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    Monday, Dec 9, Day 17: Sleep: 7h 5m + 1h 6m awake=8h 11m in bed M1: hash w ground pork, kohlrabi, mushrooms, poblano pepper, scrambled eggs and fermented radishes M2: buffalo chicken wings, broccoli and cherry tomato salad w ranch M3: pork chop, brussels sprouts sauteed in brown butter ghee Steps: 6,244 and this included 1.5 hrs in a dentist chair but again better than I thought but still trying to take it easy on my foot which is showing some bruising where I did whatever I did to it
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    Hey there! Just to clarify, Real Plans is a Whole30 approved partner but they're not part of the Whole30 company which puts out the cookbooks so it's not likely that Whole30 would provide their recipes from the cookbooks to an external subscription service.
  6. Hi everyone, I wanted to share and get feedback about my Whole30 results, mostly in relation to the scale. I have done a previous strict Whole30 and a not-so-strict Whole30 before. I had lost 20 pounds on the first one and about 10 pounds on the not-so-strict one. This Whole30 I did textbook-strict and I only lost a whomping 2-5 pounds on the scale. I don't remember how much I was exercising the previous ones, but I would say I could have done a lot more exercise this round. I did notice many many non-scale victories however. My clothes are fitting much better, I feel like my jeans waist size has gone down 1-2 waist sizes, I have had zero sugar cravings (I have a bad sweet tooth), my cooking skills are way better and I feel good about the work i'm doing to better myself, and even at the doctor's office my weight was down to a point where my doctor noticed progress so I am not disappointed at all about doing the Whole30 and continuing it. However, I know this is not a good way of thinking, but it feels a little disappointing to do all the work and get on the scale and see a weight that is only 2 pounds less than the weight 30 days before. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? Thank you.
  7. scoakley13

    Whole 30 Journal - Weeks 1 and 2

    I started a Whole30 the Monday before Thanksgiving last year and went all the way through Valentine's Day (my boyfriend's birthday) and it was awesome! I encourage you to go for it!
  8. @Shopgirl54$ You've probably already discovered this answer by now, but weight loss is individualized from person to person
  9. I ALWAYS make the mistake of trying to do too much, even when I say I'm going to keep it simple. I never learn but I keep trying! I already know that's what I'm going to do for the Christmas party (yep, Hoedown friends). The "guidelines" for the party are to bring something festive that you aren't going to get to eat for your holiday dinner but will miss or something new that you would like to try out before serving it for Christmas or whatever strikes your fancy so it's pretty wide open. I'm limiting myself to not duplicating someone else's offering because I don't want to appear judgy; I just want to have some things that I can eat and fly under the radar at the same time. Since sweet potatoes are already on the menu, I was thinking of doing something with regular potatoes but I'm having a hard time finding anything without dairy. I have a really good au gratin recipe and I might make that using good chicken stock and herbs instead of cream ( maybe topped w bacon crumbles?) or I might try hasselback potato and brush them with herb-infused duck/bacon fat. There is a humongous 1930's restored oven that is the coolest oven ever that we'll be able to use. Her name is Stella. I'm also thinking about stuffing 'shrooms with spinach/artichoke dip using cauli mash as the base instead of dairy and I'd like to bring a green vegetable, too since we don't have one yet. I might make the creamed kale (coconut milk version) that I brought for Thanksgiving even though there will be a lot of the same people there. I already have the kale cleaned, cooked and chopped because my husband wanted to bring it for his potluck lunch at work but now he's skipping it. As I type all of this, I realize that I have a plan! Or at least most of one. Cool. I love my hula hoop but it's not weighted; that sounds like even more fun. I'm not very good at it but it's still fun. We have a friend that is really, really good and it's amazing to watch her. I saw mine leaning against the wall a couple of days ago and thought about how perfect it would be for incorporating more movement. I think I could do it even with my sore foot, which is better but I'm trying to be careful. It seems like there's still something funky going on it there but at least I can walk and am not in excruciating pain any more. I managed to get a fair amount done, cookup-wise but need to get lunches for Wednesday and Thursday ready to go since we'll have late nights tomorrow and Wednesday nights. I grabbed the Costco-sized pack of chicken thighs because I was running low so if I get those baked off tonight, that will take care of those lunches. I think I'm going to use my mom's standard seasoning for them: s&p, lots of garlic powder and butter (ghee this time). I even made more ghee last night so we could have buffalo wings for dinner. Pork chops for dinner tonight, steaks tomorrow for my husband's birthday, eating out on Wednesday and chuck roast for the rest of the week, assuming we survive TWO nights out in a row! Dentist appointment this afternoon then tomorrow we finally get to drop off the car to get the deer damage repaired. We weren't going to get a rental but it's going to take 7-10 days for the repairs so we're getting some little front wheel drive something that can deal with the possible snow/ice we're going to get. Busy, busy... Cheers to you as well!
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    hollysmokes log

