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    Thanks, thought so but was hoping.
  3. w30virgo

    Briannas Log!

    Here are a couple favorites we've made recently: White Chicken Chili - delicious with cauli rice and roasted sweet potato cubes with avocado on top. I've made it in the instant pot and slow cooker, and both ways are great. Hibachi Chicken - this magic mustard sauce is so good! It came together really quickly, too. Meal Prep Meatballs - these were really good and great for using whatever you have on hand.
  4. heb2014

    Mixed Nuts with Peanuts

    I don't know about cross contamination, but a lot of the mixed nuts that I looked at included peanut oil or vegetable oil (which includes soybean oil). Even a lot of the containers for other types of snacking nuts, like cashews or almonds, included one of these oils. For that reason, I would avoid them unless you can read the label and make sure there's nothing else included. I had much better luck finding nuts down the baking aisle (they are not roasted and don't have the oil).
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  6. kirbz


    Hang in there! I can definitely relate. This is my fourth successful round and I find myself not eating enough more often than I should just because I don't want to deal with all the planning and shopping and preparing and cleaning. But, I've found a few things that help so I'll share them with you in the hopes that they help you too. If you can afford it, buy some salad dressings and sauces that you like so you don't have to make them. This makes a world of difference in allowing you to throw things together quickly and add some great flavor. My favorite brand is The New Primal. I love their marinade for throwing together a super quick stir fry and I love their dressings. Find super simple meals that you can throw together quickly. My go-to is a grilled steak and a baked potato with some salad and dressing. I buy mixed greens and compliant dressing so all I have to do is throw some greens in a bowl and add some dressing. I just add salt and ghee to the baked potato when it comes out. And I have a pre-made dry rub that I use on the steak. Cook time takes a little bit because of the baked potato, but the hands-on time is like 10 minutes. If you can have some go-to meals like this, it helps a lot. Other options are grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and an avocado. Don't make every meal from a recipe. On my first round, I tried to plot out my 30 days of meals and I had actual recipes for every meal. That was way too overwhelming. Just throw together some compliant ingredients for some of your meals (which is also a great way to use up leftover food in your refrigerator). In general, I also just find it easier to wing my meals than to meal plan. Some people find this scary and uncomfortable though. I hope this helps! Let me know if you'd like me to send over some of my favorite Whole30 products. They are expensive, but if you are able to afford them, they can make things a lot easier!
  7. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Log for 2020

    Thank you for the recipes Jihanna- absolutely love a good soup, especially made with coconut milk. And that dressing sounds amazing for the salad. I wish I wasn't so lazy about making sauces and dresses like that. Who knows, maybe I will get more motivated and try it! I absolutely can't wait for 20 years from now. I bet we'll get exact meal plans that fit our body and health needs based on a bunch of tests, DNA, etc. I want to make my whole30 as healthy as possible. The more I try perfecting the healthiness of meals for my whole30, the less variety I will have with foods, though. I can't satisfy every little requirement I have. For instance, a diet that will be good for lupus, a diet that is heart healthy, a diet that is low in sodium, etc. I know eating plenty of veggies and healthy fats are the way to go. I tend to gravitate towards chicken breast and 95% lean beef because of trying to be as healthy as possible. I also want to eat more tuna and boneless skinless salmon. I opt for the canned variety of those. Today I am going to try to put together an idea list for all 30 days of my whole30 meals. I won't be all strict about following it, but will use it more like a suggestions list and grocery list helper. I will post it when it's done! To spice up my life a little bit, I may include 1 or 2 recipes with sausage or bacon, even though I am for the most part trying stay away from deli and processed meats. They are just so good. We only live once, and moderation is key, right?
  8. Jihanna

    What would you eat

    This would be my toss-up: "Purple Chopped Salad + Grilled Chicken" salad = nix bacon, nix chickpea, nix gorgonzola, nix vinaigrette; ask about sun-dried tomatoes (if only in oil, then great to keep them in there); extra avocado, plain oil and vinegar for dressing chicken = ask to make sure any marinade or grilling solution is compliant "Classic Cheeseburger" (mixed green salad comes with this, so I'd just have the whole thing thrown together) nix bread, nix cheese, nix special sauce; add avocado, extra tomato "Grilled New York Steak" ask about marinade (ideal = olive oil, salt, pepper); request potatoes and brussels sprouts to be roasted in duck fat (not fried) with simple spices only, keeping it dairy-free, soy-free, sweetener-free, etc.; nix the demi-glace Knowing myself as I do, I would undoubtedly go with the chopped salad with chicken. As nearly as I can tell, that runs 22 for the full salad (or 18 for the half), though maybe extra for the extra avocado ... and I'd likely enjoy it a bit more than I would the hamburger salad, while appreciating that I wasn't spending so much on the steak. There are other items on the menu which might be workable by either removing parts or asking to make sure the process and ingredients are compliant... but I have a hard time enjoying food if I feel like I'm spending too much for something I could make (compliantly) at home. It comes down to whether or not I judge it worth the cost of doing my own dishes after dinner!
  9. heb2014

