the end of this week and I've been reading this website obsessively. I have many thing to plan out before I start like how to adjust my diabetes medication, and how to incorporate my food allergies in the meal plans (oranges, blueberries, cantaloupe, eggs, shrimp, almonds, Kidney beans...), and how to fit in my husband's vegetarianism But the thing that keeps niggling at me is when to start? I could maybe be ready by November 1, but November includes my birthday, trips, and the big one: me being the cook for the family Thanksgiving. I think the fam might be OK with a different menu for the day, but we've had a set menu for 35 years and there was a revolt the last time I changed it. Does anyone start in December? I don't do much gifting at Christmas, but I have always made over 30 dozen cookies for gifting. I'm not wanting to give that up, and pretty sure I won't bake all that w/o tasting. My Husband suggested trying recipes and doing a pantry makeover and starting in January. I would like to start sooner, but I want my first 30 to be successful. I'm a little overwhelmed right now with medical issues and learning a new way of eating. If someone has advice on sorting this out, I would love to hear it. Pic is me baking with my daughter last year.
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  13. I completed the plan 37 days ago, I felt great lost alb and brought my blood pressure down, but I did not re introduce correctly as I went away with friends for 4 days not great. I am going to start aother whole30 tomorrow everything is ready wish me luck.
  14. CarolMarie

    Starting October 28

    Is anyone else starting this day? Would love to have as much support as possible. Thank you.
  15. Same for me. And I agree, nights and weekends are definitely way harder. Welcome Irishboy!! My go-to Whole30 breakfast is 1/2 a sweet potato, 2-3 ounces of steak or ground pork, sauteed kale, 2 eggs over easy and 1/2 andavocado. That keeps me going all day until I can get to lunch. So delicious!!
  16. TrustyMutsi

    R1D31!!! I did it! My thoughts on how it went...

    I'm hoping that after reintroduction I listen to my body better than I did before, and will have more control without the sugar addiction.
  17. Thanks! I got some honey smoked turkey breast without nitrates. I'll try fruit juice tonight.
  18. ElizabethG

    Crash after eating out

    @LMF11, I think everything @ladyshanny says is correct, but I also want to add a thumbs up for your planning ahead. I think you should be proud of yourself for practicing these skills before your work trip. Since this was nothing you did wrong, I would keep it going until you are feeling great again for doing reintro. This probably won't take another 30 days.
  19. Hi! I have started today. Feeling nervous but excited. It is my day off today so I have done a lot of meal prep for the week which should keep me on track! Be great to keep in touch and support one another !
  20. MadyVanilla

    First Journal

    Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted since Tuesday. I've just been plugging along. I was feeling some food boredom toward the end of last week, and ended up eating pistachios several times to keep myself away from carby/snacky stuff. On Saturday, I got a last minute invite to a wine festival, that included a DD. I decided that I would have wine, and use the day as a reintroduction-type of day. Even though I have not officially made 30 straight days (Chinese food fiasco), I feel well enough into this that I'm pretty set in the good habits. Plus, I have an off-plan day scheduled for this Friday, as I'm having a party. I'm figuring at this point that I won't get an actual Whole 30 in until after Christmas. But I'm okay with that. I'll continue to track, continue to eat Whole-30 meals unless I plan an off-day and do a planned reintroduction of some foods that I've actually gone 30-days without. Gluten, soy, and dairy are the ones I'm mainly concerned about, though I'm still not eating eggs. So, I'll continue to count my days for that purpose. As far as the wine, no adverse impact. I didn't even have a headache from it, which is unusual - maybe because everything else is in line? The one issue I did have was that I did not drink nearly as much water as I normally do. But it was a fun day and worth going off-road. I had no issue getting back on plan on Sunday. I still have my chiropractor appointment scheduled for Thursday, but also have an appointment with a knee surgeon tomorrow. Saturday at the wine festival I couldn't walk very far without having to stop and rest. Yesterday, I couldn't even shop around a store without everything tightening up and the limping/pain starting. This is ridiculous. Nothing I'm doing is working. It's really frustrating because my energy level is so high - I want to do so much stuff. But I'm so limited by my knee. Hopefully, tomorrow will provide answers. My mom will be visiting next week, during Halloween! She is diabetic and follows a keto-diet. It will be fun and easy doing Whole 30 while she's here - we will keep each other in check. I'm not exactly sure about the differences between keto and whole 30, except that I think she eats some dairy and just counts the carbs in it. At least she'll keep me away from the Halloween candy. Day 23 Energy - 9, pain -1 right now. As long as I'm sitting, it's all good. B-Homemade chicken salad-mayo (so I'm getting a little egg here), celery, apple, chicken. I used to always buy the rotisserie chickens to make this, but it is really delicious to poach my own chicken and mix it up with homemade mayo and my own seasonings. L-Green goddess chicken salad from Panera, sans bacon D-greek hamburger with arugula grape salad Yoga tonight, I may try to lift a little before class. It depends on how I'm feeling and if there's space available in the gym.
  21. Angelia

