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  2. ultrarunnergirl

    Stomach Pains Day 12 On

    Can you tell us what you've been eating for the past several days? We might be able to give suggestions. No one here is a medical professional and we can't diagnose you. However it's important to know that stomach issues are often caused by NOT ENOUGH acid in the stomach - thus the food can't be digested. There could also be bigger underlying gut biome issues that would be best addressed by a functional medicine practitioner. Do you drink a lot of coffee? It's often a culprit in acid reflux. You may want to cut it out or cut back on it.
  3. ultrarunnergirl

    Day 17...pants are tigher

    Sometimes we don't follow the timeline exactly. It would also be helpful to list what you've eaten over the past few days. You mentioned that you ate out 3 days in a row. Did you ask the server/restaurant that your food be prepared strictly whole30 and tell them what you couldn't have? If your food was cooked in seed oil (canola) or worse, soybean oil, that could cause issues. Or perhaps you're eating more nuts lately? I find a teaspoon of magnesium citrate (Natural Calm) in some water an hour before bed helps keep me regular.
  4. This is my first time doing Whole 30. I have the meals down great, cooking every day for dinner, leftovers for lunch; usually fruit or eggs and veggies and sometimes meat for breakfast. It's the in between meals that gets me, I think. I bought some RX bars, some Lara bars, some dried apples- most days it's one bar after lunch, and not every day for the dried fruit. I've been eating fresh fruit maybe twice a day. This has gotten me through the feelings of being deprived and the need for some form of sugar initially. But I feel like as I'm getting closer to the end, I'm now having more mental cravings (not so much that I need the taste- but just looking at the things around thinking- "no none will know if I cheat and eat this..."- I haven't cheated though!), and I'm feeling tired and bloated. I'm feeling like I may be very disappointed in 8 days when I do step on the scale. I'm discouraged today. Anyone else struggling as we get closer to the end?
  5. BeckyB

    Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!

    How's everyone doing? I'm plugging along, feeling pretty good! Day 17.
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  7. BellesMom

    Picked a start date!

    Hubby and I just picked a start date and are now working on getting the house ready:) we are trying to be healthier so we can try for baby #2! So excited about this program. It was listed as one of the best for PCOS.
  8. ultrarunnergirl

    peanut butter and jelly is all they want

    Kudos to you! Nom Nom Paleo has some great advice in her Food For Humans cookbook and on her website. You may need different approaches for each child. The other thing to remember is kids need to eat more often, so don't try to have them go 4 hours between meals. You buy the groceries so figure out the things they do like and have them on hand, and stop buying bread. Try using sweet potato slices as sandwich holders with sunbutter and an all fruit spread. Try new things constantly, like prosciutto (Nom Nom Paleo Prosciutto egg cups are great), olives, Velvety Butternut Squash from Mel Joulwan/Well Fed website/cookbook. Potatoes/sweet potatoes, apples and breakfast sausage are a great breakfast combo, with or without eggs. A little fruit tossed in with things (like chicken salad) goes a long way with kids whose palates are less suited to bitter foods until they get older.
  9. w30virgo