    Anew in Arkansas - Round 2

    Day 5 (January 16) M1: Coffee w/ almond milk + breakfast casserole M2: Cauliflower soup + 2 energy balls + a grapefruit (I was in a rush this morning and grabbed 2 of the energy balls for fat/protein to go with lunch) Snack: Cashew Cookie Larabar (thought my hunger might have something to do with my KATT mood when I got home) M3: Eggroll stirfry w/ cauliflower rice (made frozen gyoza to go with it for the rest of the family; I love these so it was a little hard to resist, but I did) Found myself low on patience again when I got home from work and picking up the kids. Our son was so whiny, and my husband hadn't made it home yet. This would have been a night we picked up take-out if I wasn't on Whole30 and trying to save money (husband's been off it since his work trip). I'm glad I had an easy meal planned. I changed in to my sweatpants and comfy shirt, plugged the kids in to the tv (not my proudest parenting moment), and powered through. Once my husband got home, I was at least about to laugh about being in a bad mood. He and our friend that's visiting met a couple other friends out for a drink after helping me get the kids in bed; I shampoo'd my hair and went to bed early (I feel like shampooing my hair is a legitimate event now that I'm trying to go longer between). I tried the Lavender Lemon collagen in hot tea yesterday afternoon; it was still clumpy but this is the best way to drink it. Delicious.
  10. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 17 on the road i got some sleep in the truck and woke up to a gorgeous sunrise. We stopped for gas and food. I am soooo glad I packed up food, and most of it in quick grab n go containers. I ordered his food and was able to get out food for me before he was done with pumping gas and the bathroom. 8:00 M1: ranch chicken salad, apple, handful of pistachios Years ago my family owned a quaint little tea and coffee café. I loved my little café and one of the three chicken salads I made was ranch chicken salad. Such an easy recipe but also so robust with flavor it was a big hit with the customers. Everything but the ranch is compliant so I decided to give it a try with the ranch I made. It did not disappoint. If you are curious the salad includes shredded chicken (this recipe is worthy of the time it takes to boil and then shred the chicken, don’t use the can chicken trust me) grapes halved, crushed pineapple, pecans (or other nut or not it’s your choice) compliant ranch, salt and pepper. So my hubby decided to partake of some of the grapes that was in with my apple (I offered). He also joined me in munching on pistachios. How did I not know he liked pistachios? I love that he allows me to provide a little influence. I’ve said it before I don’t expect him to change nor would I try to change him, but if my offering leads to a good food in his body because he wants it then that’s a good thing. He was so sweet when I handed him his food from the stop, he looked in the bag and then back at me Almost sad and asked where my food was. I held up my food containers I had got out and said here. He asked if there was anyplace he could go get me something I wanted, to which I replied “I have what I want right here.” This is a big NSV! I am an Obliger and I feel awful turning down his offers for food and treats etc even when I really don’t want it. So for me to turn down his offer and be okay with it in the moment is a great thing. Yesterday while prepping all my food, he said with all sincerity “you don’t have to do all this I’ll go find you food you can have while we are away. I don’t want you to struggle.“. I smiled and reminded him that I would need to eat three meals a day and there was not any way we could get away that often to find food for me. I assured him prepping my food was not a burden that I was enjoying the time in the kitchen. I also commented that sometimes the struggles are not all bad, the caterpillar struggles to become a butterfly and that it is a beautiful thing. I know he doesn’t necessarily understand me, but he loves me and supports me so I guess I’ll keep him. Ha ha.
  11. w30virgo

