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    What I would suggest is to take a few days or a week and do some planning and reflection. There are lots of planning tips here: -- pay attention especially to the part about coming up with if/then statements. It can also be helpful to write down why you are doing whole30. This could include very specific things, like a particular pain you have, some acne or eczema or psoriasis you hope may clear up, or it could be things like having more energy, improved workouts, or even a sense of accomplishment for making a commitment to yourself and following through on it. Keep this list somewhere that you can refer to it when you're tired or frustrated or thinking about stopping so you can remember why you're doing this. In addition, think about why you have stopped in the past and what could have prevented that. When you stopped whole30, was there a reason? Were you hungry? Review the meal planning template and be sure you were eating enough. Were you bored with your food? Find some recipes to try, or even take extra time before you really get started again to try some recipes with a goal of finding some you know you like so you're not just trying new recipes the whole time and hoping you like them. Were you overwhelmed by all the cooking? Find some easy meals to fall back on -- scrambled eggs with spinach or zucchini or peppers and onions with a side of avocado; a can of tuna mixed with mayo or avocado or olive oil, dumped on a big pile of salad vegetables; or a burger patty or two (I keep frozen ones one hand all the time) with a bag of frozen steamable vegetables cooked and mixed with whatever salad dressing or sauce you have on hand. Figure out why you stopped before, and plan how to deal with that.
  4. Jihanna

    Should I eat more starchy veggies?

    Where you are in your cycle definitely makes a difference, and part of figuring out how yours affects you is in the trial and error. If you're feeling crappy with fewer carbs, boosting starchy veggies is a good way to counter that. I absolutely have to alter what I eat based on where I am in my hormonal cycle AND based on how I'm feeling emotionally (I'm diagnosed bipolar and have found that boosting my carbs a little here and there can definitely help keep me balanced). In terms of changing based on cycle, I've learned that my own body benefits from increasing both protein and starchy carbs leading up to and especially during that week, with a bit more focus than usual on making sure I'm getting plenty of iron and vitamin C (not from supplements, but from the food on my plate). In general, that week sees me hungrier and more easily tired, so I do my best to counter those effects by boosting intake appropriately. I've also learned that WHEN I eat starchy carbs matters... a lot. Morning starch is good for me because it helps me push out to lunch without snacking and generally helps me feel balanced overall, and dinner starch works for me because it helps me sleep better. If I eat starchy veggies between noon and 3, though, I guarantee you I'll be ready to pass out by 5pm if not earlier. There's room to maneuver in this, and if you're wanting to become fat-adapted for long-term effects, that tells me that you're in it to make long-term changes to your lifestyle... that means you've got time for the trial and error as you find what works best for your individual body so you can get the best possible effects without feeling boneless during your cycle
  5. Newbie 59


    I am having a hard time keeping this up. I am good for a few days and then I go back to my bad food choices - m,ainly cheese and chips!! What can I do?
  6. KiwiKendra

    KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand

    UPDATE copied from my own Facebook page on 1st October 2019: Okay so Whole30 turned into Whole27.I fell off the wagon for a chip butty! Lots of butter on white bread and a big squirt of tomato sauce!!! Wtf. I didnt even enjoy it and I got indigestion afterwards.I'm not beaten though as now I understand the pull that food had on me. I no longer need to have a biscuit every time I have a cup of tea. I enjoy coffee without milk and sugar.I know now that cooking wasnt an issue it was my own laziness. I need to prep meals so that I have healthy emergency food on standby. I can drive past the dairy without stopping off to get a bar of Whittakers Chocolate. Milk makes me cough in the mornings. I CAN make Mayo, I like Cauliflower rice and love Broccoli soup. Oh, and i think I've gone off eggs. Sugar is in most foods at the supermarket and its liberating to shop for the healthy stuff on the outer rim and not so much of the crap in the middle aisles. I lost 6kgs somewhere and I feel more alive, sleep like a log most nights and when I next go to the movies I wont buy a massive family pack of peanut M & Ms....I'll get a small bag and eat em realllllll slow. Woohoo!!!! THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW: Why am I my own worst enemy? I go through all of that, and here I am now, wide awake in the middle of the night. I've slid down that very slippery slope and have to claw my way back again.... just saying......
  7. KiwiKendra

    KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand

    oh really?? but I was going by the recipe that says you need to use it within a few days. I'll start r
  8. Angelia

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    Well, now that you mention it, I'm not sure either...? I read the WHOLE30 book and that is what it suggests to get your body amped up and ready to start burning. In my mind running is a workout, so I was looking for ways for me to get in a pre-workout meal. I've been running routinely for about 5 years prior to my W30 and never had anything to eat prior to running, but if it would help my performance, my energy, my fat burning/muscle building then I was ready to try it. As stated, I've thus far not figured out something that works for me - so maybe I DON'T need this piece! How eye-opening! Thank you so much for your input, @slc_melissa and @True Primal !! At ease!
  9. laura_juggles

    Should I eat more starchy veggies?

    The only thing you can do is increase your starchy carbs and see what happens. Most people do well to have at least one fist-sized serving per day.
  10. RajinderSingh

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Hi This is my first day here.
  11. Day 4 I have been having carb withdrawal symptoms: hungry even right after eating, craving bread (even tho I don’t even like bread), brain fog (like drunk but without the high), irritability, really tired around 2-5... I had more carbs and I feel much better... But will increasing my carbs prevent me from getting fat adapted? Part of my wanting to do this is to get fat adapted. I don’t want to be “in ketosis” I just want to be able to switch from burning sugar to burning fat without any pain or hunger. To go 6 hours between meals if I have to, to be able to dip into my fat reserves and eventually lose weight... you know that kinda thing. (P.s I am also on day 3 of my period if that matters) For dinner I had: Shrimp scampi (a whole cup of shrimp but I left most of the oil in the pan) 2 tomatoes (raw, eaten out of hand while cooking) Butternut squash with gee and dates (mimics my grandma’a recipe with butter and brown sugar- 1 cup serving had maybe 1 date and maybe 1 the gee) I fee SOOO much better then lunch which was: Breakfast was: 3 eggs Mushrooms (1 cup?) Onion (1/2 med) Bell peppers (2 small) Tomatoes (2) Avacado (1/2) Coffee with Thai kitchen type coconut milk Lunch: 1 can tuna 1/2 avacado 2 tomatoes (compari) Cucumber (maybe 2 inches?) Bell pepper (2 mini) Blue and raspberries mixed Berries (about 1/2 cup) with coconut cream Snack: 1/2 Apple with almond butter I was like pull my hair out I’m gonna die starving between meals!!!
  12. Yesterday
  13. I'm in if you want an accountability buddy. I've completed 3 successful whole 30s, and my body desperately needs it again!
  14. True Primal

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    If fitness is a hobby and you're not struggling to keep weight on, I'm not sure why you think you need a preworkout meal for running. Have you tried just eating after? Post-workout nutrition spike for recovery/rebuild seems more important there.
  15. Hello! I also starting on the 21st. My name is Anissa. My boyfriend and I are currently in the Dominican having an AMAZING time, but I can already tell I need a reset when I get home. Joe has done a Whole30 with my before. He's choosing not to this time, and I'm OK with that. He is still super supportive. He has a lot of dietary restrictions anyway, which is why he did one before. So we eat fairly "Whole30" anyway. This will be my 3rd Whole30. Always resets my body and my thinking. I've never actually done the reintroduction portion. Which seems kind of nuts. I don't think I have many (if any) food restrictions. I stay away from "carbs" as a general rule as I come from a family of raging diabetics. But so far, my blood sugars have been OK. I could lose weight. 30 lbs in a perfect world, probably 20lbs realistically. I am a 44 year old mother of 2 (17 & 19). I've run 2 full marathons and countless 1/2 marathons (not fast. Lol) I definitely drink more alcohol than I should. Whole30 is always a perfect reset for me. We'll by home on Sunday (NY) and I will head out to do my shopping and meal prep. Until then, I will continue to enjoy these last few amazing days in paradise! I look forward to having a support group on the forum. I've always read, but never really contributed. Figured since I'm going this one alone, it would be a good time to connect with people. Cheers!! Aniss
  16. love2tango

