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  3. I am very new to this (on Day 29), but I have read all of the Whole30 books and all of your meals look good to me. I hope that one of the moderators will respond to you with more knowledge than I have. One thing that I did notice is that you were basically eating Paleo prior to this, so the differences you would see might not be as great as someone who was having carbs and dairy all the time. I am having the same issue with bloating.
  4. Hi. I am new to this, but just looking only at your breakfast, you are lacking a healthy fat.
  5. Jihanna

    Shirataki noodles?

    The easiest way to look at whether or not a "noodle" is compliant is to see if it's made with flour. If a compliant food is ground into a flour (or pulp, etc.) and then formed into noodles (or other pasta, like gnocchi), it's not going to be compliant. If a compliant food is cut in a way that makes it noodle-like (like spiralized zucchini), then it's compliant as an ingredient... but could still be used to make non-compliant dishes, of course. The difference is in whether it's a recreation or a substitution. A recreation is something like shirataki noodles or paleo hamburger buns. A substitution is something like spiralized sweet potato or using giant mushrooms to hold your burger and fixin's. Most substitutions aren't going to give you the same texture, mouth-feel, or psychological connection that you get from the "real thing", especially not within the framework of Whole30 compliance... whereas recreations are attempting to "re-create" the experience of the non-compliant food.
  6. SchrodingersCat

    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    GAH, it's storming. The market is about a mile away. I want seafood. Grr.
  7. Maria45

    Day 28 - Depressed and Fat

    Hi. It's me again. You'll never believe this, but I was confused on dates (my son did not have school for the holiday and it threw me off); today is actually DAY 29 for me!!
  8. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Log for 2020

    Day 18/ restart day 3 M1: compliant mixed nuts and cranberries and black coffee M2: Asian salad from health food store with romaine lettuce, chicken, red pepper, red cabbage, carrots, green onions, and sliced almonds. I used Noble Made Sriracha Tahini dressing and threw out the dressing with soy that came with the salad. M3: zucchini spaghetti and meat sauce, side of cucumbers
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hello. It's my Day 28. I went into this after doing Paleo for a few months. I did this for 2 reasons. First, I have severe depression and anxiety. I thought that eating right would help me a lot. Second, I gained a ton of weight on an anti-depressant and really needed to lose it. I know that the Whole30 is not supposed to be a diet, but here's the thing: I did not have one Thanksgiving piece of pumpkin pie, I did not eat one single Christmas cookie, I did not toast the new year, and I did not eat a single chocolate given to me on Valentine's Day. I don't understand how all of that would not lead to weight loss?! I am incredibly nervous that I will learn, in 2 days, that I have not lost any weight. I need to lose weight for my health and problems that are starting to occur due to weight gain such as obstructive sleep apnea. If I find that I did not lose weight, but I want to continue with this type of eating, does anyone have suggestions for a Whole30 + weight loss?
  11. mazzystarslight

    Whole30 Valentine's Day

    This is my first Whole30 and one of my students bought me a box of chocolates, it was so sweet (literally!) and there was chocolate and candy everywhere that day/week. I wasn't super tempted but I even bought some Hershey kisses for my classes and I think the greatest temptation was buying/having it around myself vs. other people/places. My boyfriend is also super supportive and made dinner reservations at a restaurant he knew was accommodating but I ended up making a fancy meal for us instead. I am by no means an alcoholic and I probably don't drink more than 1-2 drinks a month when I am drinking but lately I've been craving a margarita, maybe from stress or just knowing I can't have one. Glad we both got through Valentine's Day compliant!
  12. mazzystarslight

    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    Thank you all, your replies are really helpful and mean a lot to me! I know that eating healthier, whole-foods is good for me and I honestly really enjoyed Whole30 up until recently when I posted. I probably need to re-evaluate the med thing since it's definitely mood related. I don't think food causes any physiological issues for me, but definitely psychological. I don't currently have a slow cooker or anything like that, but I may look into one. I actually took your advice and bought a bag of a gourmet frozen veggie mix from Costco (watercress, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, etc.) and frozen potato wedges I'm pretty sure are compliant ( from another grocery store, which I'm cooking up now. I went to Zoe's earlier today, which I found has it's own Whole30 menu ( and then unexpectedly back out for lunch again with family where I settled for some plain ahi tuna tacos without shells or sauce or anything (pic attached) -- they weren't super satisfying but I was still pretty full from my chicken kabob Greek salad from Zoe's. Like I said, my reintroduction is going to take about two weeks and I think I'd be frustrated if I stretched this out any longer -- I want to say that I saw it through and hopefully do it again. Thanks for all of the recipes and food tips, I will definitely be trying some of them this week! I actually like cooking but sometimes get tired/overwhelmed and want to not always think about what I am going to eat, so convenience is sometimes nice. I definitely have not been eating enough. Thank you all so much again!
  13. kirbz

