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  2. hahaha, not glad to hear someone else is having this issue, but glad to know I'm not alone!! I've always loved a good nap on the weekends, but now I can barely drag myself through the day without one and forget about workdays!
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  4. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    I haven’t checked back in a few days so I’m not going to bother listing all my foods like I usually do. I’m on Day 20 & have been facing the biggest challenges yet for this round. I’ve been able to avoid going out to eat for a while, but this weekend was FULL of going out. I ate before meeting friends for one of the meals, but I couldn’t avoid it all. I ended up getting baked (unbreaded) chicken wings with an old bay rub for Dinner on Saturday, pork tacos that I just ate the insides and left the tortillas at brunch, a chicken taco in a lettuce shell for lunch, and a Salmon salad with berries for dinner yesterday. It was not easy to say no to my favorite restaurants/dishes, especially when everyone was celebrating for a friend’s birthday and drinks and desserts were everywhere. Overall I feel pretty good. I’m proud of myself for getting through the weekend, despite a lot of “I’m so over this!” complaints.
  5. Hello Whole30 Forum folks! I am a 51 year old high school science teacher. I've battled with my weight ever since our first child was born in 1995; gaining and losing probably hundreds of pounds over the years. I've been to a functional medicine doctor who has taught me how to choose anti-inflammatory foods (I've been low-gluten for about three years) to fight weight gain, bloat, brain fog, and fatigue. I'm starting Whole30 to jump start a re-commitment to eating and drinking healthfully again. Being a teacher with lots of extra stress all of a sudden (ill family members, potential job change, etc.) caused me to fall back into my deep-seated habit of using comfort food and wine to calm my nerves. This has led to a 20 pound weight gain in the past 6 months, dramatic increase in fatigue and brain fog, swelling of my ankles and hands, and a bad cycle of using Diet Coke to keep my awake on my long commute home every day. I'd like to connect with others who are starting the Whole30 program around this time to ask about symptoms, struggles, and ideas for meals. I need structure when it comes to food and drink! I'd also like to finally address why I depend on food and wine so much for comfort. Here's to a great 30 days of healthful choices!!!!!
  6. Kwillertz

    Starting Jan. 20 with Anxiety/Depression

    Hello Maria! I have struggled with depression in the past (I was on six different meds at the same time about five years ago) and I commend you for starting this program! I went to a functional medicine doctor to help me get control of my eating/depression and it helped so much! I do not take any medication right now and have found ways to deal with my depression triggers. Some ways are spiritual (I am a Christian) and some are dietary. I'm starting Whole30 to get back in the driver's seat with my diet. I've gained about 20 pounds just in the last six months and I can't let this get out of control again. Give me a shout if you need words of encouragement or want to vent with someone who understands how overpowering it can be to be under the cloud of depression. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!
  7. Dana Olson

    PDF Downloads

    Thank you! I found them. I’m new to using Audible, very helpful assistance. TY
  8. BabyBear

