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  3. jimmychur

    I love Olivado, but is it allowed?

    I'm a bit skeptical about all the different terms that oil companies use when describing their products and how theyre made Heaps of it just sounds like a bunch of marketing terms to me like "pure" oil, "light" oil, "cold-pressed" or "cold-extracted" oil (is there even a difference), "extra triple ultra virgin" oil, "centrifuge" extracted What is actually legit oil? And what is just marketing? Does it need to be Whole30 approved to use it on the diet?
  4. jimmychur


    Is there something else that you could use?? I always make my own vinaigrette so knowing what else to use would be super helpful
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  6. BjjBandit

    I love Olivado, but is it allowed?

    Cheers for that!! I had a read through the information in the links you sent (a lot of details to learn!). Im glad that avocado oil gets the big tick, but while I was down the rabbit hole I read up on the various extraction methods of oil. I was wondering if you could give me any guidance on what is the cleanest and healthiest form of avocado oil (cold press, unrefined, extra virgin... etc). Seems like the devil really is in the details here!
  7. meli22

    Meli's log

    Day 30 B - coffee w/ nut milk; vegetable soup w/ seafood; 1/4 avocado; sauerkraut L - garlic-sautéed greens; 2 scrambled eggs; cucumber; handful of big green olives; broccoli soup S - tuna w/ olive oil D - 2 bowls of vegetable soup w/ seafood + drizzled w/ olive oil
  8. Birdie7117

    Birdie's 1st WHOLE 30 - MARCH 16-20

    LOVE MY CHICKEN SALAD! - CELERY / TOASTED ALMONDS / GRAPES // DRESSING - MAYO / LEMON JUICE / McCORMICK POULTRY SEASONING - thyme/sage/marjoram/rosemary/black pepper/nutmeg Like to keep it on hand for lunch or for anytime!
  9. Sullivan94547

    April Whole 30 2020

    Yes yes yes! I am excited to start another W30 tomorrow. I think that the structure of the W30 will help to restore a sense of control in a world that is currently spiraling out of same.
  10. Catrionasmith04

    Reintroduction, Covid & Anxiety

    Thank you for the advice and clearing that up for me!
  11. I'm so glad to read your news -- It sounds like you are crushing it, and I'm so proud of you. Also, wishing I could mail you some produce - I guess that's a bad idea. Can you have someone deliver some to your doorstep? I've been doing that with drug store things for customers and friends who are vulnerable and can't go out. Is it all so surreal? That is how it feels from here, to know you are home sick. When this is all over, bragging rights forever. Any chest tightness? What is your energy level like? So many questions, I know, but I wonder what simple deliciousness you or your husband might rustle up for you for comfort and nutrition? Oh dear lady, I am with you in spirit. The rest of what I want to post here on a normal day seems so silly and insignificant because it's not a normal day, and you are home living with this horrible virus. I still can't believe it. Maybe just a little normalcy for my next paragraph before dashing out the door. Yesterday I decided to get another cauli crust pizza from next door, and feeling clever about ways to make it more flavorful, I ordered chicken and Canadian bacon, and every green thing they had on the menu except for jalapeno. I mentioned it was a small pizza? With a medium unsweetened iced tea, and after my 20% local discount, it was $31.99. Yep, that much. I almost choked. If they weren't my neighbor in the shopping center I would have just walked away. Instead I went back to get more cash, and paid that ridiculous sum. It was good. I ate half of it and had the other half for dinner with a little of the pasta I made for hubs. Today's lunch, salmon and cucumber salad. Goodbye to March. Foolishness for tomorrow. Take care Holly, keep the news coming when you can. xxxooo
  12. ShannonM816