    Sunday, Dec 8, Day 16: Sleep: 7h 35m + 2h 18m awake = 9h 54m in bed/sofa Crazy night! I managed to really hurt my foot watching TV and when I got up to go to bed, I could barely walk. After a couple of hours lying in bed in pain, I took some ibuprofen and rubbed some anti inflammatory gel on my foot then moved to the sofa so I could elevate it and ice it down. Finally got to sleep and slept really well until 730. Not going to be able to push my steps for a while. Very late M1/M2 AKA brunch: 3 scrambled eggs w broccoli, fermented peppers, cherry tomatoes handful of pecans and a cup of turkey bone broth around 4 M3: buffalo chicken wings w ranch dressing Steps: 4,237 better than I thought I'd be able to do. Foot is still sore but I can walk on it if I don't flex too hard. Just need to keep treating and taking it easy
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  12. Your poor foot! That's such a bummer! Please still be proud of yourself for all the awesome movement you got in. I am proud of you. And that pampered evening is so awesome - I love it! I used to love reading in the bathtub with a candle on each back corner of the tub...and don't tell anyone but it USED to be the only time I allowed myself to enjoy a bit of marijuana. That was enjoyable. Until one time I got so into my book (Cannery Row, I recall), wearing pigtails on each side, I leaned over, and singed my hair, reacted, and promptly singed the other side. I had to cut my hair, and boy did I feel stupid! In the 13 years that have passed, I can count on one hand the number of times I have smoked since then (vaping is out of the I'm just not into it, high enough at my normal). Now that I have a clawfoot tub I have been noodling on how to rig up a good reading light, and you are inspiring me! The whole scene gives me a huge smile, the LeGuin, the salt soak, the kombucha, the kitty by your side. Aaaahhh. And now you know what not to do with your feet...I feel your psychological anguish, and keep visualizing all the tiny bones and connective tissue in the feet. Heal, heal, heal, and patience, friend, it will get better! I can't wait to read the Ballantyne article you sent - no, I am not familiar with her. I am procrastinating going to work to clean the store, but I will read it soon, and I thank you for the other material you pointed me towards on the subject of thyroid and labs. I haven't looked into a local-ish functional medicine practitioner yet, but I would like to do that in order to have greater trust in the way the labs are looked at. Lunch with my friend was lovely. I host so infrequently that I made a newbie mistake of taking on too much cooking before she came over....I used turkey instead of chicken for my beloved apple sausages and they were too lean and not enough apple, and I was disappointed...but we had a good time, and I curbed my motormouth, but still managed to find neurotic self-criticism...she is still gathering information from doctors before she decides on treatment/s. So I will have plenty of practice in holding space, and also in being compassionate with myself, I suppose. As for the breakfast itself, remind me not to bring home biscotti anymore...we just finished them this morning, and they are not something that should be in my reach. Happy Day 16!!! = ) About your Christmas Party, I see your challenge. Would it be such a faux pas to bring an extra dish of a certain category, so that you have something to eat besides the prime rib? When is the party? Is this separate from the occasion with your Hoedown friends? I'm laughing at myself because I'm thinking "coleslaw!" LOL...not very Christmas-y, I know.... Hubs just found a 2 for 1 deal on a lightweight hammock that weighs 16 oz and compact as a coffee cup. We got two for backpacking! It's never a safe bet to avoid rain in the mountains, but will be fun to take on trips when we can be sure of clear skies, and maybe even here at home in the yard on nice