    Like an Onion

    Do not loose heart. Every layer we peel back gives us deeper insight into ourselves, our healing, and our journey. There are many physical reasons for the reset taking 30 days, but there are psychological and emotional reasons too. I think one of those is retraining our brain and deepen our decision making process when faced with all the things. Your one decision in one moment does not negate all the hard work you have done up to that moment. That one decision does not define you, you have a lifetime of decisions a head and as many day 1s as you may need to find that place of balance and freedom where what you choose in that moment embodies all that you want in the moment!
  9. I love mead. I used to get it at an Ethiopian restaurant in San Francisco, the same one where I once saw Isabella Rossellini! I'm not star struck, really, but that was memorable. Hey, I love the name Fermentopia, that is a great one. Awesome to have such an interesting opportunity to move forward with that, if you choose to. More will be revealed, right? A wide new world, if you choose to build a presence on IG. It sounds like it's been a labyrinth so far, and I'll be interested to follow you if you proceed in that direction. I think my mate is more disappointed than I am about postponing our big hike, as it's his bucket list thing, and I have enthusiastically agreed to go with him after years of saying, "nah...this is your thing". I think we're both over the disappointment now, and to your question, YES, we are planning a less strenuous hike along the same trail, but just a day or two in, day hiking from one camp, and spending two nights. My knee is feeling much better, and I am really on my game with self care, and feeling a renewal. So we are on the same page with a focus on strength and weight loss...I was thinking about Food Freedom, and the changed mind-set on so many levels with W30. I think this will be a year for me to use the scale with moderation, towards my goals, and will watch out for any mental/psychological pitfalls the same way I watch out for the sugar dragon when I off-road. I still haven't used the scale, but am doing lots of other things, and the two days off really made a big difference! I love the term strong and bendy! I have always been bendy, but seldom been strong, seldom been as slim as feels best for me, and always known I am capable of expanding that. What you described as a tall order, maybe it is, but I know we are capable of it! Like you, the knee thing is more of an inconvenience than a disability, and I echo your feelings of gratitude, and made it a big part of my journal writing yesterday. My friend would say these things are impeccable allies. I heard that knee pain like a trumpeting clarion call to action, and I have answered it! I am celebrating that you are feeling slimmer, stronger, AND seeing the scale go down! That is so telling, because doesn't muscle mass weigh more in its you are really getting somewhere with your efforts, Holly! I am happy for you! Keep it up, I'm with you! Over the two days I did a bit of re-organizing and re-arranging in our dining room/my office, and I figured out a way to set up a good light at our table for my writing. So I still dream journal from bed (or the new orange wing back by the tub!) while it's fresh, but I finally have an easy and comfortable set up for journaling, and I spent a good couple of hours yesterday reviewing all that I learned last year, and it's quite a list! I might review here when I have more time, but I have to fly soon, to senior movie day and then work. I made a gigantic batch of that Italian Vegetable Soup, and added black beans, lentils, and yellow and green split peas since I didn't have any already-cooked chicken, and a new Italian spice blend that I like, so I feel very secure, and everything I need to make the lemongrass chicken, and the Tuscan creamy chicken is in the cue. (queue?)...and the house is in good shape, not including outdoors, of course... Poop, there's more but I have to go. Merry Monday! Hope you are feeling good and that your house is resounding with the good vibes of friends over.
  10. SugarcubeOD

    Nutpod "Natural Flavor"

    Natural and artificial flavors are okay on Whole30. If you are not comfortable eating these additives, then you don't have to but for the purposes of the program, they're fine.
  11. pd1224

    Nutpod "Natural Flavor"

    Hi - I am new to whole30. The forum has helped me so much to get started. However, I LOEV sugar, but can't have sugar anymore. However, can I have NATURAL FLAVORS in my ingredients? For example, the Nutpod Hazelnut creamer states "Natural Flavor" is that approved? The website states whole30 approved, but really?
  12. CrazierCatLady

    Day 19; No Energy - Where's the Tiger Blood?!

    I'm sorry, but I have no good advice for you but I just wanted to say that I am in EXACTLY the same boat. This is the fifth or sixth time I have done Whole 30 - always with good results and I always finished it and stayed on it the whole time. And I remember feeling better by this time all the other rounds. I can barely ride my bike up the hill to work (it's a 5 minute ride that I do every day for years) and I hit the wall after running - for THREE minutes. I'm on Day 17, but I feel your pain. All my vegetables are from my garden. All my meat is from the local awesome butcher. I'm eating (good) fats. Agh! Excuse me, it's time for my mid-morning nap.
  13. Maria45

    Mentally blah/ depressed

    Hello. Are you feeling VERY depressed? If so, you need to contact a doctor or professional. Don't wait when it comes to mental illness if you are truly depressed. Now, if you are just using the term but are not "clinically depressed," then I agree that a podcast could be a good thing to do to keep you busy and interested! Good luck to you!!
  14. kirbz

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    This has honestly been a difficult Whole30 for me. Not because it's been that hard. But because it hasn't made me feel very good. So, while I feel like I'm doing it in a sustainable way, I'm not feeling good enough to want to eat this way for the long term. I have very, very low energy. Like, I could sleep 14 hours a day. My knees hurt often and badly. And I'm coming down with a cold (I made it through the entire year last year without getting a cold or flu). I know I sometimes don't eat enough. But no more so than in the past. I can't think of anything at all that I'm doing differently. I guess I'll try to increase and vary my fat intake. I rely a lot on ghee and oils, so I'll try to throw in more olives and avocado. I also think I'm going to switch to table salt with iodine. I've been relaying solely on sea salts that I don't think have any iodine. Maybe that will make a difference? And I'll add more vegetables. I've been relying a lot on potatoes. I hope some of these things help. Regardless, I think I'm going to try another one-month experiment where I simply eat whole foods and no sugar and see where that takes me. I've never tried that before. I'm either Whole30 or eating Lucky Charms and Mac N Cheese. I've never tried just eating good, whole foods that don't align with a specific dietary approach. So I'll eat rice and legumes and oatmeal because I don't think those are inherently bad for me. And I'll continue to eat lots and lots of vegetables and meat with at least lunch and dinner. I think I need to expand the scope of my food experimentation to really find something ideal for me for the long term.
  15. Hello. I am starting the Whole30 today (Monday, January 20) after weeks of planning. I decided to go on the Whole30 because I am very overweight. I'd like to blame my depression and anxiety medications for the weight gain, but it's more than that. After reading many stories from others, I'm thinking that getting more in-control of my life AND getting healthier will help with my depression and anxiety. I do believe strongly in inflammatory conditions causing many of our issues and I think that depression/anxiety are only made worse by bad diet and inflammation. I hope that I can do this and maybe even lower my meds (after the program and, of course, with a doctor's recommendation). Anyone starting today and/or doing the program with anxiety/depression?
  16. BabyBear