    w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020

    Day 21 Good morning! Here's a rundown of NSV areas: Sleep: Still good - sleeping pretty much solidly through the night. Vivid dreams. Skin: I think my chin acne is...maybe...healing?! We'll see, but it feels less "angry" and there doesn't seem to be more developing. Otherwise good - after taking a break from benzoyl peroxide my skin doesn't feel as tight and dry, either. Digestion: A bit better, maybe. I got digestive enzymes last week and have been taking them daily, along with the fish oil I take normally. Energy: Good - I'm able to sustain focus throughout the day, and I the afternoon slump is long gone. It's hard to believe we're only 9 days from the end of our Whole30. Last night, I didn't end up having time to make the greek potatoes for dinner, so we just had the meatballs and green beans - yum! After dinner, I had a banana with cashew butter and coconut flakes with a limonello La Croix - the limoncello flavor is so good! Meals: M1: 3 scrambled eggs with marinated onions, 2 slices crisped prosciutto, & olives and artichoke hearts - we don't have much in the way of veggies ready to go for breakfast, so this'll have to do. M2: Either Tuna Salad stuffed bell peppers if I get it together to make them, or leftover meatballs w tzatziki and green beans. M3: Burger Deluxe Stuffed Baked Potatoes ( with roasted broccoli
  10. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    Yesterday was Day 2 and I'm counting it. We stopped at Burger King last night on our way home from puppy class, and I got 2 Whopper patties just with tomato, onion, lettuce. Came home and put Tessamae's ranch on it, and ate the whole thing in a bowl with a fork. Ate an "ok" amount of pistachios, and promptly passed out on the couch. I woke up this morning googling to see what BK might use on/in their burger patties that is not approved. But you know what? I'm over it. If anyone knows, and wants to call me out -- great! (Said seriously, not sarcastically). Otherwise, I'm moving on with my life. I have too many other things to do, and it just isn't that important to me. This is probably another huge, glaring reason I have said in the past I wouldn't do another Whole 30. I don't need that careful, reintroduction stage to convince me that all of the things eliminated are not good for me. I already know it. Agree with it. And I believe that some combination of Whole 30 foods is the best way for me to eat for life. BUT. I do not want to go from one extreme to the other: "anything goes" ----> "Good Lord, I can't eat anything from a drive-through, ever". Yep. Sometimes we're a drive-through family. That's my reality, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. But we have come SO far in the past month or so. Someday, I will share the ridiculous amount of money we were spending on restaurants and crappy food in general. So I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water here. Yesterday was Day 2. And life went on. And it was good.
  11. LO867

    On day 9 in snowy north

    Hi!! I'm so excited to report that I made mayonnaise tonight AND IT EMULSIFIED!! This is a first for me, made in my trusty old blender. Can't wait to try it again!! Hang in there, baby... hope you're feeling better! LO
  12. LO867

    Day 1 today!

    Hi Tami! I'm on Day 3. I went through the program 3 years ago... it made me think about food differently in a good way. Trying again! Lisa
  13. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 21 Cont 6:00 S1: shared an Rx Chocolate cherry bar with the baby. Trying to do all the things and still sitting behind the eight ball. There is just not enough time in the day, but at least my energy is a bit more stable and sustainable. I have got a lot done today, there is just so much more to do, so a quick inventory to reset my feelings of being overwhelmed. Unloaded suitcases and did laundry from the trip, including folding and putting away. I also folded the three loads I left that I had done while packing. I kept a baby alive who is into everything and have had a successful day with potty training! I Changed beds and washed the linens and folded and put away. I cleared off my headboard and cleaned out from under the bed and tidied up the room and vacuumed. Made breakfast did dishes, made lunch and did dishes. As well as the couple dishes from the trip. Tore down boxes for to take to the dump. Okay, I guess I did get a few things done. Off to the grocery store to get some bare necessities. 9:30 M3: hamburger wrapped in lettuce topped with BBQ sauce, mayo and tomatoes. Hmmm it was good. May try cooking it in bacon grease next time. At the grocery store a beautiful bouquet of flowers caught my eye. I found myself saying I never get flowers I really like flowers they make me smile but seems like such a waste because you don’t eat them they die in about a week. I wondered why would someone pay money for flowers, but their beauty and smell still makes me smile. While finishing my shopping I reflected on my thoughts and asked myself does a pure and simple smile not hold any value? I decided it does, a smile does hold value, and something that genuinely makes me happy is worth $12.00 even if I can’t eat it, and will throw away the remains in a few days. So I invested in my happiness tonight. This wasn’t an I “deserve this purchase”, it was a purchase that came out of my fun/blow money, and it was an “I love you just because purchase”. I am learning to be kind to me. Meal planning (term used loosely) I realized I only have 9 days left and I got sad and then almost panicked as there are still a bunch of recipes I hadn’t tried yet... then I had to stop myself and smile. Silly caterpillar even when this 30 day experiment is done you can still make all these grand recipes you have been finding and saving, you do not have to make them all in the next 9 days. I have a lifetime ahead of me to enjoy and explore delicious real food recipes. I will say this, if nothing else came of this 30 days it certainly pulled me out of a rut in the kitchen or lack there of. I’ve relied very little on fast food and take out even for feeding the boys and that is a big win in my book. Also to be able to function without my caffeine has also been a impressive feat. I’m so glad I finally pushed through and just started this restart. It has had its challenges, but i think my resolve to see it through and to not even consider a slip started in my mind. I could not have done this with a mindset of missing out on all the things. I could not rid my surroundings of the junk food. The chocolate Hershey pies are sitting right beside the frozen cauliflower rice, the chips are next to the chicken stock and coconut milk and so on. I knew if I was going to be successful at continuing the healthy habits I had to be able to do this even with all the other stuff within easy access. I had to want this more than the cheese, bread, chips, sugar, etc. I decided jumping in that I did want the whole 30 more and I have chosen to not give the forbidden unknown food a second thought, or to entertain the fleeting thoughts of the non-compliant rather I am letting them role on by. I have tried to focus on all the new recipes and foods to explore, and have been surprisingly yet pleasantly shocked at the amount of diversity and sheer volume of recipes available. This was certainly not the case 11 years ago when I had to do an anti-inflammatory/elimination diet on my own for my sons healing. I am so thankful for this forum and the people here that check in with me. It helps to know others are in the battle with you.
  14. I have a freezer full of frozen soup which is non-compliant, but my migraines are back causing vertigo with a vicious vengeance and I can't live like this . Round 3 Day 1 will be kicking off Tuesday 28 January. I'll go through to 9 March, because the hubster will be away 29 Feb -9 March so it will be very easy to stay compliant that extra week. Food prep will happen Monday with mayo, chimmichurri, pesto, and at least 2 weeks worth of lunches. Maybe more, it would be great to just have grab and go ready for most if not all of my round. Now to go find my old threads to see what I was eating...
  15. lizziehall