    w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020

    Day 16! Everything's going well. I woke up easily again this morning. My boyfriend normally sets up the coffee pot to brew and be ready when I wake up in the morning (he sleeps later than me), and he forgot to do it last night. Normally, when this happens, I'm in a terrible mood since I can't have coffee first thing. This morning, I really didn't care at all. I just made the coffee and drank a glass of water while I did my morning routine (reading, journaling, breakfast, etc.) It feels good to have a more consistent good mood, and higher energy. The movie theater we went to last night is a revival house in our neighborhood, attached to a beer store, that has hundreds of varieties of beer available. They have a fairly large non-alcoholic selection, and we looked at the options to see whether there was anything we could treat ourselves to. We found the Lagunitas Hop Refreshers - a non-alcoholic, unsweetened drink made with hops. I checked the ingredients and did some googling to make sure it would be compliant (hops are considered a flower, not a grain, and brewer's yeast is okay because we can have nutritional yeast). We really liked it - it's almost like an IPA flavored seltzer. If you like beer, I would recommend it. I'm planning to get it after our Whole30 to have in situations where I don't really feel like drinking, but want something more special than water. For me, it feels a bit too much like a beer substitute to have regularly during Whole30, but it was a nice treat for the movie. Also, in the movie, I ate some of the snacks I brought - a Chicken/Sriracha Epic bar and a single serve pack of olives. I didn't end up getting around to marinating the chicken wings for dinner, so we decided to go to dinner after the movie, at a local BBQ restaurant, Smoke. We got pulled pork and brisket, with potato salad and a mixed greens salad to share. It was really good. Again, it was easy for me to stop eating when I was full, even though everything was really good. They have the best queso at this restaurant, so it was a little sad to see it going out to other tables, knowing we couldn't have it. But it was a good thought experiment - how would I handle this in my food freedom? I love the notion of deciding moment-to-moment, from Food Freedom Forever, like I'm not going to plan to go off the rails, but if I'm in a situation and decide in the moment that something is worth it, I'll savor it and move on without guilt. Now I just have to get myself to practice it - definitely easier said than done. Today's meal plan: M1: Breakfast Burrito Casserole with Mexican slaw M2: 6 meatballs with dijon sauce & avocado salad M3: Chili Lime Wings with potato wedges and slaw We might go to a Mac Miller listening party this weekend - either tonight or tomorrow. He just released a posthumous album, and they're hosting big listening parties for it in LA, New York, and Pittsburgh. I think it'll be fun, but packed, and I'm sure we'll have to wait awhile, so we just have to decide if it's worth it, especially because it's pretty cold in Pittsburgh right now. We also planned to have one of my friends over for dinner at some point this weekend. Last year, when I was doing Whole30, I had her over for dinner and made Stuffed Baked Potatoes from No Crumbs Left ( She requested I make it again, so that's what we're doing. We haven't decided which day yet - Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. So one of those days I'll be making that. Then Dave's college roommate will be in town, so I'm not sure what exactly we'll do with him. I thought this weekend would be relaxing, with lots of downtime, but it's looking like it will actually be pretty busy! I'm going to get my veggie and meal prep planned for next week, and post it on here a little later.
  12. Christi622

    Started 1st Whole30 this morning

  13. Well, another day of KATT so I decided it was better to not say anything until I could say something nice and keep reminding myself that, this too, shall pass! I showed up for myself yesterday in spite of interruptions and managed 30 minutes of glorious peace and quiet this morning. I have had this discussion with my husband before and we were watching something one night (I can't for the life of me remember what!) that mentioned how meditative a movement practice can be and he asked me if I did that. I told him I did and that was why it was important to me not to be interrupted and to have quiet and solitude. He acknowledged it but apparently that has worn off so I need to have that conversation with him again but I needed to wait until I wasn't annoyed. Like Melissa's advice about not having conversations about food at the table over food, I want to wait until we are not in the process of getting out of the house/getting to work or otherwise distracted so I'm hoping maybe tonight or tomorrow. I think my best strategy is to ask him for a solution to the problem of him interrupting me. I don't want to bar him from certain locations in the house at certain times so it has to be voluntary on his part which means he needs to be mindful of what I'm doing and that's a tall order. I tried looking up The Wholistic Psychologist on IG but it came up with a giant list of results so I wasn't sure which one was the correct one. Yesterday I looked at Nedra Tawwab's IG and also Lisa Bilyeu's that did that interview with MU and that helped me get into a better frame of mind but it was a real slog. I feel much better today and am looking forward to having friends over on Sunday for more football. The Titans are the early game so we're going to grill some burgers (in almost freezing temps!!) around 5 after the game. My plan is to have lots of different toppings for the burgers so everybody can customize and other people are bringing snacks and sides. That means that I'll need to hustle tomorrow to get everything done for the game as well as for the week ahead! And it's Saturday so that means it has to rain! We've been leaning pretty heavily on boneless, skinless chicken breasts lately and I managed to put together a pretty tasty saute night before last. We cut the chicken into chunks and pan fried it and in a separate skillet sauteed onion slices, green beans and cherry tomatoes then we put it all together with some capers and a bunch of lemon juice. It was really, really good. We ate almost all of the vegetables so last night we just did another batch of onions, green beans and cherry tomatoes and added that to the leftover chicken and really enjoyed it again. Now I just have to remember it so I can replicate it. The stuffed collard leaves came out really good too and I have enough to freeze for one more meal. I've done it with Swiss chard before and that was good, too. I just make a meatball-type mixture and roll it up in the blanched leaves then dump marinara sauce on it and bake. Now I'd like to think of something to batch-cook for next week but I'm drawing a blank. Something will come to me, hopefully. What's on your menu this week? Good for you for showing up with some self love of your own! I think it's a pretty big NSV that we can slip back into these practices after pausing. I'd like to NOT pause: I am the person that shows up every morning for herself! XO
  14. Jihanna