nights. I've been excited to tell you my great flash of inspiration last night, as I was lounging on the sofa researching a big hoop that I can use to make that Xmas-light peace sign. It dawned on me that I always wanted a weighted hula hoop. Years ago at a small, outdoor concert venue, friends of my brother, who are/were also burlesque dancers (!) brought some weighted hoops, and shared, and I had SO much fun!!! Why have I not thought of this before? So I did 30 minutes of fun research, and ordered myself a 3 lb. 38" blue hula hoop! It was $5 cheaper to order it from the mom-n-pop shop who makes them compared to Amazon, plus 15% off - score! So, 2020 will be the year of the backpack and the hula hoop!!!!! Yay!!! Afterwards I entertained myself watching hula hoop dancing on YouTube, until I nearly fried my brain with anticipation. Like you, we watched a movie, too...The Irishman. That's another story....Hubs has his spin cycle for indoor exercise, and the hoop might be exactly what I need, plus it will be joyful...things are looking up. Enjoy your ball game, and your planning/dreaming/scheming...I'm off now with my vacuum, and though I hate to leave the house on Sunday, I will get the store the way I want it, and get organized which will make for a better week. Cheers, Holly! xo
  13. Good morning @LadyLisbette! Are you familiar with Sara Ballantyne? She must've been reading our thread; I had this article in my email this morning: I find her research to be impartial, thorough and like that she includes a bibliography so you can read her reference material for yourself if you want to. I'm on the downhill side of my W30 now: Day 16! Unfortunately, I managed to hurt myself last night WATCHING A MOVIE! I did something to my foot, I guess, as a result of the funky way I was sitting on the sofa. I got up to go to bed and almost couldn't walk. It hurt A LOT so I got out of bed around midnight so I wouldn't keep my husband awake and took some ibuprofen, iced and elevated it and slathered it with an anti-inflammatory gel I had in the medicine cabinet. It's swollen but better this morning. I was going to go to an urgent care but decided that since it was better, I'd keep doing what I was doing and go see ortho tomorrow if I need to. I was so proud of myself for getting my 10K steps in yesterday even though all I wanted to do was take a nap (and I never nap- I'm terrible at it). I walked our driveway and up around the house to make a little loop and played with the medicine ball on each lap. Then...drumroll, please...I took a nice long tub soak with some amazing bath salts, guitar music, a glass of elderberry kombucha and the fourth Earthsea book- heaven. Squeaky got comfy on the bathmat next to me and kept me company the whole time, too. Then I hurt myself siting on the sofa. Doh! I had the privilege of not leaving the house yesterday and that was great! I puttered around and did a little of this and that. We had picked up some produce and chicken pieces parts on the way home Friday so I'm set for a small cook-up today after we go watch the Saint's game. I spent a big hunk of yesterday morning trying to come up with an appetizer and a couple of vegetable side dishes for our Christmas party. Our hostess sent out a list of what people were bringing and, except for the prime rib, I can't eat ANY OF ITI!!! I don't want to duplicate what someone else is bringing (green salad, sweet potatoes) and I want something appropriately festive. This is the first time I've had a major holiday event during a W30 and it's being more difficult that I thought. I had a major pout-fest and seriously questioned why I was doing this when I saw the menu but I got over it after a couple of hours and decided to view it as a challenge to get creative. Now create, damnit!! Time to get moving, or hobbling, as the case may be. Plan, plan, plan so I'm eating before we go to watch the ball game. Have a marvelous day!
  14. hollysmokes

