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  3. FairyL0u

    Whole30 Pre & Post InBody Scans

    Just a thought - given that W30 is not necessarily a weight loss plan, could it be that the small increase in body fat is actually an health improvement? 9.2% body fat is still pretty low....
  4. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    DONE!!! today: up at 04:15 to move a swarm of bees that've moved into our bait-hive. Run= 5.5 miles as the sun popped up , bike = 10 miles 1. Eggs, Shrooms, left over roast spud 2. Chicken salad 3. Chicken & roast veg.... Not really fussed about changing much food-wise today, one more home sleep & a hotel sleep until holiday time....
  5. Firstly, I’d like to point out that you’re not fat, and you don’t have a lot to lose. You’re already at a healthy BMI. Expecting the whole 30 to result in magic weight loss -when it’s not technically a weight loss program and you don’t have a lot to lose- is not realistic. You need to manage your expectations. If you are experiencing genuine bloating, see a professional. An actual MD.
  6. That is so frustrating, particularly when you feel like you had some good momentum going - I remember attempting the W30 a few months back and was foiled but a different event, and felt pretty bummed....and eventually got around to thinking that I at least built up my W30 muscle (like with any practice) and got through (arguably) the toughest days of the W30, which is often the first half... So holding the dialectical approach - it sucks...AND you just spent a solid 16-17 days giving a the great gift of nourishment and care to your body!
  7. SusanMarks

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hey Laura! Really excited for you and your Whole30 journey! I commend you and your ultimate goal for doing Whole30 - to not only finish but take steps toward truly changing your relationship with food! Bravo! That's what its all about! Couple of thoughts. Having your WHY very clearly outlined is so powerful and serves as that "true north" you can go back to on the tough days. Mentally preparing ourselves is as important as preparing our kitchens and prepping food! If you take the time to think ahead about what you'll do and how you'll handle tough days (call someone, hop on the forum and share where you're at, have some fool proof options to fall back on, etc) will be super helpful. Focus on all the gains Whole30 has to offer rather than focusing on what you're giving up for the 30 days + reintroduction. Know that there will be days that you may literally have to boss your brain! Its not uncommon to find ourselves mentally battling as our brains will do everything they can to convince us to give it what it wants. Focus on savoring experiences beyond food. Sometimes we can be far too focused on the food and forget to incorporate an attitude of savoring and seeing the abundance in the whole experience of life and what we're accomplishing in taking steps toward changing our health! And definitely plan to do reintroduction! It will help solidify all the hard work and fresh new healthy habits you've developed! Best!
  8. C_Cezeaux

    Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?

    I had started on June 10th, but got knocked out of the program this week by an ugly bug and resulting treatment. If I've counted right, should be done with meds around the 1st, would love to join in and try to regain the forward momentum I had going. I've done W30 a few times before, know the positive results it can bring about and am badly in need of them.
  9. I've been out for a few days, will have to restart my restart due to health issue - what is happening with everyone?
  10. Well. I am in the sad position of having to start my W30 over after I finish the round of antibiotics I am currently on. At least there were no steroids this time. It's been a very unpleasant week for me so far. :-( I will be keeping as close to the program as I can while I finish up, just discouraged to be taken out by a random bug and resulting infection. Hopefully I will regain my excitement and motivation to get my reset accomplished as I start to feel better.
  11. SusanMarks

    Sunflower protein powder

    hey @Samantha Ribeiro I agree with what sugarcubeOD shared. While smoothies and protein powders are not recommended on Whole30 and strongly discouraged, it is not a hard fast rule. The biggest reason Whole30 encourages real food over drinking our food is that the process of chewing food instead of drinking it helps accomplish a greater level of satiation and keeps us connected to the concept of choosing to consume real whole foods as opposed to quick drinks, fast foods, and not nutrient dense options. The other issue with protein powders is the number of ingredients that are typically found in the ingredient list. After looking into the Sunflower protein powder options, I only found a couple that were pure sunflower seed protein. All the others had quinoa, pea protein, coconut sugars, and monk fruit extract among other things which are all off limits while on a Whole30. It is simply better to rely on whole sources of protein over powders.
  12. Laura of The Great White North

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hello!! My name is Laura and I will be starting my first Whole30 on Monday July 8th. My ultimate goal is to finish and my other goal is to take the first steps towards truly changing my relationship with food. Food has been my drug for almost my entire life. I know that in order to be successful I will have to learn how to be uncomfortable and so I am gearing up to deal with all the suck that is going to come with it. I am looking forward to and dreading this experience all at the same time. I appreciate any suggestions or advice anyone might have. Thank you!
  13. Richard Brownkatz

    Can I have D-Ribose>

    Thank you.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Pandora Black

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Day 27 I'm out of eggs so I had chicken breast and Brussels sprouts for breakfast. Also I was looking at old photos and I’m amazed at how much thinner my face looks. Look at this! before After
  16. Aliem999

