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  3. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    12:30 we arrived at destination and thank goodness cuz I had to peeeeeeee plus I’m so thirsty but I dare not drink more water until we made our destination. 1:00 S1: Rx bar, beef stick, grapes We got unloaded and set up the booth, I plugged in the hot logic with my lunch and grabbed a snack because I’m hungry and lunch will be 30 min to 3 hours depending on business. 3:00 M2: LO sweet and sour chicken with cauliflower rice. Yum, still so good even the next day. Phew I’m full and ready for a nap, but I’m enjoying my time next to the hubby. 6:00 S2: clementine and pistachios. It’s not ideal but the food is compliant and I am in an unusual circumstance and I’m coping and making the best choices my surroundings allow me to currently make. It has been so slow. They put the vendors off in a tiny closet of a room in the back of the hotel. My husband started going out to the lobby where all the people were hanging out just to let people know that there were vendors. There are a lot of people pretty upset about the vending situation today. My hubby did manage to strum up some business for us and some of the other vendors. I get back to my room thinking I’ll have a blt roll up noooo my turkey meat froze in the little fridge along with most of my other food. I put some quiche and cabbage in my hot logic and plugged it in. Moved the meats to the door and will hope for the best. Time for a nap. 11:00 M3: 2 Turkey BL-no T wraps (Lettuce, avocado, turkey slice, bacon, mayo, spicy mustard, red bells Oh this day keeps presenting its own challenges. I had plugged food in to eat when I got up, and it was unplugged and cold. At least the turkey had mostly defrosted and wasn’t a solid piece of ice, unlike my tomatoes. The wraps were tastier than I expected and very filling. I ate them as we headed to the rink to skate and vend. Hopefully we can make some more sales tonight as the vending earlier was a joke. We typically are not allowed to set up in a rink because they feel we are direct competition to their skate shop that isn’t typically open for these parties nor do they sell the same products that we carry. So vending at a rink should be interesting.
  4. Sarasaurus

    Sara's Whole30

    Day 6 Meal 1: shakshuka w/ 2 eggs Post WO: roasted chicken Meal 2: 2 Applegate hot dogs w/ mustard mayo, roasted brussels sprouts Snack: hb egg w/ mustard mayo, Rx bar Snack: couple spoonfuls of almond butter, chai tea made w/ coconut milk Workout: Crossfit, 1 hr dance class My schedule got hectic this evening and I didn't have time for a proper meal before rushing to dance class, and when I got home it was so late I didn't want to eat much, so ended up with a couple of snacks instead of a Meal 3.
  5. apeanut99


    Just a discussion on a facebook page.
  6. This has been a theme all day...waiting until we aren't mad to make our point. My neighbors are talking about this, too, in the context of family meetings. It makes all kind of sense. I have said, at work and at home, at various times, in the moment that the interruption occurs, "I can give you my undivided attention when _____" but then it's more likely that there is a little heat of intensity in the communication - which also might be okay or even perfect! I think we just do the best we husband has also lost track of things I've asked him to do or not to do and then shampoo rinse friend uses the expression the dance of marriage. You sound to me like a very reasonable, loving, and generous partner. I'm here to cheer you on to get what you need!! I forwarded to your IG account a posting from (paying more attention to her punctuation and spelling) the.holistic.psychologist to make it easier. I checked out the accounts you mentioned, and I tell you, that Lisa B. is hard to turn away from. That smile! That Bad Ass example - I love it! Well, glad you're feeling better today and have social time on the near horizon. That is so important. Sounds fun! I've never BBQ'd in the freezing cold - impressive! Your improvised sautee sounds yummy! I'm feeling pretty good lately, myself, and eating well. Yesterday I got up at 6 to make Mel J's Italian Vegetable Soup for the first time, and loved it. I followed the recipe to a TEE and then added some deboned chicken, which fell apart so nicely as the soup simmered down. We both really love it, and next time and SOON I'll make a bigger batch. Next up is the Tuscan Chicken and I'll use organic drum sticks that I found at Costco. I picked up some grapes to make more of the turkey Waldorf, and soon I'll also make Michelle Tam's Lemongrass Chicken. Meanwhile, I have a couple bags of slaw mix, which I am loving with compliant sausage for a quick breakfast. I am taking organic whole milk in my coffee, and occasionally adding Greek yogurt to dressings, but otherwise, pretty darned compliant, and it feels good. My sleep is better, too. As you said, a definite NSV to jump right back in. The best news is that I'll have plenty of time to cook and rest this weekend as we have both Sat and Sun OFF. Hubs was off today too making it a 3-day staycation for him, but I went in to support our crew for a hectic day. But I'm super excited to have some time off - what a relief. I recall reading a rule of communication about showing up - nothing happens until we show up. Thanks for putting that back in to a personal context. Here's to showing up for ourselves!
  7. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    Hey, I completed a full week! Day 7 is almost over. All I want right now is a cherry Larabar, but we don't have any. That's probably a good thing.
  8. ShannonM816


    This is fine, why would you think it wouldn't be allowed?
  9. Shani_SWP

    Newbie on Day 17...No Tiger Blood Yet

    Be sure you're following the meal template: and start with protein, vegetables then add fat. Also, watch your fruit, Whole30 says "occasionally" which is usually just once a day (many people use fruit as a replacement for their sugary snacks). This is your 30 day experiment so be sure you are logging your food (when, how much, how you feel) in Day By Day. You may be having more fat on some days, and not enough vegetables on another day. Maybe you're eating too much of one thing and that isn't agreeing with you. Be sure you are hydrating enough. I have never experienced the rainbow farts and energy and mood claims of tiger blood, but I've also thankfully never really experienced sugar withdrawals, except for one round. Every person is unique, so trust the process. Dive deeper into other NSV that you may be overlooking. You've got this!
  10. P_atricia