    R1D31!!! I did it! My thoughts on how it went...

    Love this!! Isn't it great and greatly freeing to FEEL the difference??!! My day 30 was Sept. 10 and I'm continuing as close to W30 as reasonable for me. (Ex: now I eat ketchup sometimes, breakfast sausage sometimes, I don't order anything with cheese but if cheese comes on it I don't made a big fuss, red wine now and again.) And just now I'm starting to notice my portions have been too big. I'm actually satisfied with about 75 - 80% of the amount of food I've been eating since mid-August. During W30, I made my plate and ate the whole thing regardless. It was A LOT of food! Now I'm actually in touch enough to know I can stop before the plate is empty because I'm satisfied. HUGE STRIDES!! Congratulations! I can see a noticeable difference in both photos!!
  22. Hi @TrustyMutsi! Great job on completing the Whole30 . Try drinking a sugary fruit juice later on today, and then at dinner having some honey on a sweet potato. You can also add honey or maple syrup to some of the fruit you've been consuming during your Whole30! Hope this helps!
  23. And Happy Monday to you! It's good to hear some pep in your step again. You rocked your cook-up! I haven't tried MJ's Sunrise Spice but it looks really good; I sent it to my home email so I won't forget about it. I love that it includes marjoram. I had never used it very much until recently and really like it. I have a couple of other spice/herb blends that I need to replenish so I'll add that one to the list and do them all at once as part of my reorganizing effort. I didn't work on my pantry or spices this weekend but I had a good cook-up and, I guess you could call it, a ferment-up. The pastrami came out great! I'm so excited about it AND bonus points for getting my husband to eat sauerkraut and he decided it was delicious! Unfortunately I'm almost out of it and it takes three months so I got a 1/2 gallon jar of plain kraut going, another one of hot & smokey using smoked salt and a couple of hot peppers to jazz it up, another one of curried cauliflower and I still have two more to put together: one is an Indian-spiced kraut and the other is red kraut with ginger. The smoked version and the red one are both experiments with new flavors so we'll see how they turn out. Soup! 'tis the season, right? I just saw NomNom's mushroom soup and I think I'm going to make some. I made it once before and it was deliciously creamy and mushroom-y. I love lentil soup; it's one of the soups my mom always had on the menu at her restaurant and it's super easy but I haven't had any in years. Yesterday I made a big pot of bean soup with Rancho Gordo's Christmas lima beans. Are you familiar with Rancho Gordo? They're bringing back lots of heirloom varieties and are pretty amazing. Anyway, I want to incorporate some beans from time to time but wanted to dilute them out with lots of vegetables and some meat so I used chicken stock as the liquid, lots of onion, garlic and poblano pepper strips (still trying to use the last of them from the garden) then added a bunch of chopped kale, a little bit of carrot and some smoked sausage and diced chicken breast, thyme, marjoram and a little rosemary. So good! Your off road breakfast sounds seriously delicious. We wound up eating late (compliant) breakfast Saturday and Sunday so then we didn't eat lunch until mid-afternoon and weren't hungry for dinner. Once again, snacks instead of dinner. Saturday was popcorn again. I guess I need to buy much smaller amounts so I have some portion control but right now I'm out of ghee so that's my portion control for the moment. Last night was a bit better and we had a small serving of bean soup. I got a hash made for my breakfasts this week so I'm in good shape there. I'm going to focus on template this week so my bike will stop wobblingso much. No more boiled peanuts in the house either. My husband turned me on to those years ago. In Florida, they sell them on the side of the road so I'd put a towel in my lap (they're drippy) and peel peanuts for us while he drove. People say they're a lot like grits and if you didn't grow up eating them, they're an acquired taste. They're soft and squishy and peanut-y and yummy but they take forever to cook if you do it yourself. I remember Boston Baked Beans! Those were a favorite of mine, too. The guys I mentioned that were doing their first W30 are starting a second round today. They liked it so much that they kept eating W30 but added in a few non-complaint things. Now they decided they want to keep reaping the benefits so they're re-starting. Talking to them yesterday afternoon got me motivated to clean up my act so here we go!
  24. ElizabethG