    January Whole30 Log

    Day 21 done! I am feeling better about everything because I took time to think about my NSV’s today. I’ve stopped wearing concealer/foundation because my skin rocks, learned to cook so many new great recipes, cracked my snacking and sugar habits, had more energy at night and done something great for myself and my health. I feel like now that I’ve gotten this far I will definitely make it through this Whole30 and a slow and steady reintroduction. Note of another GREAT recipe: thai coconut curry meatballs from Mary’s Whole Life (sub chicken)
  16. ShannonM816

    Krill Oil And Fish Oil Okay?

    In general they're fine, just check the ingredients for any supplements to be sure there's nothing like soy or sweeteners or other non-compliant ingredients.
  17. BabyBear

    Another koala-ty W30. Starting 1/2/20.

    @BlueKoala hope you are doing well, we are trying out the ribs this weekend.
  18. BabyBear

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    Oh the chicken sounds delicious. I’m going to try this soon!
  19. Yesterday
  20. hanchens

    Krill Oil And Fish Oil Okay?

    I just started whole 30. I want to get an omega 3 source. Is krill oil and fish oil okay? The capsules are made a gelatin too btw. Thanks.
  21. I have been having really bad stomach pain since Day 12 (I'm currently on Day 16). It bothers me most during and after a meal, however, it has woken me up a couple times during the night. I went to the doctor yesterday and was given a prescription to help with acid reflux thinking that is what is causing the pain, but they said the medication may take 5-7 days before you notice improvements. I've stopped eating acidic fruits and veggies, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has any good compliant remedies to calm the stomach? Really hard to focus on the all of the NSV I have been experiencing (I've already dropped a pant size and feel more energized throughout my day) when I am in such pain.
  22. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    I'm finished with Invisalign! Last night the dentist removed the attachments on my teeth and now I only have to wear a retainer at night. Yay! My teeth are looking straighter than ever, and I love it! Today is my first day not having to wear the plastic trays, which does make me feel more like snacking .... with the trays, it was too much of a bother to just have a little nibble of something, since I'd have to take the trays out, eat whatever, go brush my teeth and clean the trays, and put them back in. Hopefully the "snacking freedom" novelty will quickly wear off, but in the meantime, I ate two dates and a small handful of pistachios this morning, and also sipped down three cups of coffee at my desk. Not at all a "mini meal," but at least still compliant. While I'm logged in here, I'll post my Day 20 meals (yesterday): M1 - Leftover egg/bacon/sweet potato/asparagus casserole, avocado. M2 - Spinach salad with red peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, turkey lunchmeat, vinaigrette. Also, a few leftover bacon-wrapped dates with almonds (which were a side dish with the pork carnitas I got at Cultured Caveman, and I forgot to mention I had three of those with dinner a couple nights ago). M3 - Chicken, dredge in almond flour, dipped in egg/mustard mix, then coated with pulverized cashews and fried, dipped in mix of mayo/spicy mustard, side of baked sweet potato with ghee. @BabyBear, I think there's a way to "embed" the photos into a post by linking to another website/platform where you have them stored, but it's a bit above my technical expertise and I haven't spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. I tried to upload a photo to Instagram and then link it in my post (I think you do it by clicking "Insert other media" then "insert image from URL") but maybe bc my Instagram is private that didn't work.
  23. heb2014