    Eat more, obviously, would be my first advice. You know that much already. Take a look at your meal make-up. Are you following the meal template for most/all meals but in smaller amounts than you think you might need? or are you eating too little and not getting a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat as well? I found that I have to be wary of certain foods (like potatoes) at certain times of day (for potatoes, that would be 11a to 3p or so) because of the effects that come... with potatoes, if I eat them during those times, I crash hard (like 3 hour nap and miss cooking dinner, hard). It could be that you need to tweak when and how much you eat of things to get your body's best benefit. Also, where you are in your cycle makes a difference. At the very start of my cycle (the week after my flow), I tend to be less hungry in an overall sense and I get sleepy more easily if I eat starchy carbs. The week before my flow, I start feeling sluggish and take that as a sign that I should start upping my iron (mine is typically low-ish) and slowly increasing my intake. The week of my flow, I double up on protein and starchy carbs, because not doing that would have me flat on my face. That specific set-up might not be what works best for your body, but it gives an idea of how hormones really do affect us... looking back, I've realized that I was doing this type of thing already, pre-Whole30, without realizing that's what it was and with much worse-for-me foods. In terms of prepping and cooking, minimize what effort you have to make as much as possible, if it's that effort that's causing you so much distress that you feel like you want to stop Some ideas would be... Use pre-chopped veggies when recipes call for them. Frozen ones tend to be cheaper, especially if it's a common thing like chopped onions, bell peppers, or a mirepoix blend (celery, onion, carrot or the Cajun version of celery, onion, bell pepper). Sometimes using a pre-chopped version means your dishes turn out a little differently (because the pieces are often smaller), but that's not always bad! I'll often get baby carrots on a good sale, then either use them whole or just chop them in half to have big chunks, so that's another option that does allow for larger pieces (for potatoes I do this when I can get the baby ones on sale). Make 2 of what you're eating. If you're already going to be prepping chicken breasts with herbs and spices, go ahead and double it, making twice what you need for one meal (remember to consider a leftovers portion if you need that). Cook one and put the other into the freezer to cook another time. There are a TON of "freezer meals" recipes online that don't require any pre-cooking! Cook often using a crock, electric pressure cooker, or casserole dish in the oven. These are things where you can typically walk away and let the appliance do its work, unlike when you're having to babysit a pot/pan on the stove. Salad. Let me say it again - salad. Nope, not good enough - SALAD! Ahem, sorry. Can you tell I love salad? There are so many different ways you can do it, eating something a little different every day, and so many things you can do to it to keep it fun and tasty while still being compliant. It doesn't always even have to look like just some greens on a plate with junk on top... this gado gado recipe is probably my favorite way to shake up my salads. Here, too, I'm usually making several portions beyond what I actually need for my chicken and eggs for one meal because it's easy and saves me some trouble later. Prep in advance. Referring back to the freezer meal idea, set yourself a day to do the majority of your meal prep and knock it out. Freeze what you can, and you're good to go. Even going into Whole30 as a meal planner, I had NO IDEA that I was going to spend around 2 hours in the kitchen prepping every day... and probably the only reason I'm considering another round now that I work nearly full time is that I've learned to do freezer meal prep. I plan our meals around what's on sale, whip through the store with a list of what I need (and avoid buying anything not on the list), and then come home to either prep that day or the next (or I might spread it out over two days, so like the meat's prepped one day and the veggies the next, but it all gets done and frozen quickly). Take a breath and give yourself some grace. It's awesome that you've made it this far, and it's amazing that you want to keep on. You're in it for your long-term health. If some days you manage compliant and satisfied but not template-perfect, then okay... it's done, move on. Taking the time to set yourself up for success is a game-changer, though, and helps make sure you have plenty to keep you fed and chugging along Lastly, if you want feedback about what you're eating, go ahead and post 2-3 days of what you've been eating and (if you can) about how much. It doesn't have to be specific, just enough to give an idea of what's going in so others can see if anything stands out as a glaring reason why you might be feeling like you are. If you don't already know what you've eaten, keeping a food diary is good for during Whole30 (and after, really) and can help with that.
  15. Carole_Ella

