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  2. ShannonM816

    Why do I have to go Whole30 every two days?

    Sometimes effects can be slow to show up -- you don't notice an issue when you eat the food, but the next day you're anxious or depressed or have digestive issues. Sometimes a little bit of something won't show noticeable effects, but continued consumption of it can. Sometimes gluten alone won't affect someone, but gluten and dairy together will.
  3. Lorna from Canada

    Meal Template and yogurt

    I did not know there was such a thing as compliant yogurt - had to go look that up - not that it would be a good choice for me since, pre W30, I was a 500ml tub of Greek yogurt a day kinda girl... still, I'm always happy to learn new things. @D'sMom2014 your meal looks great - hope things get sorted in the bathroom department. Took me a few weeks for that to rearrange itself but it's all great now.
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  5. Hello! I'm on day 20 and I'm psyched for my reintroduction stage. I'm curious, why would I have to go Whole30 every two days if the new food group doesn't give me any bad reactions? For example, lets say I add in gluten grains and I get no bad reactions. Am I good to eat gluten from now on?
  6. D'sMom2014

    Meal Template and yogurt

    Great Thank you
  7. SugarcubeOD

    Trader Joes Chile Lime Seasoning

    Nope sorry, the rice concentrate makes it out of bounds.
  8. Can I have Trader Joes Chile Lime Seasoning? This similar to Tajin. Ingredients are: Sea Salt Chile Pepper Red Bell Pepper Lime Juice Powder Citric Acid Rice Concentrate
  9. ladyshanny

    Meal Template and yogurt

    Technically compliant although yogurt is not meant to be eaten alone but rather used in sauces/dips etc. if you need the flax for digestion, it can also be sprinkled on your regular meal or mixed into some water and downed that way.
  10. Look up sheet pan dinners, they're generally very fast to cook, can be seasoned any way you like, and can even be made faster by using pre-chopped or even frozen vegetables. When you do cook, cook with the intention of having leftovers, so you aren't cooking every meal from scratch. Eggs tend to be fast and easy -- cook up whatever vegetables you have in the fridge, then either throw in beaten eggs in the last few minutes of cooking and scramble it all together, or fry some eggs to put on top of the vegetables. I try to always have cans of tuna in the pantry. It's not my favorite, but it us super easy to mix a can of tuna with some mayo or smashed avocado, plus whatever veggies you like in your tuna salad, and then pile all that on top of a big pile of salad greens.
  11. SugarcubeOD

    Is this allowed on program?

    Whether or not it's 'raw' has no bearing on the program. Technically these would be compliant but they aren't your best choice for regular consumption as they are very high in nuts/seeds and dried fruit - if you're looking for a snack, you're better off with protein and fat
  12. Lorna from Canada

    SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!

    Forgive my intrusion here Schrod but it sounds to me like you and I are struggling with the same thing... what truly makes something "worth it"? Like just doesn't cut it, does it? I ate TWO giant chocolate cupcakes (delicious) AND a creme brulee in a single day at my work event last week because "it seemed like a good idea at the time". Like you, my stomach (and entire digestive tract) rebelled in the most painful and regretable way for the next 24-36 hours... NOT WORTH IT. In this W30, I am focussing ALL my attention on what would make giving up this peacful, restful (slept like a goddess again last night on W30 2.1 Day 6), beautiful pain free life afterwards worthwhile? I don't think pizza OR chocolate cupcakes OR creme brulee are going to make the cut. I still don't know, but am enjoying trying to figure it out.
  13. Debating this with my whole30 buddy. Checking to see if this is compliant as it's all raw. Thoughts?
  14. D'sMom2014