    Reintroduction, Covid & Anxiety

    Yes, you can do multiple reintro days of a particular type of food to help determine if you had a reaction to the food or if it was anxiety. I think as far as how much of each thing to eat during reintroductions, eat whatever amount you would normally eat. For some things, that probably means just a small amount, but if you'd eat a whole bowl of quinoa or oatmeal or whatever, it makes sense to eat that much during reintros. You might have no problem with a few bites of something, but a noticeable reaction to a bowl full of the same thing. The gf pasta is ok, as long as all the non-whole30 stuff was all from the same group. Some people do break reintros down even more, for instance a separate day for peanuts or soy, then other legumes. That would be fine if you want to do that, but you don't have to.
  13. I hope so. My temp has dropped to just under 100. It's been hanging there and I'm coughing less so I'm taking those as good signs. I'm trying to get plenty of sleep, even if it is broken up and trying not to do much. Thankfully, I have some good books, both real and Kindle. Gabby Bernstein did a workshop on Sunday about anxiety relief and it has some guided meditations. I wasn't up for it then but I think I might listen to that today and I think Brene Brown has something out there too. TN just jumped on the 14-day lockdown- better late than never. It was a "recommendation" prior to this. I'm having mild produce panic! I have plenty of meat, eggs and some canned things like tuna but probably only have about a weeks worth of produce and no fruit- my husband has a major sweet tooth and can really plow through some fruit. I was planning on restocking on my way home from work yesterday but, you know, the best laid plans... Take care!
  14. Catrionasmith04

    Reintroduction, Covid & Anxiety

    Hi everyone, I was doing a whole30 when the corona virus hit the West really hard. I live in the UK and have just finished our 2nd week of lock down. I am in the reintroduction phase at the moment, however when I get really anxious my stomach seizes up and usually my lower back will go back too. I've been trying to reintroduce foods however I can't tell if what I am eating is causing discomfort or the anxiety. Is it allowed in reintroduction to try say gluten free grains 3 times, with 2 days rest or however long needed in between? This is my first "correct" reintroduction and id really like to do it right to begin my FFF journey. Would you advise sticking to simple things. I had Gf pasta that contained rice, corn and quinoa and I thought maybe I should just try one of those at a time because it'd be better to simplify to spot issues with certain foods from each group? Also I had quinoa porridge, is that too much for a reintroduction meal, I read last night it should be a side so should I avoid doing that again? Apologies for the essay, I just really want to do the reintroduction correctly. Cat
  15. DAY 31 Weigh-in Lost 7 lbs. That exceeds my expectations, and puts me about in the target range. 5' 11" 173 lbs. I noticed that my muscle tone had returned--there was a layer of fat over the top before, and my pants are a bit looser. But not that much loss in inches. Watched Game Changers last night on Netflix. It makes a compelling case for plant-based eating. And demonstrates very clearly that meat fucks up your body in all kinds of ways. But I don't know what my optimal diet looks like. Carbs for me promote a craving for more carbs. I was up to 207 lbs 17 years ago, borderline Type 2 Diabetes, and batshit crazy--pretty much. Digging a grave with a fork as they say. I steered out of that skid with Carbohydrate Addicts diet, meat and vegetables and limiting eating to 3 meals and eating within one hour at night. Saved my ass. Stabilized my blood sugar problems, and my afternoon energy crash went away. Now, I'm wondering if there's a turn in the road again, a way to primarily eat plant based and supplement B12, which is not in most food because of the damage to the soil from pesticides and stuff. But I have a garden now, and I think the soil is healthy around here. Hmmmm. Healthy Cognitive Dissonance.
  16. ShannonM816

    I love Olivado, but is it allowed?

