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  2. ShannonM816


    So you're asking more, if you want a banana with your meal, can it be separate on the plate, and does it matter if you eat it after you've eaten everything else? That's okay to do. If you eat your other food, and then decide you're still a little hungry and want some fruit, that is okay. If you find that you feel you must have fruit at the end of your meal, you might try having it at the same time (so, not necessarily mixed in, but on the plate with everything else, and you eat a few bites of protein, a few bites of vegetables, a few bites of fruit, going back and forth between them). But that's really up to you. I hope that answers your question.
  3. My first round's tiger blood (which didn't resemble anything described in the testimonials, but I later figured out that's what it was) didn't happen until days 20 and 24... and I guarantee you it wouldn't have been until later if I hadn't started my monthly cycle on literally day 1, because my entire system was completely thrown off by the dietary changes and the hormonal stuff going on at the same time. Not sure if that's something that could be affecting you as well, but that monthly hormonal swing definitely does have to be considered in my own.
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  5. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    Well, meal 2 may be off the table today - the dentist has numbed my mouth (in fact the entire left hand side of my face, including nostril and lower eye ) I look & feel like I've had some kind of neurological episode In 'good news' this may answer the question as to what I should eat for dinner
  6. Keen On Clean Fuel

    Feel like I'm gaining and not losing weight

    @MELeeDee -- this is very common!! Honestly, more and more frequently I am hearing that many people need more than the 30 days to truly reset. For my own personal journey, I didn't feel 'tiger blood' until after day 23 the very first time. Additionally, if you are finding increased digestive distress/bloating that doesn't truly resolve by the end of your 30 days, you should consider looking into the option that something else may be going on in your digestive track. As a side note: I would recommend a functional medicine/integrative medicine physician at that point as they can truly get to the root cause of what you may have going on and once treated you will be able to notice the real difference in your health! Whole30 is an amazing tool, but if we have underlying conditions going on, we've got to take care of those, too! Hang in there!
  7. People think you're crazy when you say your taste buds change after whole30 -- but it's proving to be very true as I continue to learn how others don't go back to previously "loved" items.
  8. Keen On Clean Fuel

    Whose a fan of canned wild caught sardines?!

    You've made me want to try them - that's for sure
  9. Keen On Clean Fuel


    @sisterannellen - You have some great questions. Another way to think of fruit is to not eat it alone as it will give us a blood sugar spike. With that said, incorporating it with a meal is a great idea if the meal has protein/fats and you could also have fruit as a snack if you have it with some sort of protein or fat as well. With my clients, I usually suggest to have a snack if you are truly hungry in the first week to two weeks. After that, you will have a better balanced blood sugar and should be focusing on those three meals that fit the suggested template. In regards to your question for your protein source, there are many vegetarians who complete this program without meat so if you are going to have eggs at your meal, that would be your protein source. Hope you are feeling strong on your journey so far!
  10. Keen On Clean Fuel

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    @SchrodingersCat- I'm hearing a great reflection of why you think you are feeling this way. I also noticed in your mindfulness you are motivated! Keep up the good work and don't be too hard on yourself. All the best!
  11. ray.berube13

    Ray's W30 Log

    18-June-2019 Today is the beginning of Day 4 for me on the W30 program. Cravings thus far have been for high sugar items and burritos. So far in this journey I said no to the vending machines and cravings and keep powering through. I have decided to take this trip one day, one craving, one change at a time. I feel that if I focus on the the whole 30 days that it begins to get overwhelming. When I awoke on days two and three, it felt like I had been beaten. Getting out of bed I had sore joints and a headache that made me feel miserable all day, but today, day four, I awoke and everything felt amazing. I even decided that sense I wasn't feeling so cruddy that I would start this log. My first non-scale victory this week is waking up well rested, something that hasn't happened in a long time. Today I am going to begin weightlifting and running on the regular. I bought a planner/notebook to keep track of all the advancements that I am making. Tomorrow will be day 5 and I look forward to coming on here and sharing more.
  12. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    1 = eggs & shrooms 2 = chicken salad (toms, onions, olives, cabbage, etc...) 3 = tbc
  13. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    Everything I've eaten so far has been compliant, but I'm having one of those days where mentally I'm feeling like I'm 'failing', which is dub for so many reasons. A. I'm not even on round. B. Everything I've eaten has been compliant anyway. C. I haven't even eaten that much!! In addition to meals 1 and 2, I've also had a handful of almonds and that's it. I know what this is, and its my awful subconscious trying to tell me I may as well just cave and eat something that I'm going to wildly regret. I'm having terrible sugar/junk/take-away cravings. I blame the 3 days in a row of drinking wine - it leaves me feeling blah, and a bit anxious, and I don't sleep well so I crave fast energy out of weariness. I know that by tomorrow it will improve, but that doesn't help right now!!!
  14. Cece J.

    Question for Type 2 Diabetics

    So glad I found this thread. I’m T2 and starting W30 in the recommendation of my boss’s Wife. (They are starting their 3rd round.) My hope is that I can get off meds, and walk away with lasting tools to eat healthy (I want a divorce from sugar).
  15. Cece J.

    Starting Now

    @JulieAW today is my day 1. I know you can do this!
  16. Cece J.

    Today is the day . . .