    Anew in Arkansas - Round 2

    A little catch-up to do (since I don't get on the computer much between Friday afternoon and Monday morning - and was off yesterday) I am currently in a panic about budget and how much I am spending on groceries, so this week is likely going to be completely different than my meal plan, searching for food that we already have and figuring out what I can make with it that is complaint. Days 6 (January 17) M1: technically complaint but not recommended smoothie + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Tuna w/ avocado + ranch (should have just gone with mayo - I love the Tessemae's ranch, but not with tuna...) w/ lettuce + carrots M3: Gumbo w/ riced cauliflower Small victory: I made two gigantic pots of gumbo Friday afternoon - the duck dumbo my husband requested (our traditional recipe that involves a flour roux and beer) and a Whole30 gumbo for myself. I spent all afternoon cooking and was exhausted, but everyone we had over loved the duck gumbo and I have plenty of Whole30 gumbo (which was also delicious) left over for lunches this week. Day 7 (January 18) M1; Fried Eggs + coffee w/ almond milk M2: (out to eat w/ my parents who came to visit, somewhat unplanned) Roast w/ no gravy, plain baked potato, carrots (which I didn't eat after one bite because they were way too sweet to not have honey or something on them, despite what the server had said - that bite was delicious though...) M3: One-pot Baked Chicken Thighs with brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes (really easy and really good) Small Victory: we went to our favorite local ice cream shop and I didn't have anything, not even a coffee Day 8 (January 19) M1: Scrambled eggs, bacon, + coffee w/ almond milk M2: Leftover gumbo w/ riced cauliflower M3: dinner at a friends' house - chili over baked potato Small Victory: we have dinner once a month with four other couples and their kids. There was food aplenty to eat and cheat, but I ate what I could and had fun. Also - we had a busy day so I was thankful for the leftovers for lunch. I didn't get to meal prep anything. Day 9 (January 20) M1: Fried eggs + coffee w/ almond milk M2: leftover gumbo w/ riced cauliflower M3: leftover baked chicken, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato Small Victory: being home all day and not snacking
  24. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 21 7:55 The baby alarm went off and the day begins. My brain is still lagging just a bit from the weekend of little sleep. But food helped. I got baby fed and made some work calls as I started breakfast. 9:30 2 bacon strips, 3 eggs scrambled with salt pepper and basil cooked in the bacon grease 1/2 naval orange. Oh my those were by far the best eggs ever. How can this even be good for me cooking in bacon grease! Ha ha. And a diet that allows me bacon and doesn’t require me to blot all the grease off is one that I’m quickly beginning to love. I really enjoyed breakfast this morning. I have every intention of eating the whole orange, but I got full so I stopped and then offered the rest to my older boys who didn’t hesitate to scoop up a treasure such as an already peeled orange. Today will be a day of prep for the rest of the week. Laundry, food, cleaning the house, etc. It is nice to be home. Changing my mindset about the fact that food is amoral, it is neither good or bad. My relationship with food is not the foods fault. Just like my relationship with a brick and what I choose to do with it does not make the brick good or bad. I could use the brick to build a hospital or I could throw it through a window, my choices are not a reflection of the brick, it is a reflection of me. I can use food to nourish me, or use it to escape my problems it is not a reflection of the food it is a reflection of me. The foods that are currently side lined are not bad foods, they are just unknown. They will not be unknown forever. In about ten days time I will begin to explore, well within the safety nets of what I have learned during my whole 30 experiment, the unknown foods to see what my body’s relationship to them are and can be. 15 days ago that thought was overwhelming! But the more time that passes the better adapted I become in mind and body. It’s still intimidating, there are still some concerns that cause my chest to tighten just a little, but I am not facing those today, and I am confident that 10 days from now I will have learned that much more about me, my triggers, my true desires about health and the part that food plays there. 12:45 M2: Cajun kielbasa, potatoes, and green beans. This pressure cooker meal is so good y’all! Seriously easy and super tasty. My boys all love it! If you’d like the recipe I posted it on my IG account along with pictures as I can’t post pictures on the forum anymore.
  25. ShannonM816