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    @Ann I’m so glad you are pushing through all the stress and pain and holding fast to your whole 30! If jumping on the scale is the worst you did then I applaud you. The past few weeks have been eye opening in regards to how much that number affects my perception of me. I tried my theory about starting a new thread to post pics... didn’t work apparently our accounts are limited to a certain amount of space for digital media. I’ve been bummed out about this because I really enjoyed posting pics and felt it gave me that much more accountability. So I’m going to start posting my pics to my Instagram account that I set up just for my journey to health and I’ll post links to that. Just because you are having cravings doesn’t make you a lush! It makes you normal, and facing them makes you Wonder Woman.
  17. I'm on Day 19, I have been 100% compliant and I am frustrated because I have low low energy levels. I am sleeping 8 hours a night, but I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. After 1 cup of coffee, I'm okay, but by 3:00pm I am ready for a nap. All I can think of is that I'm not consuming enough is an average day; M1; 1 cup of coffee with nutpods. 8oz mason jar filled with sweet potato, ground turkey & leeks, 1.5 egg, and mushrooms + 1 cup of fresh berries M2; salad - 5 cups of kale, 1/2 cup tomatoes, 1/2 cup cucumbers, 1/2 cup banana peppers, 1/4 cup olives, 1/2 cup grilled chicken and compliant dressing. M3; palm sized grilled fresh wild salmon, broccoli/apple/walnut salad with pesto, roasted brussel sprouts I drink 80 - 100oz of water daily, I usually ride my Peloton bike 4-5 days a week; 30mins of riding and 10mins of weight training. My athletic performance has been dismal along with my energy levels. I've tried adding a compliant RX bar to M2, but it didn't seem to help at all with energy levels. Please help!!
  18. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    So. I could say, "It felt good to just let go and not worry about it." But that's not true. I think I actually feel really, a lot better, with guidelines. When the whole world is opened up to me again, I make pretty dumb decisions.
  19. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    Well, I stuck with this through Day 8 this time. That's pretty impressive to me, which is what matters. Yesterday we had an impromptu get-together with my family, which involved going to a Mexican restaurant in this cute little town out in the middle of nowhere, where my sister lives. I think it might be the only restaurant there. Seriously. When I was looking at the map of the last 26 miles to get there, suddenly my anxiety/IBS flared up, and I was pretty sure I was going to have to make a pit-stop in the country in broad daylight. I even prepared my kids, like, hey guys, here's what's about to happen. I've never had to do that before. I made it through with my fast-acting anxiety med, another Imodium, and some deep breathing. But, probably needless to say ~ by the time I got there, I was ready to drink a glass of wine and eat whatever the #$%! I wanted. There. There's a great big, huge layer. I am extremely frustrated with my anxiety/IBS symptoms. I've consciously worked at it for the past 19 years. And here I am.
  20. Aelfric

    Ælfric’s W30 №2 (Jan 2020)

    Monday 20/1/20 (Day 6). M1: Smashed eggs (not as scrambled as scrambled eggs, but not intact either—crack the eggs into the pan, and gently stir them every once in a while). M2: Apricots (tinned). M3: Banana berry and egg smoothie (post workout). M4: Chicken and vegetable curry. Drinks: Green tea, mint tea, liquorice tea, lemon water. Exercise: Weights. This was the workout I should have done yesterday. Zercher squat: 1 × 20 × 55 kg (121¼ lbs). Bent over row: 1 × 15 × 33¾ kg (74⅜ lbs). Dips: 3 × 5 × 88½ kg (195 lbs) [that’s me plus my clothing] + 2 × 4 × 88½ kg + 1 × 2 × 88½ kg. The plan is for 5 x 5, but I’m not quite there yet (but losing some weight certainly helps).
  21. littleyellowdiary