    Boars head meats

    Super handy ingredient site here . Boars Head Simplicity all Natural Cap Off Top Round Oven Roasted beef ingredients are beef, salt, pepper, garlic.
  17. Angelia

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    Very good point, thank you! I guess I've been thinking almonds = peanuts, and "everyone" is always talking about eating peanuts for protein. Everyone except the W30 tribe! Thank you for the excellent suggestions. I love sweet potatoes and can certainly work with that. The protein is pricey, but looks ideal for my purposes. I have a hand-held immersion blender and I'm not afraid to use it. I'll give this a go next week!
  18. Neophiyte

    Started Yesterday

    I am dreaming of food now... I dreamt I drove 2 hours to get pirogi and sat down to realize that I can't have it...
  19. I had a great Whole30 experience. Felt amazing and all my bloating and digestive issues went away. YAY. I'm now on about Day 44 of Whole30 eating and I'm having extremely painful gas in my stomach and the pain goes up into my shoulder. I have no gall bladder and have been having phantom gall bladder pains. I'm assuming the high fat in the program is starting to affect my digestive system. Has anyone else with no gall bladder experienced this and if so any tips on what to do? Digestive Enzymes maybe?
  20. ladyshanny

    Beans and break-outs

    Hi @theresaw1709 - where are you in your menstrual cycle? Normally breakouts around the mouth and chin are hormonal so if you are also near your period it could be a coincidence. Beyond that if you really want to be sure, then yes, go back on full Whole30 until it all resolves and then try it again and see what happens.
  21. ladyshanny

    When to Restart the Whole30?

    Sounds like you already know what to do. The honey changed your mood and you felt/feel like something isn't right. You could always do a "whole45" if going back to Day one is too disheartening.
  22. Sorry to hear about your dad, @Mrs. B - it is possible that you may need to do the best you can during this tough time and then prioritize Whole30 when you return home to your routine. We know that things happen during everyone's Whole30 but in certain instances we have to take a look and see if we are served by staying on it or maybe served better by staying close but prioritizing this emergency time.
  23. ladyshanny


    Hi @KSB383 - I'm very sorry to hear that! Can you email me at [email protected] and give me details on specifically which ones you're having trouble with?
  24. ladyshanny

    Add fat to fatty meat?

    Yum! For the fat, our meal template is a recommendation but really you should be assessing how you're feeling. Fat slows digestion and keeps us satisfied so if you find that you are feeling fine after your meal without another plated fat and you are going around 4-5 hours in between meals, you're probably fine. Play it by ear - there's no targeted answer here as far as specifically how much fat to have.
  25. ladyshanny

    Joint Pain Day 12

    This is a bit unusual to hear, to be honest. There's really not a lot about eating protein, veggies and good fats that should cause murderous elbow pain. I would probably see a doctor if I were you - or think back to around 2-3 days ago and any push, pull or lift you might have done that gave you some aggravation in that elbow. My suspicion is that it may just be a coincidence?
  26. ladyshanny

    Started October 14th, 2019

    Welcome, @K-Dawg - we're glad to have you! Headache is pretty normal in the beginning - drink lots of water and try to get a bit of extra rest. It sounds like otherwise you have some good mindset for this program!
  27. ladyshanny

    Worse digestion on Whole30?

    Sorry to hear that, @gtinari - my husband is actually the same way - we've never figured out what it is that bothers him but a daily intake of rice or bread makes him feel a lot better. We're all different! Is there a particular reason that you are doing a Whole100 instead of just navigating your food freedom and including a bit of those things that do make you feel good? As far as why - my guesses would be extra veggies, possibly more nuts/coconut/avocado than you normally eat when not on Whole30.
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