    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough go of it! And not just with Whole30, but with life as well. I do hope things improve for you and wish you the very best! I am curious as to what you are actually eating in a day. I struggle with Whole30 because it's so much work - all the planning and shopping and meal prep and dishes! But I don't struggle with not liking the foods. I really love the food I eat on Whole30. And this is from someone who loves Chinese takeout and burgers and pizza and onion rings and cereal... Do you like to cook? I can see why this might be difficult to find interesting foods if you're not big on cooking because it's definitely hard to find stuff you can just buy, whether that be at restaurants or a store. Whole30 convenience foods suck as far as I'm concerned. That being said, here are some of my favorite recipes that I think are straight-up delicious, Whole30 or not, and that are loved by me and many non-Whole30 friends: Sesame Chicken: (this tastes like the real deal (i.e., like the stuff from my favorite Chinese place) Spinach and Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes: (this is one of my all-time favorite recipes ever) Golden Cauliflower Soup: (I make a double batch and use this as a way to add veggies to my breakfast) Salisbury Steak Meatballs: (this might just be the best gravy I've ever had) In general, my favorite recipe bloggers are Mel Joulwan and Paleo Running Momma. Maybe trying something from them will help? I also agree with making sure you have starchy carbs every day. Honestly, my body works best with lots of potatoes. Sometimes I'll eat them with two or even three meals a day. I feel better that way and I love them!
  14. SchrodingersCat

    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    Fish Tuesday! I feel like shellfish, I need a recipe. Something with scallops and prawns, maybe. Might do a cherry tomato chilli seafood 'pasta' with zoodles and sweet potato noodles for me. Meal 1: eggs n kraut Meal 2: Corriander Beef Curry with cauli/brocc rice Meal 3: Right now, as above. We shall see what the markets hold, though.
  15. SchrodingersCat

    Shirataki noodles?

    Because they're processed recreations with no nutritional benefits
  16. Viking2

    Shirataki noodles?

    Why is shirataki non-compliant?
  17. Amy_Michigan

    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    Oops almost forgot. I have also made hundreds of these in my life time. I would totally enjoy paleo recipes after your whole30 for a bit. Pumpkin Pucks:
  18. Amy_Michigan

    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    If I were you, I would be be hesitant to start my reintroduction because it doesn't seem like you were to the point yet that you formed a new lifestyle change of incorporating new whole foods into your diet. I would highly recommend trying "paleo" for at least a week- still not introducing grains, legumes, and dairy, but having more food variety because there are less limitations. This is how I learned to love to incorporate adding sweet potato, pumpkin, and all sorts of veggies into delicious meals. For breakfast, when you are paleo you can have banana pancakes. Or PUMPKIN pancakes, which I have LIVED off of. You can also make pizza egg muffins which are the bomb (although that might be allowed on whole30 already). My favorite paleo breakfasts: Banana Pancakes *I make the kind with a bit of almond flour*: Pumpkin Pancakes *My favorite*: Pumpkin Waffles: Pizza Egg Muffins *My other favorite*: Other favorite paleo treats: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins *Yum*: Sweet Potato Chai Muffins *So much better than they sound!*: Sweet Potato Brownies: I'm not a fan of veggies myself, but over a few years of paleo/whole30 eating, I learned that I actually love the taste of roasted broccoli, roasted carrots (carrot fries), roasted sweet potatoes (sweet potato fries), and figured out that I like cooked zucchini when it is covered in spaghetti sauce and meatballs (I'm too lazy for noodles so I just cut the zucchini in long strips after peeling the skin off). Or I just dip cucumbers and carrots in ranch...that's still eating my veggies! I'm not a great cook. When I am off of Whole30s I really enjoy Paleo Parents/ (if kids like it, I'm more likely to like it), Paleomg, and Well Fed/
  19. MeredithM20

    Start February 10th

    @PattiS I'm glad that rather than quitting you are starting again! I can honestly say they if it weren't for planning meals (4 days at a time) I haven't stressed about food. I have seen food and said 'I want that', but I reminded myself why I started. And it's only 30 days. I make enough food at dinner so I'll have leftovers for breakfast. I do like to fry one egg to put on top of the leftovers. Frying one egg takes 2 minutes. I know enjoy having some meat, sweet potatoes and kale for breakfast!
  20. Jihanna