    hollysmokes log

    Thanks! Saturday, Dec 7, Day 15: "A date which will live in infamy..." Thinking of all of the people that died that day as well as the recent shooting victims. Sleep: 6h 45m + 1h 14m awake= 8h 1m in bed M1: 3 boiled eggs w mayo, cherry tomatoes, fermented peppers M2: pan-seared chicken breast diced and added to broccoli, cherry tomatoes w ranch dressing- made enough for both of us this time! M3: surf (trigger fish) and turf (sirloin) w blistered green beans Steps: 10,175 Yay! and that included 4 trips up the driveway with some medicine ball fun in between each trip Halfway and it's flying by!
  15. Good Morning Whole30 Family My name is Michael and I am so looking forward to beginning the #JanuaryWhole30 with all of you. This will be my second Whole30 journey. The first time my life was totally transformed...Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. I am a Believer in Jesus and He used this program to snatch me from depression, hopelessness, and 3 addictions! The mistake I made, which I do not intend to make this time, is that I did not Reintroduce. Whole30 made such an impact on my life I did not want to change anything and said "Heck with Whole 30, I am Whole Life"...Then July 4th came and went and after indulging in Pizza and Beer, my life slipped back into my old ways. Here I am again in depression and addictions. NOT AGAIN! I am now convinced that Reintroduction is as, if not more important than the initial reset. I look forward to building an eating plan that works for me and making new friends and building relationships with many here. Here we go! Never looking back, Michael
  16. CannaBoy


    Hi @ShannonM816, Thank you for your response and these cool resources...I will check them out. You are correct about not having to purchase books and RP...I like cookbooks and will most likely keep them. The appeal of the RP program for me is not so much to tell me what to eat (I like to decide that), rather to automate the translating the ingredient list including amounts of all the recipes for the week into a summation grocery list, the calendar function, the search function, etc. I think I will go the initial 30 days without RealPlans (one less thing to manage), and see if this works for me. Then look to RealPlans in the going forward. It would be nice though if in the future Whole30 could include the recipes from the cookbooks into RealPlans as this would be an awesome mix for those who want to invest in the books and use the automation. Looking forward to #JanuaryWhole30! Cheers, Michael
  17. theresaw1709

    Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life here’s the shopping list for nightshades and egg free whole30. But you can of course use eggs as well.
  18. theresaw1709

    Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life

    Hey @LAshley! I’m preparing to start whole30 soon too!! I did it once Blackmon September and o can’t wait to feel as amazing as I did back then!! Don’t worry about eggs, if you’re not usually sensitive to them it shouldn’t bother you! At least it didn’t bother me. About your concern with nightshades, there’s actually a PDF on Whole30 without nightshades... I’ll try to link it on here but if I can’t just type in nightshades and I’m pretty sure it’ll lead you to the whole30 shopping list... YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It may be hard but the results are so worth it.
  19. theresaw1709

    Beans and break-outs

    Thank you @ladyshanny!! I didn’t even see this comment until now!!
  20. ShannonM816


    Either of the options you mentioned would work, it just depends on what you really need. Do you enjoy looking at cookbooks and planning your meals for the week, making grocery lists for yourself? Or do you want a program that tells you what to eat and makes the grocery list for you? You don't actually have to buy cookbooks or use Realplans, you could do a whole30 using recipes you find online, doing your own meal planning, either old school with a pen and paper or a free meal planning site/app that you'd probably have to input recipes into. If you want to try to come up with your own meal plans, here is one description of a way to do meal planning: Here's another option: So, all that probably didn't give you a clear answer, but this is really something you'll have to figure out for yourself, because what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone.
  21. Amanda Miller