    Hello World - Day 5 of 2nd Whole 30 ✨

    I adore Bengal Spice tea!!
  22. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 19 The drive and energy... lots of energy! 10:30 am check out time so I have to pull myself out from under the covers. Packed up, washed dishes, and heated up some breakfast and headed out the door. It’s not over yet, but I feel like my weekend has gone really well doing Whole 30. I’m so glad I took the time and effort to prepare meals. It really has made all the difference. I’m bored with my food at this point, but that is okay I just have to survive through today. 11:30 M1: 2 mini quiche, avocado mixed with ranch dressing and a clementine. love is holding your hubbys mcdonalds fries and sauce for his nuggets so he can easily access them to eat while driving, while on a whole 30. That is love! 4:00 S1: clementine and pistachios The drive back has been good so far, and pretty weather. During the drive my hubby asked if I had any more pistachios. I also offered him gummies, chocolate, chips or clementine and he chose a clementine. Who is this and what has he done with my husband. Lol so we shared a snack on the road and it made it me smile. 7:00 M2: ranch chicken salad, salad greens, raspberry lemon dressing, broccoli florets, red bell pepper sticks, carrots with ranch. We stopped for gas and I took advantage to dig food out… I was so hungry! I totally expected the Hubby to complain about the smell, because that’s what he does. He didn’t and I find that very sweet of him. It’s little things like that, that I’ve learned to recognize as support and I thank him for it. I am excited for the possibilities this year holds. I am turning 40 and I plan on making it the best decade yet. Maybe I’ll have another baby maybe I won’t, maybe I’ll travel more maybe I won’t but the one thing I know for certain is I’m reclaiming my health! I will be kind to me, I will love me, I will take joy in taking care of me. Phew we made it to the skate session 9 hours back, 2 hours late due to the interstate being shut down. Luckily we caught it and was able to avoid it. The skate session was incredible. My hubby really brought the music tonight. Definitely one of his better DJ sets. That was a hard drive after long hours of vending, but definitely worth it. I skated my booty off and loved every minute of it. 12:00 am M3: Grilled chicken and steamed vegetables So we went to another one of our favorite places that we go to after this set. I ordered with confidence asking a few questions and making some request. The chef did an amazing job and the food was delicious. It wasn’t their house club or the 1/2 rack of ribs I used to order but it was still delicious. 1:30am finally home gonna shower and hit the hey. I survived this weekend whole 30 compliant. I am impressed with me!
  23. W30CoachAmyLouton

    First time Whole 30

    @RBranham92 Welcome! How exciting for you that you're getting ready to start your Whole30 Journey. Believe it when people say it's life changing. There is lots of support on here, as well as answers to many of the questions you may have. If you're on social media, following Whole30 and Whole30recipes are great ways to have inspiration in your feed. There are also lots of Whole30 coaches who put out inspiring content. Let us know how you're doing, and reach out if you have questions or need to connect with supportive people. In case you haven't read it, here's a great article with some tips for Whole30 Success
  24. I am starting g my whole30 journey tomorrow for the first time ever in hope of gaining some control over food cravings, weight loss, and just overall feeling better. I am a new momma to a wonderful 6 month old baby boy that I am breastfeeding and pumping for. My biggest concern is my milk supply. I have been taking a supplement protein powder called milk dust. I have been having major issues with my supply. I am wondering if anyone has used milk dust and if it is whole30 compliant because it usually gives my supply a little boost.
  25. KarenandMike

    Still hanging in there....

    Good job Pep! Yeah I totally miss my beer :::sigh:::: but hanging tough on day 7 with no intention of cheating. The eggs dish above looks really yummy. I applaud you making it work at the Brewpub. Hubby is doing this with me (thank the heavens) so we have decided to just stay in and cook. Best wishes! Karen
  26. KarenandMike