    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    I'm sorry to hear it. Unfortunately, it's so very easy to eat overly processed foods that aren't as good for us... and does typically take more effort (or more money, if not both) to eat a healthier whole-food based diet. I get it, and I totally understand. I also totally agree that there shouldn't be any reason to settle for bland or just plain unsatisfying foods, even on Whole30 -- but it does take time and a bit of effort to break out of a psychological pattern of feeding our cravings for foods that don't support our health appropriately. Don't fret over not staying Whole30 after reintroduction. That's not really the whole point of the process. The point is to eliminate the major foods known to cause issues for a lot of people (and provide a pathway to addressing psychological relationships with foods as well, hence avoiding things that are SWYPO in general and for each individual), then see if those foods do in fact cause problems for your system specifically (through reintroducing them one at a time). If you learn that these foods don't cause problems, then great - use them in your daily diet and be well! It's still worth addressing the "worth it" factor on things that we crave that are less than great for us, though, even if they don't cause physical issues like bloating or pain. Anyway, back to a few thoughts. Do you have a slow cooker or electric pressure cooker? Both of those made my Whole30 so much easier because I could just add the ingredients and not babysit. There are also a number of shortcuts that you can take to cut down on prep time, like... - frozen bag of mirepoix = diced onion, celery, and carrot - frozen bag of Cajun mirepoix = diced onion, celery, and green bell pepper - canned crushed tomatoes + herbs = simple marinara base - lean meats don't have to be pre-cooked for slow cooker or pressure cooker meals (even spaghetti sauce or chili), as long as the total cook time is enough to get the meat cooked through. (I wouldn't suggest it with anything less than 80% lean ground beef, though I've done it with 73% - it just makes for more meat fat left behind, and that's not really appetizing to most people.) - frozen bag of cut potatoes My grocer's freezer aisles seriously saved my life, because I cook for 7 people and there's no way on earth I'd have managed all of the prep all the time. If you're only cooking for one and are able, then grabbing some pre-cut/pre-spiralized veggies in the produce aisles might also be an option (it would blow my budget, so I bought a spiralizer and do it myself). Whole30 took a bit of extra time, yes, even compared to the amount of prep I'd already been doing for my family. It cost a little more, though I've since learned ways to help keep those costs down some, because practice makes perfect after all But I also learned a great deal about how foods affect me and my personal relationship with food in general as well as specific ones that have been my go-to foods during mental or emotional stress... and for me, that journey was worth it. I really hope your journey proves worth it for you in the end, and that you're able to find food freedom within a framework that includes food you enjoy.
  21. mazzystarslight

    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    I'm eating more bacon because I don't know what else to eat and I guess it's kind of tastier than everything else I know I can eat. I guess I don't know enough about carbs (that aren't bread/pasta) and starchy vegetables (just Googled). I'm diagnosed as biplar too (and borderline) but am currently off of meds... the foods I'm craving (cheese fries, pizza, dessert) are not workable around Whole30 at all. I can't think of any sauces I'd want to eat Whole30 either. All of your Asian ingredients seem to require work (I've used coconut stuff for sauces) and in this day in age, I don't see why anyone should settle for bland, boring, unsatisfying foods -- it's costly, inconvenient, and doesn't taste good to me. I ended up eating some raw almonds and compliant sausage in a compliant marinara sauce last night. Another day of food drudgery and 15 more before "food freedom" when I know I'm going to lose it and go crazy...
  22. Aelfric

    Ælfric’s W30 №2 (Jan 2020)

    Monday 17th February (Day 12). Got lots of vitamin S yesterday wandering round the camping exhibition, to the point of being slightly singed. Not actually sunburnt, but too much longer and I’d have been a very sore and sorry boy. After weeks of rain, it has been so nice to see the sun (I think that’s what the strange yellowy orange object in the sky is called—it’s been a while). I think, despite it being summer, that I had SAD overlaying the depression. Anyway, yesterday’s mood was better than the previous week’s, and today’s was positively buoyant. M1: Turkey omelette. M2: Pineapple (tinned). M3: Grilled turkey “breaded” with almond meal, with sauerkraut, olives, capers, and tahini dressing. Don’t think I’ll bother with the coating next time. M4: Banana cherry berry smoothie. Ex: nil. I stayed logged on to work to try and catch up on some of the backlog after missing three days last week. Late night snack: Olives, capers, and sauerkraut. I’m craving something—it may be salt lost through sweat yesterday (I drank plenty of water, but didn’t have any salt in the water).
  23. BabyBear

    Emma' Whole 30 (February 1)

