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  2. Good morning @LadyLisbette! Are you familiar with Sara Ballantyne? She must've been reading our thread; I had this article in my email this morning: I find her research to be impartial, thorough and like that she includes a bibliography so you can read her reference material for yourself if you want to. I'm on the downhill side of my W30 now: Day 16! Unfortunately, I managed to hurt myself last night WATCHING A MOVIE! I did something to my foot, I guess, as a result of the funky way I was sitting on the sofa. I got up to go to bed and almost couldn't walk. It hurt A LOT so I got out of bed around midnight so I wouldn't keep my husband awake and took some ibuprofen, iced and elevated it and slathered it with an anti-inflammatory gel I had in the medicine cabinet. It's swollen but better this morning. I was going to go to an urgent care but decided that since it was better, I'd keep doing what I was doing and go see ortho tomorrow if I need to. I was so proud of myself for getting my 10K steps in yesterday even though all I wanted to do was take a nap (and I never nap- I'm terrible at it). I walked our driveway and up around the house to make a little loop and played with the medicine ball on each lap. Then...drumroll, please...I took a nice long tub soak with some amazing bath salts, guitar music, a glass of elderberry kombucha and the fourth Earthsea book- heaven. Squeaky got comfy on the bathmat next to me and kept me company the whole time, too. Then I hurt myself siting on the sofa. Doh! I had the privilege of not leaving the house yesterday and that was great! I puttered around and did a little of this and that. We had picked up some produce and chicken pieces parts on the way home Friday so I'm set for a small cook-up today after we go watch the Saint's game. I spent a big hunk of yesterday morning trying to come up with an appetizer and a couple of vegetable side dishes for our Christmas party. Our hostess sent out a list of what people were bringing and, except for the prime rib, I can't eat ANY OF ITI!!! I don't want to duplicate what someone else is bringing (green salad, sweet potatoes) and I want something appropriately festive. This is the first time I've had a major holiday event during a W30 and it's being more difficult that I thought. I had a major pout-fest and seriously questioned why I was doing this when I saw the menu but I got over it after a couple of hours and decided to view it as a challenge to get creative. Now create, damnit!! Time to get moving, or hobbling, as the case may be. Plan, plan, plan so I'm eating before we go to watch the ball game. Have a marvelous day!
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  4. hollysmokes

    hollysmokes log

    Thanks! Saturday, Dec 7, Day 15: "A date which will live in infamy..." Thinking of all of the people that died that day as well as the recent shooting victims. Sleep: 6h 45m + 1h 14m awake= 8h 1m in bed M1: 3 boiled eggs w mayo, cherry tomatoes, fermented peppers M2: pan-seared chicken breast diced and added to broccoli, cherry tomatoes w ranch dressing- made enough for both of us this time! M3: surf (trigger fish) and turf (sirloin) w blistered green beans Steps: 10,175 Yay! and that included 4 trips up the driveway with some medicine ball fun in between each trip Halfway and it's flying by!
  5. Good Morning Whole30 Family My name is Michael and I am so looking forward to beginning the #JanuaryWhole30 with all of you. This will be my second Whole30 journey. The first time my life was totally transformed...Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. I am a Believer in Jesus and He used this program to snatch me from depression, hopelessness, and 3 addictions! The mistake I made, which I do not intend to make this time, is that I did not Reintroduce. Whole30 made such an impact on my life I did not want to change anything and said "Heck with Whole 30, I am Whole Life"...Then July 4th came and went and after indulging in Pizza and Beer, my life slipped back into my old ways. Here I am again in depression and addictions. NOT AGAIN! I am now convinced that Reintroduction is as, if not more important than the initial reset. I look forward to building an eating plan that works for me and making new friends and building relationships with many here. Here we go! Never looking back, Michael
  6. CannaBoy