    Meal Template and yogurt

    Hi! Is an egg and chicken sausage with tons of pepper, onions, garlic, and basil. Plus a compliant yogurt with a tsp of ground flax seed a good meal? Everything has compliant ingredients. I only ate some of the yogurt with flax and only ate it because I was having bathroom problems. I did not eat it as a treat or to replace my meal and was not trying to recreatea treat. I also generally would not eat this.
  15. My wife and I just started Whole30 and we are super excited (and a bit nervous) about it! Today is day 3 and so far we've managed well. Day 1 we were feeling hungry throughout the day. Day 2 we increased portion sizes and did not feel hunger throughout the day, although we both felt a persistent craving to snack. Wish us luck on Day 3! Also, does anyone have any recommendations for super-quick meals? I'm thinking about the long days in which we don't have the time or energy to whip up nice meals, and might be especially tempted to go get some fast food.
  16. LadyLisbette

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    @Elizabeth33 thanks for the check in - it's quiet here, but hopefully everyone is rocking it! I'm hanging in there - it's been a demanding time at work, and yesterday I under ate, but today I'll do better. I've snacked on Rx bars only a couple of times, and I'm feeling slimmer. More notably, no allergy symptoms - win! Onward! @Pipi, @megbeveridge how are you ladies doing?
  17. slc_melissa


    I'm sorry you're finding it so challenging, and especially over special family holidays it can be rough. Here are some strategies that I've used. (Also, I'm single, no kid, so I'm not cooking for anyone else.) Are you trying to have your kid also be whole 30 (it might be too challenging at this point.)? What are your goals/motivation for doing the Whole30? Keep those in mind. If you make soup, make some extra and freeze it for future meals. Same with casseroles/egg bakes type thing. I don't suffer from food boredom and I don't need something new everyday, so I'm a huge leftover fan. I'll often roast a tray of veggies on my top oven tray, bake a tray of meatballs at the same time on my bottom oven tray. While eating those for dinner, I'll have two more trays going for leftovers. One time cooking, multiple meals. Depending on grocery stores in your area, rotisserie chickens can be available with only compliant ingredients, but watch your labels. Your meals don't have to be instagram-worthy or even look like someone else's idea of a complete meal. It also depends on what type of resources you have at work/home, but assuming a freezer and microwave: A package of frozen vegetables, some coconut milk, some canned chicken or salmon: Microwave for 5 minutes, add salt and pepper: Easy delicious soup! I've done some sauteed onions, add a can of diced tomatoes and a can of tuna, simmer until hot: Easy meal. Can top with some olives. Things I often use for traveling, no refrigeration or prep: package or can of salmon, some baby foods of sweet potato puree. (Ideal? No. Do-able? Yes.) Yes, rotisserie and canned foods can be more expensive, but they are far less expensive than dining out. Always read labels! Somewhere along the way I bookmarked this thread: Good luck!
  18. Ladyshanny, thank you for this note. This is my 2nd reintroduction, the first I did as Fast, starting with non gluten alcohol. Sugar dragon won and I learned almost nothing. This time I started with fast roll out minus alcohol, soybeans and oils outside of whole 30 compliant ones. Now starting slow roll with my suspicions only tested when absolutely necessary and very very worth it. So I'm all in for a modified w30!
  19. It was just under 6 miles and included 37 flights of stairs! It sounds like you kicked butt on your work marathon; congratulations. 16 days already! Yep, I'm back on track, too. Monday evening I got some stuff thrown together for my breakfasts and we've been eating off of the leftover smoked pork with coleslaw yesterday and broccoli today except I forgot my mayo dip at home and will have to buy bottled ranch dressing from the cafeteria today- boo hiss! I used to love that stuff and now...not so much. It even looks fake. We took a pork break for dinner last night and had some chicken breasts that I threw in the sous vide thingy plus some grilled broccoli (cheesy for my husband, plain and deliciously charred for me). Have fun with your grill. I really missed it when we were without and I think the best new thing we got was a veg basket so you don't have to be careful about dropping your vegetables through the grates- it makes it almost like doing a stir-fry. The one we got was flat stainless with cutouts for the fire to hit the veggies. The woven ones looked like a pain to clean. I don't want anything that requires a toothbrush to clean- except, of course my teeth! You are such a better meal planner than I am. Unless I have a hankering for something specific, I almost always do what you're doing. I'm trying to get better about applying a little forethought but I'm not always successful and fall back on some kind of grilled or pan-fried protein with a veg (two if I'm lucky!). That's tonight- a little sirloin steak and some vegetable something something. Tikka masala meatballs sound delicious! I've been having a meatball craving lately. I'm thinking maybe MJ's Cuban balls. I can't believe it's already Wednesday! We need to get in the garden so I think that's the plan for this weekend instead of going to the annual crawfish boil at the joint up the road. We have a wedding to attend the next weekend and I leave for LA the following Saturday so it'll be here in a flash. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed but it's all going to work out. I'll need to have another emu cookup before I leave so I need to start trying to coordinate that even though I have plenty at the moment. AAAND...she's gained some weight!! She actually let me weigh her and she was up 1.2 lbs but she'd just eaten so I'm guessing it's a tad under a pound. I'll take it, though. I've turned her into a bone broth junkie! I always trusted W30 to have a positive impact on my life but didn't quite anticipate it being like this. Trust the program!
  20. ALM Grandma