    @aurers congratulations on taking the brave step at investing in yourself. Today is also my day one and as a T2 over 40, I am really hoping this can create lasting long term ha it’s and food choices that will get me off meds and healthy for a long time.
  17. JulieAW

    Starting Now

    Great for you @BeginnersMind! Proud of you and I appreciate the support! I’m excited to share this journey with you too! How’s it going for you a week in?
  18. sisterannellen


    Thanks Shannon. In regards to the fruit question I think I threw you off there as I'm not looking for dessert but instead asking how to incorporate fruit into the menu. I know snacking in between meals is verboten so if I want to incorporate it into a meal does it have to be eaten at the same time?
  19. I love giant salads, and I find myself craving them more now...I am a HUGE fan of canned wild caught sardines (I am waiting for the next Costco deal that they run on the Season Brand Wild Caught Sardines). Sardines are arguably one of the world's healthiest and nutrient dense food sources. I just love them. Fortunately for me I can get by the smell (although I tend to avoid bringing them to work to spare my co-workers). But several handfuls of salad greens topped with sardines, salt, pepper, balsamic, avocado, and olive oil just hits the spot!!! And it takes under 1 minute to prepare....what REALLY takes it over the top is adding citrus - today I did lemon juice and slices of grapefruit topped with some paprika and cayenne for heat. I know...the flavor combo sounds odd...but don't knock it until you've tried it!!! Comment back here if you're a sardine lover!!! Sardines unite!
  20. Lorna from Canada

    Protein (beef fat)

    Actually, humans are the same. One of the reasons obesity is such a problem is what we store in our adipose tissue. Even years after certain chemicals have been banned, we can see them stored in toxic levels in our adipose tissue.
  21. I haven't had any artificial sweeteners since I started my first round in January. It's the only thing that didn't come back between round 1 and 2 and I have no intention of bringing them back, not for any big reasons, I just feel like they'd taste gross now that I'm not used to them. Oh, and agree with the above - I'm NEVER buying mayonnaise again.
  22. Darn! I don’t know if this thread is reassuring or stressful. Between my days 17-26 (on day 26 now) I feel the same! I just feel like I’ve been gaining weight. Energy not substantially changed, nor much of my life. But maybe that’ll change at the end. Interesting.
  23. One of the many things I learned from my Whole30 experience is just how many food rituals we have that we don't even realize we have. For me, it's camping! Depriving myself of cheese, crackers, salami, and hot chocolate actually affected my camping experience. It just wasn't quite the same. And I didn't even know those things we so linked in my mind until I chose not to have one of them! If nothing else, it's always better to be mindful of the choices we make, and not simply a slave to habits!
  24. I too am feeling the same way. I'm on day 17 and my stomach is bigger than ever. It's not bloating or gas. It's huge. I felt great at the beginning with a little groggyness etc. I too am continuing with this program but it is depressing. Also, my husband is doing it with me eating the same foods (because I cook) and his stomach is flat and he's very happy.
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  26. BeginnersMind

    Starting Now

    @JulieAW Rooting for you! I am on Day6 today, but excited to share this journey with you. Taking the first step is arguably the hardest, here's to healthier living!
  27. Here's to a quiet house and a return to normal routine, for you and your tired Oura ring. When I am as tired as you feel right now, I always notice that even my hair seems tired. Does that happen to you? I read your post this morning before I jetted out to get my sprints and some gardening in before I had to leave the house. I was thinking about the meditation principle, that it's not how long can I hold my focus, but how readily can I re-establish it when it's interrupted. So my hope for you is that you can recover your rhythm and feel that inflammation go back down in just a few days. You've got this, and all that beautiful produce will usher the way. And lucious homegrown tomatoes any day, yum. I'm going to check out that podcast transcript on boundaries, too....I appreciate podcasts in theory, I just have never figured out how to make it work for me to listen to them, not liking to multi-task (or wear ear buds), and all that. Sometimes I try, while working in the kitchen, but again, the multi-tasking, ugh. So a transcript it will have to be! Will you enjoy the show tonight? I can imagine the wisdom of my older sister, saying, "If that is your decision, enjoy it, and don't regret it!" I like your choice to go to work tomorrow morning so you're not obligated to host and make/clean up breakfasts, etc. That is good boundaries, too! And a clean, quiet house to enjoy tomorrow evening. Aaaahhhh. I had a little melt down on Sunday, feeling frustrated and cranky about the pace, and my over commitments, and all of the things I want to do that are sitting on the back burner. Of course I had to realize that I set the pace and the schedule, and I have to look at boundaries, myself, squarely in the mirror. The new house gets really dusty, and the gorgeous wood walls make it hard to see the cobwebs, but see them clearly now, I do, and I've been putting it off ad infinitum. Plus, with Spooky's frequent urination, she is tracking litter ALL over the house, and I can't keep up with it. I'm calling her Sandy Paws. So basically, I'm back at Square One with time management, and learning to say no, so definitely a review of boundaries is in order for me, too....and then on the other side of the housework are even more important things, like writing and reading, and, and, and... Today's triumph was that because I didn't have to leave the house until 1030 I had time to increase the sprints AND garden. I made three laps, with the first one being a warm-up. I spent some quiet, slow time in the California poppies, and snipped some seed pods that look about ready, and picked up a few off the ground that had already shattered, but still had some seeds in them. This made me very happy, then weed pulling and tidying up. All good. I managed to whip up a double batch of shrimp patties last night, so that will be dinner for a couple of nights, and bison is thawing to make Doner kabobs out of WF2. The green bean experiment is going well - I just blanch them to re-heat, and they will soon be gone - no spoilage. Hopefully you are right about the stranger danger - that sounds right on...more will be revealed, right? Happy afternoon off, tomorrow!!
  28. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    No. More. Wine. Had a couple of glasses of red last night because something we'd been waiting for for ages finally came through. Not really a celebration, but an excuse haahaa Fish day! We're having salmon, because salmon. It means I'm having salmon for all 3 meals today and I don't care because salmon! Meal 1: Hot smoked salmon and spicy kraut Meal 2: Salmon patties with spicy mayo and coleslaw with Thai dressing Meal 3: Salmon with asparagus, broccolini, lemon garlic potatoes and kalamata tapenade
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