    New here

    Hello, i figured I would introduce myself I just happen to find this place while looking through the options and such for paleo. My health is having huge troubles - I was on the path of self destruction and didnt even know it. Recently went to my doctor he said if i didnt change my eating habits now i was going to be a diabetic. well, naturally at first it scared the crap out of me. he suggests exercise (naturally) and then he suggested Paleo thinking it would be the easier way for me to adjust and get my sugar into a better place. because my numbers are on the high side. so he told me find a group online or a place to go, but make sure this is your decision and not just because i am recommending it, because if it is just because of the recommendation then you may give up on it. Well , I thought long and hard about it. and I decided I dont wanna destroy my life any longer with things that are bad for me. I wanna do better and get out of this whole idea of looking at being a diabetic. So , I want to take the advice get the help that i need to get through it. i have read the main part of the whole thirty website, i know there is alot more to read, and I am going to keep reading after i post this. Now, onto a little about me other than health, I am from south eastern michigan, I love sports, and used to love being outside. i wanna get back to all the things that i do love. and I dont want nothing to get me down like this again. I have decided in my mind and in my heart this is something I really want to do. " I dont wanna say i slipped , because i am not going to land face first into the pizza) so youll prolly see me here on and off I may ask questions at times. but alot of this makes sense and is really self explanatory and I am really enjoying what I have read so far. the diet makes alot of sense, and I am not going to get bored of it from how it sounds. anyway, thanks for reading my post and have a great evening or day, whenever someone reads this..
  22. Elizabeth33

    hollysmokes log

    Your doing a great job and you will figure out that event and stay compliant, sending helpful vibes.
  23. Elizabeth33

    Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life

    Welcome and have a great whole30
  24. CannaBoy


    Hi. I just purchased 4 cookbooks and am looking forward to using them. I then went to Realplans and my understanding is that all of these recipes are not included int the application. So if there are many recipes I like from the cookbooks and they are not in the program then I am going to be manually loading in a bunch of stuff. I like the idea of automation but if I still need to do a bunch of manual entry then I may either return the books and use what is in the program, or not subscribe to the program. Anyone else run into this issue? Is there a feasible resolution? Thanks, Michael
  25. hollysmokes

    hollysmokes log

    Friday, Dec 6, Day 14: Had a slight hissy fit and pouted for about two hours last night when I realized that I can eat nothing except the prime rib at an upcoming Christmas party/wine tasting. Nothing! It kinda took the wind out of my Tiger Blood sails but I'm trying to put my big girl pants on and come up with an hors d' oeuvre and veg side dishes that I can eat, everyone else will enjoy and won't be a duplicate of something that's already there. I'm glad I have a couple of weeks to brainstorm because I'm drawing a blank. Anyway... Sleep: 6h 41m + 1h 35m awake= 8h 17m in bed 20 minutes of weights (forgot to document 20 minutes of mobility yesterday morning) M1: same + fermented radishes M2: same as M3 yesterday M3: pan-seared chicken breast diced and added to broccoli, cherry tomatoes and green onion w ranch dressing- delicious and gorgeous enough that my husband was jealous that he only had steamed broccoli w cheese to go with his chicken Steps: 8,954 I need to start checking my steps late in the evening- it would have been a good mental boost to get another 47 steps in! That's two days in a row!
  26. hollysmokes

    hollysmokes log

    Thursday, Dec 5, Lucky Day 13: Sleep: 6h 53m + 1h 7m awake= 8h in bed Would have liked a little more sleep but the fact that I was only awake for an hour is great! M1: same w fermented dilly beans M2: Sous vide dark meat turkey (again! and totally over it) and cauli mash w better butter sm handful of cashews and blueberry drinking vinegar w soda M3: meatloaf muffins and sauteed brussels sprouts I remembered to add collagen to my tea tonight! Steps: 7,988 One more trip up and down the stairs and, at least I would have broken 8K
  27. littleg

    Pre-Workout Meal- Confused!

    @LindaLeeWell it sounds like you've got all of this thought through! Good luck with your training
  28. ShannonM816

    Using salted clarified butter

    You can, but as it cooks down, it can end up concentrated and even more salty than just salted butter. My preference is a mix of salted and unsalted, but if you have salted and want to use it, you can try it. Remember to cut back on the salt you add to dishes you use it in.
  29. LAshley

    Day 18 & I could be falling apart!

    I hope cutting down potatoes and tomato sauce worked for you. Did it? Were you able to complete the program? I'm just starting and I know I have a sensitivity to at least some nightshades. I'm really hoping I can get away with tomatoes. Anyway, hope everything worked out and that you are still making gains!!
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