    Testing Canola oil

    Thanks Grace A. I was exposed at a restaurant after calling ahead to confirm I could be whole 30 compliant there. My digestive distress was fairly severe and came on fast so I am thinking I need to test it out. Canola seems to have a high prevalence for use in restaurants as the healthy option oil (clearly Canadian researches that invented the process did an outstanding marketing job).
  21. Ilana46720

    Too much meat!

    Thank you!! My meals are definitely keeping me full for 4-5 hours for sure. I am definitely never hungry which is a good thing! I guess I’m just not used to that feeling. Idk why I just feel bigger. But You’re right, it’s probably in my head. But I am definitely eating a lot more potatoes then normal lol
  22. Elizabeth33

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    Just checking in on how everyone is doing? @LadyLisbette I will need to try that recipe
  23. Grace A

    Testing Canola oil

    Hi there! Personally, I tend to leave canola oil out of my diet as much as possible. It is known to be an inflammatory oil, so there may not be a real reason to reintroduce it! I don't worry about being exposed to it in restaurants since that is not a large part of my diet. However, if you did want to test it through reintroduction, your best bet is to buy a bottle or borrow some from a friend perhaps.
  24. laura_juggles

    Too much meat!

    Probably not gaining weight. Seems like you're freaking yourself out a little bit, which does no good at all for your body. If you feel like you're using too much oil, cut back a little bit and see how you feel. See if your meals are still keeping you satiated for 4-5 hours. Play around with lighter meals (salads or grilled chicken breast with steamed veggies) and add plated fats like avocado or olives instead of using oil as a main fat source. You're on day 3. Take a couple deep breaths, step back, and know that it'll be okay.
  25. ALM Grandma

    Testing Canola oil

    Accidently exposed to canola oil, gluten and soybean at hubbies birthday dinner out - fairly severe digestive distress. Took an extra day, 3 instead of 2, to calm my gut! How do u test Canola oil separately without buying a bottle of canola?
  26. Accidently exposed to canola oil, gluten and soybean at hubbies birthday dinner out - fairly severe digestive distress. Took an extra day, 3 instead of 2, to calm my gut! How do u test Canola oil separately without buying a bottle of canola?
  27. Jihanna


    It's a bit late to the punch here, but you can make just about any type of gelatin you can think of with some creative use of something like agar-agar (it's sourced from seaweed, but mods can correct me if I'm wrongly assuming it'd be compliant ingredient-wise). I've seen some pretty neat stuff using coconut milk and vegetables, though fruits can be used as well and obviously you'd have to tweak things a bit since recipes will tend to call for some type of sweetener... you wouldn't need the whole fruits, either, so no need to actually eat them (just toss them into a processor for a puree and strain, or just use the juice). Hopefully that helps for the future, since I realize that we're past the time when I assume your procedure would've been.
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