    Starting October 1

    @ronaldbellantone, I imagine it can be tough to see all the positives of this experience when you're not seeing what you want. However, my motto is "be kind", and remember that every body changes differently, and in different times. I know lots of people talk about find this magical great sleep, but I've never found it either in any of my 2 previous W30s. My skin never clears up either. BUT, over time I have learned a lot of other things about my relationship with food, and I hope you can take some time to reflect on all of those things.
  25. Congrats! I completely relate to the food-with-no-brakes comment. Beware, bad habits sort of want to creep back in - each day is a little victory in itself! Also. I notice a difference in the sideways picture. Your belly looks different, it's not the same curve. Slightly flatter, not as round. Not a huge difference indeed, but there it is - those 10lbs have to show somewhere!
  26. started today, being a long time since i tried, so lets see where this goes, 2nd meal in and feel good, just over lunch , but the dreaded evenings and weekends are the real testers. also struggling to make breakfast interesting. good luck anyone starting.
  27. So, I made it and I'm very proud of myself. Here are some quick thoughts on how it went. I will probably come back to update as I remember more things about my first round. I only had a couple days of high energy. That is probably because I still have VERY bad sleep, exercise, and water drinking habits. Towards the second half of W30 I felt like I needed to focus my willpower on JUST W30 and not exercise, or I'd snap and quit. My head has felt much clearer, like I've been in a fog before W30. When I was on a good sleep schedule, I slept MUCH sounder. I didn't stick to eating only 2 servings of fruit a day. My average was about 3. And I still had snacks once in a while. COMPLIANT snacks, mind you So maybe on a future round that's something else I can tighten up. I am not the ravenous food addict I was. I no longer feverishly go through the cupboards at 11pm, eat a bowl of potato chips, go right back to the cupboard just as ravenous as before, rinse and repeat, going to bed still feeling "hungry". Food with no brakes is a real thing. I think that what I THOUGHT was hunger was a junk food addiction, boredom, being tired, and my body being starved of good nutrients. About 10 days or so after starting W30, I would open the cupboard around 11pm, look at what's inside, and think "Eh, I'm not really hungry". I'm able to say no to bad foods in situations I never thought I'd be able to. I've been to a buffet, food at work, parties, and I've stayed strong every time. I hope this carries over into my post W30 days. NO migraines/headaches! My second day of W30 I had one of the worst ones ever, but since then I had ONE day of a very mild one, but that's it. Before W30 I would get debilitating migraine/headaches 2-3 times a month. I've had 8-9 dreams about messing up my W30 and having to start over. Hopefully these will stop now I'm glad none of them came true! I've lost 9.8 lbs!!! I've attached before/after pics. I don't really see a difference, but maybe others can.
  28. This morning I had my first added sugar. I just added white sugar to my decaf coffee and compliant almond milk. I wasn't DYING to have it, and I was still disappointed. I actually tasted kind of acidic, and about 5 minutes later I threw up in my mouth a little, and now I feel a little nauseous. Does anyone have any suggestions of anything else I can eat today for added sugar besides just adding it to coffee? Maybe nitrate free lunchmeat that has sugar? Maybe a soda that uses sugar and not corn syrup? Any suggestions are highly appreciated!
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