    Hi @ShannonM816, Thank you for your response and these cool resources...I will check them out. You are correct about not having to purchase books and RP...I like cookbooks and will most likely keep them. The appeal of the RP program for me is not so much to tell me what to eat (I like to decide that), rather to automate the translating the ingredient list including amounts of all the recipes for the week into a summation grocery list, the calendar function, the search function, etc. I think I will go the initial 30 days without RealPlans (one less thing to manage), and see if this works for me. Then look to RealPlans in the going forward. It would be nice though if in the future Whole30 could include the recipes from the cookbooks into RealPlans as this would be an awesome mix for those who want to invest in the books and use the automation. Looking forward to #JanuaryWhole30! Cheers, Michael
  7. theresaw1709

    Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life here’s the shopping list for nightshades and egg free whole30. But you can of course use eggs as well.
  8. theresaw1709

    Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life

    Hey @LAshley! I’m preparing to start whole30 soon too!! I did it once Blackmon September and o can’t wait to feel as amazing as I did back then!! Don’t worry about eggs, if you’re not usually sensitive to them it shouldn’t bother you! At least it didn’t bother me. About your concern with nightshades, there’s actually a PDF on Whole30 without nightshades... I’ll try to link it on here but if I can’t just type in nightshades and I’m pretty sure it’ll lead you to the whole30 shopping list... YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It may be hard but the results are so worth it.
  9. theresaw1709

    Beans and break-outs

    Thank you @ladyshanny!! I didn’t even see this comment until now!!
  10. ShannonM816


    Either of the options you mentioned would work, it just depends on what you really need. Do you enjoy looking at cookbooks and planning your meals for the week, making grocery lists for yourself? Or do you want a program that tells you what to eat and makes the grocery list for you? You don't actually have to buy cookbooks or use Realplans, you could do a whole30 using recipes you find online, doing your own meal planning, either old school with a pen and paper or a free meal planning site/app that you'd probably have to input recipes into. If you want to try to come up with your own meal plans, here is one description of a way to do meal planning: Here's another option: So, all that probably didn't give you a clear answer, but this is really something you'll have to figure out for yourself, because what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone.
  11. Amanda Miller

    New here

    Hello, i figured I would introduce myself I just happen to find this place while looking through the options and such for paleo. My health is having huge troubles - I was on the path of self destruction and didnt even know it. Recently went to my doctor he said if i didnt change my eating habits now i was going to be a diabetic. well, naturally at first it scared the crap out of me. he suggests exercise (naturally) and then he suggested Paleo thinking it would be the easier way for me to adjust and get my sugar into a better place. because my numbers are on the high side. so he told me find a group online or a place to go, but make sure this is your decision and not just because i am recommending it, because if it is just because of the recommendation then you may give up on it. Well , I thought long and hard about it. and I decided I dont wanna destroy my life any longer with things that are bad for me. I wanna do better and get out of this whole idea of looking at being a diabetic. So , I want to take the advice get the help that i need to get through it. i have read the main part of the whole thirty website, i know there is alot more to read, and I am going to keep reading after i post this. Now, onto a little about me other than health, I am from south eastern michigan, I love sports, and used to love being outside. i wanna get back to all the things that i do love. and I dont want nothing to get me down like this again. I have decided in my mind and in my heart this is something I really want to do. " I dont wanna say i slipped , because i am not going to land face first into the pizza) so youll prolly see me here on and off I may ask questions at times. but alot of this makes sense and is really self explanatory and I am really enjoying what I have read so far. the diet makes alot of sense, and I am not going to get bored of it from how it sounds. anyway, thanks for reading my post and have a great evening or day, whenever someone reads this..
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  13. Elizabeth33

    hollysmokes log

    Your doing a great job and you will figure out that event and stay compliant, sending helpful vibes.
  14. Elizabeth33

    Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life

    Welcome and have a great whole30
  15. CannaBoy


    Hi. I just purchased 4 cookbooks and am looking forward to using them. I then went to Realplans and my understanding is that all of these recipes are not included int the application. So if there are many recipes I like from the cookbooks and they are not in the program then I am going to be manually loading in a bunch of stuff. I like the idea of automation but if I still need to do a bunch of manual entry then I may either return the books and use what is in the program, or not subscribe to the program. Anyone else run into this issue? Is there a feasible resolution? Thanks, Michael
  16. hollysmokes

    hollysmokes log

    Friday, Dec 6, Day 14: Had a slight hissy fit and pouted for about two hours last night when I realized that I can eat nothing except the prime rib at an upcoming Christmas party/wine tasting. Nothing! It kinda took the wind out of my Tiger Blood sails but I'm trying to put my big girl pants on and come up with an hors d' oeuvre and veg side dishes that I can eat, everyone else will enjoy and won't be a duplicate of something that's already there. I'm glad I have a couple of weeks to brainstorm because I'm drawing a blank. Anyway... Sleep: 6h 41m + 1h 35m awake= 8h 17m in bed 20 minutes of weights (forgot to document 20 minutes of mobility yesterday morning) M1: same + fermented radishes M2: same as M3 yesterday M3: pan-seared chicken breast diced and added to broccoli, cherry tomatoes and green onion w ranch dressing- delicious and gorgeous enough that my husband was jealous that he only had steamed broccoli w cheese to go with his chicken Steps: 8,954 I need to start checking my steps late in the evening- it would have been a good mental boost to get another 47 steps in! That's two days in a row!
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  18. hollysmokes

    hollysmokes log

    Thursday, Dec 5, Lucky Day 13: Sleep: 6h 53m + 1h 7m awake= 8h in bed Would have liked a little more sleep but the fact that I was only awake for an hour is great! M1: same w fermented dilly beans M2: Sous vide dark meat turkey (again! and totally over it) and cauli mash w better butter sm handful of cashews and blueberry drinking vinegar w soda M3: meatloaf muffins and sauteed brussels sprouts I remembered to add collagen to my tea tonight! Steps: 7,988 One more trip up and down the stairs and, at least I would have broken 8K
  19. littleg

    Pre-Workout Meal- Confused!

    @LindaLeeWell it sounds like you've got all of this thought through! Good luck with your training
  20. ShannonM816

    Using salted clarified butter

    You can, but as it cooks down, it can end up concentrated and even more salty than just salted butter. My preference is a mix of salted and unsalted, but if you have salted and want to use it, you can try it. Remember to cut back on the salt you add to dishes you use it in.
  21. LAshley

    Day 18 & I could be falling apart!

    I hope cutting down potatoes and tomato sauce worked for you. Did it? Were you able to complete the program? I'm just starting and I know I have a sensitivity to at least some nightshades. I'm really hoping I can get away with tomatoes. Anyway, hope everything worked out and that you are still making gains!!
  22. I'm starting Whole30 with my fiance this coming Monday. We've been preparing for a few weeks, trying out different milks for coffee creamer, practicing Whole30 meals, incorporating a Time Restricted Eating schedule, etc. I'm excited by all the good reviews, but also nervous. We've tried a few different lifestyles including AIP. We generally eat well, having learned so much with AIP. However, a mistake we seem to always make is staying consistent. We would get 2-3 weeks in and then reward ourselves with a pizza or Jack in the Box. I think that has prevented me from ever really seeing results in decreased inflammation. I'm hoping that by committing to Whole 30, along with a few other combined restrictions, we can finally do this. Completely. Without any falling off the wagon. Also, what about eggs? I dont think I have sensitivity to eggs, I love them. But I'm scared of wasting my time with this commitment only to find out 1-2 months down the road that eggs were a major culprit the whole time. But I also dont want to give them up if I dont have to. Do alot of Whole30ers with inflammation end up finding they need to cut out eggs? Also, can there be variability to reactions to nightshades? I've never noticed anything with tomatoes or eggplants. But I have immediate reactions to anything with chili powder, paprika, cayenne, or peppers. Unfortunately. My cheeks and ears get red and painful, and I start forming telangiectasia on my cheeks. Anyway, super excited about beginning this journey and joining this community!
  23. Jubi

    Using salted clarified butter

    Is there any reason why you can't use salted butter when making clarified butter at home?
  24. ShannonM816