    Yes, avocado oil is allowed. You might find the Can I Have guide helpful: And the rules and other helpful downloads are here:
  17. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    1 DAY of compliant food today ~ black coffee, sparkling water, and: GV frozen butter chicken meal, homemade "steak fries" in the air fryer w/ unsweetened ketchup (4) small chicken breasts w/ buffalo ranch, an apple tiny can of V8 --- What a crazy time to try to eat W30. Thankfully I already have several things in my house that are ok to eat, but ... this is interesting. Not like I have a stockpile of frozen meals ~ that would have been a pretty smart thing to do. But I stopped buying mass quantities of them when I sadly had to admit that they weren't doing fantastic things for my IBS. Hey, I'm happy to have one day done & already feel much more clear-headed. So much in life is a day at a time now. I'll take it.
  18. Hey Everyone Im super new to the Whole30 game, so just looking for a bit of guidance. I got put onto this diet by a bunch of team mates at my Dojo that swear it has kicked their engine into over- over-drive so I had to give it a go. I've always been very conscious of what I put into my body, and the effect said food is having on the environment. A few years ago another mate of mine put me onto Olivado Avocado oil, tastes great and works really well at high temps, which when combined with what I was reading about much of their supply chain and production being fuelled by bio-fuels they were making from the off-cuts/bi-products, it tickled all my fancies. I attached an image of the bottle also incase someone can decipher an answer to my question from the label. Anyway, Im really keen to give this diet a really good swing and make sure that I'm doing it properly. I saw that there were some oils on the approved items list, but would like to stick with what I know where possible and was hoping someone could let me know if I can stick with my Olivado or let me know exactly what I need to look for on the bottles to make sure I am compliant. Any guidance you can give me to soften my noob curve would be great.
  19. Sorry, we had some wine with dinner over puttanesca to celebrate our first day with the new technician - they did an almost record number of Rx's without hassle or drama -- and I fat-fingered my post - sorry, I was going to say may it STAY THAT WAY! ...your case, being mild, tame it, tame it, tame it with your HollySmokes ways....and I will do my part from afar. My husband said that when you've recovered you can touch your face again without worry. Please write to me every day so I don't worry so much about you, ok? Because I will worry. And I'm really interested in what you said about W30 being a boon to your immune system! I'm having a super hard time with my clunky Linux keyboard in my slightly intoxicated state, so I will try again when I'm not under the influence, so meanwhile, sleep with the angels, Holly, and I will write again soon. Love and light
  20. Holly! It sounds like you are in the midst of a mild case, and may it STAY
  21. emilyelowe

    Re-Intro Fail #facepalm

    Short Story: does anyone know what’s in Chipotle’s Barbacoa that makes it non-compliant? Their site has their ingredients listed in a general sense, not by dish and I’m not sure if it’s the rice bran oil (thinking - and hoping - it’s this) or potentially soy beans. Long Story: I was re-introducing GF grains today and thought I’d just get white rice and corn tortillas at Chipotle rather than buying a whole box or bag of those items, knowing I likely wouldn’t use them. Not only did I accidentally order Barbacoa instead of Carnitas (where is the carne asada when you need it, amirite!?!) but I realized halfway through my first tortilla they had given me FLOUR TORTILLAS. ACH. Obviously, I stopped eating the tortillas but I finished the bowl without even realizing about the Barbacoa. So now I’m just trying to figure out HOW badly I messed up. Overall, it was super disappointing and I am feeling very frustrated, but am planning to take at least three days before I reintroduce dairy and proceed with my reintroduction as planned. Based on what I find with gluten as part of that, I may decide to do GF grains alone on another day as well just to be certain. I do enjoy the occasional white rice. Any additional advice is welcome. Thanks for listening!
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  23. meli22

    Meli's log

    Day 29 B - coffee w/ nut milk; vegetable soup w/ chicken; 1/4 avocado; sauerkraut S - poached egg; mid-morning coffee w/ nut milk L - vegetable soup w/ seafood; garlic-sautéed greens; handful of green olives; cucumber; glass of kombucha D - broccoli soup w/ 1/4 avocado; oily smoked trout w/ mustard, capers, celery, cucumber, kalamata olives; sauerkraut
  24. MJ of Cayman

