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  3. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    1. eggs and shrooms and MOUSE 2. chickens and veg of various kinds - salad and green beans and b. sprouts 3. more chickens and more veg - peppers and mushrooms and onions run = 7 miles, bike = 10.5 with shiny new tyre now
  4. Katie B


    This is my first whole 30! My daughter, a nurse practitioner midwive, who is very fit and active did the whole 30 with her stay at home husband/dad/cook/ school volunteer etc. the only thing she observed was that she slept better! She actually participates in a 5:30 am boot camp gym class. I have significant health issues - I’m significantly overweight, have diastolic heart failure which in turn causes congestive heart failure. I tend to retain fluids, so I already cook with and eat with no salt. I’ve been doing well, until today. I’m on day 10 and awoke already feeling exhausted. I have had crazy nightmares last night and the night before. I talked myself into going to my Physical Therapy session. Took it a little easy. I’ve been going for 6 months and plan to continue for another 6 months. I go 3 X a week for at least a full hour to an hour and a quarter or more. Im a retired teacher, retired, along with my husband of almost 52 years , from Los Angeles Unified School District, in 2009. We have 4 adult children, and 7 grandchildren. We moved to Spring,Tx after retiring to help out our older son with his then 6 yr old son while he worked and went to college and his son’s mother attended law school. We now live in the San Antonio area with our younger son, and his 18 yr old daughter, who will be a senior in High School in August. I’m 72 years young. My oldest daughter turned 50 this year. Her daughter, my oldest grandchild, is 29 years old and writing her masters thesis at UCLA and preparing and applying to doctorate programs. My youngest grandchild is turning 7 tomorrow in the Philippines, in Legazpi City. Our son is in the process of applying for permanent residency for wife and his son’s mom- one and the same person. Good night all!
  5. Day 10 in the books. I'm finding this round both easier and harder than earlier W30 I have done. Easier because I KNOW what the NSV I will gain from it are. Harder because I am really fighting myself on the "just a little won't hurt" on food I have successfully reintroduced before. So far I'm hanging in and beating it back. I really need my good reset!
  6. @Katie BI love HEB - you should be able to find Tessa Mae and/or Mother Raw salad dressings in there that are compliant and delicious. Ours here also carries primal kitchen mayo. PLUS - you have a Central Market there. They are a great source of compliant foods with an truly amazing produce section. A good thing I don't live within a hundred miles of it, lol. The nightmares sound rough - I've had my share of those during some tough times, I'm always afraid to go back to sleep when one wakes me up. Good job on getting yourself to PT and powering through it, though! You got this!!
  7. Hi everyone! Today is day 10! I’ve been feeling great until today! Today, I hit a wall! I’ve had weird crazy nightmares last night and the night before. I moved in my sleep, waving my hands and calling out in my sleep, disturbing my husband and my sleep. Nightmares aren’t new to me. These seemed more disturbing than others. I awoke with no energy and felt tired. I’ve been doing physical therapy to strengthen myself, improve my balance and walking with my four prong cane and independently. Always with a therapist holding me by a gait belt. I do exercises such as sit to stand, resistance walking, balance, stepping over tiny cups etc. I usually walk with a relator walker. I usually start out by walking up the stairs with one of therapists holding me with the gait belt and using my cane to assist my weak left knee. I had to kick myself in the Butt to get myself to go to therapy. I did go and made it through! I did manage to make big salad with baby spinach, baby greens, cherry tomatoes, canned salmon mixed with mayo, some left over cooked carrots, bell pepper and fresh strawberries with homemade Dijon mustard vinegarette for a late lunch. Then made hamburgers ( no bun for me) and reheated chicken tomato vegetable soup for our family dinner. Relaxing now, watching some tv while I do this.i hadn’t checked in since last week. So here I am. I actually found several compliant commercial mayonnaise and yesterday found 2 salad dressings with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, made with canola oil. I bought them so I’d could take it with me to use in restaurants. I’ll take pictures or send the names along with the ingredients so you can see for yourselves. I found them at our local HEB grocery store here in San Antonio, Tx. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow! I have PT again on Friday.
  8. Annmarie1804

    Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?

    Hi. My name is Ann Marie and I’ll be starting this for 1st time soon. I’ll join you.
  9. ShannonM816

    Vanilla Bean Powder

    This is an older thread, so I'm not sure the brands listed still have the same ingredients, but it could give you a place to start: I haven't looked at that recipe recently, but in general, you can leave vanilla out of a recipe and it will still be good, just not quite as rich a flavor.
  10. Im wrapping day 17 and my bloat is getting worse and my bowel movements (sorry!) are not improving. I’m regular (yay!) but the amount seems too much and is not solid. The bloat is ironic because understanding what makes me bloat is a big reason I did this! For me this was not at all about weight loss and was about establishing a healthier relationship with sugar and impulsive eating. I recently cut back on nuts and that hasn’t helped. about me: 30. Healthy, Very active and fit. (Daily workouts, 50+ mile bike rides, running, swimming, biking, lifting etc) before whole 30: generally healthy with a tendency to binge on peanut mnms, ice cream and dessert. what I’m eating: breakfast: I started whole30 with a banana and almond butter. Lately I’ve had a pre workout banana and then breakfast of scrambled eggs, raspberries, and sautéed spinach. Lunch: salad of arugula and kale usually, cucumbers, snap peas, avocado, grilled chicken, sometimes an egg, sometimes a berry. Olive oil and balsamic. snack: changed from nuts to carrots recently. Sometimes I have dried mango (yeah I know I’m not supposed to snack, I do) I had apples last week and felt better than this week. dinner: usually chicken, sweet potato and shisitos peppers. Sometimes shrimp for the protein. I’ve been out to dinner as well and those nights surprisingly don’t end up in terrible mornings. I usually have meat or salmon with cooked veggies. drinks: water. I don’t drink tea, coffee or those bubbly drinks! how can I conquer this bloat in the time I have left!!! Thank you!!
  11. Yesterday
  12. agcsquared