    New to Whole30 and On Day 5

    There are herbal teas with no caffeine, maybe some of those, either hot or iced? Just double check your ingredients, some teas have stevia, soy, or even gluten-containing grains like barley or rye. There are some whole30 mocktails that might be nice occasionally as well:
  25. I've read that about cruciferous vegetables as well but have never followed up on it. A quick look brought up this: which has a nice explanation and I also saw an Mayo article that said it would take very high consumption for it to be a problem but they didn't define "high consumption". I should have questioned her more but I found it curious that my eye doctor asked me if I ate a lot of kale. I told her that I eat green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables at least once a day and almost always more than that. She said she could tell by the health of my eyes; they were very clear. I hate to generalize, but as a laboratory professional, many physicians are sorely lacking the knowledge to order and interpret labs. They aren't taught it in medical school and have to just pick it up along the way- hardly a good approach. Thyroid function testing is one of those areas that if often not done properly. It's probably more information than you want, but take a look at "Stop The Thyroid Madness" if you want more information about it. There are other tests that should be ordered along with a TSH for it to truly be a useful diagnostic tool. Your "weekend" is where you find it! I rotated through working weekends (usually every other, or every 3rd) for most of my career and, even though I missed out on some events, it was usually nice to have the time off during the week to get things done because you avoid the crowds. You're breakfast sounds lovely. I get the motormouth thing. For me, it's filling a void and trying to do "something" to help. When my dad was dying I channeled it into cooking for everybody and cleaning the kitchen. There wasn't anything I could do for him at that stage so I filled the void by doing for the people I love that were there. Aside from my dad, and his disease progressed so quickly (and from afar), I also have had no experience with terminal illnesses in people that are close to me. It can be hard enough to face the consequences of it at work and I don't even know the patients who have so generously consented to allow me to preserve their cells for research "for the good of mankind".
  26. Hello one and all! My name is Lori and I live in North Carolina. Today is day 5 of my husband and I doing Whole30. We WERE doing Paleo and doing a great job until *insert dramatic music* the holidays hit. We were doing Paleo for weight loss but are doing Whole30 for health. If weight loss comes with it...score! I have read It Starts with Food and LOVED it! There are many dog eared pages, hand written notes & highlighted lines! It's wonderfully written! I'm also using Whole30 Day by Day. I'm a very visual person so that book is great for me. For recipes I'm using a cookbook called Cook Once Eat All Week by Cassy Joy Garcia (but the recipes don't last a week LOL). The menus are inexpensive, adaptable for whatever diet you're on and easy to follow. I was using this cookbook when we were doing Paleo. We have yet to have a recipe that we don't all love. Neither of us have had a slip up (no big deal, just day 5 HA) but I am SUPER tired of water, coffee & tea. We're sticking to no caffeine after 12:00pm which is leaving us with water for the remainder of the day (I REALLY miss having my glass of skim milk with my dinner *sniffle*). I don't like sparkling water so that takes out a huge alternative choices. I do drink fruit infused water but...I'm just tired of water. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  27. hollysmokes