    Whole 30 for Lent

    Day 37. It’s much easier doing Whole 30 when the entire social calendar has been cleared and I’m in co trial in the kitchen. Only problem I’m having is my husband enjoying ice cream or corn chips. My daughter has Oreos in the pantry which smell soooo good. There is too much food in the refrigerator. It’s from too much cooking. A lot of fresh foods instead of processed foods, so there are more leftovers. Past few days I made a meatloaf, a balsamic chicken salad with strawberries and a kalhua pork with cabbage. I also made two pounds of the Whole 30 pork breakfast sausage that I freeze for quick protein in the skillet. Feeling like a few pounds have dropped. Wishing I felt more relief from aches and pains. We’ll see what happens over the next 12 days left.
  25. OK, last meal. Again, poor preparation. My wife was going to make a chicken soup but got tied up on a call. So, I stuck to my guns for the last meal. Sardines for protein. Half a squash with coconut oil. Beets with ghee. I'm so full right now, 2.5 hours after having eaten. Didn't really eat that much today but was full. Lunch, small head of broccoli with mayo.
  26. It sounds like you're on top of things! Yes, I start cleaning/cooking and then don't do other types of movement. I know, technically, I'm still moving but it's not the same for my body or my mind. Yoga with supervisors should be a new thing! Way to go on your closet. I have my grandmother's desk and I use it as a jewelry box. It's one of those small ladies desks where the front pulls out to make a writing surface. I had that special cloth to wrap silver pieces in for years so I can organize it and make it nice but Never get around to it. It's probably going to happen this week, though. Because... Right now I feel just sick enough not to want to do anything but just well enough to be bored. I've had fever for a couple of days along with a cough so I had to go in yesterday to get tested and, surprise! Positive! Thankfully they were expediting employee testing so I got my results last night and didn't have to wait a few days for results. We had started isolation procedures anyway then my husband decided it was silly because we've had close contact forever and stopped. When the results came back, we simultaneously decided that maybe it was not so silly. I stayed in our bedroom and bath since it probably has the most cooties and he's moved into my mom's bedroom and is using the downstairs bath. I washed everything that wasn't tied down and have been busily spraying and wiping down all of the handrails and doorknobs. My fever has already started going down and I'm not nearly as achy as I was so it appears that I'll have a pretty mild case unless thing suddenly go south. I think I have much to thank W30 for keeping me healthy and my immune system strong. I'm keeping up the fire cider, echinacea and vitamin D. Yesterday was beautiful so I sat outside for a long time in the sun soaking up some Vit D and reading. I figured being outside with the birds and the sun had to be better than staying cooped up in the house. Do you get Melissa's XO/MU newsletter? This morning she did a really good job talking about what her food freedom looks like right now and why. Makes me less tempted to do any hard off-roading right now even though I had a quesadilla for dinner last night. I wasn't very hungry and the only things that appealed to me were creamy, cheesy, wheaty things so I took one of my husbands flour tortillas and went for it. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be but that might be because I saw my test results as I took my first bite! Not sure why but I decided to weigh myself yesterday. I kept thinking that my weight felt pretty stable but I really wanted to confirm it since I totally fell off the movement wagon. It was exactly what it was before our Louisiana trip so it made me feel good that I was right. It was also motivating but right now my only job is to listen to my body and recover. I can't go back to work until Monday, at the earliest, so I hope I'll feel well enough in a couple of days to start some gentle movement. Send out some good vibes for John Prine: he's in ICU on a ventilator- it makes my heart hurt. Peace, love and wellness to you and your hubby.
  27. Sugar Dragon Tamer

    Day 51 - Advice Needed

    Hi! I'm also doing two rounds of Whole 30. I'm on day 56. This is my fourth whole 30 in two years. I decided to do two rounds this time because my sugar cravings never really seemed to subside after 30 days. I am also nervous about reintroduction because my sugar dragon is always lurking but as you said, it's not truly food freedom if we continue doing whole 30 forever. Doing 60 days has definitely made me stronger and more capable of resisting sweets. I finally feel like I'm experiencing the "Tiger Blood" stage! Are you feeling it too? To get through reintroduction, I just remember Melissa's trick of, if you're craving something, wait 5 mins to see if you really want something or if it will pass. Also, I try to remember that I'm in control. If I want a sweet and it's really worth it, I can have it. So, I'll take the time to really savor and enjoy it. Hope this helps!
  28. Emily127

    April Whole 30 2020

    I have been thinking about doing another round of Whole 30 and with all that is going on in the world right now I realized now is the perfect time to spend time working and rebuilding my relationship with food and myself. I hope others will join me on this journey!
  29. With the feeling of accomplishment of getting the garage clean and sorted, and getting the closet just the way I want it, I found the self-love and motivation to get out of bed when I woke up early today at 540 instead of turning over and snoozing. I went highway walking up to the park entrance. This is the first walk I've taken in weeks, and it felt so good. Flowers, river, mountains, birds, cold fresh air. Aah. I did some yoga in the driveway before coming in b/c I didn't want supervisors distracting me. So today is a new lease on life. Why is is that cleaning and/or organizing-type activities seem to clear the way to get moving? Is this your experience, too? This seems to be the way it works for me once I've lost my momentum. I'm just glad to feel good in my body.
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