    Lagunitas Hop Refresher

    I personally don’t find that it tastes like beer, but more like a citrus sparkling water. Truly not looking for a beer replacement, just variety in the seltzer category. Thanks again, Shani!
  11. Shani_SWP

    Lagunitas Hop Refresher

    Well, the hops and yeast are to mimic beer so......
  12. Yesterday
  13. Thanks, W30'ers! I'm trying to stay away from frozen meals because it's so hard to find anything that tastes decent (to my post W30 tastebuds). I will rely on my wok and instant pot (we do have a grill so when it's not to windy/cold we can slink out there). We will treat it as an adventure. Thanks for the responses.
  14. P_atricia

    Lagunitas Hop Refresher

    Thanks, Shani! It’s essentially sparkling water, not a beer replacement. It’s a pretty unique product, I’ve never seen anything like it!
  15. Shani_SWP

    Lagunitas Hop Refresher

    While technically compliant, would you be using this as a beer replacement? If so, that would fall under SWYPO and should be avoided for your round. Maybe try a fruit flavored sparkling water instead?
  16. apeanut99


    Is this no longer allowed?
  17. sylvie3355

    Newbie on Day 17...No Tiger Blood Yet

    P.S. My digestion still hasn't caught up to me. I am either constipated or have diarrhea, will that even out eventually?
  18. Hi All, Hope everybody's Whole 30 is going well for them and people are seeing great things happening daily. I was hoping to see Tiger Blood by now and it hasn't happened yet. I am an impatient person, and I know from my Whole 30 Day By Day Journal that it doesn't happen to everybody in the same manner and at the same time, but I'm feeling slightly frustrated bec/ I really wanted that "switch" to turn on. True, I came into this Whole 30 eating tons of sugar and processed foods so maybe it's going to take my body a little more time to adjust. And true, I have seen improvements in my health (no brain fog, more energy) which I do count everyday and celebrate on my NSVs, but I guess I was hoping for a complete change. Can anybody with experience tell me if this is okay and if it took their bodies some time to adjust? Thanks for the support and encouragement! Nancy
  19. sylvie3355

    Starting My First Whole30 Jan 1, 2020

    P.S. Glad you found healthy snacks that you can bring to work! That's key!
  20. sylvie3355

    Starting My First Whole30 Jan 1, 2020

    Hi Michelle, I'm so glad things are going great! Day 17 almost done for me! It's been a bit of an up and down journey for me as I came in loving sugar and carbs so although I don't have any brain fog and more energy, I have yet to see Tiger Blood so I'm a bit frustrated. I know in the Whole 30 Day by Day journal that I'm using that Tiger Blood doesn't happen to everybody and you just need to focus on the improvements no matter how small they are, but I was looking for a switch to turn on to be honest. Still I am only half way thru and maybe my body needs more time to adjust to the new routine of no sugar, no gluten.... Congrats to you, Michelle and I hope things continue to go well for you!!! Nancy
  21. P_atricia

    Lagunitas Hop Refresher

    Is the Lagunitas Hop Refresher beverage whole30? Ingredients- carbonated water, dried hops, nutritional brewer’s yeast, and natural flavors. It’s non-alcoholic and gluten, sugar, carb free. I can’t find an answer online as to the nutritional brewers yeast.... thanks!
  22. SustainableRuth

    Back after almost 7 years

    Congrats Terresa! My first whole30 was in 2014 and SO much has changed since then! A lot of foods you had to make yourself are now available in stores, and people are becoming more aware of the sugar and general garbage in our processed foods! I have an autoimmune disease and resets like this definitely help a ton!
  23. Brezymurph

    Briannas Log!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I have stayed compliant. I am really exhausted right now. I don’t have energy to cook lunch so I might skip it. I know it’s not ideal but it better than eating something I shouldn’t. My husband just got home and he’s in a bad mood which doesn’t help. I really want to ask him to cook me something. He’s eating the leftover Zoës I got for him.
  24. SustainableRuth

    Newbie! Day 0

    Do you know that Primal Kitchen makes whole30 approved mayo? It comes in a couple of flavors and they are delicious! There are also salad dressings and they will last longer than homemade. In my experience, it is a little bit more money up front to get condiments like these but just a few of them make a huge difference and will last you most if not all through your whole30! Keep it simple, have veggies and protein prepped and ready for you to combine into bowls or salads and don't worry too much about having to make everything from scratch! The Great Value bowls at Walmart are also a huge lifesaver! Always read your labels, and start small. I usually only pick 3-4 recipes to try a week and eat leftovers the other meals. You got this!
  25. SustainableRuth

    First time , day 7! Need some advice...

    I had this issue initially as well! I don't force myself to finish the meal, but I put it in the fridge and finish it when I am hungry. The idea with the "no snacking" rule is that snack foods are usually where you get yourself into the most trouble... convenience foods like chips or other nutrient lacking foods. The intent of the whole30 is to get you used to eating whole foods to nourish your body, but everyone falls into different rhythms. As long as you are staying true to the guidelines, let good enough be good enough! It takes time to figure out new portion sizing (and for your body to adjust to eating three times a day!). You got this, good luck!
  26. ladyshanny

    Mentally blah/ depressed

    I really like this! I think I would add "drink 1L water" before the going back to bed part. That way all your basic needs are met every day.
  27. LydiaJo

    Mentally blah/ depressed

    My daughter and I have go-to depression busters. get out of bed take a shower put on make up/ or moisturizer eat protein meal then if need be, go back to bed and start over LOL
  28. LydiaJo

    I'm not hungry!

    For me, I find that if I have a large portion of fat with my first meal that I am not hungry until after 2 or 3. I do try to east a small meal at by 230. YMMV
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