    Mixed Nuts with Peanuts

    I know I can't have peanuts, but I was at an event that had mixed nuts. Can I eat mixed nuts and just give the peanuts to my hubby or is that too much cross contamination? I also have some cans of mixed nuts at home and am wondering if I can do the same, pick out the peanuts and put them in a jar for hubby and eat the complaint nuts.
  16. Runningmom

    Meal plan today day 5

    I’m on day 5. Kale salad with fruit, hard boiled eggs, coffee,nut pods for meal 1. For lunch, I plan to finish the leftover red peppers and steak. Dinner is from the new whole 30 cookbook. Or salad and turkey. Maybe some nomnom paleo trail mix as well.
  17. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    Day 6 done yesterday, and no giant news to report. Actually ~ I do think of several things I could share here, throughout my day ... but I've got so many other things going on, I don't take the time to sit down and write it out. Even now, at 7:30 am ... I have a 13-year-old boy sitting here, asking me if I am working from home right now, or what am I doing? Apparently he needs to talk to me. Everyone have a great day!
  18. lnp

    Vegetable glycerin

    Thanks for your reply Shani, I’ll give that tea a try!
  19. Aelfric

    Ælfric’s W30 №2 (Jan 2020)

    @BabyBear: Glad you found the idea useful. The idea was inspired many years ago when watching my ex struggle to extract the solids from the stock pot. She was using a slotted spoon or some such to lift the solids into a colander suspended over a bowl. It dawned on me that the pasta pot was essentially a colander, and was made to fit the stock pot. The process is the same as cooking pasta except with the stock you keep the liquid and discard the solids. Friday 17/1/20 (Day 3). M1: Vegetable frittata-ish thing. M2: Chicken broth. Came our of the fridge as a jelly-like gloop (which is how it's supposed to be). Just warmed it enough to make it liquid again. M3: Banana smoothie. Got bad from my ride, and couldn't face the concept of solid food. M4: Salmon and coconut soup. Flavoured with basic curry spices and lemon zest, and with added coconut flakes (and no sugar!). Drinks: Lemon water; rooibos; tea; herbal tea. Exercise: Cycled to Nudgee Beach and back after work. 23.6 km (14⅔ miles) in 60¾ minutes, so a little faster. There were some storms coming down from the north, so I wasn't sure how long I'd have, but they're only now (after 9 pm) reaching Brisbane. But it was a slog into the wind on the way out, and a fast ride home. The splits were about 33 minutes out and 27¾ minutes coming home. On a windless day, that split should be about 29 and 31 (due to the one hill), so the wind was a big influence today.
  20. btvs1981

    BTVS Whole 30 log

    Day 16 (I keep getting them out of whack on here but I started 2 Jan so this must be 16!) My hunger is very happy on the 2 meals and a cup of coffee with coconut milk in between. I don't feel the need for anything else but I'm aware that this can't go on forever as I might end up missing out nutritionally. I'll keep tracking for another few days in hopes hunger comes back. I'm also going to up the exercise now that I'm feeling better and see if that makes a difference. Leftover tuscan chicken skillet on zucchini noodles with cauli and broccoli Coffee with a couple of spoons of coconut milk Seared salmon with tumeric sweetpotato, spinach, onion and coconut flakes
  21. BabyBear

    Briannas Log!