    hollysmokes log

    Wednesday, Dec 4, Day 12: Sleep: 7h 17m + 1h 29m awake=8h 39m in bed actually slept well but my husband tossed and turned and kept me from falling asleep for an hour or so. 20 minutes stretching/mobility M1 same as Monday with fermented radishes M2: same as Tuesday Went to a friend's graduation and didn't have any of the gorgeous Russian cake his wife brought. Or the liquor-filled dark chocolates or the Champagne! The whole room smelled like sugar! I wonder if anyone noticed besides me? cashews- wasn't hungry just snacky M3: pork chop with Bavarian seasoning and sugar snaps sauteed in oo. Had CBD/chamomile/lemongrass tea after dinner same as Tuesday (forgot to doc) -added some hibiscus flowers this time but forgot to add a second serving of collagen. I haven't documented it but I have two cups of black coffee every morning (usually 3 on the weekend) and add collagen to one cup. Also have about 4 oz kombucha every day. Sometimes a little more, sometimes less. Also try to remember to do a gut shot every day but that's hit or miss! Steps: 8,767 better...
  28. On the subject of sleep, i've been thinking that it's hard enough to share the bed with my husband and both of us sleep well, let alone add a couple of kittens to the mix...we delighted in their company last night for a while, then surrendered, and had to lock them out. We were both sad to do it, but we will try to find time for snuggles with them and are not willing to let it bug our sleep! Wah. Meanwhile, I sympathize with you when you say, We're pretty good about going to our separate beds when it's really bad, and since we upgraded to a King size bed it is better, and we have more nights together. FOr my part, since I realized that eggs are the issue and not coffee, I've been back "on" with it, and enjoying it, but I have to be careful to stop before noon in order to avoid compensating later with a sleep aid...I just know better...and yet, if coffee is my only vice, I tend to indulge... Hey, congrats on that weight loss! Yay! You are on a path of discovery with that congestion...I know you'll keep me posted on what you learn! Today is your lucky day - LUCKY 13! I keep meaning to peek in on your log to learn more and will do that soon... Tomorrow I'm hosting a breakfast meeting with a good friend, and I'm making turkey apple sausage patties, Nom Nom's warm brussels sprout slaw with citrus Asian dressing which I love but haven't made in a long time, and maybe sweet potato mash if I have time, and for my friend, some toasted olive bread, which I turned her onto, and that she loves...I will abstain from the bread. I guess I'm jonesing to make a late, Thanksgiving-ish meal, since I didn't do any of that this year! I also picked up some simple biscotti, and some organic raspberries and dark chocolate for a treat, and look forward to having her over. She just lost a best friend to cancer, and unfortunately this friend also just got a cancer diagnosis: breast cancer on both sides. I am challenged, and humbled because my experience with this kind of illness is 99% with strangers with whom I can pretty easily go to a universal place, and hold space for them, and be present, unwavered. It is SO MUCH harder with a loved one, and I am feeling all of my attachments and worries and fear, grief, I am psyching myself to just be present, and keep my mouth shut and let her do the talking because the first time I saw her since I got her news (this will be the second time) I noticed I turned into was weird, I observed it, and it was like I couldn't control it. So tomorrow I will SHUT UP. We'll see how that goes. Just love her so. I had a great morning, doing the things that most people do on the weekends, stripping the bed, laundry, housework, cooking, and of course playing with the cats. And drinking lots of coffee. The chili is delicious with sweet potatoes, black beans, and for fun some garbanzos which looks weird but tastes good. I love the bright flavor and color of the kashmiri chili powder and I got it just right for my mild palate'd husband - it's not TOO hot. That makes him cranky when it's too hot. The patties will be a triple batch, so that should hold me for awhile...we also have shrimp patties on the horizon soon, and some pollock burgers. Oh, my follow up was to go over labs as my LDL cholesterol is high for the first time, but also pretty much cancelled out by good cholesterol. My thyroid is also a little high, and so we will do labs again in three months to see if it is steadily going higher. I read that raw cruciferous vegetables can spike TSH, do you know anything about that? While we're at it, we will also be looking for food allergies. The high TSH had me a little worried, but I don't have any symptoms except that it's hard to lose weight, even when I'm really, really trying...of course my efforts there just began in earnest two or three weeks ago so I'll just monitor. I do feel really motivated right now, training for our big hike, and also to see if I can get my LDL down, even though it's not concerning. Having labs on the horizon in three months is also something to shoot for, in the shorter term than the August hike...and that will bring me to about the Vernal Equinox or a little sooner, so I'm going to make that work for me. So far so good! I'm feeling less puffy, and less inflamed, but it's too soon for clothes to fit better - I hope to be there soon.
  29. TriciaLeigh

    Whole 30 Journal - Weeks 1 and 2

    I was hoping to find some others that were starting during the holiday. I’ve reached out to a coach and she urged me to really think about if I wanted to start this time of year. My gut is telling me YES do it! But my logical brain is saying maybe you should just wait. But you know I think I’m just going to go for it! CoffeeLover and LittleG did you already start?
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