    Stopping by to check on you. How was your weekend?
  24. PattiS

    Start February 10th

    So this past weekend wasn't good. I need to restart today. Oh well. Back to Day 1! I'm not totally upset that I have to restart. I needed to have Valentine's weekend with my husband and family and not stressing over eating worked. I may actually give myself one more day and restart tomorrow. Question: besides eggs, what types of things can I eat for breakfast on the run? I know Larabars and Rx bars aren't ideal, but honestly it's really hard for me to make eggs every morning. Do you think it's okay to throw in those bars as options with a piece of fruit? Sometimes my "rule following" issues get in the way of success I swear!
  25. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    Day 3 today ~ and back to work! It's amazing that I can type that out and realize that I actually look forward to going to work. What the heck? Is that a thing? Do people do that? Haha... I've always liked this job ~ and there were some days in nursing where I was happy to go back on some level. Those days just also had an impenetrable, underlying sense of anxiety, because it's the nature of the profession to never know what the day is going to bring. I can handle "rolling with it" pretty well in most areas of life, but when people's lives are in your hands ... it requires a level of constant vigilance that is just exhausting. I did that day after day after day, often for 15-16 hour shifts. {I wonder why I feel burnt out on nursing.} So I'll keep it short today and just say: I'm so glad I listened to that little voice. I searched on indeed one time for the word "manager" to see what came up in my area. "I also have the business management degree ... let's just see what else is out there." My employer had listed this job as "Executive Assistant/Office Manager" -- and if she had not included the word "manager" -- we never would have found each other. That is crazy. I have become a part of the family, and I cannot imagine where I'd be and what I would be doing today if I hadn't listened to that little voice in that moment. As it is ~ I did listen ~ and now I get to go spend my day away from the chaos of my house ... in a wonderful, quiet, uncluttered, office space with the two beautiful Irish setters who have become my very best work buddies. ...Sorry, boss, if you read this someday. You know the dogs are why I stay. Everybody, as always, have a fantastic Monday. I hope you listen to that little voice and make great things happen.
  26. Jillspin

    Day 23. Very Frustrated

    I finished whole30 round one plus the reintroduction. I am so disappointed by all the effort I put in and it did nothing to indicate any sensitivities to anything I reintroduced. My conclusion is, it does not work for everyone. I was so excited for the hope and possibilities of the "life changing results" so many talk about. It was a big let down for me. I would never consider doing a round 2 as the only difference I saw was a stabilization of blood sugar. This is because most of the food is low carb and so I was taking in less carbs. The stabilization of blood sugar did not change how I felt at all.
  27. BabyBear

    Very Hungry Mommy Food Freedom Journal

    5:30 S1 - chocolate coconut Rxbar I got to go skate! I was getting hungry but I knew better than to skate on a full stomach. I stopped to pick up gum for hubby at Walgreens and omg they had some compliant Rxbars but that was pretty much it. So an Rxbar it was. It wasn’t to bad either. I skated my booty off. Drank 3 bottle of water during the session because I was running hard. I wish I had my wahoo ticker it would have been fun to see how many miles I skated. I definitely skated off the ick and kill all the things feeling I had today. 9:45 M2 - gigantic bowl of lettuce cucumbers tomatoes carrots ham turkey eggs bacon and about 1.5 tsp honey mustard. Hubby and I went out to “our” little spot to grab some good food. I had a gigantic salad that I could not finish but it was so good. I was craving their club sandwich but i’m finally feeling better and I didn’t want to upset my stomach again… so their chef salad was basically the same thing without the bread. The waiter thought I was crazy when I asked him to bring out the honey mustard on the side with a spoon. I used the spoon to measure out how much I was going to drizzle on just to have hint of a taste. So before whole 30 I was a 2-3 tumbler of honey mustard kind of girl, especially theirs because it is home made. So good! The 1.5 tsp was just enough for the taste with out over powering the taste of the veggies on the salad. After about 2/3 of the salad I heard myself say I’m full. I stopped my fork in mid air and set down the bite. It was so good but I’m learning to stop when I’m full now no matter how wonderful the food was or how wasteful it feels. I’m certain the ham, turkey, bacon were not sugar free and I know the honey mustard wasn’t but I made that choice knowingly with out guilt worry or shame. I just had an extreme three hour cardio workout and I felt great tonight. I was excited about the salad and having all the taste of my favorite food without the havoc wreaking effects of gluten. Win win!
  28. learning40

    Almost40, First Whole30

    Wrapping up a full week now. I struggled a little this evening with wanting to find something sweet after dinner, but I think that's part of recognizing how many bad choices have become habit/default behaviors. I was also kind of weepy and extra hungry today, and wanting sweet stuff is typical for me every few I suspect this is all connected. The good news is I stayed on track today, and hopefully this phase will pass quickly. B: Fried eggs over grilled onion, red peppers and potatoes. I was very hungry when I woke up and needed something different for breakfast today. This was very hearty and satisfying. L: Salad with chicken and avocado; Tessamae's avocado ranch; celery and almond butter; honeydew. D: Salmon with roasted cauliflower and broccoli; watermelon.
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