    not sleeping

    Hi all: My husband and I are finishing up day 7. I noticed the same issue of not staying asleep. I have had this periodically in the last 6 months but it's been nearly every day for this first week and melatonin is not working. I do fall asleep pretty easy but don't stay asleep. It's frustrating. The funny thing is that I feel great! Ha! We are eating very similarly to annierl. I rarely get hungry unless I get stuck delaying a meal. Every day it just gets better and better. I mean we miss some things mentally but not physically. We have made some goofs like having banana chips today and then found they aren't allowed but the slip-ups are really quite small. We are making fabulous meals . :) I am worried thought that the lighter sleep may catch up with me. For now - I am not tired so I will just go with it. I added to this thread so that if others have comments - I can see them. Best of luck to all! Karen
  27. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    @BabyBear, you’re SO sweet to check in with me! I’ve been lazy about posting (and reading posts, too), but I’m still on board!! I think when I wasn’t able to upload photos anymore, I sort of lost my “posting” motivation. But I’ve been taking photos and keeping track of what I’m eating. This is a longer post since I’m making up for a few days’ missed time. I did blow it with one rule - I stepped on the scale this morning. I actually went to the garage, dug the ladder out from behind the suitcases, and climbed up to get it. I feel bad that I did it, but fortunately I don’t think it will change anything as far as my Whole30 experience. I’ve lost two pounds since the start. I am incredibly relieved I haven’t gained any weight, which was my main concern. But honestly, I’d take a few extra pounds if it meant less shoulder pain and regular good nights of sleep. Shoulder. I see my PMC doctor tomorrow, and I’m anxious to see what she says. It does seem my shoulder pain has eased up a bit in the last couple days, but that could be related to the high dose of Naproxen my doctor prescribed. Or maybe it’s tiger blood! Sleep. Sleep has been decent, and sometimes great. On Friday night, my sleep score was 89, which is incredible for me. I am typically in the 65-74 range. In addition to the high dose of Naproxen I'm taking, I have trazadone, which I started taking at bedtime when my shoulder started getting really bad. I'm sure that plays into sleeping better. Wine cravings. I wanted wine this weekend more than I have so far on this round. Maybe it was the self-pity about my shoulder stuff. I didn’t do it, though! My daughter decided to take a night off from her Dryuary, which made it even harder. She didn't drink in the house or in front of me, but just knowing that my sister, brother-in-law, best friend and daughter have ALL given in to temptation made it harder for me to stick with it. My next door neighbor is also doing a Dryuary, and he tells me he's been true to it. Geez, it seems like I'm surrounded by a bunch of lushes (myself included)!!! NSV - On Wednesday, a colleague mentioned how bright and fresh my skin seemed. Felt good. Okay, catching up on food log, for whatever it’s worth. Wednesday/Day 15 M1 - scrambled eggs, sautéed zucchini, avocado M2 - Spinach salad with red peppers, onions, pouch of albacore, vinaigrette, apple M3 - Chicken pot pie soup (From 40 Aprons, in the Instant Pot. This was really good! I did have to add quite a bit of salt, though, otherwise it tasted a little too sweet or something, probably from the coconut milk). Made for excellent leftovers. Thursday/Day 16 M1 - Fried eggs, sautéed zucchini, avocado, black coffee M2 - Leftover chicken pot pie soup Snack - Three dates M3 - Applegate turkey lunchmeat, steamed broccoli with ghee, mayo/spicy mustard for dipping Friday/Day 17 M1 - Scrambled eggs and sautéed spinach with Frank’s Red Hot, black coffee M2 - Leftover chicken pot pie soup M3 - Can of chicken mixed with mayo, with cucumber slices (I piled the chicken on the cucumber and at it by hand) Saturday/Day 18: M1 - Egg/bacon/asparagus/sweet potato casserole, half an avocado, black coffee. (Casserole from Paleo Running Momma. I vacuum sealed it in single servings, and have been popping it into simmering water to re-heat, turns out great! Day-old eggs in the microwave always turn out too dry or rubbery for my taste). M2 - Applegate turkey lunchmeat, sliced peppers (I rolled the peppers up in the meat and dipped it in spicy mustard), a handful or two of almonds. M3 - Pork Carnitas with jicama slaw and green chile aioli (from the Cultured Caveman, a local paleo restaurant). AMAZING. I had these during a previous round and forgot how great they are. The tortillas are made with eggs, EVOO, tapioca flour, coconut flour and sea salt. Snack - handful of chopped apple (my son made it for himself and I grabbed a handful) Sunday/Day 19: M1 - Leftover egg/bacon/asparagus casserole, half an avocado, black coffee x2. M2 - I really can’t call this a meal because it wasn’t “proper” and it wasn’t much food. Out running a bunch of errands with my daughter, and she really wanted to stop for a bite to eat. I had really good leftovers from last night, so didn’t want to eat much, so I ordered a simple salad with sliced radishes and sunflower seeds, and put balsamic and olive oil on it. M3 - Leftover pork carnitas tacos (x3)
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