    Started January 1

    Definitely talk to your doctor. In general, drink plenty of water and salt your food, this might help some with the muscle cramps. Magnesium can also be useful for muscle cramps, either as a supplement or there are magnesium oil or lotions that you can apply topically. Are you eating at least one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetables each day, and adding at least one serving of fat at each meal, in addition to whatever oil you cook in? Following the meal template at each meal? Those things may help in general until you can see your doctor.
  26. W30CoachAmyLouton

    Day 1 today!

    Welcome, Tami (and husband)! It sounds like you have a very real WHY you are doing this Whole30. Hold on to that as you go along. There may be moments when you're not as motivated as when you started, but my experience is that the people who are clear on why they are doing the Whole30 and reintroduction are most likely to embrace the journey and learn from it. I love hearing you say "I'm curious to see how we start feeling." That curiousity will serve you during this self experiment. As you notice them, try to reflect on NSVs (non-scale victories!)-- maybe your sleep will improve, skin might get a little clearer, achy knees may be less achy.... You may have read this article already, but if you haven't, it's full of great tips! Best to you and your husband on this journey!
  27. Elizabeth A Dodge

    Started January 1

    Am in day 21. Having lots of low blood sugar issues and muscle cramps. Trying to get doctor appointment to see about adjusting meds.
  28. How nice that you were able to create nice places to journal! I love the idea of moving to your orange chair for dream journaling; it seems so fitting. I've gone back through some of our earlier posts when I was looking for a link or something and it's kinda weird but interesting: Did I write that??! Thanks for tip about the hibiscus tea crime scene clean-up! I can SO see me doing that. I make my own tooth powder instead of buying expensive chemical-free toothpaste and I knocked the open container onto the floor Sunday night. It looked like an explosion in a flour factory but smelled minty-fresh! Good for you not using the scale! It only went down a teeny, tiny smidge and then I had some (yes, more than one) cookies Sunday night and a couple of my favorite craft beers that they're not brewing any more so I save them for special occasions. I felt pretty bloated and puffy yesterday but did 40 minutes of stretching before work and a 50 minute KB hip mobility video in the afternoon to show myself that I can still show up after off-roading more than I had planned. My W30 ended on Dec 22 so I'll probably weigh myself tomorrow morning for an official 30 day post W30 number. The number isn't the end-all and be-all because I do feel better but it would be nice. I have been strong but not aas bendy as I would like so I'm trying really hard to work on my bendy-ness because I see it as a mechanism to move mindfully and correctly so I don't injure myself trying to get stronger. In all honesty, though, I think I need to push a little harder on both. I have been working hard on hip mobility and stretching quads and hamstrings is part of that and I can tell the difference. Yesterday KB showed me a way to bolster under my knee when I do lunge/squats so I can do them ONLY using my legs and not momentum or upper body counter-balancing or any of the other little cheats. Now I'm on a mission to be able to do them without the bolster! I thought I was going to be sore today but I'm not so I'll work on some more of those this afternoon. Not much cooking going on but I sure have enjoyed my tuna salad that I made on Sunday. I made sure we had leftovers for dinner last night so that was quick and easy- pork roast with some steamed cauli that I mixed with the sauteed onions and peppers left from our burger feast at the ball game. Your bean-y, pea-y Italian vegetable soup sounds hearty and warm. Time to run off to a meeting! Later 'gator!
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