    Although 12 days seem an eternity right now, they really are not especially considering the 18 days you already have behind you. Dig deep! You can do this! Think about the demands you currently have on you, and you have been able to function through them and still take care of you! That is Tiger blood. You may not have spare energy but it’s because you are using it to the max to eat well in the midst of a lot of physical demands. How would your coping abilities be if you were not doing a whole 30 currently? I have found amazing food inspiration from the whole30recipe Instagram page. I have also started following several of the weekly highlighted accounts. I am amazed at how many Instagram bloggers there are now with fantastic recipes. I also snoop through the food logs here on the forum and anything that sounds good I follow the link and save to Pinterest for later reference. Pinterest is also another great place to find inspiring recipes. get rid of the cake.. nothing is free, it will cost you 18 days of blood sweat and tears.
  22. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 16 cont My brother is an amazing person, I’m the oldest but only by 21 months. We think a lot alike and we both have a pretty warped sense of humor. We get each other in ways no one else could. His wife is amazing and practically perfect in every way! She is quite literally the most beautiful person inside and out that you will ever meet. And she has the beauty queen crowns to prove it. They are watching our dog while we are out of town this weekend so I had to drive out to their little cabin in the woods. I needed the break and enjoyed the drive. My sister in love greeted me with a hug and started in without taking a breath in her sweet southern girl way with “oh my gosh I saw your doing a whole 30? How’s that going? You look fabulous? Do you need food it’s dinner time I can fix you food! Did you start January 1st, oh my gosh you are like half way there! Has it been hard you seem like you’ve been okay and even enjoying it…”. When she finally stopped to catch her breath I laughed and caught her up on the past 16 days. Mean while my brother stands off in the background slowly whittling away at a piece of pound cake that clearly wasn’t meant for him. He was making super thin slices so as to not make the amount missing noticeable. So I gave him a hard time about it at which that point he tried to give me some in his weird quirky way demanding I try it or his wife’s feelings would be forever hurt. She was ready to knock him upside the head with a frying pan while trying to defend me and my whole 30. I’m laughing so hard st the two of them, I finally had to tell my SIL not to kill him he was just making me stronger by testing my resolve and I knew had I reached for the slice he would have quickly popped it in his mouth and said to me around the crumbs “you can’t have any you are on a whole 30”. So it was funny, but you know what I didn’t even desire to try it, not in that moment because my goals mean so much more than that piece of cake. 3:00am we are finally heading out! Oh good ness who knew packing up food for 3-4 days would be so mentally challenging. I have the mini quiche, sautéed cabbage with bacon. Fixings for turkey blt wraps, salad greens, ranch chicken salad, sweet and sour chicken with cauliflower, ranch, raspberry lemon vinaigrette, mayo and mustard, fresh veggies carrots broccoli cauliflower and red bell peppers, grapes, apples, clementines, pistachios, Rx bars, and beef sticks. I’m going to totally rock this weekend.
  23. Stephanie Sprowl


    Day 16 Im always hungry and sleep too much. I know I’m not eating enough. I just don’t have the energy to meal prep and cook like I should. Last time I tried Whole 30 I gave up on day 14. I’m happy I made it past that mark, but I’ve had some tough days at work and always being hungry is really wearing me down. I want to keep going to see if I lose weight, stop making poor food choices for convenience, and find out if my body doesn’t like gluten (I have hashimoto’s). When I think about quitting I try to think of this. It’s difficult though. Any advice?
  24. AlyssaYarbs

    What would you eat

    Hello Whole30 community! If you were presented with the menu, what would you order?
  25. Sarasaurus

    Sara's Whole30

    Day 5 Meal 1: roasted chicken, butternut squash soup w/ extra coconut milk Meal 2: 2 Applegate hot dogs w/ mustard mayo, green beans w/ ghee Snack: hb egg w/ mustard mayo, macadamias Meal 3: salmon cake w/ caper-dill mayo, small portion green beans w/ ghee, apple w/ almond butter Workout: none
  26. Jihanna

    How to make crispy chicken strips?

    @Shani_SWP I actually was going to suggest cassava, since it's the flour that seems to mimic wheat flour most effectively in most of the ways I've ever tried it... but I haven't ever tried the frying, so wasn't positive about suggesting it! So I'll second Shani's suggestion above, but rather than finishing it in almond flour, I'd personally opt for coconut flour (because I'm one of those people who tends to get whacked about by nuts, even just almond flour). Good luck with the frying, @Bueller
  27. Jihanna

    3 post first day meal planning questions

    Plate sizes may vary... The ones I primarily use (except for salads) are a little bigger around than my spread-out hand and they have up-swept sides that make me refer to them as "bowl-plates", whereas the typical "dinner plate" we have in our house has another 1 to 1.5 inches diameter and flat edges all around (which allows too many things to fall off the plate too easily, haha). My mom tends to use oval plates, and my daughter uses several tiny plates with one type of food on each. The key point here, however, is that plate sizes may vary. The idea is that whatever plate size you choose, whatever size works best for your hunger level, you're getting a balanced intake by starting with the suggested template as a way of learning how to judge portions and suggested restrictions for certain foods (like fruit or nuts).
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