    Allison's Whole 30 Log

    Day 29 (Tuesday) - writing this on day 30 so yay! Though I am definitely extending it to hopefully 60 days, but I am committing to 45. I will definitely weigh in and measure and such tomorrow so I have the 30 day results though. Not sure how today was way worse than Monday, but also a crazy day. We have interns now and I forgot how much time they take out of your day. It's good. I definitely like talking about my job and such, but we are still pretty busy with actual work so it's not the best timing. Breakfast (8:30 AM): sauteed sweet peppers, chorizo patties, strawberries with coconut Lunch (12:00 PM): Back to the "cobb" salad with lettuce, carrots, red onion, eggs, bacon and this time primal ranch. Dinner (7:30 PM): Chipotle bowl. I forgot to ask for extra cilantro, but still good.
  17. Aliem999

    Allison's Whole 30 Log

    Day 28 (Monday) I thought this week would slow down. Apparently not. The day was very hectic at work. I am looking forward to next week when most of my team will be on vacation. My walking goals have not been good, but I am hoping the second half I can ramp it up. Breakfast (8:30 AM): sauteed sweet peppers, chorizo patties, strawberries with coconut Lunch (12:00 PM): Back to the "cobb" salad with lettuce, carrots, red onion, eggs, bacon and this time primal ranch. Dinner (7:30 PM): Chipotle bowl. I forgot to ask for extra cilantro, but still good.
  18. itswhitneybitch

    Starting Today Solo!

    Hi Everyone! Today I am starting my whole 30 for the first time without my husband. Would love to hear some advice, comments, tips etc. for others who have experienced doing the whole30 by themselves. He is genuinely supportive of me, willing to go to farmer's markets and cook with me, eat my meals and etc. but was just wondering other peoples experiences and would love to connect further with this amazing community! Happy Whole 30! - Whitney
  19. SugarcubeOD

    Sunflower protein powder

    Nuts and seeds are meant to be limited so this would not be the best choice and smoothies/shakes are discouraged so again, not a great choice. You can find both items in this article and the official stance on them
  20. Samantha Ribeiro

    Sunflower protein powder

    So people are asking me if they can have sunflower protein powder shake? Its from protein extract from the sunflower seed raw. Or during whole30 should we just not have any powder meal?
  21. Day 6 and i'm still struggling with coffee. I miss my creamer!
  22. Thank you @Jihanna! Appreciate the feedback... good to know it's normal. How's the rest of the crew doing!? Day 3 here and things seem to be getting a bit better and I'm actually enjoying black coffee again. . Hope everyone's doing well.
  23. Jihanna

    Psychiatry meds

    I have to agree with this. Early in sobriety, regardless of what you're trying to leave behind, a plan this strict is not likely the best idea unless you live in a place that provides only Whole30 meals and restricts access to junk. It's also not a thing to jump into just after med changes (as Pandora mentioned) because time should be given for stabilization first. I'd definitely suggest anyone on meds or working through sobriety speak first with their doctor, therapist, or at least support group before starting this type of journey... and depending on situation, a gradual shift toward full compliance could be a great idea to help acclimate and avoid some of the anxiety that could be involved otherwise.
  24. Hello, all I'm not with you on your timeline here, but saw that there was some early nausea, which can definitely happen as your body is detoxing from everything that we leave out for Whole30. My first few days were pretty hellish, in fact, and one day in particular I spend in bed surviving on very little apart from pain meds and nausea meds... but getting past that was worth it, and the start of round 2 was much easier Good luck to you all!
  25. Pandora Black

    Psychiatry meds

    I’m bipolar and I was hospitalized during my first real attempt at a whole 30. But I wasn’t on enough antidepressants for me and I’d just had a med change before I began. Ultimately in the end when I finally was near to completing a round (I’m on day 27) my moods improved exponentially. Just make sure to get your starchy carbs in every day, and be prepared to adjust meds. One thing I’ll say is I’d never recommend this for early sobriety. I’m a former opioid addict, I could NEVER have done this earlier.
  26. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    1. eggs and shroooms 2. chicken salad 3. pork chops w/leeks, more shrooms, bacon, green beans, b sprouts, etc..... hairdresser Bike - 10.5 miles, did run 7 miles yesterday and it was very sweaty 2 sleeps and a hotel sleep then holidays - SO EXCITED
  27. Pandora Black

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    I feel you. I’m so sick of Whole 30 food right now. I literally cannot even look at an egg. I am sick of meat at every meal. I’m even a little sick of coconut. I’m looking forward to food freedom.
  28. Pandora Black

    Swapples and Beyond Meat

    Beyond meat is definitely not compliant, I wish. It’s not even very healthy tbh.
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