    Vanilla Bean Powder

    I would like to make Almond Poached Pears with Raspberry Cream from It Starts with Food, page 282. Is there an approved vanilla bean powder? Should I be wary of a product online that is made in China? I ordered Cook's Pure Vanilla Powder but found it is in a dextrose base. Many thanks
  13. A little about me.....I did a Whole30 a few years ago and never felt better. Then I talked and ate my way back into old habits. Now, I'm overweight, sad and feel crap-tacular. I need to do this so I can feel better, physically and mentally. I'm 5'1(ish) and I weigh in the ballpark of 170 pounds. I gain weight in my mid-section and I hide it well, most times, with my clothes. If anyone is interested in being my July buddy, that would be great!
  14. Grace247

    Back Again and Starting June 1st

    So, I've already told an untruth; I didn't start yet! I want all my ducks lined up before I begin...then hopefully I won't fail.
  15. Jihanna

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    When my mom wants lamb, she'll get ground lamb and mix it with ground turkey to make lamb-burgers or meatloaf. The lamb itself is too expensive for me to include in my normal grocery budget/planning (for 4-5 adults), but she uses separate funds occasionally for things like that so she can have them (usually just for her and my dad), since they're never included in my plans. Just figured I'd mention it as a possible option, since you can make it stretch a lot farther that way but still get some of the lamb taste and goodness
  16. ShannonM816

    Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    Assuming the ingredients are still just coffee, water, and nitrogen, it's fine. If there are other ingredients, it will depend on those ingredients.
  17. Casco

    Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    So, is nitro cold brew compliant? I'm not sure I see the answer to that question here and I am also wondering.
  18. Based on what I've read here on the Forum, it sounds like the Whole30 organization is intending for these guidelines to be the new standard on pre- and post-workout. Check out this thread where @ladyshanny shares a statement from Melissa Urban on the new guidelines (the second post): So yeah...
  19. Keen On Clean Fuel

    Starting Now

    Nice work everyone! Keep up the good work
  20. Keen On Clean Fuel

    Zoe's Kitchen - No longer W30?

    They do have a new owner and with that said, there may be changes from the Whole30 portion of the menu. I'm not 100% on this, but as mentioned above, I would definitely ask at each location and verify to be sure. My location still has all the Whole30 options, but I'm wondering now that you mentioned it if they are slowly phasing them out. This would be my immediate go-to resource and appears they are still on the list:
  21. Vevster

    Olive oil Spray

    If concerned ,you can buy a misto and use the oil of your choice.
  22. Thanks, I do see specifically advocates low-carb pre-workout. It looks like on the Whole30 itself, the focus is more on improving insulin sensitivity, and the new Paul Salter article is aiming for peak training performance. There are certainly lots of low-carb athletic advocates in the paleo world though. I suspect Whole30 as an organization did not intend for the Paul Salter article to be new guidelines for everyone, but rather another possible option to try. Looking at them side-by-side it is confusing. They should footnote the Paul Salter article or something to explain the difference between them. Perhaps a forum admin can somehow escalate that question?
  23. True Primal

    Protein (beef fat)

    Thanks, those are interesting! They focus on lipophilic toxin molecules accumulating in fat. It certainly makes sense for some toxins to be more likely to accumulate there. I still wonder, more holistically, though, if it's really a win to trim the fat off of low-quality meat. For example, if you feed glyphosate-coated grains to cattle, where does the glyphosate mostly go? Glyphosate doesn't appear to be lipophilic. And that's just one molecule (though perhaps one of the more relevant ones). It seems like it would come down to a question of what are the most commonly found concerning toxins in factor-farmed meat, and whether those are lipophilic or not? Incidentally, we only use pastured 100% grass-fed beef in True Primal soup. It might be worthwhile to create a page on this topic, both in general and as a selling point for our soup, but will need to do more investigation.
  24. laura_juggles

    Zoe's Kitchen - No longer W30?

    I feel like the official stance, as with everything, is check the ingredients at each individual location.
  25. CHING

    Starting Now

    Day 3 for me. We got this!
  26. Krisgrunwald

    Mayo not emulsifying using Ninja blender

    Those high-powered ones will just cook the egg/dairy in the mayo. It’s like bringing a blowtorch to a kid’s camping trip. Weird metaphor/simile, I know. You need something a little weaker. I’d recommend checking out healthykitchen101, and looking up “blender” on their site search. That’s my favorite blog and I actually got an immersion blender off one of their review lists.
  27. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    yesterday: Walked 8 miles + cycled 9 (before Bev's tyre gave out ) Meal 3 ended up being chilli made from some frying steak, tinned tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, cumin, paprika, chillis, etc. with broccoli rice, mixed a teaspoon of ghee & some garlic granules into the 'rice' - bloody lovely today: meal one - eggs x2 & the rest of the broccoli rice meal 2 - the ubiquitous chicken salad meal 3, either chicken breast wrapped in am with roast peppers & mushrooms & onions or duck confit & veg.... ... up at 04:30 to run, 5 miles in quite pleasant summer drizzle, then home, shower, eat & walk into work (no bike due to tyre incident...)
  28. Pandora Black

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Well we didn’t get the ribs ready in time so I had leftover chicken and steak (little portions).
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